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                                AERial View
                        Newsletter of the Northern California Chapter,
                                        Association for
                          Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind
                                    and Visually Impaired

             Volume 21, No. 2             March 2008             Pat Leader, Editor

From the President's Desk . . .
It is a rainy Saturday morning as I write - Ground Hog Day to be exact. We are in the shank of our
work year and there’s lots of activity to report. The good news is: ‘spring is coming!’

With the spring and the fact we are in an even numbered year comes NCAER’s biennial conference
and awards ceremony. The events-planning committee under the able guidance of Theresa Duncan
is preparing a two-part extravaganza that will include an educational conference focused on
rehabilitation, as we usually do with our spring event, followed by the awards ceremony. Read
more about this later in this issue.

NCAER members work and participate in programs ranging from early childhood development to
assisting students in school, adult rehabilitation, job placement, and services to older blind persons.
This newsletter and two conferences each year are ways our Chapter supports its members.
NCAER also participates in events such as CTEVH scheduled for late February in Los Angeles and
the annual Lowenfeld-Akeson Early Years Symposium.

Last year, NCAER supported graduate student participation at the CTEVH conference, and plans to
send three officers to AER’s annual leadership meeting (AERLIFT) this March in Dallas. Your
Immediate Past President (Amanda Lueck) is Chair of AER’s Low-vision division; our Secretary
(Pat Leader) is AER’s western district representative to the national Board; and yours truly will
attend AER-LIFT as your chapter representative and also as Chair of the Council of Division Chairs
and a member of the national Board. Let us not forget that AER’s Immediate Past President (Greg
Goodrich) is an NCAER member. Your chapter is indeed influential at the national level!

NCAER has honored our beloved Sally Mangold by purchasing a stone in her name which has now
been placed on the Wall of Tribute at the American Printing House for the Blind’s Hall of Fame in
Louisville, KY. The inscription reads: “Sally Mangold; Pioneer – Braille; Mentor – Teacher.” We
will further honor her with a tribute at our spring awards ceremony. Plan to attend!

Your Chapter is here to represent the professions in which you work and to preserve specialized
services for blind and visually impaired persons. To that end, please feel free to call or write any of
us should you need advice or assistance on any matter concerning your profession. It is our mission
to be of value to you. We want to provide you the kind of service that makes a difference in your
everyday working lives.

You can help us by drawing newcomers to our rolls. Tell your colleagues about AER and get them
to sign up and join the division that best represents their professional specialties. Be on the lookout

                                        AERial View March 2008
                                                 Page 1
for an announcement of AER’s “member-get-a-member” program. Membership in AER confers
automatic membership in NCAER.

NCAER has a web site! In addition to archiving as many past issues of this newsletter as we have
in electronic format and general announcements, the web site contains messages and content from
AER and links to related web sites. Please visit the site at

If you are interested in helping us improve and maintain the site, please contact me at the e-mail
address below.

At the national level, AER is readying its updated strategic plan. Leaders gathering at AERLIFT in
Dallas this coming March will review a draft and the completed plan will be unveiled at the AER
International conference in Chicago this July. (Read more about the conference below. It will be
the best ever and with our own Greg Goodrich coordinating it, how could it be otherwise?)

With our own Pat Leader “terming out,” please consider running for district representative to the
AER national Board. Any member in good standing may do so. I will be sending out a call for
nominations in a separate e-mailing, but if you would like to run, feel free to contact me.

Membership in AER offers you a means to provide input and to shape the direction our field is
moving. Also consider running for an NCAER office or participating on our committees. Of
course, attending our workshops and conferences and encouraging others to enter our field is a
lifetime responsibility we all carry. If you would like to be a member of the NCAER Board, please
respond to the call for nominations. It is a great way to contribute to your colleagues and make a
difference. And, if you are curious about what happens at a Board meeting, we invite you to attend.
We will announce meeting times and places on the NCAER web site.

Anthony R. Candela
NCAER President

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
                    – Helen Keller

          Welcome to the newest NCAER Members:
Dawn Anaya     Gerri Finkelstein          Helene Holman
         Zachary Roth        Leslie D. Silva

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         NCAER 2006-2008 Officers and Board Members

President:         Anthony Candela

President-Elect:   --------------

Past President:    Amanda Lueck
                   415-338-1080 (W)

Treasurer:         Sharon Hudson
                   650-858-0202 x 111 (W)

Secretary:         Pat Leader
                   408-266-6163 (H)
                   408-928-7237 (W) 408-832-4935 (C)

Board Members
Kathleen Anderson                       Liz Barclay
415-282-2907                            510-794-3800 (W)             <>

Theresa Duncan                          Aerial Gilbert
<>                 <>

Geoff Perel                             Newsletter Editor
707-823-1805                            Pat Leader
<>                         408-266-6163/408-832-4935 (cell)


Student Representative: Liz Hartmann <>

                                    AERial View March 2008
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It is election time and we are now calling for nominations for the
following Board positions:
       6 Board Members-at-Large
       1 Student Board Member-at-Large

Our current Vice-President is not able to continue and move into the office of President,
so we are holding a special election for President this year. Only persons with previous
experience on the NCAER Board can run for President or Vice-President.
The duties of the primary officers are listed below from the current By-Laws. The
current President, Tony Candela, will move into the office of Immediate Past President.

       6.1a The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the
       Board of Directors.The President shall appoint all committees and be an ex-
       officio member of all committees. The President shall manage the budget of the
       Chapter in accordance with the wishes of the Board.

       6.2 The Immediate Past President shall serve as chair-person of the
       nominations committee and shall oversee elections.

       6.3 The Vice-President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President
       and shall serve as chair of the Program committee.

       6.4 The Secretary shall be responsible for the records of the Chapter and shall
       have the minutes of the meeting prepared in proper order.

        6.5 The Treasurer shall be responsible for fiscal control of the Chapter in
        accordance with a budget agreed upon by the Board (see Article XII), and, with
        the Board of Directors, oversee all revenue and expenditures. The Treasurer
        shall report the Chapter's financial status annually to the national office of the
Please send your nominations to:
     Amanda Lueck at by March 21, 2008.

This is your chance to participate in your professional organization!

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AERial View March 2008
         Page 5
Spotlight on Excellence: Vista Center for
the Blind and Visually Impaired

In 2005, the former Peninsula Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired announced
the agency’s change of name to Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

With the growth of Vista Center beyond Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, into San
Benito County, we needed a name that reflects our entire service area. This became
especially true when the former Doran Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired,
serving Santa Cruz County, became a satellite office. Doran Center has changed its
name to Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Santa Cruz.

Vista Center now provides all of our services in the four counties we serve. Our
services include: Orientation and Mobility, Daily Living Skills, Diabetic Management,
Computer Training, Low Vision Exams, Counseling, Braille Classes, Support Groups,
Choices and Changes (an educational class about vision loss), the Youth Group, the
Health Library and the Store. We are hoping to start a Social Recreational program at
both the Santa Cruz and Palo Alto offices in the near future.

On February 29th, 2008 there will be an Open House at Vista Center, Santa Cruz from
4:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please come and join us.

                   NCAER Chapter Awards
At this time, we invite nominations for our Chapter Awards. Please note the criteria for
each award. If you would like to nominate an individual, please indicate the award
category you are nominating under, include your name, address, phone number, the
nominee's name, address, phone number, and a description of the relevant contributions
made by your nominee (no more than one page in length, please). Membership in AER
is NOT a qualification factor. The award recipients will be selected from the
nominations received by the NCAER Award Nominations Committee, and will be
approved by the NCAER Board. Submissions must be postmarked no later than
April 1st in order to be considered.

Parent Award
This award will be presented to a parent who has made outstanding contributions to the
education process.

                                AERial View March 2008
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Rehabilitation Services Award
This award will be given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to
the field of blindness through participation specifically in a rehabilitation setting.

Education Award
This award will be given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to
the field of blindness through participation specifically in the education setting.

Meritorious Service Award
This award will be given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to
the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually
Impaired, particularly to the Northern California Chapter.

Please submit your nominations by the due date to:
        by snail mail Amanda Lueck
                      Department of Special Education
                      San Francisco State University
                      1600 Holloway Avenue
                      San Francisco, CA 94132
        or by e-mail

                         Assistive Technology Center
We are beginning our training schedule. We hope you will join us for the
following trainings! We welcome clients of Vocational Rehabilitation, students,
seniors, parents, business owners and anyone with an interest in learning.
March 2008 On-Line Trainings

Thursday, March 6, 2008
2 to 4 PM PST
Advanced Dragon Naturally Speaking:
This is a follow-up to our popular seminar on using Dragon Naturally Speaking
with Screen Readers. This session will cover more advanced Dragon
commands, how to access help, how to create voice macros, how to improve
accuracy, and more. This training will emphasize the use of Dragon Naturally
Speaking for everyone, not specifically for those using screen readers. There is
a $50 fee for participation and payment can be made by credit card. Checks
must be received before the training. Registration required.

Thursday, March 13, 2007
2 to 4 PM PST
Advanced Window Eyes:
This session will train users in advanced applications. We will cover Excel,
PowerPoint, and how to use the mobile features of Window Eyes. A $50 fee is
required for this group session. Payments may be made be credit card or check.

                                 AERial View March 2008
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Registration is required.

Thursday, March 20, 2007
2 to 4 PM PST
Using OmniPage OCR:
Why pay $1000 for a talking OCR program? If you have a screen reader, learn
how to set up and use OmniPage. It's easier, less expensive, and just as
accurate. This session will cover how to set up OmniPage for maximum blind
friendliness. A $50. fee applies for this training. Payments are accepted by
credit card or check.
Registration is required. NOTE: If you are unable to take part in the actual
training, CD's will be available for purchase for $50 each.

Connie Leblond                      Phone: 916-381-
5011 ext. 3
Assistive Technology Center LLC Toll Free: 888-
723-5011 ext 3
5330 Power Inn Rd. Suite F
Sacramento, CA 95820

                     Calendar of Events
   1 – Joint Action Committee (JAC)/(LIDAC) Low Incidence Disabilities Advisory
   Committee Meeting and Public Input Session, to be held during Session 800 of the
   CTEVH Conference, at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, 3:45-5:00 P.M.
   6 – Assistive Technology Center Online Training Seminar – Advanced Dragon
   Naturally Speaking, 2:00-4:00; for further information call 888-723-5011 ext 3 or
   visit the website:<>
   13 - Assistive Technology Center Online Training Seminar, Advanced Window
   Eyes, 2:00-4:00; for further information call 888-723-5011 ext 3 or visit the
   website:<> 20 - Assistive Technology Center Online
   Training Seminar, Using OmniPage OCR- for further information call 888-723-
   5011 ext 3 or visit the website:<>
   31 – April 3 – CSB/COSB Technology Institute (for AT Specialists), to be held at
   the California School for the Blind; for further information and registration, contact
   Steve Goodman, 510-794-3800.

                                AERial View March 2008
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   4 – 5 - Gateway to Technology, the 2008 Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute,
   at the San Francisco Marriott; for further details go to <>.
   10 -12 – CCB Spring Convention, to be held in the Sacramento Arden West Hilton,
   in Sacramento. Contact CCB 1-800-221-6359.                               12 - JAC
   Meeting in Sacramento, in conjunction with the CCB Convention. For further
   information, contact Jane Vogel <>.
   26 – Junior Blind Olympics – Open to all Blind/VI Individuals between the ages of
   10-17. For registration packet and transportation information contact 323-295-4555
   ext. 267.

   23 - NCAER Spring Event, Awards Ceremony and Officer Installation, to be held
   at the Orientation Center for the Blind in Albany. Theme is “The Changing Face of
   Blind and Visually Impaired Clients” and will feature speakers Susan Hirshfield
   and Greg Goodrich, as well as a tribute to Sally Mangold by Phil Hatlen. Further
   details to come.

    21 - Vision Care & Assistive Technology Day: Cataracts/Glaucoma, a workshop
   for Clients and Caregivers; speakers/vendors to be announced. To be held at the
   Blind and Visually Impaired Center of Monterey County, 225 Laurel Avenue,
   Pacific Grove, CA 93950; 831-649-3505 or <>

   7 – 10 – 9th International Conference on Low Vision, in Montreal, Canada - or<>
   22 - 27 - AER International Conference, in exciting Chicago! Contact AER at 877-
492-2708 for further details.

    23 –26 – CCB Fall Conference, to be held at the LAX Four Points Sheraton Hotel;
for further information contact CCB 1-800-221-6359.

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                            Position Openings
Guide Dogs for the Blind: Senior Accountant Job Announcement

Guide Dogs for the Blind, providing enhanced mobility to qualified individuals through
partnership with dogs, is seeking a Senior Accountant to oversee postings to the
general ledger, maintain the fixed asset records, maintain 403(b) records, analyze
various general ledger accounts and prepare bank reconciliations, assist with annual
budget, audit, and tax return preparation. The Senior Accountant will also serve as a
fully cross-trained back up to other Accounting Department staff.

Celebrating more than sixty years of success, Guide Dogs for the Blind is dedicated to
quality student training services and extensive follow-up support for graduates. Our
programs are made possible through the teamwork of staff, volunteers and generous
donors. Services are provided to students from the United States and Canada at no cost
to them.

Guide Dogs for the Blind strives to be a model employer that is committed to diversity
and embraces equal opportunity in the workplace. We welcome bicultural and bilingual

Please visit the website for a detailed job description:

                        Center for the Partially Sighted
                   A free series for active adults with impaired sight
                       Hear experts discuss issues important to you
                       Socialize with other people with impaired sight
                               Have breakfast with friends
                            Where: Center’s Tarzana Office
                        18425 Burbank Blvd., Suite 706, Tarzana
                    When: Last Saturday of the Month from 9:30-noon
                                    Current Schedule
Saturday, March 29- Low Vision Technology
Dr. Brett Nagatani shows you all the latest assistive technology, such as stationary and
portable electronic video magnifiers and computer programs to help you in school, on
the job, and in life.
Saturday, April 26- Cell phones and other Gadgets
Dr. Bill Takeshita demonstrates talking MP3 players, GPS systems and accessible cell
phones, and provides you with some interesting shortcuts to access technology.
                To reserve your place, call 310-458-3501 X 148 or X 150.

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WANTED: Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, to appear in a promotional video

Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind has begun a capital campaign to raise funds
for the construction of a new Children’s Center that will provide services to infants,
toddlers and preschoolers who are visually impaired, blind, multi-disabled blind or
deaf-blind. TLC is looking for youngsters who are visually impaired, blind, multi-
disabled blind or deaf-blind to appear in its video showing the delivery of future
services, such as orientation and mobility, physical and occupational therapy, etc.
If you are a parent of a young child who is visually impaired, blind, multi-disabled
blind or deaf-blind and would be interested in helping TLC for the Blind, please
Ford Neale, at (818) 708-1740 ext 114 or
Cyndi McAuley, at (818) 708-4949 or
Please help us in the creation of much needed services.
One day’s participation; Expenses paid, Plus $250.00 for helping us out
TLC for the Blind, 7915 Lindley Ave., Reseda, CA 91335

                          Guide Dogs O & M Seminars

Guide Dogs for the Blind is delighted to announce that Orientation and Mobility
specialists who attend the O&M Seminar offered by our school can now receive CE
hours for participating. The Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and
Educational Professionals (ACVREP) has approved our seminar for 28.15 hours. These
CE hours will be available starting in our February 2008 seminar.

Our O&M seminars are designed to educate participants to areas that will allow you to
refer suitable candidates to our Guide Dog training program, as well as allow you to
participate more fully in our application and assessment process. Participants are
housed in our dormitory for the duration of the seminar, allowing you to mix with our
students attending class and experience, first hand, the facilities offered by our school.
Completion of our O&M seminar will allow you to:

      Educate clients who express an interest in working with a Guide Dog to the
       Guide Dog lifestyle, and in particular, our class training program.
      Prepare potential Guide Dog students in the transition from cane to dog.
      Assist potential applicants to qualify for our program.
      Assist potential applicants in completing our application process.
      Assess an applicant's travel skills and other requirements for qualification for
       admission to our program.
      Provide advanced orientation assistance to active Guide Dog alumni in the field.

                                 AERial View March 2008
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      Applicants to the seminar should be university-trained O&M specialists. A
       minimum of two years of full-time mobility training is preferred. You should be
       working primarily with adults.
      O&M specialists who have attended a Guide Dogs for the Blind O&M seminar
       prior to 2003 may reapply as the content of the seminar has changed.

The seminars are five days in length (Monday through Friday), and are held on our
California campus. There is no cost to attend the seminar; in addition, Guide Dogs for the
Blind will provide accommodation and all meals for the duration of the seminar. However,
we request that airfare costs be met by the O&M specialist or their agency.
2008 Seminar Schedule

Monday, April 21 - Friday, April 25
Monday, August 4 - Friday, August 8
Monday, September 8 - Friday, September 12
Monday, October 13 - Friday, October 17
Apply on line or call Sarah Hopkins in our Graduate Services Department at 800-295-

                   Guide Dog Lifestyles Workshop
   A Hands-On Workshop for Persons Seriously Considering a Guide Dog

Have you been intrigued by the idea of working with a Guide Dog for mobility? Do
you get around fine using a white cane and wonder if and how a partnership with a
Guide Dog can enhance your life? Maybe you know someone who has a Guide Dog,
but you are not sure if a Guide Dog is right for you. Have you wondered what the
expectations and responsibilities of living with a Guide Dog might mean for your
lifestyle? If so, then this workshop is for you!

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to the unique benefits and
responsibilities of working and living with a Guide Dog. You will gain information
through discussion and hands-on experiences. You will leave with the ability to make
an informed decision as to whether or not a Guide Dog is a viable choice for you.
You will experience:

      Instruction in dog care, maintenance, and basic dog obedience
      Simulated Guide Dog walks
      Navigating routes using real Guide Dogs
      2008 Dates (San Rafael Campus)

March 13 3/12/08
May 22 5/21/08
September 4 9/3/08
November 13 11/12/08
* For workshops in the LA area please call for information
To register or for information call Jeanine Kitahata at 1-800-295-4050 X4199

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