; Sheet1 GEOCITIES ws (Excel download)
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Sheet1 GEOCITIES ws (Excel download)


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									Sponsors   Name                  Contact                 Phone             Address
VFW        Fort Collins VFW      Harry Campbell          970-493-9909      603 Lesser Drive Fort Collins
CHUG       Chug's                Dave Wentz              970-407-8459      1609 S College Ave Fort Collins
DOW        The Duke od Windsor   Cathy Best              970-686-5775      520 Main Street Windsor
SLD        Sliders               Bob Rutherford          970493-8408       1006 Spring Creek Lane Fort Collins
MCC        McCarthy's            Heather Boda-Davidson   303-772-9797      15 Main Street Longmont
TOL        The Office Lounge     Scott                   970-667-0408      1710 West Eisenhower Loveland
CORK       The Cork                                      970-226-1212      313 West Drake Road Fort Collins
SWING      Swing Station         Malcolm Hughes          970-224-3326      3311 West County Road 54G Laporte
MUL        Mulligans Pub         Tom Lostus              970-482-2584      2439 South College Ave Fort Collins

           AA/Masters            Team Name               Captain           Phone
           TOL                   Waging Bull             Doug Michener     970-371-6979
           DOW                   Rocky's Flying Circus   Jay Caffey        970-686-5897
           DOW                   Dart Trash              Tony Barbour      970-988-3648
           TOL                   Office Party            Dennis Morimoto   970-330-4915
           CHUG                  Scooter Trash           Terry Hall        970-484-0837
           MCC                   Thunder Struck          Jeff Burchett     720-2612484
           VFW                   One More Last One       Jesse Moctezuma   970-308-3162
           TOL                   Back in Black           Mike Finlan       970-663-6556

           A                     Team Name               Captain           Phone
           CORK                  Attitude Adjustment     Rich Maris        970-443-5030
           SWING                 Malfunctions            Malcolm Hughes    970-472-0466
           MCC                   Steel Tips              Kristen Camper    303-532-5215
           SLD                   Armed and Hammered      Jermey Warner     970-690-6025
           MUL                   Just Shoot              CJ Housley        970-495-0859
           TOL                   Fallin Out              Shawn Hough       970-420-5401

                                 NCDA BOARD              Names             Phone
                                 President               Malcolm Hughes    970-472-0466
                                 Vice President          Gary Hoem         970-556-4040
                                 Treasurer               Mike Finlan       970-663-6556
                                 Secretary               Jennie McDonald   970-631-9853
                                 Represenative           Alex Reeve        970-420-7929
                                 Represenative           Shawn Hough       970-420-5401
                                 Represenative           Jay Caffey        970-686-5897
                                 Represenative           Nate Pierce       970-492-9600
                                 Represenative           Kevin Niemann     970-484-1567
                                 Represenative           Rich Johnson      970-481-6079
                                 Statistician            Nicole Finlan     970-663-6556

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