Performance Tasks for Foundations I_ Math Tech I or Foundations II

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					          Performance Tasks for Foundations I, Math Tech I or Foundations II, Algebra I or Math Tech II
                  Number and                   Algebra                Geometry                   Measurement                      Data Analysis and
                  Operations                                                                                                         Probability
 School      Adopt A spot – calculate           Select the         Does larger surface      Investigate different ways of           Compare a frequency
             the area students would      appropriate formula     area of cones = larger   running a wire from the floor      distribution of accidents in shop
                be responsible for            and evaluate               volume?           at one corner of a room to the    or lab at school with a frequency
             maintaining as their “fair   variables associated   (Pythagorean theorem      ceiling at the opposite corner.        distribution of accidents
               share” of the school.         with a moving        used for slant height)    Find the shortest wire under          in______ (e.g, industry).
                                           abject coming to a                                specified conditions such as          Describe and quantify
                                              stop(braking                                  you can only run wire along        similarities and differences in
                                            distance, speed,                                the edge of the wall, you can    these distributions and interpret.
                                             reaction time).                               run wire across the face of the    Write a set of recommendations
                                                                                              walls, or you can run wire       for changes to improve safety.
                                                                                                   through the air.
  Home        Use the Nielsen Media          Compare and          Given a construction     Determine if any of the rooms     Investigate the probability of the
               Research surveys to           contrast heart      plan for an irregularly      in your house are “golden         occurrence of an event and
               determine number of        recovery rate after        shaped space,             rectangles”. Where are         compare the results for making
             people watching selected         exercise as a         determine most           “golden rectangles” found?        reasonable decisions (lottery,
              TV shows, a program’s         function of age.         efficient use of                    Why?                    cancer, PIN number, car
             share of the market, and     Display conclusions    materials to complete                                                accidents, ect.).
                    exposure of            drawn from this         the project (paint,
              advertisements. Use a        data in graphical      carpet, landscaping,
               graphical display for             form.                     ect.).
                   your findings.
Community      Using mathematical          Investigate how         Make a plan for the     Investigate advertising claims     Carry out a study of circulation
             functions and formulas,      mathematics is used         layout of a site     using mathematics to quantify     of library books over a period of
                   determine the           to accommodate          development to be             your conclusions.              time. Represent the relative
                  appreciation or            persons with           created on a large                                        number of borrowers for each
             depreciation of property      disabilities (e.g.,         tract of land                                         type of book and analyze change
              (houses, vehicles, ect.)         slope of a          according to given                                        over time. Represent number of
              (Interest rates, equity,    wheelchair ramp).       specifications such as                                        borrowers for most popular
                     principal)                                  parking, street widths,                                          book titles and look for a
                                                                            ect.                                              correlation with the number of
                                                                                                                               copies of each title the library
                                                                                                                               has. Discuss and display your

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