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					                                              Electronic cigarette

                                Electronic cigarette is spread globally and used by celebrities

 In a report the magazine Business Week of Bloomberg uncovered writer Joel Stein about everything related to cigarette e

used as a substitute for smoking the natural order of cessation, which has become widespread among a lot of celebrities in

the United States Klindsa Lohan, Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, and Jeremy Baevin, and Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton,

     Catherine Zeta-Jones. Even Charlie Sheen would be his upscale label own brand of the cigarette as "Nicochen."

The electronic cigarette is a cigarette-like traditional fully designed as a permanent flame in her head to give a kind of steam

Ktmthel to smoke, and the internal battery on the type of cellular phone batteries. Have shown the U.S. Centers for disease

control and prevention, the number of Americans who have used these cigarettes increased from 0.6 percent in 2009 to 2.7

Today there are hundreds of companies that sell this type of cigarette, even if they buy some of its sales from 4 factories in

China, which launched this technology in 2003, by pharmacist Hoon Lake, who founded the company "Royan" which literally

 means "smoking", and began selling cigarette in the China in the next year before expanding internationally in 2007. And

  after the marketing of these cigarettes has become faster and better, so that some of them dedicated to the highest size
                                                    women and its box

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