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					Mary A Collins                                                          March 6, 2008
Book Report              Youth In Contemporary Culture                  Professor Steve Yeagley

Name of Book: Too Christian Too Pagan
Author:       Dick Staub

        If I was to use one word to sum of this book, it would be “challenged”. This book

has challenged what I consider to be narrow views on certain aspect of Culture and Faith.

He does a great job of calling his readers to make a distinction between saying that we

are disciples and being active participants in claiming the inhabitants of the world for

Christ. He demonstrates that we can love the world, meaning the people of the world; we

can have compassion for the people of the world and become a part of their lives without

falling for the things that they are involved with.

        He points out the dangers of this kind of ministry and let’s his readers know that it

is only through prayer, which will protect us from the evil one, the presence of the Holy

Spirit, to empower us to remain holy, the fear of God to protect us from evil and the scars

of sin to remind us of all our failures and the cost of sin, that we can become involved in

this kind of ministry. It is not for the faint of heart, nor the legalist, it is for individuals

who are ready to use compassion, dual listening to become familiar with who people are

and what they are seeking. He strongly cautions against the lone ranger mentality when

becoming involved in this ministry.

        Staub alerts his readers to the causes of our lack of compassion for the world and

even proposes remedies for those causes. His arguments are completely biblical and

would give the reader a reality check if they themselves are not involved in ministry to

the people for whom God died.
       I do want to issue a note of caution and maybe this is only my own reading and

how I understand what was written, but I found myself wondering if there was anything

that was off limits that a Christian should be able to say no to. For example he talks about

attending parties and other functions put on the people who do not live for Christ and I

wondered as I read what were the limits to a Christian attending something of that nature.

He also mentioned reading books that are fiction, in an attempt to know the current

culture and what people are talking about. Here again, I wondered what do you read,

which author do you read and are there limits. I guess that with the aid of the Holy Spirit

you will be able to discern these questions.

       Overall, it was an inspiring book and one that I would definitely recommend to

others, especially Seventh-day Adventist. I singled out Adventist because we have a very

interesting way that we reach people. We want to give them literature, we want to do stop

smoking clinics and health seminar, but we really don’t want to become involved in the

lives of the people to whom we are giving these seminar. We don’t find out what they

want. What we do is take a survey, tell them what we have and ask them in what order

they would like to receive what we have. For example, we say to them, if a stop smoking

clinic, weight loss management or health fair comes to your town which one would you

attend. We need to change our strategies and really find out what those individuals need

and find a way to fulfill that need.

Kudos Dick!

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