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									       Hot off the Press
        A Golden Plains Community Hospital Publication               March 2012          Volume 3, Issue 3

 Barbie Barbour has a long history with                                           Johanna was born in Groom, Texas
 GPCH and has been with the hospital                                              and moved to Borger in 1998. She
 for a total of 32 years. She was with                                            has been married to Troy for 14 years
 the hospital before it closed and re-                                            and has 3 sons. When she is not
 turned to her position upon HCHD                                                 working, her boys keep her busy with
 taking over operations. In her years                                             their sport activities. She also enjoys
 with the hospital she has worked in                                              spending time with her family, watch-
 OB, Med. Surg., ER, OR, and currently                                            ing a good movie and room service.
 is in Day Surgery.                                                               Having 3 boys, they also do a lot of
 Barbie was born in Abilene.      She                                             camping and fishing.
 moved to Borger when she was 13 and
                                                                                  Johanna has been with GPCH for 3
 has been here ever since. Barbie has
                                                                                  years. She started in ER admission
 been married to Benny for 42 years
                                                                                  and now works in front admission.
 and has 4 children.     She has 11
                                                                                  She feels it is a great honor to have
 grandchildren and 7 great grandchil-
                                                                                  been awarded Employee of the Quar-
                                                                                  ter and is so appreciative.

Haylee Sherwood Joins Golden Plains Rehab Department
Haylee Sherwood has re-          Recognition Program since         Haylee said, “ I am excited to
turned to her hometown, Bor-     September 2010. The pro-          be returning to Borger and
ger, working as a physical       gram is designed to assist        working at Golden Plains.”
therapist at Golden Plains       rural communities in “growing     She added, “The people of
Community Hospital. Haylee       their own” health care profes-    Hutchinson County are fortu-
is the daughter of Scott and     sionals by matching commu-        nate to have a quality health-
Teri Mills and graduated from    nity funds with state funds to    care facility with caring people
Borger High in 2004. She         support a student of the com-     to meet their healthcare
received her Bachelor of Sci-    munity’s choice in a health       needs.” Haylee’s husband,
ence in Exercise and Sports      profession education pro-         Brock, who is a 2004 gradu-
Science from Texas Tech          gram.       The purpose of        ate of Panhandle High and a
University in 2007 and earned    ORSRP is to recognize, en-        2008 graduate of Abilene
her Doctorate of Physical        courage and financially sup-      Christian University is an Ed-
Therapy from Hardin Sim-         port students in health care      ward Jones financial advisor
mons University in December      professions studies at institu-   in Borger.
2011. Sherwood joined the        tions of higher education, and    Welcome back to your com-
rehab team at GPCH in Feb-       lead them to provide health       munity     Brock     and
ruary.    Haylee and GPCH        care in rural communities in      Haylee….and welcome to
have been partners in the        Texas.                            GPCH!
Outstanding Rural Scholar
                                                                                                                 Page 2
                           LDI ~ Leadership Development Institute
                           LDI was held February 14    Being proactive and em-          some oldies but goodies and
                           at the Borger Bank Adobe    bracing the fast pace of         some modern day.
                           Room. It was decorated      technology has to be the         Slingo and Angry Birds were
                           with a Valentines Day flare mind set of your company.        some of the technology based
                           and catered by Great        It is the future and it is not   games played. Some of the
    Travis Ruiz
                           Western Catering.           going away.        Facebook,     group did better than others.
    from Channel
                           Channel 7’s Social Media Twitter and Pinterest were          The meeting was adjourned
    7 News, says
                           Manager, Travis Ruiz, just some the of the social            at 3:00 with closing remarks
    Facebook is
                           spoke on the topic of ad- networks Ruiz spoke on.            from Dennis Jack.
    here to stay.
                           vancing technology and Sherry Kramer was the en-
                           the effects of social media tertainment and sang songs
                           in the work environment. with the theme of love,

                                                                                        Pam and Vickie at LDI.

   Thank you to the
   multi-talented Sherry
   Kramer for providing

   Day Surgery Girls Recognized for Outstanding Patient Care
                                             Sherry Kramer honored 3 Day Surgery Employees for their out-
                                             standing customer service for the past 12 months (2011). Not only
                                             did they get positive personal comments and their name men-
                                             tioned, they also had no complaints regarding their nursing care.
                                             Barbie Barbour, LVN was personally mentioned 12 out of 12
                                             months, Debby Gray, RN was mentioned 11 of 12, and Sammie
                                             Henslee, RN was mentioned 10 of 12. They were each awarded a
                                            Plaza gift certificate and 2 sugar cookies courtesy of Sherry! Sherry
                                            says “I am very appreciative of the level of care these girls give to
                                            each and every patient, and for their loyalty to GPCH!” Thank you
                                            for your outstanding service to your patients.

                             Here is a list of the
Your HIPPA Tippa!
                             WORST PASSWORDS
 Passwords are               1. password     2. 123456
      like                   3.12345678      4. qwerty
 toothbrushes!               5. abc123       6. monkey

  Don’t Share!               7. 1234567      8. letmein

                             9. trustno1     10. dragon
 Change Yours
  Regularly!                 Guard your information!!!
Today, February 21, it             but they will separate       sick. And then we should
started. A and R Demoli-           building materials such      think of the additional
tion brought their buckets         as roofing and brick         lives that will be touched
down onto the oldest part of       from the structural steel,   as a result of our new
the hospital and started the       and salvage the steel.       hospital        on     the
demolition. First part to go                                    hill. Change is hard, but
is the rehab gym and the           As this bittersweet part     this change is for the bet-
ER will be next. From there        of the replacement pro-      ter.
they will move around and          ject begins, I think it is
take off the single floor area     worth our time to reflect    Memorial bricks will be
of the hospital, and then the      on all the good things       available for $10 from the
section where the MRI bus          that have come out of        old building. Proceeds
parked. Then, the old respi-       the old hospital. All the    from the bricks will bene-
ratory section, pharmacy,          babies that were born,       fit the Waggoner Founda-
and so forth until they de-
molish the whole building.
                                   the lives saved in the
                                   ED, the surgeries that
                                                                tion. As the brick be-
                                                                come available, we will           From the
Much of the metal, wire and
                                   repaired broken or worn
                                   out parts and the heal-
                                                                let you know how to ac-
                                                                quire them.                      Desk of the
piping has been salvaged,          ing that occurred for the

              Come on Down, You Are the Next Contestant on
                         The PRICE is RIGHT
                            GPCH employee, Kim Charles of Pampa won a trip for two to Las Vegas for a chance to be
                            on the “Price is Right.” After losing a “Price is Right” scratch off ticket, Kim sent the ticket in
                            for a second chance to win. She and 24 other people won the trip.

                            The trip included a four day and three night stay, travel expenses, a set of show tickets, tickets
                            to “The Price is Right “ and $5000.

                            While in Las Vegas, Kim and her husband stayed at the Monte Carlo. Kim was called to con-
                            testant’s row by host Ted Newton. She did get to bid on a washer and dryer, but said “she bid
                            too low.” Kim didn’t come home empty handed though, she did win a cash prize as a result of
                            a drawing. Congratulations, Kim!!!

Aiden’s Closet…...
Borger Elks Lodge # 1581         sweetheart fund raisers.
presented Aiden’s Closet
with a $1000 check from          The funds granted by the
Special Grant Program            lodge are allocated to chil-
Allocations.                     dren 18 and younger.
                                 Golden Plains Community
Issued by Texas Elks Chil-       Hospital Woman’s Center
dren’s Services, these are       appreciates the Borger
specially allocated to           Elks Lodge funding Aiden’s
Texas Lodges based on            Closet.
performance on a state
level, along with the Lodge
                                                                                                                    Page 3
     Rehab Exercise of the
     Cat-Camel Exercise (may help de-
                                                                                         Happy Birthday
     crease lower back pain)                                                    Stacy Jones            March 08
     Start with your hands and knees on                                         Mary Booth             March 09
     the floor. Relax your head and al-        Bridget Wheeler
                                                                                Jessica Anderson       March 09
     low it to droop. Round your back up       RN ~ Day Surgery
     toward the ceiling until you feel a                                        Lindsey Newton         March 10
     nice stretch in your back. Hold this      Jennifer Burns, RN               Judy Curry             March 12
     stretch for as long as it feels com-
                                               Emergency Department             Cindy Coffelt-Whisenant March 15
     fortable (usually around 15-30 sec-
     onds). Return to the starting posi-                                        Leslie Lindsey         March 15
     tion with a flat back while you are on
                                               Haylee Sherwood
     all fours. Let your back sway by          PT ~ Rehab                       Sheree Smirl           March 16
     pressing your stomach toward the                                           Melissa Tapp           March 18
     floor. Lift your buttocks toward the      Cyndy Stanford
                                                                                Jennifer Burns         March 21
     ceiling. Hold this position for 15-30     Housekeeper
     seconds. Repeat 2-4 times.                                                 Vicky Cato             March 22
                                               Darlene Cates                    Lindsey Griswold       March 24
                                               Admissions Clerk
                                                                                Alice Preston          March 26
                                               Kellie Clawson                   Mike Giesler           March 29

The people who found
Cupids Arrow are:
                             Pot of Gold
                             Find the Pot of Gold to get
      Kim Charles            a $ 5.00 gift certificate to a            ~ MARCH REMINDERS ~
     Joann Phelps            local business in Borger.
                             You are going to need the        Don’t forget about your 15 minute massage once
    Monica Coburn            luck of the Irish to find this   a quarter!
      Darla Wilson           pot of gold. Call Dana
                             Cook at extension 5730 if            National Nutrition Month ~ American Dietetic
    Debbie Forseth           you think you have found             Association ~
    Kelly Chisholm
                                                              Save your Vision Month ~ If you are in
     Sherry Kramer
                                                              need of a new pair of glasses, don’t forget
     Melissa Brown                                            to donate your old ones to the Lions Club.
    Georgia Hughes                                                 March 11 ~ Daylight Saving Time
      Amber Hall
                                                              March 17 ~ St. Patrick's Day
    Johanna Preas
                                 Year Of Service
                                    Casey Young                    March 20 ~ First Day of Spring “YEAH”
   And the winner is:
                                   1 year Service
    Congratulations                                           March 27 ~ American Diabetes Alert Day!
                                   Security Guard
    Georgia Hughes

“Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Harold R. McAlindon

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