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            The Basics
          Services Offered By RCC
                          What services does RCC offer?

 Shelter Services – ONLY available to victims fleeing domestic violence. Services last
  for an average of 30 days. Additional time may be available but at the discretion of
  the shelter director. During their stay at the shelter, advocates work with clients to
  help find jobs, housing, and other resources. They receive counseling in a therapeutic
  group environment, as well as, encouragement, advocacy and case management via
  shelter staff.

 24 Hour Hotline – Provides toll-free crisis intervention services.

 Thrift Stores – Donations are made to help support the cost not covered by grants or
  foundations. Also, it is a resource for the acquisition of basic needs for clients of RCC.

 Legal Advocacy – Assistance in obtaining protective orders, writing warning letters,
  police accompaniment, referrals for other legal matters, and collaborations with the
  attorney’s and victim services personnel at the District Attorney’s Office.

 Community Education – Presentations to the community about RCC, domestic
  violence, sexual assault or other relevant topics to law enforcement, schools, resource
  agencies, churches, civic organizations or other.

 Client Incentive Program – Assistance with purchase of items outside basic needs
  through involvement in support services and education opportunities.

 Advocacy Services – Assistance in obtaining needed financial, legal, medical or
  transportation services to victims of family violence and sexual assault.

       1. Crisis Intervention - Crisis service to assist the client emotionally and
          providing the needed information to assist them out of the initial crisis.
       2. Crime Victims Compensation Assistance - Assisting the client with Crime
          Victims Compensation and follow-up.
       3. Support Groups - Groups that are led by RCC staff for the purposes of
          sharing, support and information relevant to family violence and sexual
       4. Educational Groups/Classes – training provided to the clients on topics that
          are relevant to the RCC mission. Examples of this would be budgeting,
          resume writing, interviewing, etc.

               5. Medical Accompaniment – Advocacy provided at the hospital for survivors of
                  family violence or sexual assault.
               6. Safety Planning - Discussion with the client about safety practices and
                  individualized planning with the client to meet their safety needs.
               7. Resource Referrals – Giving the client information about resources available
                  in the community.
               8. Court Accompaniment - Attending court hearings to support the survivor.

                                       Peer Support Groups

       ADA Group – Peer Support Group that is coordinated through the ADA House
Galveston. This group focuses on both domestic violence and sexual assault. There is a
formulated 5 week curriculum for this group.

        Empowerment Group – Peer Support Group that focuses on moving past victimization
and into healing as a survivor. This group is not specific to domestic violence or sexual assault
and is available to all.

         Domestic Violence Group – Peer Support Group that focuses on domestic violence and
its far reaching effects. This group is specific to domestic violence; however, it is flexible to the
needs of the participants.

       Sexual Assault Group – Peer Support Group that focuses on sexual assault and its far
reaching effects. This group is specific to sexual assault; however, it is flexible to the needs of
the participants.

      Spanish Support Group – Peer Support Group that is facilitated through the RCC Legal
Department. This group focuses on both domestic violence and sexual assault.

Shelter Collaboration – Peer Support Group that is facilitated by both a shelter and a client
services advocate. This support group’s focus is teaching positivity and empowerment in a fun
and safe environment.

                                       CPS Mandated Classes

        Through an understanding with Child Protective Services, RCC provides an eight hour
training course on family violence, its effects and violence alternatives. This class is facilitated
by the Case Manager. The classes are currently held at Rosenberg Library.

                                            For Kids Sake

        For Kids Sake is a program created for parents going through divorce to understand the
effects of divorce on children of varying ages. This program is an agreement between the
Mediation Board of Galveston County and the Resource and Crisis Center. All Client Services
Advocates, with exception of the Legal Advocate, has been trained on this program and may be
asked to facilitate at any time, however, the Client Services Director is the primary facilitator.
In order for staff to continue their certification, they must attend one session per quarter.

                                      Court Mandated Videos

        Occasionally the court will order that individuals participate in a video collection that
addresses domestic violence and its effects. The Resource and Crisis Center will schedule a
time with the individual to come and review the videos. If the individual is the perpetrator of
domestic violence, RCC will make the necessary steps to try and avoid having the victim and
abuser in the building at the same time. RCC will provide a certificate of completion to the
individual but it is the responsibility of that individual to assure that it is submitted to the court.


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