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INTERN TASKS FOR SPRING '05 by gegeshandong


									                        INTERN TASKS FOR Fall ‘06

Task                    Time       Due date     intern               Finished?
Monitoring Manual       3 hrs/wk   12/1/06      Tara, Alex,
                                                Whitney, Tracy
Bathymetric mapping     2hrs/wk    12/10/06     Brandon
Invert inventory        4 hr/wk    Continuous   Tracy
Past research           2-         Continuous   Alex
database                3hrs/wk
Analysis of fish        2-         11/1/06      Whitney and
trapping data           3hrs/wk                 Jannet
Collect aerial photos   1 hr/wk    12/1/06      Alex , Jannet, and
of Devereux                                     Brandon
Help create and         2—         1/1/07
implement bird          3hrs/wk
monitoring program
Maintenance of          1 hour/                 Alex, and
equipment and           wk                      Brandon
Water quality           2 hrs/wk   Cont.        All interns
Fish seining            2 hours                 Jannet and all
                        twice a                 interns
Data analysis           2 hrs/wk                Tracy
Policy research         2 hrs/wk   12/1/06      Brandon
Data base                                       Alex
Nutrient loading        3 hrs a    12/1/06      Kathy
Monitoring and          week
sampling protocol

Explanation of tasks:
Monitoring Manual: Creation of a descriptive manual detailing standardized testing and
sampling methodology. Manual will include site specific information, explanation of the
importance of collection of each parameter, data sheets, data analysis techniques etc.

Bathymetric Mapping: measurements were taken last summer of depth and surveys of
dried Devereux basin in order to create a bathymetric map. This project would entail
transferring raw data to a bathymetric map and to help design a more efficient mapping
project for next quarter

Invert Inventory: Compile comprehensive field guide for possible invert species that
may be located in Devereux for us to take in the field and help create a “tool box” for
invert sampling equipment

Past Research Database: compilation of files of data in Reserve office into one data
base so we can analyze past trends and compare to current data

Data logger: Help research and contact tech support to finally get the data logger up and
running (new parts should be ordered already)

Analysis of Fish Trapping: After we have completed a week series of fish trapping, help
to analyze data to determine most cost efficient and time efficient protocol to initiate

Collect Aerial Photos: Use library, county and Reserve resources to help compile a
packet of digital and hard aerial photos of Devereux

Bird Monitoring: Help to design a bird monitoring survey that can be given to docents
to conduct on a weekly basis

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