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					Environmental Studies
                                                              Environmentally-based courses offered by           Chemistry 173. Atmospheric Chemistry

 l   Environmental
 OFFICE: 2073 Humanities and Social Sciences
                                                           UCSD departments fall into two categories:
                                                           applicable and petitionable. Applicable courses
                                                           are those which have been approved as always
                                                           applying to the ENVR minor. Petitionable courses
                                                                                                                 Earth Sciences 10. The Earth
                                                                                                                 Earth Sciences 12. History of Earth and Evolution
                                                                                                                 Earth Sciences 20. The Atmosphere
                                                                                                                 Earth Sciences 30. The Oceans
                                                           (identified by a # sign below) are either new and     #Earth Sciences 101. Introduction to Earth and
 Building, Muir College, (858) 534-3589
                                                           therefore not yet approved as applicable or are          Environmental Science
                                                           “topics” courses which focus on environmental         Environmental Studies 102. Selected Topics in
                                                           matters only in particular quarters. Petitionable        Environmental Studies (when taught from a
 Faculty                                                   courses may be approved by petition to the               natural sciences perspective)
                                                           minor during the quarters in which they appear        Environmental Systems 101. The Living Earth
 Georgios H. Anagnostopoulos, Ph.D., Professor,
                                                           in the ENVR quarterly lists.                          Environmental Systems 150. Environmental Perils
                                                                                                                 MAE 118A. Energy: Non-Nuclear Energy
 Richard T. Carson, Jr., Ph.D., Professor, Economics
 Pao C. Chau, Ph.D, Professor, MAE                         Quarterly Lists
 John Granger, Ph.D., Lecturer, Literature                                                                       Physics 12. Energy and the Environment
 Susan Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Literature                                                                            Science, Technology, Public Affairs 35. Society
                                                              Each quarter, when the upcoming quarter’s             and the Sea
 James J. Moore, Ph.D., Associate Professor,               Schedule of Classes is published, the Environ-
    Anthropology                                           mental Studies quarterly list is available in 2073    Group B—Social Sciences/Humanities
 Keith Pezzoli, Ph.D., Lecturer, Director/Field Studies,
                                                           HSS and at the Web site. It is an important, com-
    Urban Studies and Planning                                                                                   Anthropology GN 182. Origins of Agriculture and
                                                           prehensive source of information about ENVR
 Mark J. Spalding, J.D., Lecturer, IRPS                                                                            Sedentism (was ANGN 100)
                                                           course offerings as well as those from depart-
 Shirley Strum, Ph.D., Professor, Anthropology                                                                   Anthropology GN 160. Nature, Culture and
                                                           ments throughout the campus. It identifies appli-
 David Woodruff, Ph.D., Professor, Biology—                                                                         Environmentalism
    Ecology, Behavior and Evolution                        cable as well as petitionable courses for a given
                                                           quarter. For reference, the office and the Web site   #Anthropology GN 163. Technical Revolutions
                                                           maintain archives of quarterly lists.                    and Evolution
 Minor in                                                  The minor is structured as follows:
                                                                                                                 Anthropology BI 132. Conservation and the
 Environmental Studies                                                                                              Human Predicament (cross-listed with BIEB 176)
                                                              Required:                                          Communication CUL 148. Communication and
    The minor addresses the scientific, technical,             Environmental Studies 30, usually offered            the Environment
 social, and cultural issues raised by the conflict-           in the fall quarter.                              #Communication CUL 175. Advanced Topics in
 ing needs of the worldwide complex of prein-                  Environmental Studies 130, usually offered           Communication: Culture
 dustrial, industrial, and postindustrial societies.           in the spring quarter (need not be taken          Economics 131. Economics of the Environment
    Some of the courses related to the minor, par-             consecutively).                                   Economics 132. Energy Economics
 ticularly those in Group A, have significant pre-            Required:                                          Economics 145. Economics of Ocean Resources
 requisites; students planning an Environmental                Five additional courses, at least four in the     Environmental Studies 102. Selected Topics in
                                                               upper-division, from the following two               Environmental Studies (when taught from a
 Studies minor should check catalog course
                                                               groups. At least one course must be taken            humanities/social sciences perspective)
 descriptions carefully. Some credit toward the
                                                               from Group A and one from Group B.                Environmental Studies 110. Environmental Law
 minor may be gained through independent
                                                                                                                 #History SC 100. Understanding the Earth/
 study, field research, study abroad, the Academic
                                                           Group A—Natural Sciences                                 Historical Topics
 Internship Program, and others (prior approval
                                                           Biology LD 3. Organismic and Evolutionary             #History SC 104. History of Popular Science
 strongly recommended). Petitions for petition-
                                                              Biology                                            History SC 105A. History of Environmentalism:
 able courses, transfer courses, and individual
                                                           Biology EB 120. General Ecology                          Ecology
 additions to the courses listed below must be
                                                           Biology EB 121. General Ecology Laboratory            History SC 105B. History of Environmentalism:
 approved by the chair of the Environmental
                                                           Biology EB 130. Introductory Marine Ecology              Physical Systems
 Studies Steering Committee. For updates, indi-
                                                           Biology EB 140. Biodiversity                          #History TO 121. Geographic Information
 vidual advising, and quarterly lists, please come
                                                           Biology EB 176. Conservation and the Human               Systems for Historians and Social Scientists
 to the Environmental Studies Office: Muir                                                                       #History US 114. California History
 Interdisciplinary Studies, 2073 HSS, mail                    Predicament (cross-listed with ANBI 132)
                                                           Biology EB 178. Principles of Conservation            #History US 117. History of Los Angeles
 code 0106, phone (858) 534-3589.                                                                                History US 137. The Built Environment in the
                                                           Biology EB 179. Conservation Biology Laboratory          Twentieth Century
 Applicable and                                            Chemistry 15. Chemistry of the Universe               History US 154. Western Environmental History
 Petitionable Courses                                      Chemistry 149A. Environmental Chemistry                  (cross-listed with USP 160)
                                                           Chemistry 149B. Environmental Chemistry               #History US 162. American West
                                                                                                                 #IRPS GN 257. Policy Analysis

#IRPS GN 290/490. Special Topics in Pacific                         COURSES
   International Affairs
IRPS GN 458. International Environmental Policy   30. Environmental Issues: Natural Sciences (4)
                                                  Examines global and regional environmental issues.
IRPS GN 459. Conflict Resolution of               The approach is to consider the scientific basis for pol-
   Environmental Issues                           icy options. Simple principles of chemistry and biology
#Literature EN 147. Metamorphoses of the          are introduced. The scope of problems include: air and
                                                  water pollution, climate modification, solid-waste dis-
   Symbol                                         posal, hazardous-waste treatment, and environmental
#Literature EN 148. Genres in English and         impact assessment. Prerequisite: none.
   American Literature
                                                  90. Undergraduate Seminar (1)
#Literature EN 149. Themes/English and            Provides an introduction to environmental studies.
   American Literature                            Faculty members from departments in natural sci-
                                                  ences, social sciences, and humanities offer perspec-
#Literature GN 160. Specialized Genres in         tives on human interaction with the environment and
   Literature                                     the ways in which the interplay between nature and
#Literature WR 122. Writing for the Sciences      culture can be analyzed. May be repeated for credit as
                                                  topics vary.
  #Literature WR 127. General Nonfiction Prose
   Workshop                                       102. Selected Topics in Environmental Studies (4)
#Literature WR 142. Forms of Written Discourse    An interdisciplinary course focusing on one of a vari-
                                                  ety of topics related to environmental studies such as
Philosophy 148. Philosophy and the                environmental policy and politics, foreign study in
   Environment                                    environmental problems, environmental history,
Philosophy 164. Technology and Human Values       nature writers, ethics and the environment. May be
                                                  repeated for credit as topics vary. Prerequisite: upper-
#Political Science 154. Special Topics in         division standing or consent of instructor.
   International Relations
                                                  110. Environmental Law (4)
Political Science 162. Environmental Policy       Explores environmental policy in the United States
#Sociology D 185. Globalization and Social        and the ways in which it is reflected in law. The social
   Development                                    and political issues addressed include environmental
                                                  justice and environmental racism, as well as the role of
Urban Studies & Planning 2. Urban World System    government in implementing environmental law.
Urban Studies & Planning 105. Environmental       Prerequisite: upper-division standing or consent of
   and Urban Planning Problems: The U.S.-         instructor.
   Mexico Border                                  130. Environmental Issues: Social Sciences (4)
Urban Studies & Planning 124. Land Use Planning   Explores contemporary environmental issues from the
                                                  perspective of the social sciences. It includes the cul-
Urban Studies & Planning 144. Environmental       tural framing of environmental issues and appropriate
   and Preventive Health Issues                   social action, the analysis of economic incentives and
Urban Studies & Planning 160. Western             constraints, and a comparison of policy approaches.
                                                  Prerequisite: upper-division standing or consent of
   Environmental History (cross-listed with       instructor.
   HIUS 154)
Urban Studies & Planning 171. Sustainable         198. Directed Group Study (4)
                                                  Directed group research and study, normally with a
   Development                                    focus on areas not otherwise covered in the curricu-
Urban Studies & Planning 175. Environmental       lum. Prerequisite: upper-division standing or consent of
                                                  instructor. Department stamp required.
   Problems of Urban Studies
#Visual Arts 107G. Earthworks to Ecological Art   500. Apprentice Teaching in Environmental Studies (4)
#Visual Arts 131. Special Projects in Media       A course in which taching assistants are aided in learn-
                                                  ing proper teaching methods by means of supervision
#These courses satisfy minor requirements only    of their work by the faculty: handling of discussions,
when taught with an emphasis on environmen-       preparation and grading of examinations and other
                                                  wirtten exercises, and student relations. Prerequisite:
tal considerations. They must be petitioned for   graduate standing.
minor credit.


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