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									                               Jr. Beta Meeting
                                January 2012

Induction Ceremony: Tuesday, January 24 6:30 p.m.
All new members will be inducted on Tuesday, January 24 at 6:30 p.m. in
the gym. Parents are invited. Please dress up (no jeans- boys: pants and
shirt; girls: dress or nice pants and top) and students will need to be here at
6:00 to line up on the 200 hall (Mr. Bachus). You will receive your
membership certificate and Jr. Beta pin. Refreshments will be served.
Please sign the sheet to verify the correct spelling of your names for your

Talent Show Tryout conflict: If you want to try out for the talent show and
are coming to the induction ceremony, you can still do both. Tryouts will go
until 6:30 or so for the talent show. Please let Mrs. Stovall know if you are
trying out, so that I can ask Dr. Sibbald for you to go toward the beginning.

Service Hour Forms:
Service hour forms were due last week. Please turn in your forms if you
haven’t done so already.

Scheduled Meetings:
8:00 in gym once a month- usually lasts 10 minutes or so

February 15
March 14
April 25
May 9

You will need to attend 5 of the 8 meetings in order to stay a member in
good standing. Attendance will be taken.

Shoes for Africa Project:
Please bring in your outgrown and gently used running/athletic shoes
beginning tomorrow through the end of the month. One pair of shoes = 1
service hour; Can earn up to 4 service hours per of shoes. Shoes will be sent
to Africa to help fight disease in children and teens there.

November/December Events: Annual Jean Drive
Results: Our school collected 172 pairs of jeans for Foster Care Support.
6th grade homeroom winner - Hunter
7th grade homeroom winner - Gibson
8th grade homeroom winner - Bryant-Butler
Thanks for all who contributed. Cookie cakes will be coming soon.

Candy Cane Earnings:
Our club collected over $200.00 in candy cane sales. Be thinking of a
charity we can help.

Service Opportunities:
We have a service opportunity on Saturday February 4 to help with North
Fulton Charities from 2 to 5 p.m. Fifteen volunteers and two adults are
needed for a three hour commitment this Saturday. You will need your own
Also, on Feb. 25 we will be going to Foster Care Support from 9:30-2:00
p.m. We need 15 kids and 4 adults. Both places are in Roswell.

Please give us your ideas for service that we can complete as a group. Some
ideas are: serving at a soup kitchen, volunteering at a nursing home, etc.
Give any ideas to our officers.

Lab Sign ups:
All are taken at this point.

Flag Take down and set up:
The flag needs to be put up and taken down daily. Whoever signed up just
left it up and needs to come down daily. Please see Mrs. Stovall or Mrs.
Murphy if interested in earning hours.

Christmas/Winter care packages for our soldiers:
We did not receive very many items for this project, so we will continue to
collect these items through April. Kendal Cano suggested that our club have
members donate items for soldiers as a community project. Check out for ideas on what to send in. We will collect the
items through January. Members will receive one service hour credit for
every four to five items brought in for the soldiers. A maximum of 3 service
hours can be earned
T-shirts: Please pick up if you haven’t already. See me if you don’t have
one, so we can give a refund.

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