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S11 - Science


									     Table S8. Compounds significantly asslociated with mutations in pfdhfr

SNP           SampleID                       Name                                                  P -value (raw)FDR
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00024707-03,NCGC00016055-05Trimethoprim                                          4.09E-14     5.38E-09
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00167523-01                ORMETOPRIM                                            6.38E-14     5.42E-09
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00159483-02                HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SULFATE                            5.54E-13     1.76E-08
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00160517-01                DIAVERIDINUM                                          5.52E-12     1.05E-07
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00023458-07,NCGC00016016-10Triamterene                                           6.95E-12     1.12E-07
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00024707-03,NCGC00016055-05Trimethoprim                                          6.95E-12     1.12E-07
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00160517-01                DIAVERIDINUM                                          6.95E-12     1.12E-07
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00023188-06,NCGC00016256-08Pyrimethamine                                         9.20E-12     1.38E-07
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00161419-02                TRIMETREXATE GLUCURONATE                              7.79E-10     2.06E-06
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00167523-01                ORMETOPRIM                                            7.86E-10     2.07E-06
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00016810-01                Labetalol hydrochloride                               8.49E-10     2.23E-06
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00015256-01                Chloroquine diphosphate                               1.89E-09     4.70E-06
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00013067-01                cinchonine                                            1.43E-07     1.68E-04
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00166281-01                QUININE ASCORBATE                                     1.67E-07     1.89E-04
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00023188-06,NCGC00016256-08Pyrimethamine                                         1.82E-07     2.03E-04
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00023458-07,NCGC00016016-10Triamterene                                           4.27E-07     3.58E-04
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00159499-02                QUINIDINE GLUCONATE                                   7.31E-07     4.87E-04
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00160358-01                Diftalone                                             2.96E-06     1.31E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00094745-01                ORPHENADRINE CITRATE                                  3.41E-06     1.45E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00164128-01                Hexadecanoic acid, 1-methylethyl ester                6.07E-06     2.12E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00017057-01                Quinacrine dihydrochloride dihydrate                  8.36E-06     2.59E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00015829-02                Promazine hydrochloride                               8.90E-06     2.71E-03
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00161419-02                TRIMETREXATE GLUCURONATE                              1.04E-05     2.93E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00159498-02                Metipranolol                                          1.22E-05     3.21E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00167487-01                BICALUTAMIDE                                          1.41E-05     3.40E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00013289-01                pridinol                                              1.91E-05     3.87E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00095256-01                QUININE ETHYL CARBONATE                               2.39E-05     4.10E-03
PFD0830w-3    NCGC00159483-02                HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SULFATE                            2.41E-05     4.10E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00168350-01,NCGC00073294-02QUINOCIDUM                                            2.49E-05     4.12E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00159424-02                TETRAMETHYLTHIURAM MONOSULFIDE                        2.50E-05     4.12E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00024778-01                Bifemelane                                            3.64E-05     4.22E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00095103-01,NCGC00015012-02ALAPROCLATE                                           4.22E-05     4.36E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00167430-01                TIOCONAZOLE                                           4.66E-05     4.51E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00016395-01                Diphenylpyraline hydrochloride                        5.39E-05     4.79E-03
PFD0830w-1    NCGC00094179-02                METHAPYRILENE HYDROCHLORIDE                           5.50E-05     4.84E-03

 Note: Highlighted are known DHFR inhibitors; Note: SNP, ID of single nucleotide polymorphism. The numbers after the '-' indicate
 SNP positions in the gene; SampleID, NCGC internal sample ID; Name, names of the drugs; P-value (raw), raw P-values; FDR, fasle
 discovery rate corrected P-values.
         ' indicate different
values; FDR, fasle

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