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					    What is in a
     By Kasia and Pamela

     What’s inside a cigarette?
There are a lot of substances inside a cigarette that you would not
                expect there to be. Some of them are:
         Secret Ingredients of
Here are some of the substances
used in
cigarettes that are listed out to the
public for the first time:
• Sugar
• Menthol
• Artificial Milk Chocolate
• Valerian Root Extract
• Cedarwood Oil
• Isolvaleric Acid
• Water
• Vanilla Extracts
    Poorer People Tend to
The statement above is true: 84% of people
living in developing countries smoke,
for example people in Bangladesh, use up
about ten more times money for tobacco
then education. Tobacco in developing
countries also causes a high illiteracy rate
because little money is spend on education.
        Second Hand Smoke
• Second Hand Smoke is the
  substance that is let out once
  the cigarette is burned.
• It can be also known as ETS
  (enviromental tobacco smoke.)
• People which stand next to a
  smoking person and are
  involuntarily made to breath in
  the smoke are called passive
• Each year, 3,000 nonsmokers
  die of lung cancer from second
  hand smoke.
To raise awarness, children made a campaign and
a website called: ‘What are you Smoking?’ This
survey concluded that during two weeks more
teens (49%) remember tobacco avertisements
rather than adults (29%). This is probably because
of the enormous amounts of money that are spend
on advertising- $42 million a day which often target
                         Quick Facts
•   Half of the people who smoke
    today- about 650 million – will die of
    a tobacco-related illness.
•   Tobacco is the second highest
    death cause of on Earth.
•   On average, smokers die about 13-
    14 years earlier than no-smokers.
•   Each cigarette takes from 5-10
    minutes of your life (it might seem
    little, but for someone who smokes
    around 30 cigarettes a day, each
    day will cause him to die even 300
    minutes earlier, which is already 5
    hours less of life each day!)
•   Nearly 21% of Americans are
    current smokers.
 ‘What’s in a Cigarette?’ Video
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