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					Minutes of the Governors' Search & Governance Committee meeting
held on 10 November 2010

PRESENT:                           Shelagh Derwent
                                   Ken Collins
                                   David Meakin
                                   Philip Turner
                                   Hugh Bramwell

IN ATTENDANCE:                     Pauline Lucarz

1       Apologies for Absence
        All present.

2       Declaration of Interest
        Each member declared an interest where consideration of their role occurred in
        relation to the number of terms of office they had served.

3       Minutes of the last meeting
        The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 12 May 2010 were accepted as
        a true record, proposed by David Meakin, seconded by Hugh Bramwell.

4       Matters arising from the minutes
        Both Michael Birkett and Helen Gopsill had transferred from the Human
        Resources Committee to the Finance Committee.

        Other matters arising formed part of the main agenda.

5       Planning for the Future
        Pauline Lucarz introduced the report and Governors considered the current
        vacancies on the Board.

        i        Vacancies
                 The curriculum vitae of S P Hughes was tabled. This was considered and
                 members requested the Clerk to write to him personally to advise that
                 whilst we have two vacancies, we are currently seeking to fill these
                 vacancies with Governors who hold financial qualifications and expertise
                 and therefore cannot take his application further at this point. The Board
                 were sufficiently interested in his application that they may very well
                 approach him going forward should a suitable vacancy arise.
                                                                          Action: P E Lucarz

        ii       The position with regard to the approach made to David Whatley was
                 clarified; David is now a Governor at Nelson and Colne College. Whilst
                 he expressed interest in the long term of joining the Board at Burnley
                 College, his appointment will be not be taken forward at this time.

        iii      Approaches have been made to the Pensions Agency based in Padiham
                 and the outcome of this is awaited. Similarly an approach has also been
                 made through David Brown at the Borough Council, for a senior officer
PL/pp 16/11/10 SMT:Govs/Search/10-11/10 Nov 10/Search mins – Nov 10
Approved by S Derwent 26/11/10
On Moodle 6/12/10
                 with financial skills to consider joining the Board. A final outcome is

        iv       Whilst the Rotary club remains an option for the College it was
                 determined to await the outcome of the approaches already made before
                 commencing a new search.

        v        Tony Hephron and Andy Williams are not to be contacted further until the
                 results of recent enquiries are known.

        vi       Vacancies on Sub Committees
                 The appointment on a temporary basis of Anne Kelly to the Audit
                 Committee was approved resulting in no vacancies existing on sub
                 committees. Anne was thanked for taking on these additional duties.

        vii      Terms of Office
                 In reviewing the skills balance of the Board, the Search and Governance
                 Committee agreed that there was an appropriate mix of both new and
                 experienced members of the Board. The current allocation of committees
                 was found to be appropriate and the number of Governors who have
                 completed two or more terms of office reviewed and accepted as

        viii     Succession Planning
                 Succession planning was considered firstly by each sub-committee. The
                 following Chairs and Deputy Chair positions were confirmed:

                AUDIT COMMITTEE                                       HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE
         1 David Meakin       (Chair)                                 1 Philip Turner (Chair)
         2 David J Brown     (Deputy Chair)                           2 Jim Sutcliffe (Deputy Chair)

         1 Shelagh Derwent (Chair)                                    1 Ken Collins  (Chair)
         2 Ken M Phillips  (Deputy Chair)                             2 David Meakin (Deputy Chair)

         FINANCE COMMITTEE                                            SEARCH & GOVERNANCE
         1 Ken Collins     (Chair)                                    COMMITTEE
         2 Shelagh Derwent (Deputy Chair)                             1 Shelagh Derwent (Chair)
                                                                      2 Ken Collins     (Deputy Chair)

        ix       The Clerk was requested to ascertain from all Governing Board members
                 at the Residential those who are interested in undertaking further
                 responsibilities as part of the Board and what training, if any, they would
                 like putting in place to assist this process.
                                                                         Action: P E Lucarz

PL/pp 16/11/10 SMT:Govs/Search/10-11/10 Nov 10/Search mins – Nov 10
Approved by S Derwent 26/11/10
On Moodle 6/12/10
6       Attendance
        Pauline Lucarz introduced the paper and Governors reviewed the attendance
        profile of those governors who had less than 66% attendance levels. It was
        noted that the majority of those Governors identified had now resigned their
        position. Those who remained were providing a significant contribution to the
        College through regular e-mail contribution but that unfortunately work
        commitments on occasion prevented attendance.

7       Search and Governance Committee Terms of Reference
        The terms of reference were reviewed and the suggested additional items were
        approved and will be added, proposed by Shelagh Derwent and seconded by
        David Meakin.


PL/pp 16/11/10 SMT:Govs/Search/10-11/10 Nov 10/Search mins – Nov 10
Approved by S Derwent 26/11/10
On Moodle 6/12/10

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