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Supporting Table 5 - Proceedings of the National Academy of by gegeshandong


									Table 5. Microarray analysis of DREB2A knockout plants subjected to 1-h drought-stress treatment. Genes with fold change of <0.5 are listed.
                                                                                                          Fold change*                                     P value
GeneName Description                                                                                   average            s.d.      dreb2a-1 cy3 dreb2a-1 cy5 dreb2a-2 cy3 dreb2a-2 cy5
At5g05410     DRE binding protein (DREB2A)                                                               0.027      5.86.E-03            1.02E-33    2.63E-33     3.12E-34     3.38E-34
At1g52690     late embryogenesis-abundant protein, putative                                              0.366      1.09.E-01            7.28E-18    4.14E-17     1.01E-08     1.73E-08
At5g15500     putative protein                                                                           0.385      1.16.E-01            3.97E-17    5.78E-16     8.09E-08     1.43E-07
At5g01600     ferritin 1 precursor                                                                       0.440      1.29.E-01            1.97E-14    1.74E-14     6.09E-06     1.63E-05
At2g41190     expressed protein                                                                          0.449      1.08.E-01            4.04E-13    9.44E-14     7.70E-06     7.95E-07
At3g17520     unknown protein                                                                            0.466      1.50.E-01            4.89E-14    3.31E-13     4.48E-04     9.05E-05
At5g24780     vegetative storage protein Vsp1                                                            0.466      5.97.E-02            1.01E-08    6.07E-07     4.66E-12     1.40E-09
At5g52300     low-temperature-induced 65 kD protein (sp|Q04980)                                          0.473      1.31.E-01            1.08E-11    6.37E-14     6.74E-04     1.73E-06
At1g22370     glycosyltransferase family                                                                 0.482      1.35.E-01            5.57E-11    4.20E-12     5.02E-04     8.68E-05
At3g26510     unknown protein                                                                            0.493      1.13.E-01            1.82E-12    1.65E-10     5.10E-06     1.82E-04
At5g54585     Expressed protein                                                                          0.497      6.03.E-02            3.99E-09    1.10E-10     7.13E-06     6.52E-08
*Fold change was defined as follows: fluorescence intensity of each cDNA of dreb2a plants/fluorescence intensity of each cDNA of wild-type plants.

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