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					                          Student Learning Outcome Report

School: ___ _______ SRPH __________          Degree Program: ___MPH____________

Department: Epidemiology & Biostatistics Date: _________9/23/09_____________

        Students Learning Outcomes                          Assessment Methods

Outcome 1                                       Understanding and application of ASPH core
Demonstrate appropriate depth and breadth of    competencies in biostatistics as determined by
knowledge in the discipline                     passing all core and concentration courses.

Outcome 2                                       Understanding and application of core
Synthesis of Knowledge                          competencies listed in the core concentration
                                                areas defined by ASPH. Determined by
                                                passing all 6 SRPH core courses and by
                                                passing the comprehensive exam.
Outcome 3                                       Student demonstrates a high level of
Application of Knowledge/Critical Thinking      understanding key concepts and methods in the
Skills                                          discipline and the strengths and weaknesses of
                                                these and their applications in public health.
                                                Determined by successful completion of class
                                                assignments and class presentations, especially
                                                those that involve critical assessment of public
                                                health statistical research.
Outcome 4                                       Successful completion of assignments in
Writing Skills                                  classes (core, concentration and electives) and
                                                in culminating experience.

Outcome 5                                       Successful completion of formal presentations
Presentation Skills                             in classes (core, concentration and electives)
                                                and as part of the deliverables for successful
                                                completion of the practicum.

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