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									                             Open Court Observation

Teacher Name:                    Grade: 2nd # of students: 17 (High WTR class)
Observer: Donnette Van Pelt            Date: 10/13/10   Time: 9:26-9:41

    I enjoyed seeing your whole group in action reading Tomas and the Library Lady
       either in 1st or 3rd person. That was a challenging activity that’s very appropriate
       for this group of kids!
    Great job of keeping 17 students on task! You moved at a perky pace, which kept
       them very attentive and engaged. 
    Your lesson was focused on one of the 5 Big Ideas (Comprehension).
    Good job using positive comments (i.e. “Good job!” “Whole back row looks
       ready”, “I see a lot of people following along with their finger, so they’re ready
       for ‘popcorn,’”etc.)
    You elicited correct responses and provided immediate feedback. If students
       ‘flubbed up’, they were immediately corrected. Great!
    All students were provided opportunities to read/respond.
    The Promethean Board was used as a visual for students to keep in mind the
       characters, important events, and why they liked or didn’t like the story. Also
       displayed the spelling book page. 
    You reviewed with them what 1st and 3rd person means using the white board
       visual. Great!

    Do you use the Teacher/Student game? The kids were working well, but maybe
      you could reinforce their positive behavior by having a reward system of some
      kind. Maybe you already do and I’m just not aware of it. 

    Students had access to texts, papers, pencils, etc.
    Classroom library was displayed and easily accessible.
    Materials were aligned with the core reading program.
    “Popcorn”, in this class, means choosing someone to read. Is that correct? 

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                        Central City Elementary School

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