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Psychology Foundations


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 Write on your notes page: When you
  think of a psychologist, what mental
  images immediately appear?
What do Psychologists do?
  About 2/3 of psychologists are clinical
   psychologists and are interested in
   helping people with behavioral problems.
    Not just one-on-one work with clients, also work in hospitals,
     clinics, schools, prisons, etc.

  Often confused with psychiatrists.
    Difference – psychiatrists are medical doctors who can
     prescribe drugs and give physical exams. Most are trained in
     a narrow therapeutic orientation, typically psychoanalysis.
What do Psychologists do? (cont’d.)

  The remaining 1/3 fit the general label of
   experimental psychologist.
    Study human behavior from a scientific
    Often work and teach at universities.
    Also work in research institutes for the
     government and are increasingly finding
     employment in other industries.
Terms and Theories
Critical Terms for
Studying Psychology
  Psychology – the scientific study of
   behavior that is tested through scientific
  Psychology can be broken up into 2 main
       Physiological – dealing with the organism’s
        physical processes. Examples:
       Cognitive – dealing with an organism’s thinking
        and understanding. Examples:
Psychologists will seek to
influence behavior in one of
two ways:
  Basic Science – Research, trying to learn
   new things about behavior. Examples:
  Applied Science – Using what we already
   know to solve problems. Examples:
An Example of Basic Science
and Applied Science
  Scientist A uses scientific research to
   discover that babies raised in institutions
   such as orphanages may become
   seriously delayed in their development
   (emotionally, physically, intellectually).
   Basic or Applied?
  Basic
An Example of Basic Science
and Applied Science
  A scientists uses the findings of Scientist
   A to counsel administrators in an
   orphanage. He arranges for more visual
   stimulation in the rooms and develops
   ways to give the babies more social
   interaction. Basic or Applied?
  Applied

 Write a paragraph on why is it important
  that both basic and applied science are
  consistently practiced by psychologists?

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