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					Row Labels                                        Count of Unit 2 date
Botswana                 (4)                                             1
Egypt                    (6)                                             1
Eritrea                   (5)
Grenada                         (7)                                      1
Latvia                                (6)                                1
Mauritius                 (5)                                            1
Solomon Islands      (7)
St Vincent & the Grenadines                 (5)                          1
Tonga                       (6)                                          1
Trinidad & Tobago 1      (7)                                             1
Trinidad & Tobago 2          (8)                                         1
UNESCO Bangkok             (6)
Grand Total                                                              9
                                                                                List of participants - Distance course on 'Using indicators in the planning of basic education'
                                                                                                                      9 May - 8 July 2011
                                                                                                                     Exercise 1
                                                                                                                              GER Pre                     Primary                     Secondary    Tert-
                                                                                                                                                     GIR/ GIR/                       GIR/
                                                                                                                       Over Pub/ Gend                Regi Gend GPI                   Gend GPI      iary
      Name               First Name                                        Country            Submitted         File    all    Pri   er GPI GIR      on    er    GIR   GER GIR       er    GIR GER GER Notes
AZAB               Mohamed Ali           AZAB Mohamed Ali       Egypt                           7/7/2011   Dr._AZAB.doc
BAPTISTE-SIMMONS   Lenor                 BAPTISTE-SIMMONS Lenor Trinidad & Tobago 1             7/7/2011                 X      X
                                                                                                           Final_examination1.docx X             X     X      X           X    X     X         X     X Approximatif, pas de liaison claire entre les tables et les indicateurs. Indicateurs en trop.
CHARLES            Margaret              CHARLES Margaret       Grenada                         7/8/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English.doc
COLLINS            Michelle              COLLINS Michelle       Trinidad & Tobago 2             7/8/2011   IIEP_test
EID                Soad Mohamed          EID Soad Mohamed       Egypt                           7/7/2011   SOAD_EID.doc
EL-HOUT            Mohamed Sabry         EL-HOUT Mohamed Sabry  Egypt                           7/7/2011   Exam.Dr._M.S.El_Hout.doc
EL-SAYED           Abd El-Fattah Gouda                          Egypt
                                         EL-SAYED Abd El-Fattah Gouda                           7/7/2011   fatahgoda_exam.doc
EL-ZANFALY         Ahmed Mahmoud                                Egypt
                                         EL-ZANFALY Ahmed Mahmoud                               7/7/2011   Ahmed_El-Zanfaly.doc
GRINIS             Edgars                GRINIS Edgars          Latvia                          7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English.doc
HABTEYOHANNES      Ogbamicael                                   Eritrea
                                         HABTEYOHANNES Ogbamicael                               7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English.doc
ISMAEIL            Talaat Hoseiny        ISMAEIL Talaat Hoseiny Egypt                           7/7/2011   talaat_exam.doc
JOHNSON            Peron                 JOHNSON Peron          Grenada                         7/7/2011   FINAL_EXAM_UNESCO_Recovered_.docx
KAKSE              Velga                 KAKSE Velga            Latvia                          7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English_V.Kakse.doc
KALVANS            Rudolfs               KALVANS Rudolfs        Latvia                          7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English.docx
LANGAIGNE          Marian                LANGAIGNE Marian       Grenada                         7/7/2011   International_Institute_for_Educational_Planning_Final_paper_for_submission.docx
LEMEY              Hilde                 LEMEY Hilde            Virtual                         7/7/2011   Exam.docx
MEBRAHTU           Habteab               MEBRAHTU Habteab Eritrea                               7/7/2011   Examination.doc
NEWTON             Keol                  NEWTON Keol            Trinidad & Tobago 2             7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English_Keol_Newton_.docx
NG                 Soo Boon              NG Soo Boon            Virtual                         7/7/2011   Ng_Soo_Boon_individual_exam_7_July_2011.doc
OLOO               Edwin                 OLOO Edwin             Virtual                         7/7/2011   Examination_Final.docx
PETROVSKA          Elina                 PETROVSKA Elina        Latvia                          7/7/2011   Individual_exam_Petrovska_Latvia.doc
PHILLIP            Andrea                PHILLIP Andrea         Grenada                         7/8/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English_-_Completed_by_Andrea_Phillip_-_Final_Copy.doc
PUNTHAWANGKUL      Pattana               PUNTHAWANGKUL Pattana  Thailand                        7/7/2011   ppunthawangkul_assignment_3.doc
RODJAY             Kamonwan              RODJAY Kamonwan        Thailand                        7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_English_Rodjay_K._.doc
SALAS PILCO        Sdenka Zobeida                               Virtual
                                         SALAS PILCO Sdenka Zobeida                             7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_for_evaluation_2011_Sdenka_Zobeida_SALAS_PILCO_-_PERU.doc
SONGPASOOK         Lilin                 SONGPASOOK Lilin       Thailand                        7/7/2011   lilin_songpasook_thailand.doc
TECKMUN            Indraman              TECKMUN Indraman Mauritius                             7/7/2011   IIEP_BEEN2011_Final_test_Teckmun.docx
THOMAS             Keith M. L.           THOMAS Keith M. L.     St Vincent & the Grenadines     7/8/2011   Analysis_Keith_Thomas.docx
USAHA              Sathien               USAHA Sathien          Thailand                        7/7/2011   Individual_assignment_Thailand.doc
FINLAY             Pauleen               FINLAY Pauleen         Grenada                         7/7/2011   Exam.docx
MAEKELE MASHO      Habte                 MAEKELE MASHO Habte                                    7/7/2011   final_exam.doc

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