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									                          EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Reporting to:             Chairman
Location:                 Wellington
Date:                     December 2011
Term:                     3 year fixed term, option to extend to 4 years

About Asia New Zealand Foundation

The importance of Asia to New Zealand’s economic and social well-being is unquestioned, yet
as a country we are faced with a significant challenge to gain sustainable impact and
influence in Asia because of our relative size and isolation. The Asia New Zealand Foundation
has become the leading institution outside government on Asia and plays a key role in
creating the delivery of solutions to this challenge.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to
building New Zealand's links with Asia. It is governed by a Board of Trustees drawn from
New Zealand business, community, academic and leadership backgrounds. Its mission is
“Preparing New Zealand for a Future with Asia” and it promotes initiatives which build and
sustain New Zealanders’ knowledge and understanding of Asia through building New
Zealand’s relationships and profile in the region and preparing New Zealanders to increase
their engagement with Asia. The Foundation’s influential relationships, supported by
organisational knowledge and expertise and a substantial body of research, underpin its
success and credibility.

In recent years the Asia New Zealand Foundation has consolidated its position and
effectiveness for the future, building on excellent work done across its cultural, education and
media programmes and focusing on assisting New Zealand business to succeed in Asian
economies. It has launched new initiatives in Track II diplomacy, leadership development
and in connecting business and education interests.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation’s continued success depends on remaining forward looking,
being responsive and innovative and inspiring others to achieve the organisation’s outcomes.
A new Executive Director is required to achieve leverage so that the impact and influence of
the Asia New Zealand Foundation extends well beyond its core resources.


The Asia New Zealand Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are appointed by
the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Board sets the strategic direction and has the overall
responsibility for the Foundation. A high level of authority is delegated to the Executive
Director who reports to the Board through the Chairman. The Board has an Executive
Committee of eight members that is responsible for monitoring the management of the
Foundation. The full Board comprises up to 21 members. The Executive Committee and the
full Board each meet approximately three times a year. It has an Audit and Risk Committee
and other committees may be set up as required. The Foundation is an entity of the 4th
schedule of the Public Finance Act and its financial management must be in accordance with
this Act and the general principles of public accountability.

                               Further information:

Funding for the Asia New Zealand Foundation comes from the government, the private sector
and other national and regional organisations. The government is committed to providing
purchase agreement funding of $4 million per annum. In addition, the budget is
supplemented by sponsorship for individual activities both in cash and in kind.

The role

Reporting directly to the Executive Committee and the Board, the Executive Director is
responsible for leading the organisation, building on successes, growing achievements and
managing resources effectively. Supporting a highly motivated and effective team of 18
people based in Wellington and Auckland, an ability to secure support from public and private
sources whilst maintaining the independence and non-partisan nature of the organisation will
be required.

The Executive Director has a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse range of New
Zealand and international leaders and will need to build a network of influential stakeholders.
Equally important will be the requirement to lead a team who is active on many fronts.

Key responsibilities and performance expectations

      Providing high quality advice and information to the Board and implementing policies
       agreed by it;
      Defining a strategic vision and charting a clear sense of direction whilst maintaining a
       sound understanding of the operating environment, especially the complexities and bi-
       cultural and multi-cultural dimensions of New Zealand society;
      Building and sustaining strong networks and relationships both in New Zealand and
      Addressing complex issues with opinion leaders both in New Zealand and Asia and
       promoting the Asia New Zealand Foundation as a pre-eminent authority on Asian
      Meeting government compliance, including the negotiation and management of
       purchase agreements, managing risk and following best practice in managing
      Developing productive media and other relationships to ensure the organisation’s
       identity is maintained;
      Driving innovative and entrepreneurial programmes that secure support from
       government, private sector and other organisations across New Zealand and Asia; and
      Leading a small but effective team through a culture of successful delivery,
       professionalism and commitment.

Performance indicators will be agreed between the Chairman and the Executive Director
within a month of the appointment date.
Key skills and attributes

      Appropriate tertiary qualification and/or professional qualification
      Proven leadership and management credibility, through a previous senior appointment
      Experience in a role that demonstrates a connection with New Zealand and its
       relationship with Asia
      Understanding of the history, cultural imperatives and the uniqueness of the major
       economies that make up the Asia region
      Sound understanding of New Zealand and Asian political processes, economics and
       business sectors
      Well developed networks in Asia and New Zealand
      Proven track record of successfully implementing a comprehensive strategic plan and
       significantly contributing to organisational performance
      Demonstrated skills in achieving results through empowerment of people
      Excellent managerial experience proven as a manager of people, systems and
      An ability to inspire commitment from stakeholders
      Demonstrated ability to bridge the government/private sector divide with an ability
       work effectively within the machinery of government
      Familiarity in working at Board level with a clear understanding of the complexities of
       sound management and governance
      Excellent oral, written and presentation skills

The organisational Values and Competencies of the Asia New Zealand Foundation are
attached. The organisational chart is set out below:

                   Asia New Zealand Foundation

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