Contract for Mobile Home Title


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									This Contract for Mobile Home Title sets forth the terms of a basic contract of sale for a
mobile home. Pursuant to this document, the seller retains title to the mobile home
until the purchaser has completed payment arrangements. This document in its draft
form contains numerous of the standard clauses commonly used in these types of
agreements, as well as optional language to allow for customization to ensure the
specific terms of the parties’ agreement are addressed. This document could be used
by mobile home dealers or private sellers.
                                 Contract for Mobile Home Title

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby
acknowledged, _____ [Instruction: Insert Seller name.] (hereinafter “Seller”) of _____
[Instruction: Insert Seller address.] on __ day of _____, 20__ [Instruction: Insert date,
month and year contract entered into.], hereby agrees to sell to _______ [Instruction: Insert
Purchaser name.] (hereinafter “Purchaser”) of _____ [Instruction: Insert Purchaser
address.], the following mobile home: _____ [Instruction: Insert mobile home information,
including Serial or VIN number or other specific identifying information.] (hereinafter
“Home”). The Home is currently located at the following location: _____ [Instruction: Insert
Home location.].
The terms of the agreement between the Seller and Purchaser are as follows:
    1. The total sales price is $ _____ [Instruction: Insert total sales price.], which shall be
       due and payable as follows: a down payment in the amount of $ _____ [Instruction:
       Insert down payment amount.], on the signing of this contract, by Purchaser's good
       check payable to _____ [Instruction: Insert party to make down payment check
       payable to.], subject to collection, the receipt or which is hereby acknowledged; and the
       balance at closing of $ _____ [Instruction: Insert balance due.]. All dollar amounts are
       in United States Dollars. All money payable under this agreement, unless otherwise
       specified, shall be paid by: (a) Cash, but not over $ 1,000.00; (b) Good certified check
       of Purchaser or official check issued by any bank, savings bank, trust company or
       savings and loan association, unendorsed and payable to the order of Seller, or as Seller
       may otherwise direct upon reasonable prior notice (by telephone or otherwise) to
       Purchaser; (c) As to money other than the purchase price payable to Seller at
       Closing, uncertified check of Purchaser up to the amount of $ 500.00; (d) Wire
       transfer; (e) As otherwise agreed to in writing by Seller.
    2. Seller and Purchaser agree the Home will not be moved from its current location.
       [Comment: If other agreement has been made, revise this accordingly, and also
       ensure conformity throughout the document as necessary where disclosure is made
       regarding the Home’s location.]
    3. Home is to be financed by in accordance with terms and conditions of the promissory
       note dated _____ [Instruction: Insert date of promissory note.] between the
       Purchaser(s) and Seller(s).
    4. Home is sold "as-is" conditions with no warranty expressed or implied.
    5. Purchaser(s) agree to carry sufficient homeowner’s insurance to cover the amount owed
       by Seller and as otherwise required by Purchaser’s lien holder. Seller agrees to
       periodically notify Purchaser in writing as to the amount of homeowner’s insurance
       required, which notification shall not be less than at least once per year. Seller is to be
       named as the first lien position unless otherwise agreed by both parties, or unless
       otherwise required by Seller’s financing, if applicable.
    6. The Purchaser(s) agree to pay lot rent as and when due and payable to _____
       [Instruction: Insert where lot rent should be paid.] and abide by all park rules. Seller

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        shall pay any and all other park assessments or fees as and when due and payable, other
        than any incurred as a result of any action of Purchaser (which, for purposes of this
        paragraph, shall be deemed to include any member of Purchaser’s family, Purchaser’s
        guests and/or invitees).
    7. The Purchaser(s) agree to pay all taxes on the Home and pay insurance bills when due.
       Seller agrees to provide current tax bills within a sufficient period of time prior to same
       becoming due and payable to permit Purchaser to pay same.
    8. The Purchaser(s) agrees not to move the Home from the stated location above, without
       prior written consent from note holders and Seller. In the event Seller provides such
       written consent, Seller shall warrant such consent shall be provided only after such time
       as Seller shall obtain any necessary consent from Seller’s mortgagor, or other financing
       provider, if applicable. In the event the Home is moved, such move shall be made in
       accordance with all applicable park and governmental regulations.
    9. The title to the Home is to remain in the possession of the note holders until final
       payment of this note is paid. Title will then be transferred to Purchaser(s) free of any
       liens, or as otherwise agreed between Purchaser and such note holder, and as set forth in
       such note.
    10. Purchaser(s) is responsible for any cost of transferring title.
    11. Other provisions and conditions: _____ [Instruction: Insert any additional provisions,
        such as any items being left with the home or those being taken by Seller.]
The parties hereto acknowledge receiving a copy of this sales agreement.



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