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									                         National Honor Society Invitation Letter

Congratulations MCA Senior,
We are pleased to announce that you have reached the high academic
standards required for graduating as a National Honor Society Member at McIntosh County
Academy. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to fill out the information form below,
including one teacher recommendation signature, and return to the NHS Advisor no later than
March 17, 2008 in order to be recognized by McIntosh County Board of Education as a National
Honor Society graduate for 2008. We will be taking a picture for the Darien News in April 2008;
therefore, we must receive your membership dues paid in full and your information sheet on or
before Friday March 17th. If you would like to be recognized as a McIntosh County Academy NHS
graduate for 2008 – Please submit the form below along with $30 cash or a $30 check made out to
McIntosh County Academy and submit to Mrs. Donna Kunkel, in Room 413. Watch the
announcements on TV for the picture date. You will be invited to the Honors Night on May 6, 2008
where you will receive your NHS Graduation Sash.



Mrs. Donna Kunkel, National Honor Society Advisor

Mrs. Robin Hunter, Assistant Principal
_____Yes I would like to be a part of National Honor Society

Name: _____________________________________________________________
(Please Print)
Address & Phone Number: _____________________________________________
(Please Print)
Email Address: _______________________________________________________
(Please Print)
Teacher Recommendation Signature: _____________________________________

Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________________________

1st Period Teacher: ___________________________________________________

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