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Index Card Instructions


									                               Index Card Instructions
                                AP and IB English III and IV

                     (Do not lose this sheet. You will use this system all year.)

        Complete the steps that follow on a 5” x 8” note card for each novel studied this year. Be
sure to label each category, and please be neat and concise. These cards will be used as a review tool
to prepare for the AP Literature and Composition exam and the part three IB works. Additionally,
the cards may be used as a tool for class discussions, test preparation, and as preparation for
argumentative assignments throughout the course of our studies.


      Title / Author (date born-date died/where lived)
       publication date of work [original, not current edition]
      Setting—time/place/significance
      Plot Synopsis: Be brief!
      Characters: minimum three of three, maximum of five; provide a brief description of each
       with memorable or significant information regarding the character
      Major Symbols or Allusions present: list and explain significance (minimum of three)
      Distinguishing Characteristics of the work (why is this work different from others)
      Theme or main idea: [state in one declarative sentence] This statement should be
       universal and it should avoid being trite or cliché.
      A quotation that is representative of the theme of the work. Explain how the quotation
       relates to the theme.
      Personal Response: What is your reaction to the work? Be specific and insightful. You
       may wish to think in terms of how you will remember the characters, ideas, themes, symbols
       and/or how the work will have a lasting impression on understanding of yourself, society, or
       other cultures.

When preparing index cards, keep the following in mind:

           1. Cards are designed to help you review the major features of the work studied.
              Include ideas that will help you remember the work you have spent so much time
              reading and studying.
           2. Print your name in the top right hand corner of each card you prepare.
           3. Cards should be prepared on a 5”x 8” index card as these include plenty of room to
              write your ideas. You may type the information and neatly attached it to the card.
              When index cards are returned, place them with your other index cards inside your
              writing folder.
           4. Neatness is important. If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it.

**Always remember, the more effort you put into your work, the greater the reward. Therefore, it is
in your best interest to prepare these faithfully and honestly.**

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