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					Sable Collins                                       Le Francais 3 Honors 04660
Denver School of the Arts                           Annee scolaire 2009-2010
Vmail : 720 424 1816                                Salle de classe D200
Email :                    Bureau: D206, appt. only

Chers etudiants, bienvenue ! Cette annee 2009-2010 va etre
tres differente, tres interessante, et super-hyper-chouette !
Course Description
French Level Three Honors is a two-semester course for continuing language students.
This course expands students’ knowledge of reading, grammar, culture, and conversation.
It includes the study of French and Francophone literature texts. Students begin to speak
and write about literary texts in French. Students have the opportunity to enhance
language acquisition through the creation of projects which incorporate the arts.

This is a fast-paced course, designed to develop fluency. Major emphasis is placed on
developing comprehension, increasing vocabulary, and refining writing skills. While
reviewing previously acquired grammatical concepts, this course also introduces new,
more complex structures. Readings include excerpts from French literature as well as
current excerpts from books, magazines, newspapers, and artistic genres. Classes are
taught in the target language and students are encouraged to participate freely in
discussions and to communicate, even among themselves, in French.

As the teacher for this class, I reserve the right to modify this syllabus depending
upon classroom/student/time factors as I determine the class needs.

Denver Public Schools Standards for World Languages
1.     Students communicate in a foreign language while demonstration a high quality
of language in all four essential skills : listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
2.     Students acquire and use knowledge of other cultures while developing foreign
language skills.

Materials and Supplies
Bon Voyage is our text. (texte)
Workbook (cahier) purchased through your student fees for $17
A 3-ring binder (classeur) and dividers. Here is how you will categorize your classeur:
       1.      Syllabus
       2.      Vocabulary lists
       3.      Class notes
       4.      Assessment (graded work, tests, etc.)
You have space in the classroom to store your classeurs.
A small dictionary (dictionnaire) is REQUIRED FOR 2nd SEMESTER. Dictionaries are
valuable tools and may be purchased inexpensively. I wouldn’t spend more than $10.
**You will bring an organized classeur and signed syllabus for
Monday, August 24, 2009 as your first graded assignment!
Tutoring is available on a first-come, first-served basis by appointment only. Tutoring is
usually done at lunchtime.

Class Rules
*Respect yourself
*Respect others
*Respect your environment
*Respect the teaching/learning process
Everything falls into one or more of these categories. These rules help insure that we all
have a great year.

Learning Agenda
In Level Three, the main focus is every day vocabulary building and grammar structures.
We will work on memorizing vocabulary and grammar in the text as well as learning it
through reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Here are some things we will focus on
this year:

Vocabulary Themes                                    Grammar Structures
Review of some vocab from Levels One/Two             present/passé compose/imparfait
Travel                                               venir
Bank/post office                                     negative (ne…rien/personne)
Dining                                               faire + the infinitive
Cars/driving                                         conditionnel
Hospital                                             venir de + the infinitive
Hotel                                                suivre/conduire/vivre
Public transport                                     subjonctif

Quality of Work
Your work is a reflection of you and should therefore be turned in demonstrating your
best effort. Your writing MUST be LEGIBLE and in an easy to read color pen or
standard pencil. No red pens. Should turned-in work be ILLEGIBLE, I will not grade it,
you will get a “0”, and I will return it back to you.
In IC, I update your grades every week and you have a progress grade every 3 weeks.
These are done on Thursdays. I will often give verbal progress reports to you as well
during class time. Your grade is cumulative. It will start fresh second semester. You
will be graded on :
        1.      Class participation and attendance
               Participation/Presence en classe
       2.      Workbook work
       3.      Written, listening, and spoken exercises.
               Exercices ecrites, auditoires, et parlees
       4.      Exams, projects, quizzes
               Examens/projets/quiz                  *I GIVE POP QUIZZES !

Grading Scale
100-93 A     92-90 A-         89-87 B+       86-83 B        82-80 B-
79-77 C+     76-73 C          72-70 C-       69-60 D        59-0 F

Attendance and Participation
You get 5 points a day for being in class AND actively participating. Just being in class
is not sufficient for these points. You must demonstrate to me that you are engaged in the
teaching/learning process. New concepts are learned every day. Familiar concepts are
reviewed every day. Consistent attendance and good participation are essential for
success at language learning. A LARGE portion of your grade is based on attendance
and participation.

*For the full 5 points: student is on time, student has all materials, student is
prepared (has all homework completed), student contributes positively to class,
student speaks French as much as possible, student is on task.

We may see age-appropriate films highlighting the French language and/or
French/Francophone culture. We may use them as listening activities. Depending upon
the nature of the film, I will send out permission slips.

Late Work
Late work will be accepted for EXCUSED absences. All other late work is accepted
for 50% off of your grade for that assignment unless you have contacted me
beforehand. Makeup work from excused absences must be completed PROMPTLY of I
will not accept it. It is YOUR responsibility to find out what work was missed if you
were absent.

Tardy Policy
It is my strong expectation that you be on time to class every day. When you are late,
you waste my time, your time, and your classmates’ time. When you are tardy, give me
your tardy slip and quietly take a seat. Do not disrupt the class. If this becomes an
issue, I will call home or/and notify the Student Advisor.

Food and Drink
Only water, mints, and gum. THAT IS ALL ! DO NOT SNEAK FOOD ! However,
any activity for which food is a key component will be held in the classroom.
Personal Item Storage
When you enter into class, the first thing you will do will be to put ANYTHING not
directly related to class in the back of the class by the windows under the posters. This
includes purses, phones (TURNED OFF), back packs, Ipods, and any food.

Electronic Devices
You WILL turn your phone off or set it to “silent”. You WILL NEVER refer to it. You
WILL NEVER text in class. You WILL NEVER plan on listening to music on your own
device unless I decide. There is NO individual music during tests. You WILL NOT
make me take your phone/Ipod away from you. You WILL remember that we are at
SCHOOL and not at the MALL.

Due to the fact that these are disruptive to the Teaching/Learning Process (Rule 4
above), I expect NEVER to see or hear these things in my class:
Doing hair or makeup
Inappropriate dress
Inappropriate language ACCORDING TO MY STANDARDS
Constant yelling out when you should raise your hand
Relying on English when you could be trying in French
Not giving other people a chance

I expect that you want to be here. I expect that you are choosing to come to DSA rather
than another high school. I expect that you are planning to “grow up” and seek your
fame and fortune outside of your parents’ home. The things I teach in both the content
(French) and the context (the classroom) are useful tools and life skills. I expect that you
want to be the best student, American, and citizen of this world that you can be. That is
why I have many of the rules in my class from recycling to choosing to speak well. I
expect that now as well as in the future, you will want to present your best facet to the
outside world. This is a great place to develop that facet.

I also expect that we will have a great year. This is my 11th year at DSA and I know for
an absolute fact that the students who choose to attend DSA are some of the best students
and overall people I have ever met. I expect that I will challenge you and make learning
as enjoyable as possible. I expect I will continue to foster a love of language within you.

I look forward to an exciting, challenging, and (positively) eventful year!

Avec mes semtiments les plus sinceres, Madame Collins        

Return this form to Madame Collins by 8/24/09

I have read, understood, and agreed to the
syllabus for French Level Three

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