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					                     Science Fair Experiment Ideas

Biological Science
      How do liquids affect plant growth?
      Which fertilizer works best?
      Does size of seed affect size of plant?
      Does kind of light affect plant growth?
      Does temperature affect plant growth?
      Are kinds of ear lobes hereditary?
      How much water is in fruits and vegetables? or Which one contains the most
      Is memory improved if more than one sense is used?
      Which soil is best for germinating seeds?
      Does space affect plant growth?
      Do spider webs tell the kind of spider?
      Under what conditions do rolly pollies do best?
      Does yogurt grow better in whole, low fat, or nonfat milk?
      Do hummingbirds have a color preference?
      Can a snail learn?
      Does age affect reaction time?
      Does weight affect lung capacity?
      Under what conditions does bread mold the most?
      How does gravity affect plant growth?
      Does depth of planting affect seed germination?
      Does seed position affect germination?

Earth Science
      Can I predict weather?
      Does it matter what way a window faces?
      How accurately can I predict the weather?
      What affect does surface color have on heat absorption?
      What affect does cooking have on the humidity in the house?
      What affect does slope have on erosion?
      How does a bend in a river affect erosion?
      What affect does temperature have on crystal growth?
      What substance absorbs the most solar energy?
      What substance retains the most heat?
      What affect does speeding up evaporation have on water temperature?
Physical Science
      What materials conduct electricity?
      Do all liquids have the same density?
      What materials conduct heat best?
      Which household substance affects the freezing point of water the most?
      Do liquids evaporate at the same rate?
      What affect does core size or number of coils have on an electromagnet?
      What materials conduct heat best?
      Does size of a pulley affect the force needed to lift an object?
      What affect does surface area have on a burning rate?
      Does the weight of a bob affect how fast a pendulum swings?
      What affect does length have on pendulum swings?
      Which has more heat energy: vegetable oil or petroleum oil?
      How does the length of a vibrating body affect sound?
      What do lenses do to light?

Practical Science
      Which shampoo with conditioner really stops tangles?
      Which paper towel picks up the most water?
      Which paper towel is the strongest?
      Which detergent cleans the best?
      Which fabrics are the most flame resistant?
      Which microwave wrap is most heat resistant?
      Which nail polish lasts the longest?
      Can people tell the difference between real and generic cola? Or chips, etc.?
      Is it really biodegradable?
      Which foods are acids?
      What is the best lubricant?
      What difference does it make if you see with only one eye?
      Do showers take less water than tub baths?
      What conditions cause rust?
      Do thick liquids boil as fast as thin?
      Do men run more red lights than women?
      Does a lid or cover affect boiling time in the microwave?

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