; Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 Kia ora Whānau_ News My day as the
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Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 Kia ora Whānau_ News My day as the


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									                                        Term 4: Week 6

Kia ora Whānau,

News: My day as the principal: On Wednesday 23 of November I was principal for the day and Ms Carroll
was a student. The first thing that Ms Carroll does is get a coffee, so what do I do, I get a coffee.It was
quite scary at first but then it was fun, being the principal. All the teachers are cool and funny. But Ms
Carroll was a bit naughty she was chewing gum and didn’t hand in her cell phone. You have to watch out
for her!

I also went out to dinner on Thursday because I won the Rotary award as well as Jayden Wall. it was nice.
We sat with the North New Brighton kids and their teacher and then we went up to get our awards. That
was cool but scary. It was a good couple of days. By Ms Kianna Austin

The top team : Wednesday the 23 of November Jayden Wall, Jayden Thompson, Kianna Austin, Alex
Humm-Paterson, Phillip Tuck, Nathan Lee, Tyler Collins and Corey Walsh-Hare went to a top team
challenge. They came 5th out of 15. There were 8 challenges and there were 5 schools included. I think
that’s pretty good. By Ms Kianna Austin.

Other news: We have continued to be very fortunate at CNB and have had several funding applications
accepted lately that will allow us to buy more resources for the school, i.e., $2 500, from the NZ Football
federation, which will go towards new soccer goal posts, balls, bags and nets; $ 1 200 from Bayer Primary
School Science Funding to go towards science resources and $200 from the local Barn second hand book
store, which will go towards library books. Mr Maurice North came to our last assembly to present this
cheque to Mrs Sprosen, (as seen in the photo below) who is charge of our school library. We were every
impressed that Mr North had the word READ printed on his hat. It is no wonder that he is involved with a
book shop when he is so interested in reading. Look for some artworks from C.N.B students appearing on
their shop window in the near future.

The Longbeach Coastal Challenge: Four keen C.N.B staff members set off to take part in the recreational
12km walk event at Longbeach on Sunday morning. They walked and walked and walked and were met by
Ms Carroll at the finish line. Well done to Miss Jones, Mrs Sprosen, Mrs Handley and Sarah Chinnery and
thank you for supporting this event. Usually the funds raised go to the local schools but after speaking to
Lianne Dalziel, they decided to donate the proceeds to Central New Brighton School. 

The organising committee of Longbeach School and the local Hinds Lions Club need to be heartily
congratulated for putting this event together. This is the fourth time they have run this challenge and is the
first time they have added the recreational family walk and bike ride aspects. The day was very successful
and was widely supported by 500 competitors, their support crews and the many sponsors. Thank
goodness for the tents that provided shade as it was very, very hot.
Wristbands! Wristbands! Wristbands! Wristbands! Wristbands!
The following children have earned a wristband for: being caring: Keaton (R11) Natalyla & Kane(R4) Tane
(R7); being responsible: Laura(R11), Javiah(R7) & Jasage(R4); being safe: Natayla, Levi & Jesse (R4) Leah H,
Kade (R8), Codie (R7), Te Rina, Dillon, Kaleb, Lydia and Shanay (R12) and for being active learners: Jamie,
Clayton, Gracie, Shontelle, Fabian (R4), Jayda, Grace, Mark, Thananaet (R7), Quinn, Justin (R11) and
Daniel (R12). Mrs Ellis has earned a purple wristband for being an active CNB staff member.

                   Pete the Cat: Pete is getting much better at hiding these days. Twice he has been out
                   overnight and once he was even out over the weekend. He may be good at hiding but
                   Makayla is great at finding him, even when he has climbed to the top of the flagpole.
                   This is the second time she has found him this year!

                                            Will you be the person to find him next?

Welcome: We welcome Drayden Pomare to our school and hope that you and your family have a long
and happy time with us here at C.N.B!

Sunhats: Things are hotting up and we are beginning to really miss our pool! Luckily we received 120 extra
sunhats from KidsCan this week. These were given out last week to all children not wearing a hat with a
wide brim. The UV ratings are beginning to climb so we must all take care in the sun and make sure that we
protect ourselves from being sunburnt. Please remember that we have a ‘no hat - no play’ rule at CNB.
Baseball caps are not considered safe enough headwear at school so we expect everyone to be wearing a
wide brimmed hat here.

Upcoming events:
    Years 3 – 6 (only) swimming: 5th - 9th December
    CNB soccer game against the Brighton Police: Thursday 8th December at 1.00 p.m.
    Reports and portfolios: These will be given out on Frdiay the 9th December.
    Hoodwinked: Friday 9th December – tickets available next week after school outside Rm 9. The
     entry fee is a gold coin which will be donated to World Vision. All children are included in this
       extravaganza. See you there.
    Salvation Army Fun day at school: Monday 12th December 12 – 3.00 p.m
    Year 8’s breakfast: 13th December 8.00 a.m.
    Final assemblies: Team Whanau: (Rms 8, 4, 7 & 11) Tuesday 13th December 9.30 – 10.30 a.m. and
                       Team te Ngaru: (Rms 12, 10 & 9) Tuesday 13th December 11.00 – 12.30 p.m.
    Last day of term 2011: Wednesday 14th December (please pick children up at lunchtime)

                       How many nonstop jumps can you do over a long rope? Our last schoolwide
                       competition for the year was a demanding one. The children competed to see who
                       could do the most continuous jumps over a long rope and needed to have proved
                       that they could do more than 50 jumps in order to be in the finals. Britney Nicholas
                       was first and had the blisters to prove that she did indeed do 337 jumps. Second was
                       Levi Collins, who set a tough standard as the first student to compete with a very
                       steady 258 jumps with and third was Jesse Tuck with 227.

We had four other students who managed over 100 jumps, i.e., Ariana,
Jayden W, Kianna and Moana. To say that I was surprised at the number
of jumps these finalists were able to do is an understatement. A very high
level of fitness and a steady beat to the jumping is certainly a requirement
as is the need to keep on concentrating on where the rope is at all times.
Well done to all our competitors. You drew a crowd of CNB students to
watch your determination and to cheer you on to do your best!

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