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									                                                                                  Duty Statement
Position Details

Position Title:                      Statistical Analyst for Melanoma Research

Department/School/Faculty:           Melanoma Research & Biostatistics/Central Clinical School

Position Classification:             HEO 7

Primary Function:                   To provide high level data extraction and analysis of information contained
within the Melanoma Research Database, in order to support research projects conducted by investigators
and collaborators within the University and the Melanoma Institute Australia.

Position Scope

*Reports to:                         Head, Melanoma Research and Biostatistics

*Supervises:                         Casual staff when required      Level: 5

Where applicable

          Estimated number of staff in this unit:                    30

          Estimated number of students serviced by this unit:        10

          Estimated turnover / research budget for this unit:        $2 Million

          Estimated financial budget this role is responsible for:   $0

          Primary Internal Contacts / Stakeholders:                  Professor of Melanoma & Surgical
                                                                     Oncology & Director, MIA
                                                                     A/Professor Melanoma & Skin Oncology &
                                                                     Deputy Director, MIA
                                                                     Head, MIA Research Committee;
                                                                     Other members of Melanoma Research
                                                                     and Biostatistics Group
                                                                     University Researchers / Collaborators
                                                                     Consultant Surgeons, MIA
                                                                     General Manager, MIA

          Primary External Contacts / Stakeholders:                  Employees of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
                                                                     External Suppliers
                                                                     International Collaborators
                                                                     National Collaborators

                           Equal employment opportunity is University policy
 Remuneration Strategy HEO1 – 9 Duty Statement 2008_11_11
Selection Criteria

The selection criteria must be consistent with the duties of the job listed overleaf. These criteria are to be used for the
advertisement, for short listing, in the interview process and for short-term appointments on nomination.

Essential (important factors which are required to do the job)
        Demonstrated medical knowledge, particularly in the area of melanoma
        Familiarity with computerised office techniques including e-mail, internet and standard packages such as Word,
         Excel, PowerPoint and Endnote
        Demonstrated expertise in analysis using SPSS
        Demonstrated expertise in SQL programming
        Strong analytical and research skills
        Working knowledge of databases and data retrieval techniques
        Communicating effectively with a wide range of personnel from the University, Health Services, Government and
         Private organisations
        Proven experience in Access database development and management
        Excellent planning and organisational skills
        Ability to work to deadlines in a busy office environment; ability to work independently and as part of a team
        Willingness to travel between sites and be flexible with working hours

        Experience working in a clinical research environment
        Experience in drafting data management documentation
        Finding analytical solutions to complex research questions
        Knowledge of NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct and other relevant regulatory guidelines
        Experience in preparation of information for scientific/medical publication & presentation

Training/qualifications (or equivalent experience):
        Qualifications in statistics or relevant discipline, and/or
        Qualifications in medicine and/or science, one of which must be at degree level
        Experience in working in relevant clinical field or equivalent experience

Desirable (additional factors which are useful to do the job)
        Awareness of the use of advanced statistical techniques, including multivariate analyses
        Knowledge and experience in a range of statistical software
        Participation in preparation of journal articles for peer review publication

        Experience in preparing conference abstracts, posters and presentations

Training/qualifications (or equivalent experience):
        Postgraduate qualifications in biostatistics, or equivalent clinical research area

        Commitment to the development of the Melanoma Research and Biostatistics Group
        Willingness to embrace professional development opportunities and further training in statistics

                            Equal employment opportunity is University policy
    Remuneration Strategy HEO1 – 9 Duty Statement 2008_11_11
Work Performed

The duties and responsibilities of this position are numbered in order of importance. They include the major
accountabilities of the position and the frequency that each task is generally performed. (eg on a daily,
weekly, monthly or yearly basis, or as required)

 1.        Development of data analysis plans and the preparation of datasets for statistical analysis

           Frequency:            Daily

 2.        Develop data quality assurance procedures for the Melanoma Research database and other melanoma
           related projects

           Frequency:            Daily

 3.        Provide analytical and statistical support for melanoma research projects within the University, Melanoma
           Institute Australia and for other collaborators

           Frequency:            Daily

 4.        Initiate, develop new and review existing data quality assurance procedures for the Melanoma Research and
           Biostatistics Group

           Frequency:            As required

 5.        Communicate effectively with clinicians, database and other research personnel about data analysis and
           related melanoma research projects

           Frequency:            As required

 6.        Finding Analytical solutions to complex clinical research questions in the melanoma field

           Frequency:            As required

The Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action responsibilities specific to this position are as
    Knowledge of EEO principles


I confirm that this Duty Statement reflects the inherent requirements and true priorities of
this position. Only relevant skills and experience have been specified as essential or

Head of Department/Unit:

Name: __________________________________                                        Signature: _____________________

Date: __________________________________

                        Equal employment opportunity is University policy
 Remuneration Strategy HEO1 – 9 Duty Statement 2008_11_11

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