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The Telegraph The by ewghwehws


									                      The Telegraph
           A Brief History:

           Developed by Samuel Finley Breeze Morse

           Morse was a painter by profession before an

           The telegraph system consisted of a key
           machine for entering messages, a printer to         Samuel Morse self portrait circa 1853

           receive messages, and a cable connecting
           the two. It uses Morse Code (a system of
           dashes and dots) as the language.

           Patented in 1838, with first
           message, “What hath God
           wrought”, sent in 1844.
                                                         The key used to send the first message
David Wilson CS2315
             Significance of Telegraph
             The telegraph was the first “high speed”
             communication service, replacing
             traditional land and ocean courier services.

                 Was the fore-runner and basis for
                                                                 The telegraph made the Pony
                 Bell’s telephone.                               Express obsolete in 1861.

                      In the US, had a significant impact on
                      the development of west.

                       In the rest of the world, it made a global
                       economy possible with true intercontinental
                       and trans-ocean commerce a reality.

                                                                         A section of the first
                                                                         trans-Atlantic cable.

David Wilson CS2315
                 Social Impacts of Telegraph
               Personal meetings to exchange information
               were no longer necessary, lowering social
               interaction and de-personalizing

              Distant groups could now communicate
              easily, bringing them closer together.
                      -Routine “news swaps”
                      began to take place in
                      rural communities.

                                                           Men from several rural communities
                                                           meet at a basic telegraph station to
                                                           send and get the latest news.
David Wilson CS2315
             Positive Aspects of Telegraph
                               The telegraph allowed quick and cheap
                               communication with any other person or
                               group near a telegraph station.

      Important news could now be
      transmitted faster and to a wider
      audience than traditional print news.

                                            Personal and property
                                            safety was increased with
                                            the invention of fire and
                                            emergency call boxes.
   Henry Clay’s presidential nomination
   was the first news sent via telegraph.
                                                                        The first Fire Alarm Telegraph was
                                                                        installed in Boston in 1852, and are
                                                                        still in use in many communities.
David Wilson CS2315
           Negative Aspects of Telegraph
           Telegraph was a "public" medium,
           meaning any private information
           transmitted was now in public domain.

           No means of securing communication.
                  -Anyone could climb a telegraph
                  pole and tie into communication,
                  or cut down a pole to disrupt it.

           No means of authenticating the validity
           of a telegram message sent to you.         Jesse James “hacked” the
                                                      telegraph lines to gain info
              -The telegraph allowed Humanity's       about train location and
              darker side to emerge as con artists    schedules, as well as safe
                                                      combinations onboard trains.
              began working telegraph lines to part
              victims from their money.

David Wilson CS2315

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