Personality Questionnaire

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									This is a personality questionnaire for employers to give to job applicants. The 35-
question multiple-choice questionnaire allows the employer to get a feel for the
applicant's personality, work ethic, morality, character, motivation, and workplace
demeanor. This document is a useful tool for an employer in evaluating potential
employees. It enables the employer to gain additional information about applicants in
order to make the best decision on who to hire. The questionnaire can be modified to
include additional questions depending on the specific needs of the employer. This
should be used by employers during the hiring process.
                              PERSONALITY QUESTIONNAIRE

        In connection with your application for the position of ___________ [Instruction: Insert
Position] at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name], we ask that you complete this
personality questionnaire. Please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
Should you have any questions or comments with regards to the contents of the questionnaire,
please comment accordingly in the comments section included at the end of the questionnaire.

   For the following questions please select a letter A through E:

A = Strongly agree
B = Agree
C = Somewhere in the middle
D = Disagree
E = Strongly Disagree

1. _____       I strive for perfection in everything I do.

2. _____       I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about things.

3. _____       I am a persuasive speaker.

4. _____       I have a great desire to be wealthy.

5. _____       I have a big impact on people when I meet with them.

6. _____       People find it easy to get to know me.

7. _____      The best way to get ahead is to seize every opportunity that arises, regardless of
the consequences.

8. _____       When faced with a setback, I work harder to overcome.

9. _____       I find it difficult to convince people of things if I don’t believe it myself.

10. _____      I am careful not to use language that people might think is inappropriate.

11. _____      I often don’t get around to finishing things.

12. _____      I enjoy working under pressure

13. _____      I would make a good actor.

14. _____      I can think of occasions where I have done something that I really should not have
15. _____   I am good at games that require bluffing.

16. _____   I can think of at least one habit that I have that is bad or undesirable.

17. _____   I feel a little self conscious if I suddenly become the focus of attention at a social

18. _____   I get a great sense of satisfaction when I complete a task.

19. _____   I have more energy and drive than most people.

20. _____   I find it easy to relate to other people’s feelings.

21. _____   I feel confident to deal with any problem that comes my way.

22. _____   I like to sit back, relax and take things easy.

23. _____   Even if it is for a good cause, I find it difficult to lie convincingly.

24. _____   I do my best work when I am under pressure.

25. _____   I do more work than is strictly necessary.

26. _____   If I put my mind to it, I can do nearly anything.

27. _____   I have little concern for social convention and norms.

28. _____   I’m inclined to lose my temper when things go wrong.

29. _____   I prefer to take a “back seat” and let others do the talking.

30. _____   I achieve a great sense of satisfaction from my work.

31. _____   I wouldn’t know what to do with my time if I wasn’t working.

32. _____   I want to be the very best in my field.

33. _____   I find it hard to stay calm in times of pressure.

34. _____   What is meant to happen will happen, regardless of your course of action.

35. _____   Hard work is the key to success.


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