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          •    Walking: Running shoes
          •    Hiking: Hiking boots
          •    Ankle support
          •    Reinforced toe
          •    Prepare

Level Two 419.02                        OHP # 1
             THINGS TO BE AWARE OF
                 WHEN HIKING
      •    Pace Yourself
      •    Drink Frequently
      •    Walking uphill
      •    Walking Downhill

Level Two 419.02                     OHP # 2
                   WALKING UPHILL
                            Shorten the length of
                            your stride when
                            going uphill,
                            keeping the same
                            rhythm. Leaning
                            forward, place
                            your feet flat on
                            the ground.

Level Two 419.02                                    OHP # 3
                   WALKING DOWNHILL
                             When walking
                             downhill, open your
                             stride and lean
                             back slightly. Do
                             not try to go fast.
                             Descending can
                             be hard on your
                             knees, especially
                             when carrying
                             a backpack.

Level Two 419.02                                   OHP # 4

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