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					Shanti Yoga                      NEWSLETTER                                              DECEMBER 2011

                                                                    In This Issue
                                                                    Featured Article

                                                                    Yoga Journal
                                                                    “How to express Gratitude
                                                                    through yoga”

                                                                     There’s nothing like a great yoga class
                                                                    to help you remember and appreciate
                                                                    the many blessings in your life. I often
DEAR FRIENDS,                                                       find myself on the commute home
                                                                    from a particularly amazing class
This week I am booking clients for Season.                          thinking something along the lines of:
                                                                    “I really love breathing!” I realize that
                                                                    this probably seems ridiculous to
I wanted to encourage you to try Yoga during the holiday            someone who hasn’t experienced this
season as it is such a stressful time of year for most and          feeling, but I am incredibly grateful for
also brings with it some additional pounds                         those moments that I really appreciate
                                                                    those simple things that I usually take
My private sessions are 50$ per 1 hour and when you buy             for granted.
a package your first session is free!
                                                                    Of course, this time of year gratitude is
                                                                    on everyone’s mind. We think about
Private sessions are done in your home,in a space you               how lucky we are to have our families,
choose. I also now have access to a beautiful private space         friends, homes, food to eat, and all the
located on Wellington trace. I supply all mats and props.           other things that make our lives richer.
You bring water, a willing attitude and dress in                    Expressing that gratitude is healing–
                                                                    and a yoga mat is the perfect place to
comfortable loose clothing.                                         reflect on and express those feelings.

Sessions can include custom fitness programs,specialty              Here are 5 ways to express gratitude
sessions(ie.insomnia relief,meditation courses),weight              through yoga.
management and nutrition counseling.
                                                                    1. Let your intention be to appreciate
Group sessions are available, Hosts sessions are free.              every moment. Savor the breath in
                                                                    your lungs, the air on your skin, and
Minimum of 6 per group at 10$ per head.
                                                                    the stretching sensation in your
Give the gift of health this season. Gift Certificates Available!
                                                                    2. Make your movements an offering. I
May your Holidays be filled with Joy!                               remember how thankful I am whenever
                                                                    my hands are Mudra pressed together
                                                                    at my heart in Anjali and when I come
                                                                    to standing at the end of a Sun Salute.
 Ms Erica Curcio
                                                                    3. Count your blessings instead of your
                                                                    breaths. It’s nearly impossible to do
Shanti Yoga                                                         this for an entire practice session, but I
                                                                    love to spend one long held pose
                                                                    (Pigeon is a good one) thinking of one
                                                                    thing I’m grateful for with each breath.
Visit Shanti Yoga                                                   4. Focus on the positive. It’s easy to
 Join Our Mailing List                                              get frazzled by what you perceive as
                                                                    shortcomings on the mat–maybe
                                                                    you’re not as flexible as you used to be
                                                                    or an injury is inhibiting movement.
                                                                    Make a commitment to use your yoga
                                                                    practice to observe all the amazing
                                                                    things you CAN do instead and
                                                                    gratitude will spill over into other areas
                                                                    of your life as well.

                                                                    5. Never skip Relaxation. Nothing
                                                                    makes me thankful like a nice, long
                                                                    Corpse Pose after an intense yoga
                                                                    class. All the gratitude meditations in
                                                                    the world can’t match the experience
                                                                    that comes when tired muscles finally
                                                                    get to melt into the floor. That’s
                                                                    gratitude at its best.


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