Reporting Plan by gegeshandong


									                                       Reporting Plan

On the left, write down every question you can think of, including readers’
questions, as well as any you brainstormed with your writers group. Then on the
right, write down every source you want answers from. You’ll sometimes find that
you identify sources and/or questions you hadn’t thought of. This is an efficient way
to keep track of what you know and what you need to know, as well as guaranteeing
that you touch all bases and produce a story that is fair, accurate and complete.

The following example is based on a news item about kids squirting bleach onto
neighborhood people and property with Super Soakers.

Beginning With Questions                        Beginning with sources

How do you feel this is an invasion of privacy? Parent of Facebook Student

                                                Student Who Has Been Affected by
                                                Facebook Raids.
How are these searches conducted?               Vice Principal Barbara Manfredi

                                            Principal Steffner
How has students being involved in Facebook Student with Facebook Profile?
hurt their academics?
                                            Mrs. McGill, Parent and Teacher
Is the website a bad idea?                  Miss Manfredi

                                                Mrs. Steffner
How do students benefit from Facebook?          Mrs. McGill

                                                Parent of Student with Profile
How are administrators informed of any          Mrs. Steffner
misconduct on the site?
                                                Miss Manfredi
How do you think it differs from younger        Miss Manfredi
students with profiles from those who are
older?                                          Mrs. Steffner
How have students gotten in trouble from        Law enforcement officials
How do you feel that you’ve benefited from      Student
having a profile?

What is it that attracts you to the site?       Student
From Chip Scanlan’s NewsU Course: Writers@Work, Summer 2008.

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