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									                                  DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING
                                                             PROJECT GROUP REGISTRATION

                                Group Members Names                                                McGill ID                   Course Number                         Date

                     LAST NAME                                   FIRST NAME(s)                                                    474 or 476

1   Atie                                             Mark                                                       260211913                      474 Sept 16th, 2009

2   Elachkar                                         David                                                     260211064                       474 Sept 16th, 2009

3   Foucher                                          Simon                                                      260223197                      474 Sept 16th, 2009

4   Hochar                                           Mia Maria                                                  260216329                      474 Sept 16th, 2009



    The minimum group size is 2.                                                     Please email ONE form from your lab group by 2009-SEP-18
                                                                                     at the latest.

                                                                                      PROJECT TITLE
    Implementing new functionnalities in the GINI system

     INITIAL PROJECT DESCRIPTION (A short paragraph please) or email an attachment (Office 2003) with this form.

    We are proposing to enhance the GINI platform, already in use as a supplement for COMP535.


    Tasks involved:

           Give the routers/switches terminals CLI a IOS personality (taking the IOS syntax and developing a parser using yacc/lex)

           Hosting GINI on the cloud so that it doesn't need any installation; one can simply run the GUI front end

           Improving the GINI router by adding more functions

    PROJECT SUPERVISOR(s):                                                           Muthucumaru Maheswaran

    Supervisor(s)' email                                                   

    PROJECT NUMBER (to be assigned by the course administrator after registration): _______________________________________

    klf 2009-SEP-04 Project_Group_REGFORM.xls V3.0

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