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BACKGROUND                             to    continue    to    support
                                       enhancement of core skills and
Queensland                Community
                                       resources of charitable and
Foundation         (QCF)        was
                                       non-profit organisations.
established in 1997 to provide
a    secure     accountable     and    OBJECTIVE
sustainable          philanthropic     What is Organisational
trust       to     benefit      the    Capacity Building?
Queensland community.
                                       Capacity Building improves the
QCF is supported by the Public         ability of an organisation to
Trustee in partnership with            develop       its        business
QIC      and    Anglo      American    structures,    systems,    people
Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd.            and skills in order to improve
The    contribution     of    these    service delivery.
sponsors ensures no donated            Why is capacity building
funds are applied to day-to-           important?
day administration. A Board of
Governors,              comprising     Capacity   building    is   about
business,        academic       and    looking at your organisation's
community      leaders     provides    current position and assessing
advice and recommendations to          strengths and weakness. Your
meet       QCFs      philanthropic     organisation       should      be
objectives.                            constantly   seeking    ways   to
                                       improve so that it can achieve
The     General     Fund     offers
                                       its aims, become financially
opportunities for Queensland
                                       sustainable    and    meet    the
non profits to benefit from
                                       changing needs of its users.
QCF capacity building grants.
                                       Organisations often struggle
The capacity building focus            to obtain and retain staff,
results        from        research    access funding and participate
commissioned      by     QCF,    in    in local agendas when their
partnership with QUTs Centre           organisational       structures,
for     Philanthropy     and    Non    policies and procedures are
Profit Studies, to determine           underdeveloped.       Generally,
where best QCF could provide           capacity    building    can    be
grants     in   the   non    profit    broken down into one of the
sector. (Philanthropy’s Future         following three areas:
in the Smart State Report –
                                       1.Institutional Capacity        The report
identified capacity building
                                         Development and
of charitable and non-profit
                                         strengthening of external
organisations      in    need    of
                                         links e.g. creating
funding support.        QCF views
                                         effective partnerships
itself as an innovator in this
style of granting and is proud
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2.Organisational Capacity                 observed. Do not attach any
Building                                  additional   information    as
  Focuses on people, culture,             part of your application.
  systems and processes to               Organisations    may    submit
  meet specific goals                     only one EOI.
3.Individual Capacity Building           If selected by QCF, invited
  Building the skills of                  organisations may submit a
individual workers                        Full Application based on
Typically, capacity building              their EOI.
can focus on the following               All information is available
areas:                                    on         the         website
 Systems                                     or
 People Skills                           alternatively by telephoning
 Program Evaluation                      the   Foundation   office   on
                                          (07) 3360 3854.
Eligibility                             FUNDING DETAILS
To be eligible for funding              QCF will be offering up to10
from      Queensland       Community    grants of between $15,000 and
Foundation’s General Fund your          $20,000 each not exceeding an
organisation is required to             aggregate     of    $150,000.    The
be:                                     following        will      not    be
 A Deductible Gift Recipient           considered for funding:
  (DGR) in accordance with the           Service delivery
  requirements           of      the     Administration/operating
  Australian Taxation Office              expenses      such    as   rental,
 Located in Queensland                   stationery,         postage     or
 Delivering        programs    that      insurance
  service local communities in           Recurrent       costs    including
  regional, rural and remote              salaries and wages of a
  Queensland, and                         regular nature
 In      need of        funding to      Equipment requiring regular
  undertake capacity building             replacement
  activities          within     the     Loan repayments
  organisation including:
                                         Projects          started       or
   Evaluation and planning               completed by the time grants
   Staff and volunteer                   funds are approved
                                         Sponsorship
   Information technology
     support systems and                 Uniforms
     training.                           Contingency
                                         Airfares,          accommodation,
APPLICATION PROCESS                       meals
The application process is a
two stage process and must be           ASSESSMENT OF YOUR APPLICATION
undertaken as follows:-                 EOIs will be assessed by QCFs
 Eligible          organisations,      Grant                     Committee.
  meeting the above criteria,           Organisations shortlisted will
  may submit an Expression of           be invited to submit a full
  Interest (EOI) by 5:00 pm             proposal requiring additional
  Wednesday 29 February 2012.           information.
 EOIs may be submitted via
  email or hardcopy. Please             Notification
  note word counts must be

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EOIs will be assessed by the        months    and     complete    the
end of March. Final decisions       project   within    twelve   (12)
regarding grant awards will be      months of receiving funding.
announced before end of June        On completion of the project,
2012.     Both successful and       you must provide an acquittal
unsuccessful applications will      including      an     expenditure
be    notified     of    funding    statement.    Failure to return
outcomes,                           the accountability documents
The   Trustee   considers   many    is recorded and may jeopardise
more applications than can be       future funding opportunities.
funded and as a result the
final decision will be made         PRIVACY
based on the recommendations        QCF respects your privacy and
of the Board of Governors in        is    committed   to   protecting
consultation with the Grant         your     personal    information.
Committee.    The Trustee will      Applications    for   funds   and
take     into      consideration    other     written     information
factors   such   as,   but   not    provided to QCF will generally
limited to: eligibility of the      be    treated   in    confidence.
organisation, benefit to the        However, in the interest of
community and criteria met.         the     applicant,     QCF    may
                                    collaborate with other funding
                                    bodies for alternate sources
Successful applications
                                    of funding.
Successful   applicants    will
receive a letter advising of        GST
date of funds disbursement.         Grants      from      Queensland
Applicants must complete and        Community   Foundation are GST
sign a condition of grant           exempt.
prior to funding disbursement.
                                    SUBMISSION DETAILS
Terms                               Please submit your Expression
The decision of the Trustee is      of Interest to:
final and is not subject to         Bronwynn van Baalen
any appeal process.                 Queensland Community
The grant must be used for the      Foundation
purpose    stated     in   the      GPO Box 450, BRISBANE 4001
application.                        T: (07) 3360 3854
Funded    organisations    are      E:
required   to    commence  the
project   within    three  (3)

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