Empathic Bodies_ Moral Brains_ Complex Science September 15

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					         Empathic Bodies, Moral Brains, Complex Science
                                  September 15, 2011

Morning Program: Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten, Domplein 4

10.00 – 10.10     Welcome. ‘In memoriam’ Paul Cilliers: prof dr. H. Alma

10.10 - 11.10     Keynote Lecture by Frans de Waal: Morality Before Religion: Empathy,
                  Fairness and Prosocial Primates

11.10 – 11.30     Discussion

11.30 - 11.50     Coffee break

11.50 - 12.30     Lecture by Harry Kunneman: Hermeneutic Naturalism: Exploring the
                  new Middle Ground between the Sciences and the Humanities

12.30 – 13.00     Concluding Discussion

13.00 – 14.00     Lunch at the University of Humanistic Studies

14.00 – 15.15     First round of workshops:

      From Kant to de Waal: what about the Autonomy of Reason? Central Lecture by
       prof. dr. J. Dohmen (UvH) Discussant: prof. dr. R. Kaulingfreks (UVH and
       University of Leicester)
      Ethics of Care and Third Generation Ethology . Looking away from what needs to be
       done. Central Lecture by prof. dr. F. Vosman (Tilburg University & UvH)
       Discussant: prof. dr. J. Duyndam (UvH)
      Ethics and Politics in Genomics Research . Central Lecture by prof. dr. G.
       Ruivenkamp (Wageningen University) Discussant: prof. dr P. Derkx (UvH)

15.15. – 15.45       Tea break

15.45 – 17.00        Second Round of Workshops:

      The Objectivity of Values and the Value of Objectivity. Nature/Nurture Reunion in
       Post-Neo-Darwinian Biology. Central lecture by prof. dr. D. Kornet (Leiden
       University) Discussant: dr. C. Pieters (UvH)
      Empathy is not Enough; Morality and Mixed Motivation. Central Lecture by Prof.
       Dr. C. van der Weele (Wageningen University) Discussant: dr. F. Suarez
      Toward an Embodied View on Psychopathology in Mental Healthcare. Central
       Lecture by Prof. dr. G. Glas, Free University, Amsterdam Discussant: dr. C.
       Anbeek (UvH)

17.00 – 18.00        Drinks

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