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					Serial Killer

       There are many notorious killers in South Korea, however 5 of them that I have chosen

are the most well known and made citizens to panic. The most recent killer in Korea is Hosun

Kang, he have killed 7 people including his mother in law. He is a psychopath so he loved killing

people with no reason, now he is waiting for the death penalty. Kiltae Kim is a killer who

murdered a middle school girl. Due to this incident parents restricted their daughters for going

outside very often. He rapped the girl and killed her; he didn’t know where to put the body so he

put the body into a water tank. Next, NamKyu Jung is born in 1969; he killed 13 women in 2

years and 4 primary school children. YoungChul Yoo, the most famous killer; due to him people

started to study psychopath seriously with more depth. He has killed 26 people which are the

highest in Korea and he said that it’s very unfortunate that he didn’t killed 100 people. His

statement surprised everybody. HwaSung serial murder incident is the last one, we have not

found out the murderer yet, it happened from 1986 to 1991. In 5 years 10 of the innocent people

were killed and all of them were women. The murder always happened in the region called

HwaSung and the town named Tae an. The nick name of the murderer is Gab Dong lee.

       The HwaSung serial killing incident happened 10 times from 1986 to 1991 but it is still in

a maze, which makes people very sad. This event shocked people in Korea and became the hot

topic in the media over the years. The characteristic of this event is like this: All of the people

who got murdered are women. Next, victims are not always young; there were 52 year old, 69

year old and 71 year old women. Then, the private parts of the victims are badly harmed and

from those private parts the hair, semen and cigarette butt are always founded. Most of the

victims are chocked and sometimes 9 pieces of peach were founded from the body of a murdered
woman. The murderer also stabbed the women’s chest for 19 times when he murdered. His

murdering methods were very cruel and he was very broad minded.

       The first boy was found in 1986 19th of September the victim was 71 year old woman her

name was Lee Soon Boon. Her bottom was taken off and she was chocked by the murderer.

Police estimated that she was killed about 1 week ago.

       The second body was founded in 1986 23rd of October; it was 2km away from the first

incident. This time the victim was 25 year old woman who works as an employee in the

company. The murderer chocked the victim with the stockings and there was a huge cut in the

lower body, hand and feet were tied with the rope. The vestige for a rape was founded as well.

       The 3rd and 4th body was founded in the same place even though the date of the murder

was different. The 3rd victim was 26 year old and the 4th was 23 year old. Both of them were

murdered with the same method that he used to his second victim.

       The 5th victim was an 18 year old high school female, it took place in 1987 11th of

January she was chocked by her scarf that she was wearing and the hand and feet was tied with

the stocking and bra. The murderer put a bit to the girls mouth.

       The 6th victim was 29 year old woman her body was found by the elementary school

students on the hill. She is also chocked by the murderer and there was a scratch, which seems

like the murderer hit the victim with the rock.

       The 7th victim was 54 year old woman who is a house keeper; she was chocked by the

blouse that she was wearing that day. There was an evidence for a raped and the pieces of peach
were founded. The police caught one guy that they think it’s a murderer but after 3 days of

investigation the guy committed suicide so the police didn’t get many evidence.

        The 8th victim was a 14 year old middle school female, she was sleeping on her bed alone

at night because she’s parents were at work. Unfortunately, she gets chocked and raped like the

other victims. However, from the house police founded out a hair, the police researched the hair

carefully and founded out that the murderer has a type B blood.

        The 9th victim was a high school girl, she was coming home from the school but in 9th of

July 1989 her body was founded in a channel with knife stabbed on her chest. The upper body

was covered by the leaf. Next day, the police founded a bag that seemed like the murderers but

there was nothing in there so no evidence could be collected.

        The last incident happened in 1991; another 14 year old middle school girl was murdered.

She was coming back from the school too but she didn’t arrive at her house safely. Her body was

founded on a hill. The killer raped this girl and killed with the knife again. This incident was

very shocking because everyone thought the serial killing is over at 1989. This event made the

entire woman to panic. The killer escaped and the police could not capture him. During that time,

the killer was in his 20th.

        HwaSung serial killing incident is still a mystery in South Korea. It has passed about 24

years after the first murder has happened. Total 100,000 polices were used to find this one killer

and there was a promotion for the police who catches this killer. If a citizen finds the killer and

report it to the police than he or she will get about 44287 dollar. Although, the police tried hard

with prizes and other things they still didn’t get the killer. It is very upsetting.
       There was a bit of psychological study shown in this case. It could be Pavlov’s idea

classical conditioning because the police kept promising the money and promotion to catch this

murderer. Even though it didn’t worked well, it motivated people around the country to catch

this unknown killer.

       For me, this incident is very sad, and heart breaking but on other hand, I think we should

criticize about the system that Korea police department and the government have. Their skill of

gathering information and finding solution is very weak. During 1980’s Korea was weak in

technology we didn’t have many people working in the field of forensics and people didn’t have

much knowledge about the serial killing. Therefore, the first incident was very harmful; people

didn’t know how to react to this kind of crime because they didn’t see those events for real.

       I can understand that catching a serial killer was very hard during 1980’s in Korea but the

murder kept going for 5 years. During the 5 year period the system has not been developed a lot.

Also, in 21st century there is not much difference in that field. These kind of incident increases

each year in Korea and I feel very uncomfortable when this crime rate go up. If the government

paid more close attention to the first crime and invested a lot of money to train people to work on

that field we could reduce these rates and we could even catch that murderer. The serial killing

becomes more violent with new methods around; if the government doesn’t act right now there

will be a bigger serial killing in Korea’s history, which we don’t like it to happen.

                                                                                        CHO SungJae
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