�Of Plymouth Plantation� by jB88R98


									“Of Plymouth Plantation”

Selection Quiz

   1. Bradford refers to the “poor people’s present condition” after the Pilgrims land at
      Cape Cod. What does he mean by this?

   2. What do the Pilgrims do when they find corn at a deserted Native American

   3. The men exploring Cape Cod hear a “hideous and great cry.” Why do they at first
      think that this is not a threat?

   4. What surprises the Pilgrims when they first communicate directly with a Native

   5. What do the Pilgrims have to be thankful for by the time of their first

Words to Know Skillbuilder
      Words to Know
      aloof         desolate          hue            providence      solace
      commodity feigned               procure        sentinel        vanquish

   1. This is what the admirals and generals on our side hope to do to admirals and
      generals on their side.         ________
   2. If you close your eyes, you’ll miss this completely because your other senses
      won’t help.                     ___
   3. This is like get or obtain but suggests that the getting is not easy.

5. If our admirals and generals succeed in their efforts, their admirals and generals may
    need this.        ______

   6. This might be anything from a big, impressive miracle to a small, still voice inside
          ___ _______

   7. This could be a car, a shirt, a steel beam, a bushel of corn, or a pork belly

   8. When an employee calls in sick and then goes fishing, he or she has this kind of
         sickness         _______

   9. The Dead Sea, abandoned houses, ghost towns, and the moon are all this
      ___ _____
10. You might see this at the White House, Buckingham Palace, or outside your kid
brother’s fort       ________

Multiple Choice

   1. Which of the following is the greatest danger to the Pilgrims during their early
      months at Plymouth?
        a. Disease                  C. Indian attack
        b. Starvation               D. lack of leadership

   2. OF PLYMOUTH PLANTATION is considered a primary source because it
         a. a historical document
         b. is written in the third person
         c. is the first document written about these events
         d. was written by someone who actually took part in these events

Discussion: Answer each of the following.
   1. Do you think that the selection supports Bradford’s clamin that the Native
       Americans were “savage barbarians”? Why do you think Bradford felt this way?
       Support your answers with details from the selection and your own ideas.

   2. What do you think of the compact between the Puritans and the Native
      Americans? Was it fair to both parties? Support your answers with references to
      the selection.

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