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As pointed out in free report Easy Affiliate Money, one of the key
differences between a successful affiliate and a struggling affiliate is:

“ Super affiliates take action towards their goals. Struggling affiliates
often procrastinate. They spend too much time overeducating or surfing
web to find the ‘holy grail’. They don’t spend enough time on implementing
what they learnt and don’t have enough patience. They quit just before they
can see results.

Super affiliates are usually prepared to fail fast and often, learning from
their mistakes, rather than not making any progress at all.

If you are still a struggling affiliate just because you procrastinate too much,
you must train yourself to stop procrastinating. Last year Eben Pagan – the
29$ million dollar a year guy - released a very good course called as “Wake
Up Productive” teaching people how to boost their productivity five times. I
highly recommend this course. However it’s sold out and its price is 1997$
so most of you might not be able to afford it. But no worry, I’ll give you
some free courses to help you boost your productivity very soon. “

So it’s important that you MUST set for yourself a schedule and follow
your schedule strictly to make money online.

Really, if you want to quit your job soon, please take this online business
serious. You can do it part-time first, and then after you see some results, you

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can think about quitting your job.

A typical day of mine look like this:
Morning: Wake up at 9am. Have coffee. Work on creating a free offer/list
building for 1-2 hour. Have lunch.
Afternoon: Work for another 1 hour. Discuss over Skype with my
freelancers. Answer my emails.

That’s it. Evening is for family. Five-figure a month. Not a bad life, right?

Here is my advice: Don’t procrastinate. Don’t browse forums. Close your
facebook/instant messengers when you work. Get the right education. Take

Ok, I’m going to set out a plan for you to follow in this workbook. I hope
you can see the potential of this business and start taking action.

Week 1: The Beginning
Step 1: Set Your Income Goal (be realistic, let say $1000/m after 3 months
working part-time).

Step 2: Choose your market/niche to work on. Please read my main guide to
know how to pick a good market.
Here’s what I recommend: diet/fitness, make money online,
dating/relationships niches, self-help, security software

Step 3: Browse through Clickbank’s marketplace to see what are the best

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selling products … get familiar with Clickbank and Paydotcom… get
familiar with the products. Ask for a review copy or search on Google to see
what others talk about the products.

Week 2: List building
Step 4: Create a free offer using PLR products, or combine PLR articles to
create a report.
2 resources:
or Warrior Special Offer Forum:

Step 5: Sign up for an email software provider such as GetResponse , Aweber
and Icontact .

Step 6: Create your squeeze page. Link your squeeze page to your email
software. Please refer to my guide.

Week 3: Traffic Generation
Step 7: Drive traffic to your squeeze page using different techniques. Please
refer to my guide.
Repeat this step every day. Traffic is the backbone of your business.

Step 8: Send out emails to your email list. Make money.
Make sure you only send valuable offers/information to your list.

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Step 9: Build a good relationship with your list.
Answer your subscribers’ emails. Send them bonuses and free tips/advices.

Remember, when you have a list, each subscriber in your list can make you

So to make 1000$/m, first you need to build a list of 1,000 subscribers at

However, your list doesn’t guarantee your income. You must take care of
your list, build a good relationship with your list and learn how to beat
the competition using the advanced techniques mentioned in my main

Again, I must emphasize: MAKING MONEY ONLINE IS EASY.

Of course I want to help you make more money. Because when you have
more money, you can buy some more stuffs from me ;)

No, I’m not that evil;). Really, I really care for your success.

To your success,
Paul Walker

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