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Register of the Saskatchewan College Of Psychologists

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									Register of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists
Name                            Degree   Type1   APE2
Ackbar              U. Salma    Ph.D.    PP      No
Acton               Bryan       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Adams               Bruce       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Adams               Shelley     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Adelman             Stacey      M.Ed.    PP      No
Aghamohseni         Fahimeh     M.Ed.    FP      No
Ahmad               Nahid       M.Sc     FP      Yes
Aitken              Kathryn     M.A.     FP      Yes
Alfano              Dennis      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Alphonso            Carole      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Ambrose             Jeannette   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Amos                Judith      M.A.     NP      No
Anstey              Bernell     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Anwar               Selim       M.A.     FP      No
Arbuthnott          Dennis      M.A.     FP      Yes
Arbuthnott          Katherine   Ph.D.    NP      No
Arnold              James       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Arnot               Linda       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Asmundson           Gordon      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Babich              Randal      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Barbopoulos         Anastasia   Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Barker              Bryan       M.A.     FP      Yes
Barker              Conor       M.Ed.    PP      No
Barnabas            Ida         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Baydala             Angelina    Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Beatch              Romeo       M.C.     FP      Yes
Beattie             Jennifer    M.Sc.    FP      No
Bell                Garry       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Bell                Ruthanne    Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Bellows             Kristin     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Bellrose            Sheila      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Belton              Ellen       Ph.D.    FP      No
Berard              Nathalie    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Berg                Donald      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Bergen              Walter      M.A.     FP      Yes
Berg-Kolody         Lisa        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Bidwell             Noelle      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Blakely             Douglas     M.Ed.    NP      No
Block               Gerald      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Bodnarchuk          Diane       M.Ed.    FP      No
Boechler            Stephen     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Bonli               Rupal       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Booth               Mary Lee    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Bourgault-Fagnou    Michelle    Ph.D.    PP      No
Braden              Jennifer    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Bradley             Marie       M.Ed.    PP      No
Braithwaite         Stacey      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Brass               Elisabeth   Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Brazier             Bette       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Brenneman           Heather     Ph.D.    FP      Yes

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Name                               Degree   Type1   APE2
Bridge              Gary           M.A.     FP      Yes
Bright              Wendy          M.A.     FP      No
Brochu              Bernard        M.Ed.    FP      No
Brock               Susan          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Brown               John           Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Brown               Robert         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Brummelhuis         Cynthia        M.Ed.    FP      No
Bulitz              Deborah        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Burdan              Evan           M.A.     FP      Yes
Campbell            Alison         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Campbell            Mary           M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Camponi             Rosa           M.A.     FP      Yes
Carleton            R. Nicholas    Ph.D.    PP      No
Carlson             Lorri          M.A.     FP      Yes
Carr                John           M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Carson-Tempier      Ann            M.Psy.   FP      No
Carverhill          Philip         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Cavanaugh           Patricia       M.A.     FP      No
Chalmers            Jennifer       Psy.D.   FP      Yes
Chartier            Brian          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Chelsom             Laurel         M.Ed.    NP      No
Cherland            Henrik         M.Ed.    NP      No
Childs              Heather        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Clancy              Paul           M.Ed.    NP      No
Clark               Gail           M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Clarke              Pamela         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Claypool            Timothy        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Coates              Dennis         M.Ed.    FP      No
Cochran             Kathryn        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Cochrane            Krista         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Cooper              Christopher    M.Sc.    PP      No
Corbett             Lynn           Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Corbin Dwyer        Sonya          Ph.D.    NP      No
Cornish             Peter          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Coulter             Mary Ann       M.A.     FP      Yes
Crassweller         Patricia       M.A.     FP      Yes
Crawford            L. Michele     M.Ed.    FP      No
Crittenden          Lorri          M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Crossley            Margaret       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Crowdis Johnson     Mary           M.Ed.    FP      No
Cummings            Jorden         Ph.D.    PP      No
Cunningham          Joanne         M.Ed.    FP      No
Curry               Judy           M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Dahlem              Anne           M.Ed.    NP      No
Daniels             Therese        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Darbellay           Donna          Psy.D.   FP      Yes
Davidson-Hove       M. Elizabeth   M.Ed.    PP      No
Davies              Daniel         M.A.     FP      No
Davis               Darrell        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Delorme             Deborah        M.Ed.    NP      No
Derksen             Syras          M.A.     FP      Yes
Derow               Melissa        M.Sc     FP      Yes
Desautels           Carleen        M.Ed.    FP      No
Di Giulio           Danielle       M.A.     FP      Yes
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Name                             Degree   Type1   APE2
Dorey                Lee         M.Ed.    FP      No
Driediger            Theresa     M.A.     FP      Yes
Dueck                Kenneth     M.Ed.    NP      No
Dumelie              Theresa     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Dumitrescu           Cristina    M.Ed.    PP      No
Dumont               Daniel      M.A.     FP      Yes
Dupuis               Claudette   M.Ed.    FP      No
Dusterbeck-Colhoun   Tammy       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Dzuba                Ethelwyn    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Dzurich              Lydia       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Eamon                Karen       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Eaton                Carole      M.A.     FP      No
Ekong                Janey       Ph.D.    PP      No
Elias                John        Ph.D.    FP      No
Elliott              Heather     M.A.     FP      Yes
Eriksen              Rikke       M.Sc.    PP      No
Erker                Linda       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Evans                Darcia      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Farden               Deborah     M.Ed.    FP      No
Farkas               Michelle    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Farthing             Frederick   M.Ed.    FP      No
Farthing             Gerald      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Fedak                Stephanie   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Fehr                 Teresa      M.Ed.    FP      No
Ferguson             Tammy       M.Sc.    FP      Yes
Fieldgate            Catherine   M.A.     FP      Yes
Fiissel              Bree        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Finlayson            Dorothy     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Finlayson            Robin       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Flahr                Bonnie      M.Ed.    FP      No
Fletcher             Mary Lou    M.Ed.    FP      No
Flood                Mona        M.A.     FP      Yes
Focht                Cindy       M.Ed.    PP      No
Forrester            Brent       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Fotheringham         Janine      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Franklin             Amber       M.A.     PP      No
Frederick            Joanne      M.A.     FP      Yes
Frey                 Carol       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Friesen              Sarah       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Friesen-Ford         Cindy       M.Ed.    NP      No
Fuchs-Lacelle        Shannon     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Garcea               Laurie      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Gardiner             Sandra      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Garratt              Tara        M.A.     FP      Yes
Gaudet               Gail        M.Ed.    PP      No
Geissler             Timothy     M.Ed.    FP      No
Gerrard              Nikki       Ph.D.    FP      No
Gerwing              Constance   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Gess-Nygren          Debra       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Giles-Sander         Mary Lynn   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Girard               Sonia       M.Ed.    PP      No
Golem                George      M.A.     NP      No
Goodfield            Cindi       M.A.     FP      Yes
Gordon               Audrey      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
February 24, 2012                                        Page 3 of 10
Name                              Degree   Type1   APE2
Gordon              Bruce         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Gorrie              David         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Gosselin            Marilyn       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Gough               Rhonda        M.Ed.    FP      No
Graham              Maureen       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Graham Banman       David         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Grayston            H. Norman     M.Ed.    PP      No
Greenough           Sally         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Greenough           Timothy       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Greenwood           Anthony       M.A.     NP      No
Gryba               Paige         M.Ed.    FP      No
Hadjistavropoulos   Heather       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hadjistavropoulos   Thomas        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Halbert             Gary          M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Hallman             David         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hampton             Mary          Ed.D.    FP      Yes
Handley             W. Bruce      Ph.D.    NP      No
Hansen              Lis           M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Harbin              Carol         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Harding             Val           Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hardy               Kenneth       M.Ed.    FP      No
Harkness            Lorrie Anne   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Harnaha             Beverley      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Harper              Marlene       M.A.     FP      Yes
Hart-Mitchell       Regan         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hautcoeur           Edith         M.Ed.    PP      No
Haverstock          Lynda         Ph.D.    NP      No
Hay                 Deborah       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hayhow              Sandra        M.A.     FP      No
Heidt               Robbie        M.Ed.    PP      No
Helmer              D'Arcy        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Helmsing            Joan          M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Hengen              Shelley       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Hengen              Thomas        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Herman              Vicki         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Heskha              Jeffrey       M.Sc.    FP      Yes
Hicks               Carrie        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hildebrandt         Carla         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Hill                Rosalynde     M.Sc.    FP      Yes
Hillis              Sarah         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hjertaas            Judith        M.A.     FP      No
Hladiuk             Deanne        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Hoiseth             Derek         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Holden              Roger         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Holtslander         Franci        M.A.     FP      Yes
Hopfner             Yumi          Ph.D.    FP      No
Hounjet             Jacqueline    M.Ed.    FP      No
Hugie               Dean          M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Hunter              Della         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Hurst               Susan         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Huyghebaert         Holly         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Ip                  Sau Mei       Ph.D.    NP      No
Ivanochko           Elizabeth     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Iversen             Sharleen      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
February 24, 2012                                         Page 4 of 10
Name                           Degree   Type1   APE2
Jackson             David      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Jacobson            Stephen    M.A.     FP      Yes
James               Shamus     M.Ed.    FP      No
Janzen Claude       J. Amy     Ph.D.    PP      No
Jardine             Brenda     M.Ed.    FP      No
Javed               Nayyar     M.Ed.    FP      No
Jenner              Jerry      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Jonsson             Brian      M.A.     FP      Yes
Jordan              Jason      M.Ed.    NP      No
Jurgens             Douglas    Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Kadachuk            Edith      M.Ed.    PP      No
Kambeitz            Jolee      M.Ed.    PP      No
Keele               Ross       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Keller              Jenny      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Kemp-Koo            Debra      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Kempton-Doane       Gina       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Kesler              Anthony    M.Ed.    NP      No
Kinzel              Audrey     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Kirk                Robert     M.A.     FP      Yes
Kitz                Karen      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Klein               Leslie     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Kleisinger          Carmel     M.A.     FP      Yes
Kluger              Joseph     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Knight              Diane      M.Ed.    FP      No
Knorr               Lyndsay    M.Ed.    PP      No
Koopman             Peggy      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Korczak             Pamela     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Kowalyk             Kristine   Ph.D..   FP      Yes
Krahn               Ellen      Ph.D.    NP      No
Krammer             Randall    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Kruger              Holly      M.Ed.    PP      No
Kuntz               Gary       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
LEAVE: Labuik       Tara       M.Ed.    PP      No
Laird               Wanetta    M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Lake                Deborah    Ph.D.    FP      Yes
LaForce             Jennifer   Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Lalonde             Gisele     M.Ed.    PP      No
Lalonde             Florence   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Lane                Beverley   M.Ed.    PP      No
LaPlante            Jileon     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
LaPointe            Karen      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Larrea              Fernando   M.Sc.    FP      Yes
Larson              Larry      M.Ed.    FP      No
Lebell              Richard    Ph.D.    FP      No
Leckett             Walter     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Lee                 Rori       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Legault             Ellen      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Leis                Timothy    Ph.D.    FP      No
Leitner             Joanne     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Lejbak              Lisa       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Lenton-Young        Marta      M.A.     FP      Yes
Levitt              Terry      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Lingenfelter        Sacha      M.C.     PP      No
Litke               Karen      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
February 24, 2012                                      Page 5 of 10
Name                              Degree   Type1   APE2
Little              R. James      M.A.     FP      Yes
Loutzenhiser        Lynn          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Lyons               Wanda         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Lyons-Belt          Tanya         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
MacAusland-Berg     Ian           M.A.     FP      Yes
MacDonald           Debra         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Macdonald           Marilyn       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
MacGregor           Michael       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
MacKinnon           David         Ed.D.    FP      Yes
MacKinnon           Kimberly      M.Ed.    PP      No
MacLean             Marilyn       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Magel               Beverly       M.Ed.    FP      No
Mango               Billy         M.A.     FP      Yes
Mark                Sharon        M.Ed.    NP      No
Markwart            Lori          M.A.     FP      Yes
Martin              Ronald        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Martin              Stephanie     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
May-Melin           Gail          M.Ed.    FP      No
McCarron            Mary          M.A.     NP      No
McCaw               Matthew       M.Ed.    PP      No
McCrea              Simon         Ph.D.    PP      No
McCulloch           Louise        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
McDonald            Brian         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
McFadyen            Cindy         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
McGrath             Elizabeth     M.A.     FP      Yes
McGuire             Lawrence      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
McHarg              Katharine     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
McIntyre            Robert        M.S.     FP      Yes
McLeod              Rita          Ph.D.    NP      No
McMahon             P. John       M.Sc.    FP      Yes
McMullen            Linda         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
McMurtry            Bruce         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Mercado             Annalyn       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Messer-Engel        Karen         M.A.     FP      Yes
Meyer               Linda         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Meyer               Lori(lee)     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Michalko            Kelly         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Miller              Harold        Ed.D.    FP      Yes
Million             M. Louise     Ph.D.    FP      No
Mirwald             Samantha      M.Ed.    FP      No
Moen                V. Rosemary   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Morgan              Samuel        Psy.D.   FP      Yes
Morhart             Christa       M.Ed.    FP      No
Morrissey           Valerie       M.Ed.    FP      No
Mundt               Cynthia       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Murray              Dorothy       M.Ed.    PP      No
Murray              Maureen       M.A.     FP      Yes
Mustafaeva          Shahlo        M.A.     PP      No
Myszczyszyn         Debbie        M.A.     FP      Yes
Nadon               Susan         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Nanson              Jo            Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Naphin              Carroll       M.Ed.    NP      No
Negere-Wong         Rachel        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Nesbitt             Jessie        M.Ed.    PP      No
February 24, 2012                                         Page 6 of 10
Name                               Degree         Type1   APE2
Nesbitt             Kendra         M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Neudorf             Johann         M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Neufeld             Sharon         M.Ed.          FP      No
Neveling            Surina         Ph.D.          FP      No
Newton              Brendan        M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Nicholaichuk        Terry          Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Nickel              Timothy        M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Nicholson           Laura          Psychol.Sci.   FP      Yes
Nicol               Jennifer       Ph.D.          FP      No
Nixon               Nancy          M.S.E.         FP      Yes
Nostbakken          Merle          M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Novak-Galgan        Harriett       Ph.D.          FP      Yes
O'Brodovich         M. Kate        M.Ed.          FP      Yes
O’Connell           Megan          Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Olson               Pamela         M.A.           FP      Yes
Olson               Trevor         Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Olver               Mark           Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Osberg              Jennifer       M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Osmond              E.G. Cordell   M.Ed.          PP      No
Ostertag            Patricia       Ph.D.          NP      No
Owens               Katherine      Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Paisley             Kim            M.A.           FP      Yes
Palmer              Devon          M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Palmier             Melanie        M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Pancyr              Glenn          Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Pandey              Nutan          Ph.D.          PP      No
Paniak              Chris          Ph.D.          NP      No
Panko               Joey           M.Ed.          FP      No
Pappas              James          Ph.D.          PP      No
Parker-Loewen       Deborah        Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Parmarshwar         Patricia       M.A.           FP      Yes
Paulson             Shirley        M.Ed.          NP      No
Pawlovich           Walter         Ph.D.          FP      No
Pawlovich Carey     Jill           M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Peebles             Jason          Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Pellerin            Cynthia        M.Ed.          FP      No
Pelletier           Colette        M.Ed.          FP      No
ON LEAVE: Peng      Bonny          M.Ed.          PP      No
Perry               Garry          M.A.           FP      Yes
Peterson            R. Lynn        M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Petroski            Gregory        M.A.           FP      Yes
Petroski            Marilyn        M.A.           FP      Yes
Phillips            Dawn           Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Phillips            Laurel         M.A.           FP      Yes
Phillips            Maggie         M.Sc.          PP      No
Pitariu             Gabriela       Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Pitre               Raymond        M.Ed.          NP      No
Podjan              Patricia       M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Poitras             Lori           M.Ed.          PP      No
Polvi               Natalie        Ph.D.          FP      Yes
Pond                Carole         Ph.D.          NP      No
Pope                Judith         M.Ed.          FP      Yes
Powell              S. Keith       MSc            FP      Yes
Presniak            Michelle       Ph.D.          FP      Yes
February 24, 2012                                                Page 7 of 10
Name                             Degree   Type1   APE2
Presse              Lucinda      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Pringle-Nelson      Coralee      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Pyle                Nathan       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Quaale              Rebecca      M.Ed.    PP      No
Quine               Allisson     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Quinlan             Colleen      M.A.     FP      Yes
Raab                Verna        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Rabyj               Kristina     M.Ed.    PP      No
Ralston             Margaret     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Randall             David        Ph.D.    NP      No
Rector              Brian        Ph.D.    FP      No
Rector              Patricia     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Reekie              Dustin       M.Ed.    PP      No
Reid                Dorothy      M.A.     FP      No
Reid                Gregory      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Rhinas-Helberg      Jacqueline   M.Ed.    PP      No
Richardson          Marnie       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Robertson           Gayleen      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Robertson           Lloyd        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Robin               Susan        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Robinson            Thomas       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Ross                Graham       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Ross                Mary         M.Ed.    FP      No
Rossmo              Rodney       M.Ed.    FP      No
Rowlett             Iris         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Rozon               Danielle     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Ruznisky            Sonja        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Sachdeva            Neeti        Ph.D.    FP      No
Safnuk              Tania        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Salerno             Fabio        M.A.     FP      Yes
Sanderson           Barbara      M.Ed.    FP      No
Saul                Wanda        M.C.     FP      Yes
Savage              June         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Savoie              Dallas       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Sax                 David        M.A.     FP      No
Scheffler           Gary         M.Ed.    FP      No
Schlapkohl          Wayne        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Schmidt             Renee        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Schmidtke           Dieter       M.A.     FP      Yes
Schnell             Doris        M.A.     FP      Yes
Schoenroth          Natashia     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Schwartz            Colin        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Scissons            Edward       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Scissons            Mary         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Seamans             Elizabeth    Ph.D.    PP      No
Sekhar              Aparna       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Seymour             Berkley      M.S.E.   FP      Yes
Shaw                Michelle     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Shaw                Stephen      Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Sheckter            Marc         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Shepel              Lawrence     Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Shercliffe          Regan        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Shimp               Lana         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Shymkiw             Joanne       M.A.     FP      Yes
February 24, 2012                                        Page 8 of 10
Name                              Degree   Type1   APE2
Sirup               Blair         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Smith               Krista        M.Ed.    PP      No
Smith               Mae           B.A.     NP      No
Smith               Robert        Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Smith Bringsli      Nicole        M.Sc.    FP      No
Spagrud             Lara          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Spice               Kerry         M.Ed.    PP      No
St. Amand-Doepker   Beatrice      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Stadnyk             Bobbi         M.A.     PP      No
Stambrook           Michael       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Steeves             Donna         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Steginus            Evelyn        M.A.     FP      Yes
Stephenson          Robert        M.A.     FP      Yes
Stern               Angela        M.Ed.    FP      No
Stevens             Gregory       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Stewart             Elisabeth     M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Stewart             Francis       M.A.     FP      Yes
Stockdale           Keira         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Stockdale Winder    Fern          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Stonehouse          Christopher   M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Storey              Katherine     M.A.     FP      Yes
Sullivan            Kathleen      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Suurkivi            Marilee       M.Ed.    FP      No
Sveinson            Brian         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Switzer             Heather       Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Sydiaha             Daniel        Ph.D.    NP      No
Syroishka           Zane          M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Szmukier            Teresa        M.A.     FP      Yes
Szuch               Shantelle     M.Sc.    FP      Yes
Tamaki              Shelley       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Tarko               Christina     M.Ed.    FP      No
Taylor              Laura         M.A.     FP      No
Taypotat            Tammy         M.Ed.    PP      No
Thacker             Cheryl        M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Thames              Karen         Psy.D.   PP      No
Thauberger          Linda         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Tholl               Linda         M.A.     FP      No
Thorpe              Angela        M.Ed.    PP      No
Thorpe              Kathleen      M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Thurmeier           Daryl         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Tkachuk             Brian         M.A.     FP      Yes
Todd                Karen         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Tom                 John          M.Psy.   NP      No
Tomes               Heather       M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Torrens             Donna         Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Tosney              Elizabeth     M.Ed.    FP      No
Traquair            H. Morgan     M.A.     FP      No
Tunney              Kevin         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
Turner              Christopher   MSc      FP      Yes
Turner-Larsen       Wendy         M.A.     FP      Yes
Tuttle              Megan         M.A.     PP      No
Ulmer               Barbara       M.Ed.    PP      No
Vandergoot          Mary          Ph.D.    FP      Yes
Vilness             Laura         M.Ed.    FP      Yes
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 Name                                                   Degree              Type1                         APE2
 von Baeyer                    Carl                     Ph.D.               NP                            No
 Vrbancic                      Mirna                    Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Walker                        Maureen L.               M.Ed.               PP                            No
 Walker                        Patricia                 M.Ed.               FP                            No
 Walls                         Kathleen                 M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Walsh                         Trudi                    Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Ware                          Darlene                  M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Warrington                    Elaine                   M.Ed.               FP                            No
 Waskowic                      Tracey                   Ph.D.               PP                            No
 Wawryk-Epp                    Lynne                    M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Weber                         Shannon                  M.A.                FP                            Yes
 West                          Betty                    M.A.                NP                            No
 West-Johnson                  David                    Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 White                         Michael                  M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Whitney                       Debbie                   Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Widdifield-Konkin             Leslie                   M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Wiebe Macnab                  Joni                     M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Wilhelm                       Leonard                  Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Williams                      Catherine                M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Williams                      Janet                    M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Willick                       Myrna                    Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Wilson                        Laurene                  Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Wilson                        Michelle                 M.Ed.               FP                            No
 Wilson                        Robert                   M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Winsor                        Karen                    M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Witzel                        Wendy                    M.Ed.               FP                            No
 Wong                          Ruth                     Ed.D.               FP                            Yes
 Wood                          Lyla                     M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Wood                          Megan                    M.Ed.               PP                            No
 Wormith                       Stephen                  Ph.D.               FP                            No
 Wotherspoon                   Karen                    M.Ed.               PP                            No
 Wright                        Karen                    Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Wright                        Kristi                   Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Yaholnitsky-Smith             Sandra                   Psy.D.              NP                            No
 Yates                         Pamela                   Ph.D.               NP                            No
 Young                         Judith                   M.A.                NP                            No
 Young                         Leslie                   M.Ed.               FP                            Yes
 Yuen                          Wai                      Ph.D.               FP                            Yes
 Zaharia                       Marilee                  Ph.D.               FP                            Yes

1.   Non-practising (NP) member: someone not actively working as a psychologist; Full Practising (FP) member: able to practise without
     supervision or any other restrictions; Provisional Practice (PP) member: has been granted a provisional license to practise until they
     complete the remaining requirements of registration, which is most often additional supervised experience
2.   Yes: the psychologist has been approved by the College to make diagnoses; No: the psychologist does not have this approval

This list was last revised in February 2012. If you have additional questions about the register, please contact the SCP office directly.

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