How To Approach Women _ Are You Comfortable With Negativity

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					How To Approach Women : Are You Comfortable With Negativity
Whenever I get requested by a close friend or buddy of mine to give them a few pointers or
information on how to approach women, among the first questions I will request is... "are you
comfortable with rejection?" Now, when I request a question like that, i usually already know what
the response is going to be. And I furthermore usually get met with a puzzled appear on their face.
The key reason why I ask this question is, because most men that do not have much achievement
with approaching ladies are not comfortable with negativity. The converse often happens, though.
Most men who are pretty prosperous at approaching females ARE comfortable with being rejected.
Some years back, my spouse and i made a quantum start in my results i got with getting close to
women. I gone from being the actual guy who would check out the super hot woman from through the
room, think about getting close to her, and then talk myself out of it. The real reason for this was
simple. At that time, I was NOT comfortable with rejection. I disliked it, and to be truthful, I kind of
feared it.
Problem can be... That hatred of rejection and that nervous about it... Held me back from actually
seizing opportunities to move and talk to gorgeous women. I could tactic an average woman without
much problem, but the ultra attractive ones? not really much. Then one day, I just pushed myself. And
it had been uncomfortable at first but I found out something that many men just do not really get.
Approaching a good looking woman was not all that different from approaching a normal looking one.
After all, it really is basically the same, it's just one seems hotter than the various other. I know, that's
quite superficial of myself, but hey, i'm a guy what can i only say, lol.
You need to Become Comfortable With being rejected...
In all credibility, your odds of getting rejected by an average hunting woman versus a very good
looking woman are almost the same. Sure, you might do a little much better with the average kinds,
but when it comes right down to it... It's not that huge of a difference. Therefore, the first thing that you
really need to do is... Become more comfortable with rejection.
It's not really going to end your own world. It might poke for a bit, but once you get past which initial
sting, it isn't really all that negative. It can help you to discover for the next time. And also the beautiful
thing about it is, once you are fine with it, it just does happen less and less. Will not ask me the
reason why... It just DOES.
Every guy I know which does really well with women has no problem with acquiring rejected. It does
not aquarium their self esteem and it does not keep them from moving on to the next 1. And that is
the frame of mind that you need to have in case you really want to know how to tactic women. Think
of it such as this... When was the final time the Yankees went an entire time undefeated?
Answer: never !
So, don't think you must be perfect as well as that there is some way to totally eliminate rejection,
simply because just like the Yankees need to lose even when that they dominate a season... You will
get rejected every so often even when you do amazingly well with women.
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