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					Geographic Information Systems

Mission Statement:                                               Completed the ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 installation
To provide an outstanding level of service, quality               which allows more capabilities for integration
products and innovative solutions to those we serve.              and web development.
Through       teamwork,      professionalism     and             Performed pilot projects using GPS data
responsibility, we strive to meet and exceed the                  collection/GIS Database integration for Noxious
expectations of our customers, building an                        Weeds, Sign Inventory and Soil Testing Sites.
environment that promotes long-term relationships                Built two prototype GIS web applications for
and creates value for our clients, our employees and              CDA and the Elections office.
citizens of Nevada County.                                       Made updated, high resolution aerial photos
                                                                  available to County staff.
                                                                 Voter address database (DIMS) cleaned up
Service Description:                                              resulting in integration capabilities between
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS)                          DIMS and GIS.
Division is responsible for the support and/or
maintenance of the County’s geographic base map.              Objectives & Performance Measures
This division provides mapping and analysis support           for 2010-11
for County departments, outside agencies and the
public. GIS is the public’s portal access to                  Objective:
geographically referenced data for all County                 Provide timely and accurate data for County road
departments, with links to other county systems. The          and address databases.
services to the public include an internet application        Performance Measures:
that allows access by outside agencies, developers,
                                                               75% of unmatched addresses from AT&T will
homeowners, and other to parcel based information.
                                                                  be identified, submitted for correction and
GIS provides information to members of the public
                                                                  updated in the CityWatch reverse 911 system.
over the Internet that is not easily obtainable
                                                               Road and address range data will be available
                                                                  within two months of notification.

Major Accomplishments in 2009-10:                             Objective:
   Coordinated development of countywide Road                Enhance base map to provide reliable GIS data.
    Naming Standards and Guidelines that were                 Performance Measures:
    adopted by the County, Grass Valley and                    25% of data layers which represents the County
    Nevada City.                                                 base map will be migrated to the enterprise
   Provided support for upgrade of the CityWatch                GeoDatabase with metadata.
    reverse 911 application including current                  Update parcel layer at least every six months.
    address/phone number data.                                 100% of parcel-based topology errors will be
   Provided data for state and federal broadband                resolved in the Zoning and General Plan layers.
    grant applications.                                        Update Tax Rate Area Layer annually.
   Implemented self-service phone tree for the                50% of tax-based districts will be reconciled
    Public to expedite routing and callbacks for GIS-            with parcel boundaries.
    related inquiries.
   Base map data on a regular maintenance plan               Objective:
    available to download from GIS website for                Create a collaborative environment where
    free.                                                     departments share in the responsibility for
                                                              maintaining accurate GIS Data.
   Provided analysis and mapping support for the
    May 2009 election and Mandatory Curbside                  Performance Measures:
    Recycling and Waste Program.                               100% of GIS users will be updated to newer
                                                                 supported technology.

             NEVADA COUNTY BUDGET 2010-11                ##
Geographic Information Systems
    Department power users will be identified and
     ArcGIS Desktop training will be provided to

Provide easy access to County data through a GIS
Performance Measures
 GIS web application to replace existing
    “Internet” Interactive Parcel Map will be
    available to the Public 24/7.
 GIS web application to replace existing
    “Intranet” Interactive Parcel Map will be
    available to all County staff.
 Parcel data such as owner names and mailing
    addresses will be transferred nightly and made
    available through GIS interfaces.

Review and improve business processes and
establish data standards and transfer mechanisms.
Performance Measures
 GIS Data Distribution Resolution will be
    updated and recommended to the Board of
 Parcel layer update process improvements will
    be identified and automated to reduce time to
    update by 4 hours.

Service Budget Unit Code   - 11008
Office/Department          - Information and General Services
Major Service Area         - General Government/Finance

                NEVADA COUNTY BUDGET 2010-11                    ##

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