City of Corunna Regular Council Meeting Tuesday_ February 20 by gegeshandong


									                                       City of Corunna
                                   Regular Council Meeting
                                  Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Present:      Mehigh, Jessen, Spring, Johnson, Wagner, Hall.

Absent:       Corey (excused).

Guests:       Joe Sawyer, City Manager; Janet Washburn, Parks & Recreation Director; Tim
              Crawford, Superintendent of Public Works; Judy Horton; Helen Granger, The
              Independent; Gene Sanderson; Brian Johnson; Merilee Lawson, Assessor/Planner;
              Gary Arnold, Capital Consultants; Sam Burwell; Cheryll Warren, The Argus Press;
              and other concerned citizens.

The meeting was called to order in the City Council Chambers by Mayor Pro-Tem Mehigh
      at 7:00 p.m.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS REGULAR MEETING: Johnson moved, Hall seconded to
     approve the previous regular meeting minutes dated February 5, 2007 as presented.
     Roll call vote:
     Yes:      Jessen, Spring, Johnson, Wagner, Hall, Mehigh.
     No:       None.
                     Motion CARRIED

AGENDA APPROVAL: Spring moved, Johnson seconded to accept the agenda as presented
    with the addition of Item No. 4) Consider Appointment of Rick Holzheuer to the Parks and
    Recreation Commission and Item No. 5) Consider Truck Bids.
    Roll call vote:
    Yes: Spring, Johnson, Wagner, Hall, Mehigh, Jessen.
    No:    None.
                    Motion CARRIED

APPROVAL OF VENDOR DISBURSEMENTS: Johnson moved, Wagner seconded to approve
     the vendor disbursements dated February 9, 2007 as presented.
     Roll call vote:
     Yes: Johnson, Wagner, Hall, Mehigh, Jessen, Spring.
     No:    None.
                     Motion CARRIED

CALL TO AUDIENCE: Gene Sanderson stated he wanted to comment on the sidewalk snow
     removal in the city after a notice was published in the paper and after the city passed out
     their blue slips. He thought the citizens of Corunna did an outstanding job of getting on
     the ball and taking care of their sidewalks with the exception of a few. He drove around
     the city and there were a few sidewalks that still had snow on them. He asked whose job it
     was to remove the snow from the crosswalk areas after the streets are plowed. He noticed
     people on the side streets clear their own crosswalks but the downtown crosswalks were
       horrible. Mr. Sawyer advised the crosswalks are supposed to be maintained by whoever
       owns the corner property. Mr. Sanderson advised at the corner of State Street and
       Shiawassee Street by the old high school, someone took a blade and pushed the snow away
       from the curb so the water could run but the snow was put onto the sidewalk. He asked if
       the property owners could be advised that it is their job to clean the area so people will not
       trip over the snow.

CITY MANAGER’S REPORT: Joe Sawyer showed a video the city received from the Michigan
     Municipal League about revenue sharing. The revenue sharing cuts started coming in
     around 2000 and the City of Corunna has done an excellent job in maintaining service
     levels to its residents. He advised there are no proposals for additional revenue sharing
     cuts at this time but the state has an awful huge hole in its budget. Sometimes the budget
     gets balanced in the wee hours of the night when nobody is paying attention and the easiest
     place for cuts to be made is local governments.

       Gary Arnold from Capital Consultants went over the Project Status Report dated February
       20, 2007 that was prepared by his office.

CONSIDER S2 GRANT AGREEMENT: Wagner moved, Johnson seconded to accept the S2
     Grant Agreement for the S2 Grant in the amount of $373,950 and authorize the city
     manager to sign the agreement and the mayor pro-tem if needed.
     Roll call vote:
     Yes: Wagner, Hall, Mehigh, Jessen, Spring, Johnson.
     No:    No.
                     Motion CARRIED

     explained the present interceptor sewer line runs through McCurdy Park, across the ball
     field to the north end of Bachus Street and up Bachus Street. The sewer line is undersized
     and needs to be replaced with a 20 inch line. He further explained it has been proposed to
     re-route the sewer line to begin at Norton Street then south on Norton Street, back behind
     the grandstand in the park then 90 degree east through a cleared area that sits up high on
     the bank of the river then to Bachus Street and up Bachus Street then to the east. This will
     get rid of the low area in the flood plain and will remove the sewer line from underneath
     the ball field. He also explained it will be easier to maintain the sewer line and is also
     eligible for MEDC grant monies that the city has left over. Mr. Sawyer advised Sam
     Burwell’s wall may have to be torn out to put in the sewer line and asked Mr. Burwell if
     this would be a problem. Mr. Burwell advised if the city is looking at getting easements
     from the property owner, it is his understanding that King Street has been vacated but no
     one can prove that it has been vacated from Bachus Street to the park. Ms. Lawson
     advised it would be south of that area and would not be in the King Street right-of-way.
     Mr. Arnold advised the sewer line would be placed north of that area. Mr. Burwell
     advised King Street runs east and west and he re-stated that King Street from Bachus
     Street going west to the park has not been vacated and is still a city right-of-way. Mr.
     Arnold advised the sewer line would be going right through the woods. Mr. Burwell
     advised he understood that but it would be going down the middle of King Street. Mr.
       Arnold advised it is his understanding that King Street has been vacated according to the
       legal descriptions he has seen. Mr. Burwell advised he has been looking for this
       information for 10 years and it is his understanding that King Street was only vacated to
       Bachus Street from the east to allow for the house that was built in the middle of King
       Street when King Street was still there. It is also his understanding that King Street from
       Bachus Street west to the park is still King Street and has not been vacated unless there is
       proof that it has been vacated. Ms. Lawson advised she would research that area again but
       the area that the sewer line would be put in is not in the King Street right-of-way; it is
       north of that area. She further advised the area that is being talked about is in the area that
       has a little knoll there. Mr. Burwell asked if that was where the tennis court was built.
       Ms. Lawson advised yes. Mr. Burwell stated there is only one very small low area on
       King Street and that is at the back corner of his property, which has about 12 inches of
       water on it now. He only gets water there once every five years and he did not understand
       why the sewer line could not be put down the middle of King Street so the city does not
       have to get permission from anybody. Mr. Arnold advised only two easements are needed.
       Ms. Lawson advised she has already talked to the property owners. Mr. Burwell stated it
       does not matter to him but he will lose a couple of beautiful black walnut trees. He further
       stated if the city has to go down Bachus Street and has to tear up his wall and it does not
       cost him anything then so be it. Mr. Arnold advised the city would work with him on it.
       Mr. Burwell stated if he has to put up a new wall, he would like a little bit of time because
       he learned from experience that it takes time. If his first wall was put up according to the
       directions, it would not last 100 years and he built the wall to last 100 years and he does
       not want to be alive when it needs to be done again. Mr. Sawyer advised he did not know
       if Mr. Burwell would be alive when the wall is finished. Johnson moved, Hall seconded to
       accept the engineering contract with Capital Consultants for the Phase 2 of the Ferry Street
       Pump Station Replacement and Interceptor Sewer Replacement.
       Roll call vote:
       Yes: Wagner, Hall, Mehigh, Jessen, Spring, Johnson.
       No:      None.
                        Motion CARRIED

DISCUSSION – SATA LONG TERM FUNDING: Mr. Sawyer advised the city council already
     approved the 50 percent population/50 percent taxable value formula for the 2007 SATA
     funding with the other half that is needed to come out of SATA fund balance. This has
     been approved by all of the parties with the exception of Durand and Caledonia Charter
     Township. He further advised the Durand council met last night and rejected the proposal
     so he was not sure what the SATA Board would be doing about that at its next meeting and
     Caledonia Charter Township was meeting tonight so hopefully they will approve the
     proposal tonight. He also advised there was a SATA meeting last week to settle long term
     funding that Councilpersons Mehigh, Spring and Johnson attended. Mr. Sawyer asked
     council for clarification on what they wanted to see on the long term model. It was his
     understanding that council wanted a model in place that caps the local funding amount so
     SATA is not just basing local funding requests off of projected deficits. Mr. Sawyer stated
     he felt the meeting went well and there was great participation from Durand, Caledonia
     Charter Township and Owosso Charter Township, which was nice to see. Not everyone is
     happy with the 50/50 split concept that is on the table for this year and has been proposed
       for long term funding. He also threw out a local choice funding model that allows an
       individual government jurisdiction to choose whether or not their funding should be based
       on taxable value or population. He further stated he would like to think that the board is
       getting closer to a long term agreement but he is not certain that it is. Any amendment to
       the agreement requires unanimous approval from all of the jurisdictions that are members
       of the agreement and at this point, he does not see all of the jurisdictions approving an
       agreement. Councilperson Johnson stated she was in attendance at the meeting and Mr.
       Sawyer was attacked by members of the Durand council and he handled himself very well
       at that meeting, but it was tough for her to sit there and listen to that attack. Larry Alpert is
       explaining himself better so she now understands SATA a lot better than she did when this
       all began four years ago. Councilperson Spring’s presence on the SATA Board is greatly
       appreciated too. Councilperson Spring stated the thing that needs to be brought out is the
       fact the Mr. Sawyer did not come up with one plan and try to push it through. He came up
       with 19 or 20 different plans and the SATA Board for the first time was unanimous on the
       50/50 plan and that alone is tremendous. Councilperson Spring further stated SATA is
       now looking at some long term solutions and 99.9 percent of the municipalities are all in
       favor of a funding change. Mayor Pro-Tem Mehigh stated Mr. Sawyer did a nice job
       putting the package together.

     COMMISSION: Johnson moved, Hall seconded to appoint Rick Holzheuer to the Parks
     and Recreation Commission effective immediately for an indefinite term and serving at the
     pleasure of the council.
     Roll call vote:
     Yes: Jessen, Johnson, Wagner, Mehigh, Hall, Spring.
     No:    None.
                     Motion CARRIED

CONSIDER TRUCK BIDS: Wagner moved, Johnson seconded to purchase a Ford ¾ ton
     truck from Signature Ford with a diesel motor in an amount not to exceed $27,000.
     Councilperson Wagner advised he does a lot of work on trucks and a diesel engine is the
     ultimate truck engine. They last twice as long as a gas engine and get better fuel mileage.
     The city already has two similar trucks in its fleet and he personally thought the city
     should keep its fleet as similar as possible since oil changes, rims, and parts become more
     universal. He further advised a diesel engine is a more expensive engine but in the long
     run, it will run better and will last a lot longer. They also have heavier transmissions and a
     diesel truck is a work truck. Tim Crawford advised he thought a diesel truck would be
     great but he thought the cost would be another $4,000 to $5,000 for a diesel engine, which
     would put the cost over the $25,000 that was budgeted. Councilperson Wagner advised he
     would amend his motion to include in an amount not to exceed $27,000. Mr. Sawyer
     advised it may not require a budget amendment but if it does, he would bring it to the

       Roll call vote:
       Yes: Wagner, Spring, Mehigh, Johnson.
       No:    Hall, Jessen.
                    Motion CARRIED

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Councilperson Hall advised she had nothing to discuss.

      Councilperson Wagner stated he wanted to comment on the incredible job the fire
      department did last week. He was at the fire and it was amazing. The fire department
      needs to be congratulated because it has a stellar group of guys.

      Councilperson Johnson stated she also wanted to congratulate the fire department and
      thought the city, township and fire board should be commended for making a good choice
      in purchasing a fire truck that can be used when needed. The truck does its job and the
      firemen do an outstanding job.

      Mayor Pro-Tem Mehigh stated he thought the city has one of the better fire departments in
      the county and he appreciates the job the firemen do as most people do.

      Councilperson Spring reminded council to come to the homebuilder show on Saturday
      from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

      Councilperson Jessen advised he had nothing to discuss.

ADJOURN: Jessen moved, Hall seconded to adjourn.
     Roll call vote:
     Yes: Hall, Wagner, Mehigh, Jessen, Spring, Johnson.
     No:    None.
                     Motion CARRIED Time was 8:00 p.m.

__________________________________                ____________________________________
Don Mehigh, Mayor Pro-Tem                         Nichole L. Cowdrey, City Clerk

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