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									97th AALL Annual
Meeting and Conference
JULY 10–14, 2004

AALL Thanks LexisNexis ™ for its Sponsorship
of the 2004 Opening Event

American Association of Law Libraries
Maximizing the Power of the Law Library Community Since 1906

53 W. Jackson Blvd. • Suite 940 • Chicago, IL 60604
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    97th AALL Annual
    Meeting and Conference
    JULY 10–14, 2004

    American Association of Law Libraries
    Maximizing the Power of the Law Library Community Since 1906
            nnual Awards Program                                                                                Joseph
    The AALL Awards Program was established as a way                                                  B i b l i o g r a p h i c a l Aw a r d
    to publicly recognize the achievements of law librarians
                                                                                   Established in 1967 in honor of Joseph L. Andrews, Reference
    based on service to the profession and contributions                           Librarian at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, this
    to legal literature and materials. The major awards                            award is given for a significant contribution to legal bibliographical
    are presented each year at the Annual Meeting.                                 literature, measured primarily by its creative and evaluative elements
                                                                                   and the extent to which judgment was a factor in its formulation.

    2003-2004 Awards Committee                                                     2004 Recipient
    Joanne P. Dugan, Chair       Mary D. Hood                                      Loretta Price
    Karen S. Beck                Carmela Kinslow                                   Acquisitions Librarian and Associate Professor, University of
    Kathy Carlson, Board Liaison Betty Roeske                                      Tennessee, Joel A. Katz Law Library, Knoxville, Tennessee
    Marjorie Crawford            Michael Saint-Onge
                                                                                   An Explosive Quarter-Century: A Guide to Monographic
    Deborah S. Dennison          Sally H. Wambold
                                                                                   Works on Women’s Legal and Political Rights
    Charles R. Dyer              Susan Drisko Zago
    Mark E. Estes
                                                                                   THE AALL/LEXISNEXIS™
                                                                                   CALL FOR PAPERS AWARDS PROGRAM
                                the                                                The Call for Papers program was established to promote scholarship,
                             Marian                                                provide an outlet for creativity, and to draw attention to newer
                         Gould Gallagher                                           members of the Association. Papers may be submitted on any subject
                   D i s t i n g u i s h e d S e r v i c e Aw a r d                relevant to law librarianship and are judged in three categories: the
                                                                                   Open Division for papers submitted by current AALL members, the
    The Distinguished Service Award was established in 1984 to                     New Member Division for papers submitted by AALL members of
    recognize extended and sustained service to law librarianship,                 less than five years, and the Student Division for members and non-
    for exemplary service to the Association, or for contributions to the          members who are currently enrolled in library or law school. This
    professional literature. The award was renamed the Marian Gould                award includes a cash prize of $750 donated by LexisNexis™    .
    Gallagher Distinguished Service Award in 1990. Nominees are
    those who are or at one time have been a member of AALL and                    2004 Recipients
    who are near to or at the end of their careers. The award may be               New Member Division                       Student Division
    given posthumously.
                                                                                   Roy Balleste                              Katherine Coolidge
                                                                                   Associate Law Library Director            Law Librarian, Bulkley,
    2004 Recipients                                                                Nova Southeastern University              Richardson & Gelinas
    Shirley Hart David                  Thomas H. Reynolds                         Ft. Lauderdale, Florida                   Springfield, Massachusetts
    Director, Sacramento County         Associate Law Librarian Emeritus           Law Libraries 2.0: AI-Based Agents,       Baseless Hysteria: The Controversy
    Public Law Library                  University of California School of         Predictions, Decisions and Design         between the U.S. Department of
    Sacramento, California              Law Library, Boalt Hall                                                              Justice and the American Library
                                        Berkeley, California                       Open Division                             Association Regarding the USA
                                                                                   Mary Rumsey                               PATRIOT Act – September 2003
    AALL SPECTRUM ARTICLE OF THE YEAR AWARD                                        Foreign, Comparative,                     Paul Hellyer
                                                                                   & International Law Librarian             Student Member
    The AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award is given to honor
                                                                                   and                                       Los Angeles, California
    outstanding achievement in writing an article that contributes to
    topics relating to librarianship, law librarianship, and practical appli-      April Schwartz                            Assessing the Influence of
    cations for library work, or to an understanding of legal materials,           Business Law Librarian                    Computer-Assisted Legal
    legal systems, legal information, or to professional and staff training                                                  Research: A Study of California
                                                                                   University of Minnesota Law
    and development. The winner is selected on the basis of quality of                                                       Supreme Court Opinions
                                                                                   Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    writing and effectiveness of the communication technique. The award
                                                                                   Paper vs. Electronic Sources for
    includes a cash prize of $500 donated by CCH INCORPORATED.
                                                                                   Law Review Cite-Checking: Should
    2004 Recipient                                                                 Paper Be the Gold Standard?

    Jean M. Holcomb
    Law Librarian and Director, King County Law Library                                            AALL Thanks its
    Seattle, Washington                                                                            Gold Sponsorship Donor
    The Annual Report: An Overlooked Opportunity to Tell the                                     AALL recognizes major support from BNA, Inc.,
    Library’s Story, AALL Spectrum, June 2003, pg. 10                                including funding the Annual Meeting Plenary Session II, sponsor-
                                                                                     ing the PLL-SIS Luncheon, the ALL-SIS Reception and CONALL
                                                                                     program, and providing the Conference Registration Bags.

1       American Association of Law Libraries 97th Annual Meeting and Conference
BEST NEW PRODUCT AWARD                                                     LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL
                                                                           ARTICLE OF THE YEAR AWARD
This award honors new legal information products that enhance or
improve existing law library services or procedures or innovative          Established in 1989, this award honors outstanding achievement
products that improve access to legal information or the legal             in research and writing as represented by published work in Law
research process. A “new” product is one which has been in the             Library Journal. This award includes a cash prize of $500 donated
library-related marketplace for two years or less.                         by CCH INCORPORATED.

2004 Recipients                                                            2004 Recipients
Jenkins Law Library                                                        Georgia Briscoe                       Cheryl Rae Nyberg
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                                 Associate Director and Head of        Reference Librarian,
                                                                           Technical Services, University of     University of Washington
American Lawyer Media – PA                                                 Colorado Law Library
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                                                                                       The Catalog vs. the Home Page?
                                                                           Karen Selden                          Best Practices in Connecting
For collaboration in creating www.palawlibrary.com                         Catalog Librarian, University of      to Online Resources, 95 Law
                                                                           Colorado Law Library                  Libr. J. 151 (2003)
                                                                           LAW LIBRARY PUBLICATIONS AWARD
The Chapter Professional Development Awards are given to
chapters that design outstanding professional development programs.        This award honors achievement in creating in-house user-oriented
                                                                           library materials that are outstanding in quality and significance.
One-Time Chapter Professional Development Award                            “Creating” in-house works may include, but is not limited to, writ-
Given to a chapter for a single quality program or workshop                ing, compiling, or editing print or non-print materials. Procedure
of one-half day or more.                                                   manuals and staff oriented materials are within the scope of the
                                                                           award. Entries are judged on quality, creativity, and usefulness,
2004 Recipient
                                                                           rather than on the magnitude of the project.
Law Librarians Society of Washington, D.C., Inc.
                                                                           2004 Recipients
2003 Legal Research Institute
                                                                           Print Division                 Nonprint Division
EXCELLENCE IN MARKETING AWARDS                                             George Washington              University of Denver School
                                                                           University School of Law,      of Law, Westminster Law Library
Established by the Public Relations Committee, this award seeks to         Jacob Burns Law Library
inspire, educate, and encourage promotional activities. This award                                        Case Finding Using Reports
honors outstanding achievement in public relations activities by an        The French Connection          and Digests
individual, group of individuals, a library, a Chapter, an SIS, a
Consortia, a Caucus, or any other group affiliated with the Association.   MINORITY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AWARD
Categories: Best Brochure, Best Campaign, Best Newsletter, Best            The Minority Leadership Development Award was created in 2001
Public Relations Tool Kit, and Best Use of Technology. Each award          to nurture leaders for the future and to introduce minority law
includes a cash prize of $250 donated by West.                             librarians to leadership opportunities within the Association.
2004 Recipients                                                            Recipients are chosen based on how well their professional inter-
                                                                           ests, goals, and education demonstrate leadership potential in the
Best Brochure                         Best Public Relations Toolkit        Association and the profession.
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald            Sacramento County (CA)               2004 Recipient
Lexington, Kentucky                   Public Law Library
                                                                           June S. Kim
Greenebaum Library and                Sacramento, California
                                                                           Reference Librarian, UCLA School of Law, Hugh & Hazel Darling
Research Service Brochure             Sacramento County Public Law         Law Library, Los Angeles, California
                                      Library 2003 PR Toolkit
Best Campaign                                                              AALL PUBLIC ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT
                                      Best Use of Technology               INFORMATION AWARD
Law Librarians Association
of Wisconsin, Inc.                    Carroll Burdick &                    A principal tenet of the American Association of Law Libraries is
Milwaukee, Wisconsin                  McDonough Library                    the right of equal access to information for all to ensure an
LLAW Publication Project              San Francisco, California            informed citizenry and to promote a just and democratic society.
                                      Client Development                   Established in 1998, the Public Access to Government Information
Best Newsletter                       Request Form                         Award is given to recognize persons or organizations that have
Dorsey & Whitney LLP                                                       made significant contributions to protect and promote greater
Minneapolis, Minnesota                                                     public access to government information.
Iraq Practice Daily Newsletter                                             2004 Recipients
                                                                           Senator Conrad Burns
                                                                           Michael O. Leavitt, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
                                                                           Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
                                                                           For their contribution to the formation of www.regulations.gov.

                                                                                              Boston to Mumbai: the World of Legal Information    2
       cholarship Awards                                                                                       A A L L & We s t
                                                                                                         George A. Strait
                                                                                              Minority Scholarship Endowment
    2003-2004 Scholarship Committee
    Leonette Williams, Chair Carol A. Grant                                        The George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment is awarded to
    Pauline Afuso            Marian F. Parker                                      college graduates with law library experience who are members of a
    J. William Draper        Alvin Podboy, Jr., Board Liaison                      minority group and are degree candidates in accredited library or
    Carla Evans              Susan M. Ryan                                         law schools. Established in 2001 by AALL and with a $150,000
                             Jessica Wimer                                         contribution from West, the minority scholarship is awarded annually
                                                                                   to minority students that best embody the career goals of the law
                                                                                   librarian profession. George A. Strait (1914-1989) was an outstanding
                                                                                   law librarian and longtime AALL member. He held several titles at
                        John R. Johnson                                            the Harvard Law School Library (1956-1976). After leaving Harvard,
                       Memorial Scholarship                                        he was Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law at the
                                                                                   University of Iowa College of Law. In recognition of his career
    Established in 1994 with a $100,000 contribution from                          achievements, George Strait was awarded the Marian Gould
    LexisNexis™, this first AALL endowed scholarship honors the                    Gallagher Distinguished Service Award in 1989. In 1990 the AALL
    memory of John R. Johnson. Mr. Johnson, who died in January                    Executive Board made the minority stipend a permanent part of the
    1994, was director of the Law Librarian segment of LexisNexis™                 Association’s scholarship program and named it in his honor.
    and a longtime law library supporter. He believed that librarians
    are “the only ones who know how real users use real information.”
                                                                                   2004 Recipients
    Optimistic about the role of librarians in the future, Mr. Johnson
    believed that law librarians would assume even greater responsi-               Kelly Anders         Helane Davis                    Donna Joseph
    bility in the expanding electronic-networked environment.                      Sacramento,          Seattle, Washington             New York, New York
    2004 Recipients                                                                See page 4 for a list of Individual Contributors to the
                                                                                   AALL & West/George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment.
    Law Librarians in Continuing        Library Degree for Law
    Education Courses                   School Graduates
                                                                                   SCHOLARSHIPS FUNDED BY AALL
    Marianne Alcorn                     Alana Carson
    Tempe, Arizona                      Portland, Oregon
                                                                                   2004 Recipients
    Library Degree for Non-Law          Teresa L. Kline
                                        Elkhart, Indiana                           Library Degree for Law                  Individual Contributors
    School Graduates
                                                                                   School Graduates
                                        Cindie Leigh                                                                       to the Scholarship Fund
    Stephanie Gardner
                                        Hempstead, New York                        Maria Templo
    Boston, Massachusetts                                                                                                  Sue Burch
                                                                                   Lansing, Michigan
                                        Virginia McVarish                                                                  Kathleen Carlson
    Rhodora Bulay                                                                                                          James E. Duggan
                                        Cambridge, Massachusetts                   Library Degree for Non-Law
    Glendale, California                                                                                                   Amy Eaton
                                                                                   School Graduates
                                                                                                                           Diane Murley
                             LexisNexis™                                           Michelle Martin-Larsen                  Eileen Searls
                       James F. Connolly                                           Racine, Wisconsin
        Academic & Library Solutions Scholarship                                   Jill Milhorat
                                                                                   New Rochelle, New York
    This scholarship is awarded to a law librarian who is interested
    in pursuing a law degree and preference is given to a librarian
    who has demonstrated an interest in government publications.
                                                                                     pecial Interest Section Awards
    2004 Recipient                                                                 THE FREDERICK CHARLES HICKS AWARD
                                                                                   FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO
    Law Degree for Library School Graduate
                                                                                   ACADEMIC LAW LIBRARIANSHIP
    Melanie Nelson
                                                                                   Established by the Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
                                                                                   (ALL-SIS), this award recognizes distinguished, sustained service to
                                                                                   academic law librarianship. The award is named in honor of the
                                                                                   first great American law librarian/scholar and first academic law
       AALL Thanks its Silver Sponsorship Donor                                    librarian to serve as President of AALL.

                 CCH INCORPORATED publishes and mails the                          2004 Recipient
                 annual AALL Directory & Handbook to all members.                  Timothy L. Coggins
                                                                                   Director & Professor of Law, University of Richmond
                                                                                   School of Law Library
                                                                                   Richmond, Virginia
3       American Association of Law Libraries 97th Annual Meeting and Conference
                                                                                                    Special Interest Section Awards continued at the bottom of page 4
            Individual Contributors to the George A. Strait Minority Scholarship: An Endowment Established by AALL & West

DONOR                   AZALL                        Kathleen Carlson             CONTRIBUTOR                   Rhonda Lawrence           Barbara Bonge
($1000 or more)         GD-SIS                       Kathleen Carrick             ($51—$100)                    Margaret Leary            Emily Carr
                        GPLLA                        Nancy Carol Carter                                         Paula Lichtenberg         Marjorie Crawford
Carol Avery Nicholson   Howard University            Joanne Claussen              Pauline Afuso                 Julie Lim                 Shelley Dowling
Barbara Bintliff        LLNE                         Timothy Coggins              Marlene Alderman              Janice Litten             Susan Drisko Zago
Robert Carlton          MAALL                        Patricia Cummings            Susan Alford                  Judith Manion             Amy Eaton
Richard Danner          Mercer University            Elmo Dattalo                 Jean Allen                    David Mao                 Sara Galligan
Ruth Hill               NJLLA                        Francis Doyle                Patricia Barbone              Daniel Martin             Francis Gates
Mary Hotchkiss          SCCLL-SIS                    Frank Drake                  Donna Bausch                  Sandra Marz               Susan Goldner
Frank Houdek            WESTPAC                      Claire Germain               A. Michael Beaird             Scott Matheson            Judythe Greitzer
Deborah Jefferies       WPLLA                        James Hambleton              Jennifer Berman               Patrick Meyer             Juliana Hayden
Catherine Lemann                                     Paul Healey                  Marie-Louise Bernal           Jeff Miller               Jean Holcomb
Bonnie Strait-Carlton   PATRON                       Mary Hood                    John Bissett                  Michael Miller            Robert Hu
Victoria Trotta         ($251—$500)                  Virginia Irving              Phanelson Braxton             Eugenia Minor             Clara Hughes
Susan Tulis                                          Roger Jacobs                 Albert Brecht                 Elsbeth Moller            John Hughes
                        Alice Bell
ALL-SIS                                              D.R. Jones                   Wynne Browne                  Barbara Monroe            Brenda Kelley
                        Susan Burch
ALLA                                                 Donna Jones                  Suzanne Cassidy               Charles Monroe            Julie Kimbrough
                        Marta DePaula Cea
CS-SIS                                               Beth Lagton                  Yvonne Chandler               Kathryn Morales           Darcy Kirk
                        John Christensen
HALL                                                 Janice Leichter              Douglas Cinque                Genel Moran               Druet Klugh
                        Leodis Davis
LLAGNY                                               Susan Lewis-Somers           Adrienne Cobb                 Diane Murley              Karen M. Lutke
                        Ed Edmonds
LLSDC                                                Mary Lippold                 Anna Cole                     Lu Tuan Nguyen            Phyllis Marion
                        Ann Fessenden
MALL                                                 Frank Liu                    Katherine Coolidge            Susan O’Toole             Anne McDonald
                        Lauri Flynn
Microsoft                                            Elizabeth McKenzie           David Cowan                   Frosty Owen               Denyse McFadden
                        Dan Freehling
NOALL                                                Roy M. Mersky                Robert Creamer                Rita Parham               Leslie McGuire
                        Thomas French
ORALL                                                James Milles                 Shirley David                 Ann Pascoe                Marguerite Most
                        George Grossman
PLL-SIS                                              Grace Mills                  Linda Davis                   Alison Perry              Andrea Moyer
                        Faye Jones
RIPS-SIS                                             Donna Nixon                  Pamela Deemer                 Charles Peters            Jennifer Murray
                        Ruth Levor
SCALL                                                Roger Parent                 Robert Downie                 Kathleen Price            Pamela Noyd
                        Stephen Mellin
SEALL                                                Mary Persyn                  Jerry Dupont                  Margaret Ross             Michelle Pearse
                        Lawrence Meyer
Suffolk University                                   Alvin Podboy                 Larry Eiring                  Sally Salancy             Ricardo Pla
                        Margaret Milam
SWALL                                                Holly Riccio                 Carla Evans                   Rosalie Sanderson         Kristie Randall
                        Allen Moye
TS-SIS                                               Alvin Roche                  Scott Fisher                  Mary Sexton               Carol Shapiro
                        Robert Nissenbaum
West                                                 Paul Rothman                 Thomas Flemming               Joan Shear                Virgie Smith
                        Kent Olson
                                                     Joyce Saltalamachia          Marguerite Rey Florent        James Shelar              Lisa Smith-Butler
BENEFACTOR              Harry Stamper
                                                     Patricia Satzer              Patricia Fox                  Renard Shepard            Mark Strattner
                        Sarah Wiant
($501—$999)                                          Susan Siebers                Daniel Freehling              Peggy Sloan               Lorna Tang
                        Sally Wise
                                                     Merle Slyhoff                Mary Anne Fry                 Cossette Sun              Vivian Taylor
Marvin Anderson         Nicholas Ypsilantis
                                                     Richard Spinelli             Vincente Garces               Carol Teaney              Randall Thompson
Margaret Maes Axtman    Asian American Law
                                                     Alva Stone                   Jovita Garcia-Duer            Janet Tracy               Tracy Thompson
Rhea Ballard-Thrower        Librarians’ Caucus
                                                     Cossette Sun                 Judith Gaskell                Larry Wenger              Suzanne Thorpe
James E. Duggan         CALL
                                                     Patricia Turpening           Paul Michael George           Laura Whitbeck            Jeanne Ullian
Mark Estes              CoALL
                                                     Gail Warren Weymouth         Kathleen Gerwatowski          Gregory Williams          Jeannine Uppgard
Susan Fox               LHRB-SIS
                                                     Mary Whisner                 Barbara Golden                Linda Wood                Genene Uyesato
Laura Gasaway           LISP-SIS
                                                     Suzanne Young                Carol Grant                   Amy Yawn                  Carol Wade
Karl Gruben             Paul Hastings Janofsky
                                                     Virgina Young                Balfour Halevy                Marcia Zubrow             Daniel Wade
Sarah Holterhoff            & Walker LLP
                                                     ALLUNY                       John Harbison                 SFALL                     Jane Walsh
Janis Johnston          RALLA
                                                     Axelroth Assoc.              Carolyn Hayes                                           Sally Wambold
Iris Lee                SR-SIS                                                                                  FRIEND
                                                     LLAM                         James Heller                                            Patricia Wellinger
Harry Martin            VALL                                                                                    (up to $50)
                                                     LLOPS                        Jane Holland                                            Barbara West
Anne Matthewman                                      OBS-SIS                      Wei-Yau Huang
Judith Meadows          SPONSOR                                                                                 Luis Acosta
                        ($101—$250)                  SANDALL                      Nancy Johnson
Robert Oakley                                                                                                   Theodora Artz
                                                     SNELLA                       Julie Julian
Nina Platt                                                                                                      Mary Alice Baish
                        Anita Anderson               William S. Hein & Co.        Blair Kauffman
Maryruth Storer                                                                                                 Karen Beck
                        Edward Bander                                             Billie Jo Kaufman
Gretchen Van Dam                                                                                                Irene Berkey
                        Joan Barrow                                               Dwight King
Judith Wright                                                                                                   Margaret Boeringer
                        Carol Billings                                            Holly Kulikowski

                                                                                                     AALL Thanks its
The ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award honors section members for contributions
                                                                                                     Gold Sponsorship Donor
to the enhancement of academic law librarianship through publishing. Articles
published in any format in any publication other than Law Library Journal and
AALL Spectrum the year prior to the award qualify for consideration. Articles are                                             West has been a longtime
evaluated on: Relevance of topic to some aspect of academic law librarianship,                                                supporter and sponsor of
including but not limited to public services, technical services, legal research or
teaching; quality of writing; and effectiveness of communication technique.                          AALL and law librarians. West is committed
                                                                                                     to the importance of diversity in the legal
2004 Recipients
                                                                                                     profession. In 2001 West joined AALL in
Nancy Carol Carter                          Matthew Cordon
Director & Professor of Law,                Reference Librarian,                                     creating the AALL & West/George A. Strait
University of San Diego,                    Baylor Law Library, Waco, Texas                          Minority Scholarship Endowment. This
School of Law/Legal Res. Center,            Beyond Mere Competency:
San Diego, California                                                                                endowment underscores that commitment.
                                            Advanced Legal Research in a
The Special Case of Alaska: Native          Practice-Oriented Curriculum,
Law and Research,                           55 Baylor L. Rev. 1 (2003)
22 Leg. Ref. Servs. Q. 11 (2003)
                                                                                                           Boston to Mumbai: the World of Legal Information    4
                                         Special Interest Section Awards continued on page 5
    THE RENEE D. CHAPMAN MEMORIAL AWARD                                            CHAPTER REGISTRATION GRANTS
    Established by the Technical Services Special Interest Section (TS-SIS)        The 1990-94 Strategic Plan included a provision for underwriting
    in memory of Renee D. Chapman, former Head of Technical Services               one free full registration for the Annual Meeting for ten Chapters. It
    at the Charles B. Sears Law Library at the State University of New             was the intent of the Strategic Plan that the grant be presented to
    York at Buffalo and Chair of the TS-SIS in 1988-89, this award recog-          newer members of AALL who meet criteria the awarding Chapter
    nizes extended and sustained distinguished service to technical                may determine.
    services law librarianship and to AALL.
                                                                                   ALLA             Colleen C. Williams
    2004 Recipient                                                                 CALL             Jim Wilson
                                                                                   LLAA             Jennifer Lunt
    Patricia K. Turpening                                                          LLAW             Laura LaRose
    Head of Preservation and Archives, University of Cincinnati                    MALL             Judith Flader
    College of Law, Robert S. Marx Law Library                                     NOALL            Elizabeth Cavendish
    Cincinnati, Ohio                                                               ORALL            Gayle Dixon
                                                                                   SANDALL          Patricia Brown
                                                                                   SFALL            Ned Swanner, Jr.
        rants                                                                      VALL             Caroline L. Osborne

    The AALL Grants Program enables law librarians to                              MEMORIAL FUND
    participate in the professional educational opportuni-                         Established to honor and remember deceased AALL members, law
    ties that are provided at the Annual Meeting. Grants                           librarians, and others. Contributions are held in a restricted fund that
                                                                                   can be used for activities approved by the AALL Board. The fund
    are funded by contributions from firms and individuals.                        was established in 1994 from contributions made in memory of
                                                                                   Antonette “Babe” Russo, who served as Administrative Secretary of
    2003-2004 Grants Committee                                                     AALL from 1969-1989.
    Iris M. Lee, Chair               Alvin M. Podboy, Jr., Board                   Contributions in Memory of:
    James C. Gernert                 Liaison                                       Individual Contributors          In Memory of
    Timothy Alan Lewis               Patricia A. Satzer                            James E. Duggan                  Julius Marke
    Julie Lim                        Camilla L. Walker
                                                                                   Jack Ellenberger                 Babe Russo
    Kristina L. Niedringhaus

    2004 Grant Recipients
                                                                                   GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS FUND
    Julia Boxler                     Virginia A. McVarish
    Ann T. Davey                     Jill Milhorat                                 Established in order to advance the Mission of the Association and
    Nicole Evans                     Paul Moorman                                  support the work of the Government Affairs Committee and the
    Heidi L. Frostestad              Amy Rachuba                                   Washington Affairs Representative. Funds may be used to support
    Stev Haas                        Courtney L. Selby                             testimony, prepare public policy statements, cover legal expenses,
    Kathleen Hall                    Michael VanderHeijden                         prepare legal briefs, and support coalitions or other efforts of
    Barbara L. Lah                                                                 library and law-related associations.

    Corporate Contributors to the Grants Fund                                      Individual Contributors to the Government Affairs Fund
                                                                                   Melissa Bar
                                                                                   Kay Collins
                                                                                   James E. Duggan
    Individual Contributors to the Grants Fund
                                                                                   RESEARCH FUND:
    James E. Duggan                                                                AN ENDOWMENT ESTABLISHED BY LEXISNEXIS™
    Diane Murley
                                                                                   Established in July 2000 with a $100,000 contribution from
                                                                                   LexisNexis™, the fund provides a secure financial base, enabling
                                                                                   the AALL Research Committee to carry out the Association’s
    The Ellen Schaffer Foreign Librarian’s Grant provides financial assis-         Research Agenda.
    tance to ensure the presence and participation of foreign librarians
    at the AALL Annual Meeting. The Schaffer Grant covers AALL                     2004 Recipient
    Annual Meeting registration costs and a percentage of AALL Annual              Samuel E. Trosow
    Meeting travel and per diem expenses. Funded by FCIL-SIS in 2004.              Assistant Professor
                                                                                   University of Western Ontario
    2004 Recipient
                                                                                   London, Ontario, Canada
    Milagros Santos-Ong
    Director of Library Services                                                   Individual Contributors to the Research Endowment Fund
    Supreme Court of the Philippines                                               Diane Murley
    Manila, Philippines

5       American Association of Law Libraries 97th Annual Meeting and Conference
AALL/ASPEN LAW & BUSINESS                                               LexisNexis™
RESEARCH GRANT FUND                                                     AALL Grants Fund
The grant provides funding for research projects that create,           AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Awards Program
disseminate, or use legal and law-related information. Projects         ALL-SIS Middle Managers Breakfast & Program
may range from the historical (indexes, legislative histories, bibli-   Chapter Presidents/VP’s & SIS Chairs/Chairs-Elect Luncheon
ographies, biographies, directories) to the theoretical (trends in      Diversity Symposium & Reception
cataloging, publishing or new service models in libraries) to the       LexisNexis™/John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
practical (implementation models for collection, personnel or           Opening Event
infrastructure management).                                             Research Grants
The AALL/Aspen Law & Business Grant was made possible with a            SR-SIS Standing Committee on Gay & Lesbian Issues Reception
generous contribution from Aspen Law & Business, a New York-            LexisNexis™ Academic & Library Solutions
based legal publisher, in 1996.                                         GD-SIS Welcome to Government Documents SIS Breakfast
2004 Recipients                                                         James F. Connolly LexisNexis™ Academic
                                                                           & Library Solutions Scholarship
Kelly Browne
University of Connecticut Law Library                                   Questel-Orbit
                                                                        PLL-SIS Intellectual Property Librarians Caucus Breakfast Meeting
“The Emotional Intelligence of Law Librarians”
Kelly Kunsch
                                                                        Thomson Legal & Regulatory
Seattle University Law Library                                          FCIL-SIS Reception for Attendees from Abroad

Research at the Washington State Archives                               West
                                                                        AALL/West Excellence in Marketing Award
                                                                        AALL & West/George A. Strait Minority Scholarship

         nnual Meeting Events                                           ALL-SIS Breakfast and Business Meeting
                                                                        Annual Meeting Registration Grants

           Other Contributions                                          Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL)
                                                                        Council of Newsletter Editors (CONE) Journalism Training
BNA Incorporated                                                        Daily Room Drops and Newspaper Inserts
ALL-SIS CONALL/Mentoring Program                                        Pacific Chapters Joint Reception:
                                                                            LLOPS/NOCALL/SANDALL/SCALL & WestPac
ALL-SIS Reception and Awards
                                                                        PLL-SIS Leadership Appreciation Reception
Annual Meeting Registration Bags
                                                                        Recognition Luncheon
PLL-SIS Luncheon
                                                                        SCCLL-SIS Reception
Plenary Speaker (and related costs)
                                                                        SCCLL-SIS/West Customer Service Update Luncheon
Shuttle Buses Between Convention Center and Harvard
                                                                        SR-SIS Standing Committee on Gay & Lesbian Issues Reception
                                                                        William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
Law Library Journal & AALL Spectrum Authors Reception
                                                                        SCCLL-SIS Annual Meeting Travel Grants
LLJ Article of the Year Award &
    AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award
Printing of AALL Directory & Handbook
SR-SIS Standing Committee on
    Lesbian & Gay Issues Reception                                      AALL Thanks its Gold Sponsorship Donor
Dialog                                                                                           LexisNexis™ has been a generous
AALUNY/LLAGNY/NJLLA Joint Reception                                                              supporter and partner of AALL and law
                                                                                                 librarians for many years. In addition to
Gale Group
Indexing of Periodical Literature                                                                sponsoring the Opening Event for several
    Advisory Committee                                                                           years, education and development has
                                                                        been a primary focus of this partnership. This has been demon-
Global Securities Information, Inc.
                                                                        strated through the establishment of the first AALL endowed
PLL-SIS Business Meeting and Breakfast
                                                                        scholarship fund, the John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship,
Innovative Interfaces, Inc.                                             funding for grants awards, the creation of the research endow-
TS/OBS/RIPS/CS-SIS Joint Reception                                      ment, funding of resource guides for both private law librarians
Jones McClure Publishing, Inc.                                          and for state, court and county law librarians, and providing
DALL/HALL/SWALL Joint Reception                                         national professional education programs in conjunction with the
                                                                        AALL meeting and through additional forums. It is through these
                                                                        efforts that LexisNexis™ expresses its commitment to the advance-
                                                                        ment and future development of the profession of law librarianship.

                                                                                           Boston to Mumbai: the World of Legal Information   6

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