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					                                                                   MBA CLASS OF 2012
                                                                       Fall Semester 2011
                                          ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND LEADERSHIP
  Sr.#                                          Case                                                                          Readings
               Module-1 Personality, Values and Attitudes, Perceptions and Motivation
   1         Course presentation and case method                                                                    Case class on Cory Robinson

   2         Case: Indystrial Chemical                                                           Chapter 3: Personality and MBTI

   3         Case: Hausser Food Products Company                                            1    Chapter 5: Foundation of Employee Motivation
                                                                                            2    How I Learned to Let my Eorkers Lead

   4         Case: The Slade Plating Department                                             1    Chapter4: Workplace Values, Ethics and Emotions

   5         Case: Aston-Blair, Inc.                                                        1    The Discipline of Teams

   6         Personality Assessment and MBTI exersize                                       1    TBA

             Module-II: Purpose and Mission of the Organization
   7         Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream inc: Keeping the mission (s) alive            1    The vision thing

   8         PEPSI COLA (PAK), INC.: IMPLEMENTING THE                                       1    Mission

   9         Vision Exercise                                                                1    Building Your Company's Vision

             Module-III: Organizational Environment, Structure, and Strategy
   10        Appex Corporation                                                              1    Changing organizational Models

   11        Digital Chocolate                                                              1    determining the design framework (ch.2)
                                                                                            2    designing the structure (ch 3)
                                                                                            3    Competitive dynamics of network based business
   12        Sezing the White Space: Book Review session

   13        Raziuddin at Attock Refinery Limited (A)                                       1    Note on organization Structure and Design

   14        DESCON                                                                         1    processes and lateral capabilities (ch.4)
                                                                                            2    evolution and revolution as organization grow (optional)

   15        Bancil Corporation                                                             1    Problems of Matrix organizations

             Module-IV: Leadership and Change in Organizations

   16        Albert Dunlap and Corporate Transformation (A)                                 1    4 Is of transformational leadership

   17        Avari                                                                          1    Team Leadership

   18        Edhi

   19        Leadership Assessment Exercise                                                 1    TBC

  20         Garanti Bank: Transformation in Turkey                                         1    Leadership for Change: Enduring skills for change Master
  21         TBC film session                                                               1    12 Angry Men

             Module-V: Power and Influence in organization
   22        Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer (A) (B)                                      1    Power Dynamics in organization

   23        Erik Petrson                                                                   1.   Power and Influence: Achieving your objectives in organization

   24        Lisa Benton (A)                                                                1    Managerial Networks

   25        Zia Yusff                                                                      1    Power Play

             Module-VI: Organization Culture
   26        Establishing am "ECL" Culture in China: Organizational Difference or           1    The Impact of Culture on international organizational Behavior
             National Difference?

 27 /28      Presentaion session

Students =                                Faculty: Nasir Afghan

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