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         Lecture no 21: The 10 ITIL core processes

        TDT4285 Planlegging og drift av IT-systemer
                       Spring 2011
                 Anders Christensen, IDI

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Service desk

    • Goal: The service desk is an ITIL function
      which is single point of contact (entry) that
      handles all requests from the users.
    • Tasks: Receives requests, performs simple
      tasks, investigates incidents, usually within
      the incident mgmt. Suggest changes,

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Incident mgmt

    • Goal: to reestablish normal services, or at
      least minimize the problems related to an
    • Tasks: Receive, classify, and follow up on
      reported problems/incidents. Help users,
      escalate difficult incidents. Detect patterns in
      incidents, and report them as problems.

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Problem mgmt

    • Goal: through proactive and reactive means,
      reduce the effect and frequency of incidents
      that reduce the services.
    • Tasks: Find the real, underlaying reasons for
      the prolblems. Make temporary work-arounds
      and Requests for change for permanent
      solutions. Make mechanisms that reduces the
      effect of known problems.

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Configuration mgmt
    • Goal: Maintain a database over all units in
      the system, partly as support for the other
      processes, and partly to describe the system
      in order to change it, audit, configure, and
      reestablish it.
    • Tasks: create and maintain the database,
      ensure that all data are correctly entered
      initially, and that the database is
      synchronized with reality.

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Change mgmt

    • Goal: Ensure a structured and defined
      process for all changes, where unnecessary
      negative effects are eliminated and all
      relevant implicated parties are involved.
    • Tasks: Receive, evaluate, process, prioritize
      accept and coordinate changes. Maintain the
      log of past and future changes.

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Release mgmt

    • Goal: To see large number of changes, in
      particular upgrades, as a whole, and to
      process them in parallel as a release. To
      focus on the life-cycle of components.
    • Tasks: Package a number of related changes
      as a release. Plan, test, roll out, and monitor
      the release.

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Service Level mgmt

    • Goal: Be the primary contact for the
      customer, and handle all communication and
      contracts for these customers.
    • Tasks: Negotiate, monitor and revide the
      SLAs with the customer, and the OLAs
      internally with the sysadm staff. Know what
      services are available to be offered for new
      and existing customers.

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

    Financial mgmt for IT-services

    • Goal: Give a sound economic basis for the
      system administration.
    • Tasks: Suggest and describe economic
      models for the billing of customers. Maintain
      overview over costs and usage (for billing),
      assist in the planning of expansion of

    TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

     Capacity mgmt

     • Goal: Ensure that the current resources can
       handle the load of the services that the
       organization provides to the users, including
       future expansion.
     • Tasks: Monitor, start tuning, tweek the
       volume of use, estimate and calculate trends
       of usage. Produce a capacity plan for future

     TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

     IT Service Continuity mgmt

     • Goal: Ensure that the services can be
       delivered even after a serious breakage of
       the system.
     • Tasks: Plan, analyze and implement as
       disaster plan. Testing, revision, training and
       upgrade of this plan.

     TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

     Availability mgmt

     • Goal: Ensure that the technical solutions of
       the system will provide the needed availability
       and uptime in order to serve the customer as
       specified in the SLAs.
     • Tasks: Find metrics, monitor them, analyze
       and visualize the data, make reports,
       investigate special situations, maintain an
       availability plan.

     TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst   1. March 2011

          Service support                                            The Business, Customer or User

                                                 Difficulties     Communications
      Mgmt tools                                  Queries            Updates
                                  Incidents      Enquiries         Work-arounds         Changes

              Incidents                                  Service desk                              Releases

                       Incident                                 Change                             Config.
                        mgmt               Problem               mgmt              Release         mgmt
                                            mgmt                                    mgmt

     Service reports      Problem stats       Change sched        Release sched       CMBD reps
     Incident statis      Trend analysis      CAB minutes         Release stats       CMDB stats
     Audit reports        Probl reps          Change stats        Release revs        Policy/std
                          Problem revs        Change revs         Secure library      Audit reps
                          Diag aids           Audit reps          Testing std
                          Audit reps                              Audit reps

                Incidents           Problems                                                  CIs and
                                   Known errs           Changes              Releases        relations

     Source: OGC: BestPrcatice for Service Support

       TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst               1. March 2011

     Service delivery                                                  Business, Customer and Users

         Availability                             Requirements             Queries      Communication
           mgmt                                     Targets               Enquiries        Updates
                            Capacity                                                       Reports
      Avail Plan                                                         Service        SLA, SLR, OLA
      AMDB                    Capacity plan                            Level mgmt       Service reports
      Design crit             Capacity DB                                               Service catlg.
      Targets                 Targets/thresholds             Financial Plans            SIP,
      Thresholds              Capacity Reports               Types and models           Exception reps
      Reports                 Schedules                      Cost and Charges           Audit report
      Audit reps              Audit reports                  Reports
                                                             Budgets/Forecasts        IT Continuity Plans
                                             Financial       Audit reports            BIA and Risk anls
                Alerts and                   Mgmt for                                 Requirements Def’s
                Exception                   IT-services                               Control centers
                Changes                                       IT Service              DR contracts
                                                            Continuity mgmt           Reports
                      Mgmt tools                                                      Audit reports
     Source: OCG: Best Practice for Service Delivery
        TDT4285 Planl&drift qav IT-syst                1. March 2011

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