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					                                          # who           % who
                                          received        received                    #
                                          counseling      counseling    Top two       counseling
                                          or              or            diagnose      and
University of                  Student    psychiatric     psychiatric   s or          psychiatric
Wisconsin School   Year        enrollment services        services      problems      sessions

UW-Madison         2010-2011        42180       3822                9.1 depression          17792

UW-Milwaukee       2010-2011        30470 no data         no data       no data              4539

UW-Oshkosh         2009-2010        13192       1077                8.2 disorders            5524

UW-Superior        2010-2011         2856 no data         no data       no data               753

UW-Platteville     2010-2011         7928           396              5. depression           1444

UW-River Falls     2010-2011         6902           526              8. unknown              1370

UW-Stout           2010-2011         9339           595              6. depression           3062

UW-Whitewater      2010-2011        11557           626             5.4 , anxiety            2898

UW-Green Bay       2010-2011         6636           283             4.3 unknown              1341
                                                                       , alcohol
UW-Eau Claire          2010-2011   11413      1037                 9.1 abuse            3494

UW-La Crosse           2010-2011   10135      1199                11.8 depression unknown

UW-Stevens Point       2010-2011   9500           570               6. depression unknown

UW-Parkside            2010-2011   5160 no data         no data       no data           1966

Sources: Public
records requests,
counseling center
websites, interviews
of counseling center
staff members.
Compiled by Amy
Karon, Wisconsin
Center for
Journalism reporter,
and UW-Madison
journalism students.
            ratio, calculated based
            on the international
Average standard, which
sessions excludes counseling Strengths of mental health
per client trainees.                 services                            Challenges
                                     In 2011, the <a                     Like their counterparts in the
                                     href="     rest of Wisconsin and the
                                     ervices/counseling/">counselin      nation, more UW-Madison
        4.6 1:1,803                  g center</a> began offering         students are seeking mental
                                     Since 2008, the <a                  Long wait times (2.5-3 weeks)
                                     href="       for counseling and psychiatry
                                     ris/mental_health/index.cfm/">c     appointments persist during
                                     ounseling center</a>counseling      busy times of year. Counselor-
                                     center has hired two more full-     to-student ratio has improved
no data     1:3,427                  time counselors and                 by 20 percent since 2007, but
            1:1,696. Ratio is for    The <a                              Two-week wait period for
            2009-2010. Does not      href="       appointments is typical.
            include two hourly       uns_center/">counseling             Counseling center's 2010-2011
            counselors and one       center</a> moved into a new         annual report describes budget
            hourly psychiatric nurse facility in 2010-2011. Has          cuts and loss of resources from
        5.1 practitioner for whom    trained <a                          a federal grant. Clinical
                                     Both of the staff <a                Has no policy for triaging
                                     href="      clients in times of peak
                                     hcs/employees/index.cfm">cou        demand. Policy and
                                     nselors</a> have advanced           procedures manual has been in
                                     degrees; one is male, one is        draft form since 2009. Refers
no data     1:1,428                  female. Students may get 6-12       students who need psychiatric
                                     href="     No racial/ethnic minorities on
                                     unseling/">Counseling               staff. Students scored ability to
                                     center</a> has confidential <a      schedule timely follow-up
                                     href="     appointments lower than other
        3.7 1:2,557                  unseling/GLBTQ.pdf"></a>sup         measures of quality.
                                     <a                                  Offers limited group
                                     href="      counseling. No on-site
                                     entHealthAndCounseling/Coun         psychiatrist. Students needing
                                     selingServices.cfm">Counselor       psychiatric care can travel off
                                     s</a> are all at Ph.D or            campus to River Falls Medical
        2.6 1:1,587                  master's level. During fall 2011,   Clinic — but their care there is
                                     The <a                              No on-site psychiatric services,
                                     href="      except the video-chats for
                                     ounsel/">counseling center</a>      veterans. The proportion of
                                     hired two doctoral-level            students who sought
                                     counselors in 2010-2011. Uses       counseling last year, 6%, was a
        5.1 1:2,039                  online mental health screening      record high. Because the
                                     <a                                  In the past 6 years, total
                                     href="      counseling appointments have
                                     ">Counseling center</a> staff       increased 38%, emergency
                                     includes psychologists,             sessions have increased
                                     counselors and a consulting         161%, and appointments
        4.6 1:1,846                  psychiatrist. Counseling staff      related to depression and
                                     <a                                  Except for triaged students, an
                                     href="       average two-week wait time for
                                     nselinghealth/">Counseling          services. Limited group
                                     center</a> has on-site              counseling options. According
                                     psychiatrist and Ph.D-level         to the 2010-2011 annual report,
        4.7 1:2,431                  psychologist. Has written triage    the counseling staff would like
                        A triage system implemented in       No minorities on staff as of
                        2009-2010 helps students in          spring 2011. Typically only
                        crisis get faster access to care.    allows students to be seen
                        Offers <a                            every other week instead of
                        href="        weekly. Does not use
          3.4 1:2,383   nsel/servicegroups/index.htm">       Diagnostic and Statistical
97 percent              nseling/">Counseling                 Demand for clinical services
seen for                program</a> has been                 continues to grow. As of fall
one to five             accredited by the International      2011, no counselors on staff
sessions 1:1,949        Association of Counseling            were racial/ethnic minorities.
                        As of 2010-2011, had the             Does not appear to offer group
                        second-highest counselor-to-         counseling. Nearly one in five
                        student ratio of the UW System       students was referred to off-
                        schools. The average wait time       campus providers, but such
                        for a counseling appointment         students reported lower levels
unknown      1:1,484    increased averaged 5.5 days,         of satisfaction with counseling
                        The <a                               Three-week wait times for
                        href="       counseling can occur at busy
                        tments/">counse       times of the semester. As of
                        ling center</a> implemented a        spring 2012, counseling staff
                        triage policy in fall 2011 to help   included no males. Does not
no data      1:1,692    students with urgent needs get       appear to offer group

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