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									           Official Magazine of the Embassy of Angola to the USA   • Fall‑Winter 2011

    President Barack Obama
    accepted credentials from new
    Angolan Ambassador to the U.S.

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Angola                          Miss Universe
                                                                      Got Talent!
assumed the Presidency
of SADC          Page 15        Is Angolan                Page 41
                                                                      Basketball Female National Team in
                                                                      London Olympics in 2012 Page 51
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President                          Página 27

Barack Obama
accepted credentials
from new Angolan                                     Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf,                                                                         Miss Universe 2011
Ambassador to the US                                 President of Liberia,
                                                     2011 Nobel Peace Prize,
                                                                                                                                                    is ANGOLAN!  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
                                                                                                                                                    Miss Angola 2011 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
                                                     visited Angola  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                 12
                                                                                                                                                    Miss Universe 2011  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                   41
                                                     Dilma Rousseff, President
                                                     of Brazil, visited Angola  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                 14     Died André Mingas  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                    44
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                                                 31ª SADC Summit  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                       15     Promoting the Image
 Official Magazine                                                                                                                                  of the Country  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                        45
                                               State of the Nation  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 18 >                               26
 Embassy of Angola                                                                                                                                  Knowledge an important step
                                                                     Opening speech at                                                              in life!  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   46
 to the USA                                                          the Fourth Session of
 Fall‑Winter 2011                                                    the Legislative National                                                       UN Day celebrated at
 Director                                                            Assembly delivered by His                                                      ONENESS‑FAMILY SCHOOL
 Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro                                      Excellency President José                                                      in Maryland  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                  46
 Ambassador of the Repubic of Angola                                 Eduardo dos Santos .  .  .  .  .  .                                     18     U.S. Partners bade farewell
 to the USA                                                                                                                                         to outgoing Ambassador
                                               Diplomatic Activity  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 27 >                                  35
 Editor                                                                                                                                             of Angola  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .              47
 Laurinda Santos
                                                 National Prayer Breakfast  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                        27
                                                                                                                                                    Angola participated
 Press Attaché USA Angolan Embassy               TAAG acquired two aircraft
                                                                                                                                                    at the 2011 U.S. – Africa
 Photos                                          type 777 ‑ 300ER from Boeing .  .  .  .  .  .                                               28
 Press Office Archive & Angop
                                                                                                                                                    Business Summit  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                48
                                                 Angolan parliamentary
 Rights Reserved                                                                                                                                    Angolan woman entrepreneur
                                                 delegation visited the United
 Designer                                                                                                                                           honored in Washington, D .C .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                                   50
                                                 States of America .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                   30
 António Salsinha                                                                                                                                   Mwangolé‑Night  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                 50                         President Barack Obama
                                                 accepted credencials                                                                             Sports  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 51 >           53
                                                 from the New Angolan                                                                               Angola did well and Scored!
 Tim McClellan – Strategic Print Solutions                                                                                                          We Won!  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .             51
                                                 Ambassador to the U .S  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                               31
 President Barack Obama accepted                 66ª Annual UN Session  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                33
 credentials from new Angolan                    Minister of Foreign Affairs
 Ambassador to the US                            led the Angolan delegation
 Embassy of the Republic of Angola               at the United Nations
 to the U.S.                                     General Assembly  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                      33
 2100‑2108 16th Street
 N.W. Washington, DC 20009                     National Reconstruction  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 36 >                                          38
 Ph: (202) 785‑1156                                                                             New Kilamba
 Fax: (202) 785‑1258 / 822‑9049                                                                 Kiaxi City will
 Email:                                                                       have 20 .000                                      Know Angola .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 54 > 55                                                                                 homes until                                         Malanje ‑ Kalandula Water Falls,
                                                                                                2012  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     36     a delight Paradise  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 54

                                                                                                                                                                                         Fall-Winter 2011 >               Imbondeiro                     > 3
                                        Dear Readers,

                                        T  he year 2011 is about to end.The Angolan government continued a series of
                                           achievements and projects, in order to improve the life of our people, for the
                                        development of our country and greater assertiveness in the international arena.
                                        Angola is developing at a rapid pace, despite the difficulties inherent in any
                                        process of socio‑economic development, in a post‑conflict country.
                                        Enjoying peace there are nine years, we can say that the Republic of Angola, got
                                        the place it deserves in the world, and today the Angolan people, who every day
                                        feel the wounds healing, with a smile can say “Yes we can”, despite the many
                                        challenges and difficulties.
                                        We learned how to “create love without tears” as the great poet of our mother
                                        land wrote, Agostinho Neto, Angola’s first president, and with feet firmly we walk
                                        towards the progress in this globalized world. Each year, we approved a further
                                        package of measures to accelerate the growth of the Angolan economy.
                                        “This is a remarkable effort of management that sets goals, makes it easier
                                        to monitor and deal with it responsibility. The same measures are being
                                        implemented as in its original and we are sure, that it will increase the efficiency
                                        of government machinery”, I quote the Chief of the Executive in his speech on
                                        the State of the Nation.
                                        Angola moves forward, breaking down its barriers. Indeed we are!
                                        Last October we assisted the opening of the Fourth Legislative Session of the
                                        Second Legislature of the National Assembly.
                                        His Excellency, President José Eduardo dos Santos, delivered his second speech
                                        on the State of the Nation, which addressed questions about our current national
                                        situation and the suggestions and proposals of the Executive on the future of our
                                        country, “task made easier because the country is heading”, said.
                                        This path is clearly defined in our strategy for Long Term Development, known
                                        as “Angola 2025”, which exposes and explains the objectives that constitute our
                                        national ambition and can be summarized as guarantor of unity and national
                                        cohesion, promoting peace and proud of being Angolans.
                                        As Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to the United States of America, I
                                        present you the fourth edition of “Imbondeiro”, your magazine, which is a brief
                                        portrait of the main political, socio‑economic and cultural Angola.
                                        Featured in this issue the opening speech of the Fourth Legislative Session of the
                                        Second Legislature at the National Assembly by the Chief of the Executive, the
                                        progress achieved in various sectors of national life.
                                        Angolan women for the first time made an achievement in sports and beyond; the
                                        most beautiful woman in the world “Miss Universe 2011” is an Angolan.
                                        From Luanda to Malange, who does not feel delighted to admire the Kalandula
                                        Do not miss the trip and see our beautiful country, Angola!
                                        Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro

                                        Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador
                                        of the Republic of Angola to the USA

4 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                Angola News Briefing
of electricity                                  Adão de Almeida confident
system depends on                               in achieving the objectives
global investment                               in relation to voter registration
                                                                                          with reference to the work of voter
                                                                                          registration which is being developed
                                                                                          in the country and particularly in
                                                                                          Huambo province .
                                                                                          “In the province of Huambo, it is
                                                                                          clear that we still have much work
                                                                                          ahead, we must increase the size of
                                                                                          reader’s mobilization but from what
                                                                                          we have found very high levels of

                                                T    he Deputy Minister of Territorial    mobilization and daily productivity
                                                     Administration, Adão de Almeida,     also acceptable,” he said .
                                                expressed confidence in achieving         In terms of breakdowns that are

T   he secretary of State for Energy, João
    Baptista Borges, affirmed in Luanda,
that improvement of the country’s
                                                the objectives in relation to voter
                                                registration . Adão de Almeida made
                                                this statement while speaking to
                                                                                          entered into the recording equipment,
                                                                                          he stressed that this process is
                                                                                          normal, since they are overcome
electricity system depends on global            journalists at the end of his three‑day   without paralyzing the work .
investment in the sector .                      visit to observe the process of
                                                updating the voter registration in the    In this regard, he appealed to
Speakint at the program “Espaço Público”                                                  Angolans of voting age who have not
                                                province of Huambo .
from the Angola Public Television (TPA),                                                  updated their records in order not to
the official stated that more investment        Made known that about one million         leave the last day, since a little time
is necessary in the system of production,       and 16,000 voters were registered         and there are many brigades available
transport and distribution of electricity, in   from July 29 until last week of           in various parts of the country .
order to increase quality and regularize        September in all the country, a figure
                                                                                          On the last day of his visit to
the supply of the product to the                that represents 20 percent of the
                                                                                          Huambo province, de Almeida, visited
population .                                    national goal to be achieved, which
                                                                                          the brigades of electoral locales
                                                is eight million voters . “We have a
João Baptista Borges explained that not                                                   Casseuque, Belo Horizonte and the
                                                level of daily output above 50 a 55
every electricity problem in the country                                                  Upper Town, both in the municipality
                                                thousand records .”
is related with the production capacity,                                                  where the provincial capital .
but also with the bad state of the              He added that the pace of work that
                                                                                          During his visit, the head of MAT also
transportation and distribution network .       today we have gives more guarantees,
                                                                                          learned about the functioning of the
                                                in the province of Huambo and in
The secretary of State for Energy                                                         electoral registration process in the
                                                particular with regard to national data
stressed that the country is making big                                                   municipalities of Caála and Bailundo,
                                                that is collected .
investment in the areas of production,                                                    where he also met with students,
transportation and distribution of              The vice‑minister of Territorial          teachers, traditional authorities and
energy, aimed to improve supply to the          Administration said it was positive       the general population . v
population . v

    The nominal value of GDP at 9.8 billion kwanza, a real growth rate
    of 12.8 percent, divided by 13.4 percent for the oil sector
    and 12.5 percent for the non‑oil sector

                                                                                                         Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 5
Angola News Briefing

                                                                                        Head of State
  Oil production encrypted curretenly                                                   inaugurated first
  in 1,7 million barrels/day                                                            phase of University
                                              the history in the country dates back
                                              more than a century (1910) .
                                              In this context and making an
                                              incursion into the past, said the first
                                              commercial production in onshore
                                              Congo Basin took place in the
                                              Reservoir Benfica in 1955, indicating
                                              that there was oil in exploitable
                                              quantities and that research work and
                                              production could continue .               A    ngolan president José Eduardo dos
                                                                                             Santos inaugurated the furst phase
                                                                                        of Luanda’s University campus, located at
                                              In 1966, he recalled, was discovered      Kilamba Kiaxi district .
  Botelho de Vasconcelos, Minister of Oil .   offshore of Cabinda, the first major
                                                                                        Accompanied by the First Lady, Ana
  O    il production in Angola has            deposit of Angola, for Cabinda Gulf
                                                                                        Paula dos Santos, vice‑president,
       now reached a daily average            Oil Company, and from this date,
                                                                                        Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos,
  of one million and 750 million              with the aim of enhancing vigorously
                                                                                        president of Constitutional Court, Rui
  barrels, representing a progressive         search for oil in Angola, they divided
                                                                                        Ferreira, among other individualities, the
  increase of ten times more in the           up the areas offshore and onshore
                                                                                        Head of State also visited two libraries
  post‑independence, compared to the          blocks up and negotiated contracts
                                                                                        and the chemistry laboratory .
  year 1975 (when the independence            with several firms .
                                                                                        During the visit, the president was
  was achieved), which produced 173           In the period following independence,     briefed on the conclusion of the work at
  thousand barrels per day .                  continued the minister, the legal         the most modern urban project in the
  The information was provided by             framework and structure of oil            country .
  the head of the sector, Botelho de          changed significantly, with the           According to the minister of Urbanization
  Vasconcelos, while speaking at the          creation of Sonangol, as exclusive        and Construction, Fernando Fonseca,
  conference on “Arbitration in Oil”, as      licensee in 1976 and the publication      $US 190 million was earmarked for its
  part of the academic program of the         of Law 13/78 (Petroleum Act) .            construction .
  third postgraduate course in law of         “The policies and strategies              Expected to start in 2012, the institution,
  oil and gas, at the Faculty of Law,         established in 1980, based on intense     with a capacity to accommodate
  Agostinho Neto University (UAN) .           research activity, have revealed a        2,200 students, will run courses of
  According to the minister, currently        large number of deposits, and most        mathematics, chemistry, physics and
  the major challenges in the field           of them in production,” said Botelho      computing science .
  of oil drilling and production are          de Vasconcelos, congratulating the        The infrastructure consists of five
  located in the sea, ultra deep              Faculty of Law for the noble initiative   buildings for the respective college
  and, very recently, in the pre‑salt,        to promote, for some years, the           as well as networks of drinking water
  highlighting major development              course of postgraduate training in the    treatment and electricity installed .
  projects such as the Paz Flor, Grande       area . v
                                                                                        During the first phase of the project was
  Plutónio and Angola LNG .                                                             built a dining hall, facilities for banks,
  “The success in the field of oil that                                                 shops, residential complex for faculty
  makes every Angolan be proud, is                                                      and staff, gym, teaching laboratories and
  due to the high potential of the                                                      research, among other structures .
  reserves, the existing technical and                                                  The second phase, scheduled to start
  financial capacity available, and                                                     in 2012, will mark the construction of
  above all, a good human resource                                                      the faculties of engineering, medicine,
  management”, added, noting that                                                       university of health science and a
                                                                                        university hospital . v

6 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                   Angola News Briefing

Press attachés and media advisors participated
at the Seventh annual methodological meeting
November 28‑29, 2011

  P    ress officers from the various
       diplomatic and consular missions,
  permanent missions at the UN, and
                                                one, the sixth. Discussed were also
                                                issues concerning the promotion
                                                of Angola abroad to strengthening
  the press advisors of different public        Angolan foreign policy, and provided
  sectors, participated in Luanda, in its       information related to the process
  VII annual methodological meeting,            of updating the voter registration
  under the guidance of the Minister            underway in the entire country.
  of Social Communications, Carolina            The regulation of the activity of
  Cerqueira.                                    press officers and their functional         Ritz Hotel, Waco‑Kungo.

                                                dependence were among other
                                                                                            Public Television (TPA) at Camama
                                                methodological issues that guided
                                                                                            outskirts of the city of Luanda. In the
                                                the meeting. The minister of Social
                                                                                            city of N’Dalatando, Kwanza‑Norte
                                                Communications spoke about the role         province, the press officers at
                                                of the press officers, under the new        a meeting with the provincial
                                                challenges and strategies.                  Governor Henrique Manuel Júnior,
                                                                                            were informed about the national
                                                                                            reconstruction efforts in the city
  Opening ceremony.                                                                         of N’Dalatando and encouraged to
                                                                                            publicize it, to attract more foreign
  The minister, which opened the
                                                                                            investment, and visited the new
  event, hoped the meeting would
                                                                                            headquarters of the government,
  be constructive and educational,
                                                                                            the plant of reception and bottling
  capable of enriching the reflection
                                                                                            of natural water “Cristalis”, the new
  that the sector carries through for
                                                                                            rehabilitated airport, the offices of
  the improvement and efficiency of its                                                     the public media enterprises, RNA,
  services.                                     Waco‑Kungo, Cela municipality, Kwanza‑Sul   TPA and Edições Novembro, under
  The meeting that last two days                province.
                                                                                            construction from scratch.
  assessed the methodological                                                               Participated at the meeting, held one
                                                Information on the status of press,
  recommendations of the previous                                                           of the hotels in Luanda, the CEOs of
                                                the role of the Office for Revitalizing
                                                the Institutional Communication             national public media enterprises,
                                                Management (Grecia) and its                 information executive administrators
                                                connection with the Ministry of Social      as well as other guests.
                                                Communications were also issues
                                                analyzed and discussed at the event.
                                                                                            Diplomats called to work
                                                Participants took part in the city of       on image
                                                Waco‑Kungo municipality of Cela,            In her opening remarks at the
                                                Kwanza‑Sul province, at the gala            seventh annual Press Attaché
                                                National Journalism Award, visited          Methodological meeting, the Minister
  Press officers gathered at their VII annual
                                                the new centrality of Kilamba and           of Social Communication said that the
  methodological meeting.                       the Production Center of the Angolan        press officers of the Diplomatic

                                                                                                              Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 7
Angola News Briefing

Press attachés and media advisors
participated at the Seventh annual
methodological meeting (cont.)
                                                       Carolina Cerqueira stressed the
                                                       importance of periodic evaluation of                 N’Dalatando‑Botanical Garden of Kilombo.
                                                       the performance of the press officers
                                                       under the new management policies                    still facing some difficulties,” said
                                                       developed by the Ministry of Social                  Agostinho Lima, who argued the
                                                       Communications.                                      creation of an updated database.
                                                       The minister also said that 2011 was
                                                       a milestone for strengthening the                    Year 2011 an important
Press Officers met with provincial Governor Henrique   media in the country and recalled that               milestone in strengthening
André Júnior in N’Dalatando.                           it was largely discussed the legislative             media
                                                       package of the sector, with a series of
& Consular Missions and at the                                                                              Carolina Cerqueira said that the year
Angolan Permanent Missions to                          draft legislation to be approved soon
                                                       by the National Assembly.                            2011 marks an important milestone
the UN should continue to promote                                                                           in strengthening the sector in
abroad the reality of the country.                                                                          Angola, because the whole nation
Carolina Cerqueira, asked the                                                                               has been involved at the extensive
participants to adopt a “dignified and                                                                      public discussion on the legislative
creative” posture when performing                                                                           package.
their duties. “The recent opening of                                                                        “The public discussion of the
embassies in several countries, stressed,                                                                   legislative package of the sector,
is due to the credibility and dynamism                                                                      brought together representatives of
of your activity, which is not divorced                                                                     the public and private press class,
from the essence of the diplomatic                                                                          civil society, academics, military and
action of the Executive” said.                                                                              political in the approach of draft
                                                       N’Dalatando the birth place of the famous and rare
The minister also asked the press                      Porcelain Roses.                                     legislation which details should be
officers to report regularly to the                                                                         assessed and approved by the National
Ministry of Social Communications                      Call to update the electoral                         Assembly,” she said.
their activities and mentioned that                    registration                                         According to the minister, everybody
in some cases there is total absence
                                                       The Minister urged the press officers                is aware of the crucial role that the
of communication, little creativity
                                                       to reconfirm the electoral data.                     press plays in society, fundamental
and operational apathy, unlike others
                                                       Carolina Cerqueira’s request was                     in the construction of democracy
where the information flow is constant
                                                       made at the end of a short seminar                   not only because they promote the
and quite effective.
                                                       on elections prepared for about 50                   free formation of public opinion and
                                                       press officers who participated at the               contribute decisively to the level of
                                                       meeting, which main speaker was                      information and knowledge of the
                                                       the National Director of Elections,                  citizens.
                                                       Agostinho Lima that recalled that
                                                       there is no voter registration abroad
                                                       and are only entitled to vote those
                                                       who are abroad because of illness,
                                                       studies or work.
                                                       “We are unable to travel abroad to
Panoramic view of N’Dalatando.                         register as teams in the country are                 N’Dalatando Sunset.

8 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                          Angola News Briefing

                                                         Angola attended                                              Social Comunications
                                                         the II Conference                                            Media Consultative
                                                         on Armed Violence                                            Council
                                                                                                                      November 3‑5, 2011
Carolina Cerqueira, Minister of Social Communications.

Speaking at the Press Officers seventh
annual methodological meeting, said
that the existence of a legal framework,
                                                         Manuel Augusto, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs . .
particularly demanding in the field of
Media, justified by the need to ensure
the balance of public and private                        A   ngola participated at the Second
                                                             Ministerial Review Conference of the
                                                         Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence,
                                                                                                                      Carolina Cerqueira, Minister of Social
                                                                                                                      Communications .
interests behind it, the State promotes
                                                         adopted in 2006 with a delegation led by                         he VII Media Consultative
and protects freedom of expression and                   Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Manuel
                                                                                                                          Council of the Ministry of Social
information.                                             Augusto .
                                                                                                                      Communications was held in the city
                                                         The conference was organized by the Helvetic                 of Luena, capital of Moxico province, in
The level of infrastructures, referring
                                                         Confederation in partnership with the United                 a ceremony chaired by the provincial
to the television, that are already in                   Nations Development Programme (UNDP),                        governor, João Ernesto dos Santos
operation equipped with cutting‑edge                     aimed to assess progress in implementing the                 “Liberdade” .
technologies, especially as modern                       Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and
                                                         Development .                                                During two days, participants at
facilities will allow the extension of TV                                                                             the event which was guided by the
services to the major regions of Angola.                 The objectives achieved with this conference
                                                                                                                      incumbent minister, Carolina Cerqueira,
                                                         were the renewal of political commitment in
                                                                                                                      analyzed and put in perspective the
Such actions, according to the Minister,                 meeting the goals, assessing the degree of
                                                         implementation of commitments made since                     implementation of the Executive
continue in the rest of the country, to                                                                               Strategy of the sector for the period
                                                         2008, to the integration of armed violence
ensure greater access to communication                                                                                2010/2012, and the coverage rate
                                                         on development strategy, and building
by people in more remote areas and                       platforms for collection, assessment and                     of public information services at the
communities. Are likewise ongoing                        data monitoring and exchange of national                     national territory .
implementation of community radio                        experiences .                                                The degree of organizational
stations in strategic areas of the interior              The meeting developed specific mechanisms                    restructuring and technological
or in the border areas of difficult access               to accelerate the objectives of the Geneva                   modernization of social
                                                         Declaration and set priorities for the                       communications, public companies and
and large settlements.
                                                         implementation of this document until 2015 .                 institutes, the Public Investment Plan for
The creation of the rural radio in the city              Alongside the meeting, there were sessions in                2012, the Legislative Package of Social
of Waco Kungo, is another reality, which                 which they discuss topics such as quantitative               Communication and the degree of
                                                         management of armed violence, the                            disclosure and the facts of governance
will also host the Edições Novembro
                                                         integration of prevention and reduction of                   and promote the image of the country
headquarters that from this town will                    armed violence in the national development                   were the main subjects of the event .
prepare the first supplement devoted to                  strategy, arms control, small size and caliber,              Under the slogan “Modern Mass
rural activity.                                          the role of youth the prevention of armed
                                                                                                                      Media to Better Serve the Citizen”,
                                                         violence and the role of justice in the
For 2012, are also part of the activities,               prevention of crime and armed violence .                     the sector VII Consultative Council
the construction of new buildings for                                                                                 was attended by 170 participants,
                                                         The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Rádio Luanda and Viana. She advanced                     who was accompanied at the Conference                        including the deputy minister of
that to the side of the modernization                    by the Permanent Representative of Angola                    Social Communications, Miguel de
                                                         to the UN and International Organizations                    Carvalho, national directors, CEOs and
process the country is registering, the
                                                         Ambassador in Geneva, Apolinário Correia,                    administrators of the sector public and
Social Communications sector is taking                   Director of Multilateral Affairs of Mirex,                   private enterprises, provincial directors,
steps to improve more and more the                       Margaret Izata, spoke at the event .                         heads of documentation & information
services rendered to the population. v                   The Conference ended with the adoption of                    centers, among other guests . v
                                                         the draft Final Declaration . v

                                                                                                                                       Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 9
Angola News Briefing

       Vice‑President sworn                                                         Rice production
                                                                                    will create
       in ANIP CEO                                                                  more than one
                                            She defended to be very important
                                            to know whether investors               thousand direct
                                            are implementing projects in
                                            accordance with the proposals, the
                                            deadlines and the use of Angolan
                                            workers, according to what is
                                            presented .
                                            At the same time, promised to work
                                            to promote as much as possible
                                            the potential of the provinces and
                                            their resources to attract more
                                            investments . For this reason, she
                                                                                    T    he president of the board (CEO) of
                                                                                         the company Gesterra ‑ management
                                                                                    of arable land, Carlos Alberto Jaime, said
                                            emphasized, is necessary to be active   that the project’s farm production and
                                            and show that Angola is ready to
   T   he vice‑president, Fernando da                                               processing of rice in Longa commune,
                                            receive foreign capital .               municipality of Kuito Kuanavale, will create
       Piedade Dias dos Santos, sworn                                               more than one thousand direct jobs for
   in Luanda, the CEO for the National      According to Maria Luísa Abrantes,      local people .
   Agency for Private Investment (ANIP),    the government has shown that           Carlos Alberto Jaime assured that these
   Maria Luísa Abrantes .                   is able and has the capacity to         jobs will allow the enhancement of crop
                                            support these investments, because      production in the country, as well as allow
   During the ceremony, attended by         it has worked hard on what is           the province to have a high occupancy rate
   Ministers of State and Chief of Staff,   needed for the success of private       of skilled labor .
   Carlos Feijó, Finance, Carlos Lopes,     investment .                            According to the CEO, this project provides
   as well as senior officials from the                                             for the Angolan Executive training of skilled
                                            This is ensured by investment in        workforce, able to give a big boost to the
   office of the vice‑president, were
                                            basic infrastructure such as ports,     socio‑economic region of Kuando Kubango .
   also sworn in as administrators of       airports, telecommunications,           He advanced that the farm will have a
   ANIP Edeltrudes Domingos Costa and       and roads and now is putting an         period of about three years under Chinese
   Costa e Luís Domingos José .             emphasis on energy and water .          management, during which will be
                                                                                    achieved the established targets (in terms
   In his speech, the vice‑president        “With work to overcome the still        of production), and then the project can
   congratulated the new leadership of      existing weaknesses, it’ll be easier    be transferred to Angolans, including the
   ANIP and augured success for their       to sell the brand Angola,” she          private sector .
   new mission .                            concluded . v                           Initially, he said, the project starts with
                                                                                    a production of about 200 hectares in
   In turn, after the ceremony, the                                                 the 2011/2012 agricultural year, in a fully
   head of ANIP, Maria Luísa Abrantes,                                              irrigated perimeter along the Longa River .
   told the press, that one of the top                                              Carlos Alberto Jaime also informed that this
   priorities will be the monitoring of                                             will be a great incentive for the production
   projects and promote the diversity of                                            of cereals in the country . “The project is
                                                                                    funded by the Development Bank of China
   investment .
                                                                                    with the Government, and the company
   She explained that a great follow up                                             Gesterra the representative of the Ministry
   of projects has not yet been done,                                               of Agriculture, while the Chinese company
                                                                                    “CAMC”, promoting the project, the partner
   perhaps for lack of a framework and                                              of the Angolan government,” he said .
   technicians with special profile for
                                                                                    Overall, over three years provides coverage
   the area .                               Maria Luísa Abrantes, ANIP CEO .
                                                                                    of five thousand acres of land for rice
                                                                                    production . v

10 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                    Angola News Briefing

Program “Espaço Público”
                                                 Advisory Board of the Ministry
Government                                       of Planning defined tasks
engaged in                                       at local level
the creation
of mechanisms                                    T   he participants at the III Advisory
                                                     Board of the Ministry of Planning
                                                 recommended in Malanje, to the
for Justice to                                   heads of statistical offices and

reach citizens
                                                 planning (GEPE) of the 18 provinces
                                                 of the country to conduct the
                                                 periodic evaluation of the projects
                                                 under their responsibility .
                                                 The recommendation is part of the
                                                 final document, which indicates that
                                                 the results of this periodic assessment
                                                 should be directed to the ministry
                                                 which is its central body .
Guilhermina Prata, Minister of Justice .
                                                 They also recommended that those
T    he Minister of Justice, Guilhermina
     Prata, said in Luanda that the Angolan
Government is engaged in the creation
                                                 responsible for GEPE should identify
                                                 more rigorously, the priorities of the
of mechanisms for citizens to get justice,       provincial governments as a way to
fulfilling the assumptions embodied in the       ensure a smooth implementation of         Ana Dias Lourenço, Minister of Planning .
Constitution .
                                                 projects and resource management,
Guilhermina Prata who spoke during the                                                     On the other hand, the meeting
                                                 aiming at the acceleration of some
live program “Espaço Público” of the Public                                                concluded that there is a need for
Television of Angola (TPA), stressed that        processes .
                                                                                           a country strategy for long‑term
it is the mission of the sector to ensure a      The carrying out of society’s
stronger social justice, contributing to the                                               development to date and adequate .
economic, legal pluralism, as well as access     awareness of the importance of
                                                 population census in preparation, as      Upon closing, the Minister Ana
to the right and justice .
                                                 well as the need for the cooperation      Dias Lourenço said the challenges
According to her, in order to allow the
                                                 of citizens in certain actions, was one   facing the sector are “numerous and
court to reach the citizen, the Executive
is carrying out the construction of              of the recommendations adopted by         complex,” so there is an urgent need
infrastructure, especially the municipal         the participants .                        to work together around the meeting
courts in all provinces, to allow the                                                      approaches .
settlement of disputes .                         “Mobilizing the GEPE of provincial
                                                                                           “This advisory council may be
The minister noted that there is work            officials in order to start working on
that is being designed by the sector                                                       managed in a way capable of
                                                 tasks to support the implementation
for the short term and within the                                                          providing the best relationship
                                                 of the next census, as well as the
financial constraints likely to overcome                                                   between the organs of the planning
the difficulties and thus achieve the            installation and operation of the
                                                                                           system and greater dialogue,
desideratum in order to increase the             provincial offices of the National
                                                                                           suggested during the work,” she said .
number of municipal courts .                     Statistics Institute (INE),” refers
“The lack of courts is one of the constraints    the same document that sets out           During two days, the meeting
that exist in the sector, but the Executive is   the resumption of the practice of         analyzed, among others, the activities
working to bring justice to the citizen and      monitoring and evaluation of projects     undertaken in 2011 and the outlook
commit the same right,” she said, stressing      within and across departments and         for 2012, in addition to public
that at country level there are 19 provincial
and municipal courts, except in the
                                                 provincial governments, as their          investment programs for the same
provinces of Bengo, Moxico and Kuando            priority .                                year . v
Kubango . v

                                                                                                               Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 11

Two Women Presidents visited Angola
   September 11‑12, 2011

   Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf, President of Liberia,
   2011 Nobel Peace Prize, visited Angola
   The President of the Republic of Liberia, Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf, said in Luanda
   that her visit of 48 hours to Angola, served to strengthen the cooperation ties
   between the two countries.

   S   peaking to journalists at the
       International Airport “4 de
   Fevereiro”, Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf said
   that “this visit to Angola served to
   further strengthen relationships lost
   during the war .”
   The Liberian Head of State recalled
   was in Angola for the first time in
   1978 integrating the delegation of
   former President William Tolbert Jr .,
   as a junior officer and returned years                                               Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf, Liberia’s President, paid tribute
                                                                                        to Agostinho Neto, the founder of the Nation, at the
   later as a senior official of the United                                             Independence Square .
   Nations (UN) .
                                                                                        both countries, the Liberian President
   “President dos Santos remembers                                                      revealed that both Angola and Liberia
   those times and also believes that                                                   will work from now on this .
   we must work to strengthen those
                                                                                        Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf left a message
   bonds of friendship that unite our two
                                                                                        of courage to all African women to
   countries,” she said .
                                                                                        dedicate them more to activism and
   Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf noted that in                                                  “work as leaders in society, because
   her meeting with the Angolan Head                                                    all we want is one more woman
   of State issues like politics and the                                                president in Africa,” she said . v
   African continent’s development were
                                              the focus of the dialogue and in this
                                              sense takes “excellent advice” .
                                              She proved to be satisfied by the level
                                              of development that Angola is living,
                                              adding that she takes this example to
                                              be applied in her country, mainly the
                                              achievements in the oil sector .
                                              Approached about the possibility
                                              of her visit to Angola expedite the
                                              opening of diplomatic missions in         President of Liberia visited the new Kilamba City .

12 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011

Two Women Presidents visited Angola • September 11‑12, 2011 • Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf

                                         Biographical data of the President of Liberia

                                         E   llen Johnson‑Sirleaf was born
                                             in Monrovia, Liberia capital,
                                         on October 29, 1938 . She is the
                                                                                  Charles Taylor had about 75% (fraud
                                                                                  suspected in the elections) .
                                                                                  She was accused of betraying the
                                         president‑elect of Liberia, who          country, and she made public
                                         won the presidential election on         campaigns calling for the output
                                         November 8, 2005, in which she           power of Taylor . Johnson‑Sirleaf
                                         defeated the other main candidate,       played an active role in the
José Eduardo dos Santos, received        ex‑ soccer player George Weah .
                                                                                  transitional government before
at the “Palácio da Cidade Alta”,         Leader of the Unity Party is the first   the presidential elections of 2005,
its counterpart of Liberia, Ellen        woman elected Head of State of           assuming leadership of the Unity
Johnson‑Sirleaf. The president           an African country . Johnson‑Sirleaf     Party after the departure of Taylor
of Angola took the opportunity           studied at Harvard University, and       from the country .
to review bilateral relations, and       participated for the first time in
                                                                                  In the first round of elections, her
discuss issues of regional and           Liberian government during the
                                                                                  candidacy was the second most
international interest.                  term of President William Tolbert,
                                                                                  voted with 175,520 votes, going
                                         serving as Minister of Finance
During her official visit to Angola,                                              back to the second final in which
                                         (since 1970) .
Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf took the                                                    faced George Weah . On November
opportunity to visit several places of   In 1985, being a candidate for a seat
                                                                                  11, 2005, with 97% of the votes,
socio‑economic nterest, in order to      in the Senate, publicly criticized the
                                                                                  the National Electoral Commission
evaluate the interest in the field of    military regime, which earned her
                                                                                  of Liberia declared Johnson‑Sirleaf
reconstruction and development of        a sentence of 10 years in prison,
                                                                                  winner, result not accepted by
Angola, such as the monument to          although she was released shortly
                                                                                  Weah, who presented an appeal to
Agostinho Neto, the and new city of      after being arrested .
                                                                                  the Liberian Supreme Court asking
Kilamba and Sonils, logistics base of    After that, lived in exile until 1997,   to suspend the scrutiny for alleged
the Port of Luanda .                     when he returns to Liberia as an         irregularities .
                                         economist at the World Bank and
Like Angola, Liberia also went                                                    On November 23 the request was
                                         Citibank in Africa .
through a trouble armed conflict .                                                rejected and Johnson‑Sirleaf was
The way Angola emerges from              Although Johnson‑Sirleaf first
                                                                                  confirmed as President .
the wreckage of war, and the             supported the revolt against
                                         Charles Taylor General Samuel Doe,       Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won the
development that has been able to
                                         then went to the opposition and          second round of presidential
achieve, have inspired the president
                                         participated in the 1997 Liberian        elections in her country, last
of Liberia .
                                         elections, in which only achieved        November 8, 2011, with 90 .8% of
The Liberian President invited           about 10% of the votes while             the votes . v
President José Eduardo dos Santos
to undertake a state visit to her
                                             Ellen Johnson‑Sirleaf
country . The dates of the visit will
                                             shared the 2011 Nobel
now be traded through the respective
                                             Peace Prize with two
diplomatic channels . v
                                             African women, also a
                                             Liberian activist Leymah
                                             Gbowee and Iemenita
                                             Tawakkul Karman,
                                             journalist and activist.

                                                                                                  Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 13

Two Women Presidents visited Angola
   September 11‑12, 2011

   Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, visited Angola
   The President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff landed on the night of October 19, in Luanda
   for a 48‑hours visit to Angola

   I n Luanda, the President laid a
     wreath in honor of the first president
   of Angola, Agostinho Neto, at the
                                                                                                  macro‑economic policies to protect
                                                                                                  our nations from the contagion of
                                                                                                  recession and unemployment,” said
   Independence Square .                                                                          the president of Brazil .
   Brazil was the first country to recognize                                                      Dilma also took the opportunity to
   the government of independent                                                                  defend the reform of multilateral
   Angola in November 1975 and today                                                              institutions and the participation of
   still attaches great prestige to Brazilian                                                     Brazil in the UN Security Council .
   diplomats in Luanda . Even in the most                                                         “The international situation is
   acute period of the Cold War, Brazil                                                           undergoing a period of accelerating
   maintained its support to the Angolan                                                          change . Emerging countries such as
   government .                                                                                   Brazil and Angola are called to occupy
   Currently, Angola is one of Brazil’s main                                                      more space,” she said .
   trading partners in Africa with a total                                                        For its part, the President of Angola
   trade growth by more than 20 times                                                             José Eduardo dos Santos, defended
   between 2002 and 2008, reaching                                                                “the importance of the Brazilian
   $ 4 .21 billion . The largest Brazilian                                                        presence in the UN Security Council
   investments in Angola focus on the                                                             and noted that Angola is the third
   areas of construction, energy and                                                              largest market for Brazilian products .”
   mineral exploration .
                                                          Eduardo dos Santos, who also gave       Dilma said: “The presence of Brazilian
   The agenda of Dilma Rousseff in                                                                companies in Angola is a testament of
                                                          a luncheon in honor of the Brazilian
   Luanda also included a solemn session                                                          the effort to strengthen trade relations
                                                          President .
   in the Angolan National Assembly and                                                           and increase joint investments .”
   a working meeting with President José                  Angola and Brazil will                  At the end of speeches, Dilma Roussef
                                                          continue to grow together               and José Eduardo dos Santos toasted
                                                          in the world economy                    to the success of the two countries . v
                                                          During her visit to Angola, President
                                                          Dilma Rousseff, said that her country
                                                          and Angola will continue on the arm
                                                          of the global economy .
                                                          “Brazil and Angola have fled the
                                                          conservative prescription we know
                                                          so well for over 20 years . We follow
                                                          another path . We do not renounce
   Dilma Rousseff at her arrival, International Airport
                                                          our international responsibilities,
   “4 de Fevereiro”                                       but this moment requires

14 >   Imbondeiro     > Fall-Winter 2011

                                31ª SADC Summit
                                “Strengthening the foundations of regional integration: Development
                                of infrastructure to facilitate trade and economic liberalization”

    Angola became president of the community by 2012
    August 17 ‑18, 2011

L  uanda was the capital of the Southern
   African Development Community
(SADC) . Fourteen (14) Heads of State and
                                            The opening of the SADC Summit, held
                                            under the theme “Strengthening the
                                            foundations of regional integration:
Government met at SADC 31ª Summit .         Development of infrastructure
                                            to facilitate trade and economic
                                            liberalization”, brought together over
                                            600 guests especially parliamentarians,
                                            religious leaders, members of the the
                                            diplomatic corps accredited in Angola,
                                            representatives of political parties
                                            and civil society, amongst delegates,
                                            ministers and Heads of State and
                                            Government . v                            City capital – Luanda Marginal .

Hifikepunye Pohamba considered SADC
a strong and united body
SADC is a regional institution strong and united, said its outgoing President,
Hifikepunye Pohamba, at the summit held in Luanda.

T   he opening ceremony was marked
    with speeches of different entities,
with emphasis on the outgoing
                                            effect to the free trade area, which
                                            may be energized with programs to
                                            create infrastructure, communication
                                                                                      technologies and policies to attract
                                                                                      business .
                                                                                      He also highlighted the strengthening
chairman of SADC, the Namibian                                                        of cooperation between the SADC
President Lucas Pohamba .                                                             countries with the second‑largest world
                                                                                      economy, China .
In the speech that preceded the transfer
of the presidency of SADC to Angola,                                                  The need for political stability in the
the outgoing president, Hifikepunye                                                   region, the fight against hunger and
Lucas Pohamba, considered as positive                                                 HIV/AIDS was also included in the
the performance of its mandate at the                                                 speech of Hifikepunye Pohamba, who
                                                                                      wished success to the presidency of
helm of the regional organization .
                                                                                      Angola in the next twelve months
Hifikepunye Pohamba acknowledged                                                      ahead of the Community Development
that efforts are underway to give           President of Namíbia .                    of Southern Africa (SADC) . v

                                                                                                          Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 15

                    31ª SADC Summit
The Angolan Head of State
José Eduardo dos Santos assumed
the presidency of SADC
T   he new President of the block, the
    Angolan President José Eduardo
dos Santos, in his closing speech, he
                                                                                           development capable of promoting
                                                                                           competitiveness and participation
                                                                                           in globalization, to facilitate the
emphasized that national programs to                                                       movement of capital, goods and
build infrastructure should converge as                                                    people, to bring together the different
much as possible, with regional needs .                                                    cultural patterns and and to boost
“In SADC we must enforce the                                                               human resources development,”
vision of a shared future, based on                                                        emphasized President Dos Santos in
a balanced and socially sustainable                                                        his closing speech at the event . v

New presidency will prioritize conflict resolution
The President of the African Development Community (SADC), José Eduardo dos Santos, defended peaceful resolution
of armed conflicts in the remaining region as the priority of his one‑year term.

D    os Santos, who was speaking at the
     closing ceremony of the Summit
of Heads of State and Government of
                                             In addition, advocated the promotion
                                             of regional mobilization in the fight
                                             against malaria, AIDS and other endemic
                                                                                           Considered beneficial to carry out during
                                                                                           his tenure, a seminar with the aim of
                                                                                           drawing up an action plan that allows
SADC in Luanda, said his priorities will     diseases, creating the effect to a regional   implementing the results of the World
also contribute to consolidating peace,      center of expertise in charge of training     Summit on Sustainable Development,
security, human rights and democracy in      the staff responsible for managing these      held this year in Johannesburg, South
the sub‑region .                             issues .                                      Africa .
He argued that these issues are essential    At the level of education, said it is         The materialization of these measures,
for development and economic and             necessary to establish an efficient           along with other related sectors of
political integration of the Community .     regional database, through which it will      transport infrastructure, energy and
He also said that this office will seek to   exchange experiences and information          communications, will ensure the
complete the pilot phase of the center       within the SADC .                             acceleration of regional integration
of food security and rural development,      About the research and information            and will decisively help the continent
in order to advance the study of national    and communication technologies, Dos           to succeed in achieving their goals
and regional policies relating to this       Santos defends his building as key to the     development goals .
aspect and the creation of an information    regional integration .                        Upon assuming the presidency of SADC,
system on it .                               The investment in this sector, he said,       the Angolan Statesman asked to make
Found it necessary to organize a “crusade”   will be the road to development and           an effort to adopt appropriate measures
against hunger .                             therefore to fight poverty and develop        in the short and long term, in order to
Issues related to water resources also       human resources .                             relieve the food shortage problem that
deserve the attention of the community,      He advocated the revitalization of the        afflicts an estimated 13 million people in
said the chairman of SADC, adding that it    cultural background of the community          some countries the sub‑region .
is required the integrated management of     in order to mobilize financial and other      He said the main of the challenges
water resources, as well as those relating   measures to fund new projects and             faced today by the SADC member states
to the management strategy of floods         cultural programs in order to rescue and      are not specific to the sub‑region or
and droughts .                               safeguard the identity .                      continent, but have a global character .

16 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011

                                                           31ª SADC Summit
He referred to poverty, education, food      the developed states in order to avoid      ‑ Implement the Coordination Center
insecurity, pandemics, drug trafficking,     being marginalized the opportunities this     for Agricultural Research and
assaults on ecology, malaria and other       process offers,” he said .                    Development;
issues requiring a collective response .                                                 ‑ To contribute to the peaceful
For him, SADC continues to assert                                                          resolution of the remaining conflicts
itself as an essential tool for ensuring                                                   in the region and the consolidation
economic development and address                                                           of peace, security, Human Rights and
other key issues affecting security and                                                    Democracy at the level of SADC.
stability in southern Africa .                                                           “These are the aspects on which we
The vitality of this recognition also                                                    primarily focus our efforts in order to
allows a more equitable and effective                                                    obtain a real convergence as a minimum
participation of member countries,                                                       condition for the success of our
whether in the field of international                                                    integration,” said President José Eduardo
political relations, where they can assume                                               dos Santos . “
positions of common interest, either as      SADC Flag .
                                                                                         Dos Santos also defended the need
the current economic world .
                                             The chair of the SADC proposed, during      to elevate the SADC to a new level,
The economic and technical cooperation at                                                to become an active part in the
                                             his mandate, perform the following tasks:
SADC level have become an integral part of                                               development of Africa and the world .
the reciprocal relations between member      ‑ Strengthening the foundations of
                                                                                         The Angolan Head of State indicated
states and are an important means to           regional integration through the
                                                                                         that it is necessary that the integration
promote the exchange of ideas, exchange        development of infrastructure and
                                               trade and the economic liberalization;    in the southern region is sustained and
of experience and knowledge on the
                                                                                         balanced in order to influence a new
advances of science and technology in the    ‑ Review the Indicative Strategic           economic order in which the legitimate
most various fields ‑ said .                   Development Plan (RISDP)
                                                                                         interests of all nations are respected and
Considered rewarding the efforts for         ‑ Implement a Financing Strategy of         taken into consideration .
political settlement of the various armed      the Regional Development Fund
                                                                                         Dos Santos also said that the revised
conflicts that affected some countries and     and its operation for preparation
are now giving their fruits .                                                            Program Regional Indicative Strategic
                                               and development of infrastructure
                                                                                         Development (RISP), which forms the
The region moves steadily to the               projects;
                                                                                         core of the SADC Programme of Action,
peace and security, a prerequisite for       ‑ Implement the Regional Poverty            should conform to the procedures of the
implementation of development policies         SADC Observatory                          organization restructured in 2003 in order
in perspective ‑ he added .                  ‑ To increase the prevention and            to obtain better results in terms of costs
He said that every action of the SADC          control of communicable diseases,         and benefits .
governments should aim to promote              namely: transmitted HIV / AIDS,
                                                                                         The summit stressed that the
stability, democracy, good governance          malaria and tuberculosis;
and respect for fundamental rights of                                                    development of infrastructure is essential
                                               Implementation of programs for the        to consolidate the foundations of
citizens .                                     joint management of transboundary         regional integration .
Considered necessary to establish              natural resources, with emphasis on
international relations more human and                                                   SADC aims until 2018 to go beyond a
                                               the Transfrontier Conservation Areas;
just, that can reverse the inequalities                                                  free trade area and implement even
                                             ‑ Designing a Program for Industrial        a single currency, a goal that many
between the developed and in                   Development;
devepment designated .                                                                   observers see with some caution .
Dos Santos said it will be possible by                                                   The official meetings of SADC in Luanda
promoting growth with equity, poverty                                                    included the Standing Committee
eradication, increasing the supply                                                       of Senior Responsibles (August 11‑
of productive employment and the                                                         13), the Council of Ministers (August
promotion of gender equality and social                                                  15‑16), the Organ of Troika (August
reintegration .                                                                          16) and the Summit of Heads of State
“Our countries should be able                                                            and Government (August 17‑18) . The
to participate in the benefits of                                                        event, had its first day divided into two
globalization on an equal footing with                                                   sessions . v

                                                                                                       Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 17
State of the Nation

Opening speech at the Fourth Session
of the Legislative National Assembly
Speech on the State of the Nation, delivered by His Excellency José Eduardo dos Santos,
President of the Republic of Angola, at the opening ceremony of the Fourth Session of the
Luanda, October 18, 2011                                                                    7. Promoting the competitive integration
                                                                                               of the country in the global economy,
His Excellency the President
of the National Assembly,                                                                      ensuring a leading position in
                                                                                               sub‑Saharan Africa .
His Excellency the President
of the Constitutional Court,                                                                These general objectives have been
                                                                                            explained and also developed in the
Honorable Members of the Assembly,                                                          electoral program of the MPLA, which
Distinguished Guests,                                                                       was democratically submitted in 2008 to
                                                                                            evaluation by the Angolan electorate and
Ladies and Gentlemen,
                                               of our people and will guide us in our       approved by majority vote .
In accordance with Article No . 118,           daily lives . They are, namely:
Section III, Chapter II of the Constitution,                                                My name appeared first in the list of
I would like to address you and all the        1. Ensuring the unity and national           those who called for the vote and vowed
people of Angola, regarding the State of          cohesion, promoting peace and             to actually implement this program,
the Nation .                                      Angolan identity;                         which was unequivocally voted by more
                                                                                            than 82 percent of voters . These voters
I will try explain as clearly as possible      2. Promoting human development               thus placed their trust on us to govern
my ideas, findings and views concerning           and welfare, eradicating hunger,          Angola until 2012 .
the current national situation and the            poverty and disease, and raising the
Executive Power’s suggestions and                                                           This happened in an open, transparent,
                                                  educational and health levels of the
proposals for the future . My task is                                                       free and competitive electoral process,
made easier, because the country has a                                                      confirming that in Angola there is a
direction .                                    3. Promoting sustainable development,        regime based on popular will, expressed
                                                  ensuring the efficient use of natural     through the freedom of political
This direction is clearly defined in our
                                                  resources and a fair distribution of      organization, freedom of expression and
Strategy for Long Term Development,
                                                  national income;                          direct suffrage and secret ballot .
known as “Angola 2025”, which exposes
and explains the objectives that               4. Ensuring a high rate of economic          Therefore, there is no basis to the claim
constitute our national ambitions .               development with macroeconomic            that in Angola there is a dictatorial
These general and specific objectives             stability and structural diversity;       regime that does not recognize the
were not found by chance . They are the                                                     rights, freedoms and guarantees of
                                               5. Developing the national
result of in‑depth studies and discussions                                                  its citizens . There is no dictatorship
                                                  territory smoothly, boosting the
and consultations that took place                                                           here . Quite the contrary, we have a
                                                  competitiveness of the territories and
throughout the national territory and                                                       recent, alive, dynamic and participatory
                                                  promoting the most disadvantaged          democracy, which consolidates with
which ultimate approval of the National
Agenda of Consensus at the National               regions;                                  every passing day
Conference representing all strata of our      6. Building a democratic and                 It is therefore with a mandate from
people, held in Luanda in May 2008 .              participatory society, guaranteeing the   the sovereign will of the Angolan
It is worthwhile remembering them,                fundamental rights and freedoms and       people that the Executive is leading the
because they summarize the objectives             civil society development;                implementation of specific objectives set

18 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                      State of the Nation

out in its development strategy, having                                                     Education and Health
transformed them into sub‑executive
programs .
This is the sustainable development
that respects the laws of the State and
public policies on the preservation of
the environment and biodiversity, at the
same time sharing in the international
community’s efforts to mitigate the
adverse effects of climate change .
In evaluating the degree of                   diamonds to the tune of 2 .5 percent
implementation of these programs, we          and increased production of quartz and        Under the Education Reform in progress,
find that we are moving on the right          mineral building materials such as sand,      the Executive remains committed
direction and have not deviated from          pebbles and gravel .                          to expanding the school network,
the path initially defined . We also note                                                   improving the quality of education and
                                              In the diamond sub‑sector several
that we are accelerating our progress to                                                    strengthening the efficiency and equity
                                              actions are underway aiming, besides the
reach, as soon as possible, the general or                                                  of the education system at all levels .
                                              extraction, expanding out activities of all
final objectives of this Strategy .           stages of the industry’s production chain,    Thus, from 2002 to 2010, the annual
Consider some of these findings:              since the marketing of rough diamonds         average of students enrolled in various
                                              to processing, including jewelry .            levels of education was more than
Petroleum and Natural Gas                                                                   4 .5  million . From 2010 to 2011 alone,
                                              Through a joint venture between the
                                              public and private sectors, iron and          there was an increase of 572,842
                                              manganese mining has resumed, with            students enrolled, representing a growth
                                              an integrated project which includes          of 9 .3 percent .
                                              metallurgical and steel plants, providing     In 2010, the total number of students
                                              for the creation of more than three           enrolled in the non‑university education
                                              thousand jobs in Huila . The initial          system in introductory education was
                                              investment is about 400 million and           668,358 and 4,273,006 in elementary
                                              reaching over two billion dollars .           education (ten times more than in the
                                              Advanced negotiations are being held          last year of the colonial period!) .
                                              with leading international partners,          In both cycles of secondary education
This is the most important sector of the
                                              concerning the exploitation of                the figure was 868,225, a total of
Angolan economy by far . Crude oil, the
                                              phosphates and potassium in the north         5,809,589 in the non‑university education
strongest foreign exchange earner, is         for the production of fertilizers and         system . In 2011, that number rose to
the main source of funding for the State      agricultural development .                    6,115,649, distributed as follows: 709,576
Budget, corresponding to more than 80
                                              Initiatives are also underway for the         in introductory, 4,455,548 in elementary,
percent of tax revenue, widely financing
                                              production of gold and copper and the         and 950,525 in the two cycles of
the country’s imports . The highlight at
                                              increase of production of ornamental          secondary education . In turn, from
this point is the increase of crude oil
                                              rocks and other raw materials necessary       2002 to 2010 the teaching staff had an
refining all over the country and the
                                              for the construction materials industry .     average growth rate of 14 .54 percent .
production of fuels, lubricants, paints and
solvents, etc .                               It is expected that as of 2013 the            In 2010 the Ministry of Education had
                                              Geology and Mining sector will                200,698 teachers across the country .
Geology and Mines                             contribute significantly towards the          During this period, the number of
From 2008 to 2011 the Geology and             increase in state revenues and the            classrooms in elementary and secondary
Mining sector posted an average annual        diversification of the national economy       levels has increased from about 19,000 to
growth of 11 .8 percent, as reflected         and increasing employment .                   more than 53,000 in 2010, a growth rate
on an annual average production of                                                          of 165 .71 percent .

                                                                                                          Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 19
State of the Nation

However, since 2008, higher education           amount of about two million dollars          Meanwhile, the hospital network will be
experienced a remarkable growth, and            annually was made to each municipality,      reinforced, under a regional integration
currently the network of educational            for primary health care, to guarantee        perspective .
institutions has expanded reaching all          coverage of 78 percent of the population .
provinces of the country with 17 public                                                      Energy and Water
                                                To ensure the provision and quality of
institutions, 7 of them universities, 7
                                                services to the population during the
colleges and 3 higher education schools,
                                                year 2010, 1255 qualified nurses and
as well as 22 private institutions, 10
                                                technicians were trained, and 3565 others
universities and 12 colleges, comprising a
                                                were trained in key areas for reduction
total of 39 higher education institutions,
                                                of maternal and infant mortality, which
attended by about 150,000 students
                                                allowed a significant reduction in
and around two thousand professors,
                                                maternal mortality rates, which dropped
including domestic and foreign .
                                                from about 1,400 per 100,000 live births
This growth has allowed a significant           in 2001 to 610 in 2010 .
increase of the number of professors in
                                                The routine immunization activities
different majors, currently estimated at                                                     The program ‘Water for All’ already
                                                allowed the immunization of 91 percent
about twelve hundred professor a year,                                                       provides drinking water to one
                                                of children under one year of age
plus an average of 160 professors trained                                                    million 200 thousand people . Water
                                                throughout the country and more than
abroad .                                                                                     consumption increased from 67 liters
                                                6 million children under 5 years in each
The private sector has made an                  of the four national immunization days       per capita/day in 2008 to 101 liters per
important contribution to this process, to      against polio . More than 55,000 women       capita/day in 2011, an increase of 51
the tune of 5 percent in the elementary         of childbearing age received tetanus         percent . By the year 2012, this program
and secondary education and about 50            vaccines, in routine immunization .          aims to ensure access to safe drinking
                                                                                             water to at least 80 percent of the rural
percent in higher education . This sector
                                                The number of HIV counseling and             population .
needs to improve its management, more
                                                testing centers increased significantly,
adequate infrastructure and equipment,                                                       We have several ongoing medium and
                                                from eight in 2003 to 547 in 2010 .
teach more technical programs and also                                                       large‑scale projects, to ensure water
                                                Additionally, virus vertical transmission
to review its pricing policy, since charges                                                  supply in many urban centers, but for
                                                prevention centers increased from 3 in
and fees for different services are still too                                                now there is a national portfolio of
                                                2004 to 200 in 2010, and antiretroviral
high .                                                                                       structural projects to satisfactorily solve
                                                treatment centers for adults and children
                                                                                             the water problem, as there is in the
The Executive is committed to creating          increased from 3 in 2004 to 133 in 2010 .    Energy sector for electricity .
a social support system for students,
                                                These centers monitor 80,127 adults          The country needs a National Water
especially those most in need,
                                                and children, 41,371 of them receiving       Plan, depending on water availability,
contributing to the creation of conditions
                                                antiretroviral treatments . As a result      providing for different uses in agriculture,
for academic success, including the
                                                of these efforts, the survey conducted       industry, human consumption and
granting of scholarships for training in
                                                in 2010 showed a stabilization of the        hydroelectric power generation . Measures
the country or abroad .
                                                prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS at the           have been taken to prepare this National
In 2011 three thousand domestic                 national level, which remains one of the     Water Plan as soon as possible, and
scholarships were granted, which should         lowest of our continent .                    then a structure project portfolio will be
double in 2012 . As for international                                                        prepared .
                                                In order for all these health gains to be
grants, these have been awarded for
                                                sustainable, the Executive has sought to     However, in order to overcome the
many different specialties and countries,
                                                prioritize the effective implementation      challenge of reducing the electricity
with priority given to science and
                                                of public policies at the municipal level,   deficit in the country to zero, the
technology, education sciences and
                                                with the improvement of sanitation,          rehabilitation of the Gove, Mabubas,
medical sciences .
                                                food security, drinking water supply,        Lomaum and Cambambe I dams are
In terms of health, in turn, the primary        reduction of maternal and infant             underway, to be completed in 2012 .
care network has been reinforced and            mortality, control of endemic diseases       These projects will add 295 .6 megawatts
the direct allocation of an equivalent          and some non‑transmissible diseases .        to the power system .

20 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                     State of the Nation

In order to improve the situation, thermal   increasing food production, especially at    We conclude that the rates of poverty
power generation units will also be          the family farm level .                      and hunger are declining and this is
installed in 2011 and 2012 in Cabinda,                                                    proof that the freeing the Angolan from
                                             The Agricultural Credit Campaign has
Luanda, Dundo, Lubango, Namibe,                                                           hunger and poverty is possible!
                                             involved $ 47 million and benefited
Menongue, Ondjiva, Huambo and
                                             24,000 small farmers, living in 68           In 2012 we will develop a more vigorous
Benguela .
                                             municipalities in 17 of the 18 provinces     support for micro and small businesses,
In order to better distribute the energy     of the country, which                        prioritizing financial aid with credits
produced a ‘power grid’ will be built,                                                    to help those people who are already
                                             represents the fulfillment of 75 percent
which main axis is the interconnection                                                    conducting various small business
                                             of the commitment assumed with the
between the north and center of the                                                       activities .
                                             peasant communities .
country . There currently are under
                                             However, over the past two years             The vast majority of them are women
way rehabilitation and expansion of
                                             the resources mobilized for rural            who work with a lot of dedication,
the electricity distribution network in
                                             development and fighting poverty             courage and sacrifice to get means to
Cabinda, Saurimo, Dundo, Caxito, Sumbe,
Porto Amboim, Huambo, Caala, Lubango,        privileged, have prioritized the continued   support and educate their children and
Namibe and Tombwa .                          social and productive inclusion of the       so deserve our consideration, respect
                                             rural population and improving the           and support! These and other women
On the other hand, structural projects                                                    in other areas are an important family
                                             provision of basic social services and
that have been approved will be                                                           stabilizing factor and social inclusion and
                                             promotion of social harmony .
implemented in Soyo, Cambambe, Lauca,                                                     cohesion .
Caculo Cabaca, and Keve/Ebo by the           Farmers considered credit an instrument
year 2016, which will generate an output     that can help them in the fight against      We will also continue to take care
of 5000 ‘megawatts’, an investment of 8      poverty and consider the interest rate       of gender balance, through the
billion dollars for production and about     of 5 percent and the repayment period        promotion of education and the rise
9 billion for the power distribution and     compatible with the agricultural and         of more women to management and
transportation system .                      livestock activities and the needs of this   leadership roles and fighting all forms of
                                             business activity .                          discrimination and violence .
Thus, if the Executive energy sector
subprogram is fully met, the power           Poverty rates fell from 68 percent in        President of the National Assembly,
supply will improve significantly in 2013    2002 to 36 .6 percent in 2010, as stated     Gentlemen,
and from 2017 the main problems will         in Integrated Survey on the Welfare of
                                                                                          From 2008 to 2011, the manufacturing
be practically solved .                      the Population (IBEP), but they may
                                                                                          sector registered an average annual
                                             fall further, if we work on the access
Agriculture and Industry                     roads used for transporting agricultural
                                                                                          growth of around 8 percent . 750 private
                                                                                          companies in almost all sectors were
                                             products from farm to city .
                                                                                          created and put into operation, with
                                             A suitable mechanism for the marketing       emphasis on food and drinks . The
                                             of agricultural products can avoid the       number of direct jobs created was 25,120
                                             huge crop losses of many peasant             and the value of private investments
                                             families, helping them to quickly            reached about 4 billion dollars .
                                             eliminate hunger and poverty .
                                                                                          The textile, clothing and footwear
                                             Therefore, special emphasis will be given    industry is now starting to take
                                             to the rehabilitation and reconstruction     its first steps, with the revival of
                                             of secondary and tertiary roads              cotton plantation and weaving and
                                             throughout the country and the Rural         rehabilitation and development of
The Executive is committed to ensuring       Trade Program, as these factors are          textile production in order to create jobs
access to all Angolans, at all times, to     catalysts of increased agricultural and      and replace imports . For the next year
food of adequate quality and variety so      livestock production and the organized       three textile mills will be implemented,
as to contribute to human, economic and      and decentralized marketing for the local    including Textang II, in Luanda, Africa
social development . In that connection      administrator, and thus help improve the     Textiles, in Benguela, and SATEC, in
it is developing programs aimed at           living conditions of rural population .      Kwanza‑Norte and Dondo .

                                                                                                        Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 21
State of the Nation

It is anticipated that from 2012 to 2017     In some provinces there are some              Finally, the city of Luanda is undergoing
the manufacturing sector will post an        construction delays due to logistic           a major transformation, both in its old
average annual growth of around 10           conditions, but it is estimated that, once    urban quarter or in its surroundings,
percent and the average annual number        the constraints are overcome, the first       but its image still remains very poor . I
of jobs created will be 7,400 direct and     homes will be delivered in 2012 .             ordered the Minister for Urban Planning
7,580 indirect, and the estimated value of   To ensure the population’s access to          and Construction, in cooperation with
investments at 8 billion and 500 million     home ownership, the Executive has             the Governor of this province, to present
dollars, included in the portfolio of the    established a system of mortgage              a plan for the complete renovation of
Ministries of Industry and Mines and         loans that enables access on favorable        the image of the capital city, addressing
Geology .                                    terms for financing home ownership or         the repair of sidewalks, the repair and
                                             purchase of land for construction .           repave roads, improving street lighting
Urban Development                                                                          and signage and speedy completion of
                                             Another aspect to consider is
and Housing                                                                                the anticipated parking lots, in order to
                                             self‑construction, under supervision,
                                             and modular houses, or houses that are        improve circulation .
                                             being built in phases as a function of        This plan also involves the painting of
                                             disposable income . In this regard, we        buildings and should begin in early 2012,
                                             wish to involve the private sector, both      so that Luanda reflects our desire to
                                             domestic and international, because           change for the better!
                                             it can contribute decisively to solve
                                             the problems of two homeless million          Transportation,
                                             people .
                                                                                           Infrastructure and Logistics
                                             We must also take into account, however,
                                             that the military conflict has forced many
The structure and evolution of the
                                             citizens to leave their places of origin
urban system and the national housing        and settle informally in critical areas or
stock continue to grow gradually, thus       locations reserved for public projects .
providing a structured environment           Our purpose is to ensure support for the
for the country’s development and            solution of their problems, the two forms
strengthening of their conditions of         of construction described above, that is,
territorial affirmation and cohesion .       supervised self‑construction and modular
In this context, the National Housing        house construction .
Program entered an intense project           The Housing and Urban Development
phase, with emphasis on the                                                                Of all the subprograms, this one had
                                             Program in progress in Luanda, involves
construction of new cities and urban                                                       the most outstanding growth . 6,500
                                             the construction of three thousand
centers and redevelopment projects for                                                     kilometers of roads were rehabilitated
                                             modular homes . Over five thousand are
large settlements, to cater to the social                                                  and built, hundreds of bridges were
                                             expected to be built by 2012, in an area
and middle income housing needs .            with infrastructure for twenty thousand       built, railroads were revamped, airports
                                             homes . They are intended for families        were recovered and trade and logistics
In the context of the National
                                             who still live in tents in the districts of   increased .
Urbanization and Housing Program, the
State, private sector and cooperatives       Cacuaco, Viana and Zango . The same           Some weaknesses of the sector should
                                             program will cover the people who are         be overcome, and the transportation
are conducting in all provincial capitals
                                             in the same situation in the provinces of     systems are to be coordinated and
and 127 municipal centers programs
                                             Huila, Cunene and Huambo .                    integrated, specifically the ports with
and construction projects of urban
infrastructures, totaling 350,091 homes      Also underway, a more comprehensive           railways, airports and roads to the
of different types, of which 210,024         diagnosis project is being conducted at       highways, and all of them with the
are under state responsibility . The         the national level, in order to ascertain     logistics infrastructure . In 2012/13 we
population to be housed is estimated at      the actual number of people at risk of        anticipate the completion of all roads,
2,100,546 .                                  homelessness .                                railways and the port of Lobito .

22 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                          State of the Nation

The Executive has approved the                                                                 million visitors and a million direct and
construction of the country’s largest                                                          indirect jobs, increase the inclusion of
commercial port in Barra do Dande,                                                             civil society and local populations; and
Bengo province . It will be the main                                                           get closer to the international hotel
gateway for entry of goods, thus                                                               standards; and increase the contribution
contributing to economic growth and job                                                        of hospitality and tourism to the Gross
creation .                                                                                     Domestic Product .

Another important ongoing investment                                                           Culture and Sport
in the sector is the construction of a new
jetty in Cabinda, which will serve as a                                                        Two important laws have just been
                                                Tour operators are confident and
                                                                                               appreciated by the Board of Ministers
support base for the construction of a          continue to invest in creating hotel
                                                                                               and sent to the Assembly, the
deepwater port in the locality of Caio,         infrastructure and the like . In 2010, there
                                                                                               Sponsorship Law and Languages Act,
whose executive project is nearing final        was a 16 .1 percent increase in tourist
                                                                                               which may contribute decisively to a
stages of preparation .                         arrivals, the hotel supply has grown to
                                                                                               greater support and dynamics of artistic
                                                136 units with an average occupancy
The rehabilitation of the airport                                                              and cultural activities and to restore the
                                                rate of 89 percent, and the estimated
infrastructure continues at a rapid pace .                                                     dignity and ethno linguistic identity of
                                                investment in the sector amounted to
The airports of Cabinda, Catumbela,                                                            various regions of the country .
                                                the equivalent of over a billion dollars .
Benguela, Malanje, Ondjiva, Lubango
                                                                                               The legal framework of the National
and Huambo were rehabilitated and               The Executive approved the guidelines
                                                                                               Public Libraries Network was also
modernized, and the airport of Cariango         for the creation of three new tourism
                                                                                               defined, which will allow greater
in Ndalatando, is ready to open .               development centers, which will
                                                                                               and easier access to key works for
                                                complement the Tourism Development
Later this month contracts will be                                                             knowledge and education, and also
                                                Centers of Futungo de Belas, namely
approved for the rehabilitation of the                                                         the Cultural Centers, which provide
                                                the Tourism Development Centers of
airports of Soyo, Dundo, Saurimo and                                                           a privileged space for socializing and
                                                Calandula, Cabo Ledo and the Okavango
Luena . Next year we will complete the                                                         cultural enrichment and sharing of
                                                Basin .
first phase of the new international                                                           experiences at all levels .
airport in Luanda, which, on the final          In the latter case, Angola is part of an
                                                                                               We appreciate and consider worthy of
phase, will have the capacity of 15             ambitious project to create a pool of
                                                                                               recognition the efforts of several artists
million passengers per year .                   cross‑border conservation of wildlife
                                                                                               and all culture producers to enrich
                                                and eco‑tourism involving Zambia,              the spiritual heritage of the nation .
Most of the Luanda’s road structure             Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia,
rehabilitation program projects should be                                                      The Executive will approve this effort,
                                                called the Okavango‑Zambezi or simply          also accelerating the completion of
delivered still in 2011 . Of the 19 points of   KAZA‑ATFC .                                    the middle and higher art education
intervention, at least 14 are already being
                                                The aim is to structure tourism around         institutes, to improve the skills of cultural
finalized . The Luanda and Kifangondo
                                                natural resources, landscape, sun, beach       producers .
and Viana‑Cabolombo‑Cacuaco
Expressways are examples of projects            and cultural heritage, also increasing         In regards to sport, our policy has
                                                business travel . The aim is to achieve        been geared to obtain its maximum
that have led to significant improvements
                                                in the next ten years four and a half          benefits as a social phenomenon . The
in traffic and urban planning .
                                                                                               investments are linked to the creation
Hospitality and Tourism                                                                        of infrastructure conditions, which have
Given the existing economic conditions,                                                        given an unquestionable contribution to
this sector has experienced tremendous                                                         improving sports and also to improve the
growth and is one of the most promising                                                        quality of life and welfare of populations .
in terms of future development . The                                                           The studies for the construction of an
implementation of the recently approved                                                        Olympic Village, a Training Center and
Tourism Master Plan shall contribute                                                           High Performance Center are currently in
towards that goal .                                                                            advanced stages of completing .

                                                                                                              Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 23
State of the Nation

At the same time, the Sports Law has              Data released by the International             inflation rate rose 6 percent in 2008,
established the general national sport            Monetary Fund last September indicated         reaching 13 .7 percent and rose again to
framework, promoting and guiding the              that Angola was one of the few countries       14 .7 percent in 2010 .
organization thereof, and generalizing            in the world to escape recession in 2009,
                                                                                                 It is estimated that in 2011 inflation will
it to all society, as indispensable to the        as its GDP grew 2 .4 percent, while the
                                                                                                 stay below the 12 percent projected in
formation and health of human beings,             world’s GDP decreased 0 .7 percent .
                                                                                                 the State Budget, since the variation
especially through physical education             In 2010, the trend continued, as the           accumulated from January through
and school sports .                               GDP grew 3 .4 percent and the Angolan          August this year stands at only 6 .86
Henceforth we will pay more attention             economic environment was characterized         percent compared to 8 .4 percent in same
to defining a coherent system of national         by the slow recovery in oil prices and         period of 2010 .
sport funding and the study and                   the fiscal effort to further consolidate the
                                                                                                 However, the overall public debt remains
implementation of strategy and action             pillars of macroeconomic stability .
                                                                                                 within the internationally accepted safety
plan for the levels of training in all sports .   The country’s net international reserves       factors, both in terms of volume and
Also in this area, we salute, in particular,      rose in 2010, from the equivalent of 12 .6     costs, as well as its maturity profile .
the achievements of the woman’s                   billion to about 17 .5 billion and stood at
                                                  the end of June of 2011 at 21 .4 billion,      The low cost of foreign debt, in
handball and basketball team and
                                                  representing an increase of 23 .6 percent      conjunction with the recovery of
Paralympic athletes, who not only filled
                                                  since the beginning of the year .              export prices of oil, reflected on the
our people with joy and pride, but also
                                                                                                 improvement of the balance of the
projected the name of the Angolan                 The increasing dynamism of the                 Current Account Balance of Payments,
nation abroad .                                   construction, agriculture, industry and        which evolved from a deficit of 7 .572
President of the National Assembly,               services industries showed the increasing
                                                                                                 billion in 2009 to a deficit of only 348
                                                  participation of non‑oil sector in GDP,
Gentlemen,                                                                                       million in 2010 .
                                                  with growth of 8 .3 percent in 2009 and
Aware of the risks of major international         7 .8 percent in 2010, while the oil sector     No wonder, for all the reasons set
financial and economic crisis, from               dropped (respectively ‑5 .1 and ‑3 .0 per      forth above, the Angolan nation
2009, the Executive conducted a                   cent) due to the sharp reduction in oil        continues to receive the international
Macroeconomic Policy supported by                 prices in 2009 and reduction of the            community’s recognition of its growing
a strong high quality Fiscal Policy,              volume produced in 2010 .                      macroeconomic strength, according
consistent and credible, capable of                                                              to reports issued in 2010 by the
                                                  For 2011 the GDP growth is estimated at
ensuring an opposite effect to the                                                               International Monetary Fund and
                                                  around 3 .7 percent, lower than expected
economic stagnation trend that appeared                                                          the three main sovereign debt risk
                                                  in the general budget of the initial state,
to be imminent and eventually happened                                                           international rating agencies .
                                                  because of reduced oil production by BP,
in all developed and developing                   for technical reasons, but that was offset     As a projection, since the fiscal year has
countries and emerging markets .                  in part by increasing the annual average       not yet finished, the State Budget for
                                                  price of the crude oil barrel and faster       2012 indicates a potential for revenues
Our anti‑cyclical policy was guided
                                                  growth of the non‑oil sector, due to the       and expenditures to approximate $ 3 .5
by a firm determination to avoid a
                                                  decisive effect of the Public Investment       trillion kwanza, without a deficit .
recession without resorting to the
                                                  Program .
growth of debt and money issues, in                                                              The projections also indicate a 12% real
order not to compromise the fiscal and            Such investments were accompanied              growth rate of GDP, 13 .4 per cent for
foreign exchange fundamentals and                 by a rise in the level of social sector        the oil sector and 12 .5 percent for the
macroeconomic stability .                         spending in the State Budget, which            non‑oil sector, with an inflation rate of
                                                  rose from 12 .7 percent in 2009 to 34 .3       around 10 percent .
The Public Investments Program
                                                  percent in 2010, a condition achieved
continued to invest on the physical                                                              President of the National Assembly,
                                                  in part thanks to the restructuring of
reconstruction, economic and social
                                                  short‑term debt securities carried out in      Gentlemen,
development of the country, maintaining
                                                  the last two years .
growth, avoiding recession and                                                                   In 2000, the United Nations upon
continuing the fight against hunger and           Inflation remains a challenge for Angola .     analyzing the major world problems
poverty .                                         After years of sustained decline, the          defined a set of objectives to be

24 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                    State of the Nation

achieved by member states by 2015, in       The national economy is still in the         Our youth has never acted outside of the
order to reduce by half all calculated      design phase, but there is no market         will of the people . The youth emanates
indexes .                                   economy without entrepreneurs and            from the people and has always worked
                                            private owners and we expect Angolan         for the people . We need to maintain
Eight objectives were recommended:
                                            private entrepreneurs, whether large,        this rich tradition that comes from our
1º ‑ Eradication of extreme poverty and     medium or small, to begin now to             ancestors!
     hunger;                                take the reins of our economy and the
                                            provision of productive services, as the     Today there are some misunderstandings
2º ‑ Achievement of universal elementary                                                 and even misconceptions that need to
                                            state is reducing its presence there .
                                                                                         be clarified . I think they still happen
                                            Wealthy people will, and are in fact,
3º ‑ Promotion of gender equality and                                                    because the dialogue is not sufficient .
                                            emerging . The state is not against the
     empowerment of women;                                                               The Executive must improve social
                                            rich, but it’s important to say that the
4º ‑ Reduction of child mortality;                                                       dialogue and listen, hear and discuss
                                            main concern of the Executive is to fight
                                            hunger and poverty with increasing           more, so that issues are treated in the
5º ‑ Improvement of maternal health;                                                     right times and places, and consensual
                                            energy in order to reduce it gradually,
6º ‑ Fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other   until complete eradication .                 solutions are found and applied .
                                            The private sector can and should            The executive program for the
7º ‑ Ensuring environmental                 contribute by making more investments        resolution of Youth issues, whose
     sustainability;                        to create more good paying jobs, pay         implementation was suspended, will
8º ‑ Creating a global partnership for      taxes and increase national wealth .         be adjusted by the Government and
     development .                                                                       its implementation will be periodically
                                            In this context, I think the country
                                                                                         evaluated by the Ministry of Youth
As we could see on the findings             needs laws and regulations with clearer
                                                                                         and Sports, with representatives of the
noted earlier, when referring to the        rules for the participation of business
                                            leaders, assembly members and other          National Youth Council, as done before .
degree of implementation of Executive
programs in various fields of national      public office holders and any eventual       The country needs everyone’s
life, Angola has been addressing all        incompatibilities .                          contribution . We need the strength,
of these concerns, not only with the        The Constitution recognizes every            dynamism, creativity and availability
organization of the basic conditions        citizen’s equal rights and it is important   of young students, workers, peasants
and the allocation of resources into        to know how to act when there are            and intellectuals as well as young
concrete actions, but also with training    conflicts of interest or ethical and moral   entrepreneurs or business people . The
and mobilization of the entire society to   values, preserving and separating private    country relies on the patriotism and
bring them to fruition .                    from state affairs . The country needs       public spirit which has always been the
It is important for the Gentlemen to        everyone’s contribution, with confidence,    attribute of young Angolans .
appreciate this data and monitor the        on the present and future and its
                                                                                         The confusion and misunderstanding
work of the Executive, so that you          institutions .
                                                                                         has caused situations of violence that
know how the country is meeting its         President of the National Assembly,          caused many misfortunes and suffering
international commitments .
                                            Gentlemen,                                   to the Angolan people in the recent
President of the National Assembly,                                                      past . Ultimately, when we understand
                                            The youth has a historical tradition of
Gentlemen,                                                                               each other, we realize that the Angolan
                                            active participation in all noble causes
In adopting a political and ideological     engaged by the Angolan people . It           people’s problems will be solved by
option for multiparty democracy and         participated in the National Liberation      reconciliation, peace and that, together
social market economy, we chose a           struggle, both the guerrillas and            we will solve the problems of the
political, economic, social and cultural    underground . It was the most important      Angolan people .
democracy, based on equality and            and active party in the defense the          President of the National Assembly,
respect for fundamental freedoms and        country against foreign invasions and
guarantees of citizens . Our goal is to     military‑political destabilization and
build a market economy that serves          helped the people to build peace and         According the normalization of the
Angolans and provides better and            democracy which makes us so proud            country’s political life, and terms of
improving living conditions .               today .                                      the Constitution, a general election

                                                                                                        Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 25
State of the Nation

                                                                                              Having a painful war experience, which
                                                                                              still has serious consequences for the
                                                                                              lives of our people . Angola advocates
                                                                                              dialogue and negotiation principles
                                                                                              for reaching peaceful resolution of all
                                                                                              differences and disputes that may arise
                                                                                              at the international level .
                                                                                              This position is increasingly relevant in
                                                                                              a world in which any crisis reaches a
                                                                                              global dimension, where imposition and
                                                                                              the threat of force to resolve internal
                                                                                              conflicts or disputes between sovereign
                                                                                              countries are again being widely used .
                                                                                              We will continue to fulfill our
                                                                                              obligations and our responsibilities
                                                                                              at the international level, particularly
for President and Vice‑President of           Therefore, the efforts of officials and staff   with regard to Africa as a whole and
the Republic and National Assembly            of the Defense, Security and Public Order       particularly in the context of economic
members will take place in the third          forces are worthy of praise and gratitude,      and political groups to which we belong,
quarter of 2012, ending the four‑year         for not only have they preserved peace,         such as SADC and ECCAS, and also the
parliamentary term resulting from the         protected our borders and enforced              Community of Portuguese Speaking
2008 legislative elections .                  the legality of the Constitution of the
                                                                                              Countries .
                                              Republic, but have also participated in
I ask of the National Assembly to             social emergency actions, such as mine          At a broader level, Angola will also
urgently approve the laws necessary           evacuations and reconstruction of local         continue to cooperate with the
to define the legal guidelines and            infrastructure and cooperation missions         international community in fighting
composition of the National Electoral         outside the country .                           terrorism and criminal networks, money
Commission, as well as the mechanisms                                                         laundering, human being trafficking and
of interaction with other relevant            I take this opportunity to emphasize and
                                              appeal to the institutional strengthening       psychotropic substances and endemic
institutions of the state, and allow the                                                      diseases .
                                              of solidarity between Parliament, the
creation of conditions for well organized,
                                              Government and the Courts, which are,           As in the past, we will never allow the
free and transparent elections .
                                              respectively the legislative, executive and     interference of foreign governments or
The electoral registration process is         judiciary, which are the cornerstones of        entities in our internal affairs . We will
currently being updated and it is             a democratic rule of law in Social Justice      defend our sovereignty and territorial
important that every voting age citizen       and Peace                                       integrity, our political and economic
be registered, to fulfill his duty, because   I extended this appeal to other state           choices and our identity as a nation,
only then he can exercise the right to        agencies, such as the Attorney General’s        putting the best interests of the Angolan
vote and participate in the choice of         Office, the Court of Auditors and the           people above all .
political representative for the next five    Prosecutor’s Office, calling upon them
years, as defined by the Constitution .                                                       Angola Will Win! v
                                              to perform their specific noble tasks
President of the National Assembly,           speedily, accurately and impartially .
Gentlemen,                                    President of the National Assembly,

The safety of the Angolan nation, despite     Gentlemen,
the persistence of some threats and low       Our foreign policy continues to be
intensity risks, has appeared generally       guided by objective actions and events
stable and under control, as the proper       leading to the consolidation of the
authorities have proactively ensured the      understanding and cooperation among
order and public peace, protecting the        nations and the preservation of peace,
State institutions .                          stability and international security .

26 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                     Diplomatic Activity

National Prayer Breakfast                                                                   • February 3, 2011
Angola participated at the 59ª session of the National Prayer Breakfast
in Washington D.C.

                                             more than 100 countries. The same is       President Barack Obama accompanied
                                             designed to be a forum for political,      by his wife was the main speaker of
                                             social and business leaders in the         the event where also intervened the
                                             world with the aim of interaction and      astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of
                                             establish partnerships. “The National      Republican Congresswoman Gabrielle
                                             Prayer Breakfast (breakfast annual         Giffords, a victim of the attack earlier
                                             prayer), is considered by families as an   this year in the State of Arizona.
                                             instrument with the main purpose of
                                             prayer and meeting. The event, whose
                                             program included a series of meetings
                                             and social activities, happens there is

A     n Angolan delegation led by MP         56 years.
      Ângela Bragança, President of the      Each year, members of Congress join
Third Committee on Foreign Affairs,          in prayer with many other government
International Cooperation and Angolan        personalities, representatives of the
Communities Abroad attended the
                                             diplomatic corps accredited in the
fifty‑ninth session of the National
                                             U.S., leaders from around the country
Prayer Breakfast (breakfast prayer),
                                             and friends, without regard to their
an event that takes place annually
                                             differences in order to strengthen their
on the first Thursday of February in
                                             relationships through their love for
Washington, D.C.
                                             God and neighbor.
Joined the same event Anabela                                                           President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle
                                             The Fellowship Foundation is an
Alberto dos Santos, also a member of                                                    Obama, heads bowed at the time of prayer that

the third committee of the National          institution that supports a broad          was made by NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly, spouse of
                                                                                        Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who ended the 2011
Assembly, responsible by Angolan             international movement that strives to     National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

communities living abroad.                   create a common denominator in spite
                                             of different religious faiths, political   Following the program of the visit,
This is the third time that an Angolan       and social divisions emphasizing the       the Angolan parliamentary delegation
delegation is invited to participate         message of Jesus Christ, love and          participated in an interactive meeting
at the exhibition organized by the           marriage.                                  with the Angolan diaspora living in
Fellowship Foudation, a conservative                                                    the metropolitan Washington area,
Christian organization known as “The                                                    organized by the Embassy of Angola,
Family”. Initially called the Presidential                                              where they discussed the latest
Prayer Breakfast, the name was                                                          political developments, economic
changed in 1970 to National Prayer                                                      and social changes that occur in the
Breakfast (breakfast prayer), and hosts                                                 country. Ângela Bragança reported
members of Congress. This year’s
                                                                                        on the operation of the National
event had participants from over 100
                                                                                        Assembly, and the main strategies
countries and included a series of
                                                                                        outlined by the Government to
meetings and other events.
                                                                                        citizens who wish to return to the
Attended the event about 3,500 guests                                                   country so that they can meet their
including international guests from          Ângela Bragança, National Assembly MP.     basic needs. v

                                                                                                         Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 27
Diplomatic Activity

TAAG acquired two aircraft
type 777 ‑ 300ER from Boeing
National flag carrier, signed contracts with partners to finance
the acquisition of two new aircraft from Boeing
                                              Ministry of Finance, National Institute of                   of Angola, worth U .S . $ 78,348,865 .10
                                              Civil Aviation (INAVIC) and the National                     (Seventy‑eight million, three hundred
                                              Company Insurance of Angola (ENSA) .                         forty‑eight thousand, eight hundred
                                                                                                           sixty‑five dollars and ten cents) .

W     ere signed in Washington  D .C .,
      on June 10, 2011, at the
headquarters of Eximbank financing
                                              Pimentel Araújo,
                                              TAAG CEO .
                                                                    MPs –National Assembly .
                                                                                                           Representantives of TAAG and Ministry of Finance .

contracts in the context of the                                                                            A financing agreement concluded
                                              TAAG, Angola Airlines‑EP ., signed with
commercial contract, approved on                                                                           between TAAG and the Union of Angolan
                                              its partners the financing agreements
October 5 October, 2009 based in                                                                           Banks led by Banco de Poupança e
                                              between the LLC IONA (an institution
Presidential Decree number 114/11                                                                          Crédito (Credit and Savings Bank),
                                              created to be responsible for the
of June 3, 2011, between TAAG and                                                                          involving the African Investment Bank
                                              duration of aircraft financing), PFECO,
Boeing for the purchase of two aircraft                                                                    (BAI) and the Bank of International
                                              Private Export Corporation (Private
Boeing 777‑300ER, worth a total of                                                                         Business, guaranteed by the Angolan
                                              Export) U .S . Eximbank, guaranteed by
three hundred seventy‑five million,                                                                        Government in the amount of USD
                                              the latter and the Government of the
four hundred sixty‑three thousand,                                                                         34,463  .049,40 (Thirty‑4463000, forty‑nine
                                              Republic of Angola, in the amount of
six hundred seventy‑eight U .S . dollars                                                                   dollars and forty cents), was also signed .
                                              $ 255,642,208 .00 (two hundred and
and eighty cents ( 375,463,678 .80), a
                                              fifty five million, six hundred forty‑two                    The Ministry of Finance is the agency of
long‑term financing in several tranches .
                                              thousand two hundred and eight dollars),                     the Government, to whom was delegated
To this end, on the on 8th of June, was       and British HSBC Bank, guaranteed                            the authority to issue, on behalf of
in Washington D .C ., a TAAG delegation       by the Government of the Republic                            Angola, the guarantees to cover the
led by its CEO, Pimentel Araújo which                                                                      financing contracts . ENSA has the task
also included representatives from the

                                              Virgílio Fontes Pereira, head of Angolan Parliamentary
                                              delegation that visited Washington and witenessd the event                              Martinho Codo, Representative
EximBank headquarters in Washington, D .C .   next to MP Maria Luísa Veiga, Adelaide Godinho, TAAG Legal   President of U .S .        of the Embassy of Angola to
Signing of financial contracts .              Director and Martinho Codo, Diplomat at the Embassy .        EximBank .                 the USA .

28 >   Imbondeiro     > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                                               Diplomatic Activity

Angolan parliamentary delegation, TAAG CEO and Embassy    Representantives of AN, TAAG, Boeing, INAVIC, EximBank,
Chargé d’Affairs a .i .                                   HSBC, PFECO and diplomats .
                                                          Financial contracts signature ceremony .
of all that related to insurance of such
aircraft issues .                                         HSBC Eximbank and President Fred Hoch                             to improve conditions of living in various
                                                          Berg .                                                            sectors of society including the transport
“TAAG is committed to improving                                                                                             sector .
its fleet, according to international                     At the time, Martinho Codo, Chargé
standards, thus contributing to the                       d’Affaires a .i . of this diplomatic mission,                     After the event, TAAG delegation went
modernization of the company . I am sure                  in his speech said that the ceremony, was                         to Seattle, Washington States, where is
that these aircraft will help to reduce                   a testimony the good relations between                            located the Boeing headquarters, for the
the flow of passengers and goods in                       the two countries and stressed the                                delivery of the first aircraft that left U .S .
the country, “said TAAG CEO Pimentel                      commitment of the Angolan government                              airspace on June 16, 2011 . The second
Araújo, after the signing ceremony of                                                                                       aircraft flew to Angola, on July 7, 2011 . v
financing contracts, adding, referring to
the internal structure of aircraft, they
were just 12 / 1 class, 56 executive and
225 economic .

                                                          First Aircraft,“Sagrada Esperança” Everest, Seattle,
                                                          Washington States .
                                                          June 16, 2011 .

Representatives of TAAG, ENSA and Ministry of Finance .

Witnessed the event the delegation of
members of parliament that ended their
visit to U .S ., staff of the U .S . Department
of State, representatives of Boeing and
Eximbank, as well as Angolan diplomats .
The financing agreements initially were                                                                                                          Second aircraft, “Welwitschia Mirabilis”
                                                                                                                                                 Everest ‑ Seattle, Washington States .
led by TAAG, your CEO Pimentel Araújo,                                                                                                           July 7, 2011 .
Richard Youtz PFECO, Richard Hodder

                                                          Inside Boeing 777‑300ER .

                                                                                                       Representatives of the national press
Raul Araújo, National    Diplomats at the USA Embassy                                                  in Seattle, Everest Base, Washington      Preparations for the take‑off of the
Assembly Consultant .    & guests .                       TAAG Crew .                                  States .                                  second aircraft .

                                                                                                                                                Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 29
Diplomatic Activity

Angolan parliamentary delegation
visited the United States of America
                                                    has the responsibility to prepare                      delegation participated the TAAG
                                                    the State Budget and present it to                     delegation in Washington, D.C., its
                                                    Congress; is also the direction of the                 partners, members of the resident
                                                    management of the White House                          Angolan community in the United
                                                    budget.                                                States, Associate Members of the
                                                                                                           Chamber and Angolan diplomats.
                                                    On the last day of the visit, the
                                                    Angolan delegation, witnessed the                      Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, considered
                                                    official act of signing of the financial               the visit successful and stressed
                                                    agreement between TAAG‑Angola                          that regular exchanges between
Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, president of the MPLA   Airlines‑EP, IONA LLC, Corporation                     the National Assembly and the U.S
parliamentary bench.                                Private Export Fund, the British bank                  Congress, such visits, have as main
                                                    HSBC and the U.S. EximBank, in the
A    delegation of the National                                                                            objective a better understanding
                                                    context of the commercial contract                     of the American legal system and
     Assembly headed by Virgílio de
                                                    between the national airline and                       will reinforce and help the Angolan
Fontes Pereira, president of the MPLA               Boeing for the acquisition of two new
parliamentary bench, visited the U.S.                                                                      parliamentary process. With the
                                                    aircraft Boeing 777‑300ER.
from 6 to 10 June 2011.                                                                                    presents he made a toast for the
                                                                                                           acquisition by TAAG of two aircraft of
The agenda set for this state visit of                                                                     type Boeing 777‑300 ER.
five days to Washington, which had as
main objective exchange experiences
on legislative oversight over the
executive, included various meetings
with U.S. congressmen and a meeting
at the State Department.
The Angolan MPs were informed about                 Members of the Community Association New Angola
the operation of the Projections unit of            (Angolan community in Philadelphia, met Mr. Virgílio
                                                    de Fontes Pereira.
the budget body of the U.S. Congress
(CBO), an institution that is mandated              Virgílio Fontes Pereira, paid a courtesy
to prepare studies and projections on               visit to Susan Page, Deputy Assistant
the State Budget presented by the                   Secretary for African Affairs of the                   Included the Angolan delegation
administration.                                     U.S. Department State in which                         Vitória Izata, chairman of the
                                                    both parties exchanged views on                        committee on constitutional and
Also in the U.S. Congress, the
                                                    the current status of the bilateral                    judicial affairs, Tomás da Silva,
Angolan parliamentary delegation,
                                                    cooperation between the two countries                  vice‑president of the Committee
held a meeting in the House of
                                                    and increased relations between the                    for the administration of state and
Representatives, where was speaker
                                                    two bodies to share experiences on                     local government, Maria Luísa Veiga,
Dubovi Talia, congress staff, from the
                                                    both sides.                                            member of the committee for ethics
sub‑committee on appropriations
of the State, foreign operations                    To conclude, the delegation attended                   and decorum, both members of the
and related programs, and Jim                       a reception on the premises of the                     National Assembly as well as Raul
Jukes , Directorate of State Budget                 Embassy of Angola to the USA,                          Araújo, Consultant of the National
(OMB), Associate Director for the                   organized jointly with the U.S.‑Angola                 Assembly and Lutuima Prata, assistant
legislative division, the organ which               Chamber of Commerce, where the                         and senior staff.v

30 >   Imbondeiro    > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                     Diplomatic Activity

President Barack Obama accepted credencials
from the New Angolan Ambassador to the U.S.
A simple ceremony but of special significance!

T    he Ambassador Extraordinary and
     Plenipotentiary of the Republic
of Angola to the United States of
                                                                                              Remarks by President Barack
                                                                                              Obama Upon the Occasion of the
                                                                                              presentation of Ambassador Bento
America, Alberto do Carmo Bento                                                               Ribeiro Letter of Credence.
Ribeiro, was received September 9,
                                                                                              Mr . Ambassador:
2011 in audience at the White House
by President Barack Obama, for the U .S .                                                     It is with great pleasure that I
official presentation of his credentials .                                                    accept your Letter of Credence,
During the ceremony, the diplomat                                                             which establishes you as
stressed in his message, the dividends                                                        Ambassador Extraordinary and
of peace and consolidation of national                                                        Plenipotentiary of the Republic of
reconciliation that occurs in our country                                                     Angola, and I acknowledge receipt
and the strengthening of democratic                                                           of the Letter of Recall of your
institutions towards an improvement                                                           predecessor, Ambassador Josefina
in human rights, aimed at reducing                                                            Pitra Diakite, who was exceptional
poverty, good governance and                                                                  in representing Angola in the United
combating corruption .                                                                        States . I would like to extend a very
                                             Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro, New Ambassador
                                                                                              warm welcome to you and your
The Angolan Ambassador to the  USA,          of Angola to the USA, in the White House next

also noted the progress made in
                                             to President Barack Obama.                       family and I look forward to working
the bilateral cooperation between            congratulate the Angolan Head of State,          closely with you to strengthen the
our two countries, emphasizing the           President José Eduardo dos Santos for            already close relationship between
signing of the Memorandum to the             the presidency of SADC .                         our countries .
Strategic Partnership Dialogue in 2010,                                                       Your assignment to Washington
                                             The Angolan diplomat presented his
as a testimony to the importance of                                                           comes at a pivotal moment in our
                                             figured letters, the 1st of September
diplomacy and an instrument that is                                                           bilateral relationship . Over the
increasingly further strengthen the good     2011, at the United States Department
                                             of State .                                       past decade, Angola has not only
relations that already exist .                                                                recovered from a devastating civil
Upon acceptance of the letters that          Attended the ceremony at the White               war, it has developed an economy
accredit Alberto do Carmo Bento              House, as usual in the U .S . close relatives    that now ranks among the largest in
Ribeiro as Ambassador Extraordinary          of Ambassador Bento Ribeiro . v                  Africa . The United States recognizes
and Plenipotentiary of Angola in the                                                          Angola’s important leadership
U .S ., Barack Obama, said that the                                                           role in Africa, and I congratulate
indication of the Angolan diplomat                                                            President Dos Santos on assuming
comes at a crucial moment of the                                                              the chairmanship of the Southern
bilateral relations between our two                                                           African Development Community
countries .                                                                                   (SADC) . Angola’s presidential and
“In the last decade, Angola has not only                                                      parliamentary elections next year
recovered from the devastating civil                                                          will be another important milestone .
war, as has also developed an economy                                                         Angola is blessed with abundant
that ranks among the largest in the                                                           natural resources, but its people are
African continent,” he said . The U .S .     State protocol official vehicle from the U.S.
                                                                                              its greatest resource . The United
President also took the opportunity to       administration on the way to the White House.    States believes that democracy is

                                                                                                        Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 31
Diplomatic Activity

                                                         of democratic governance . Our hope is
                                                         that the United States can assist Angola
                                                         to improve the life of its citizens and
                                                         fully realize its potential as a peaceful,
                                                         prosperous, and democratic nation .
                                                         I look forward to working with you on
                                                         improving our cooperation on mutual
                                                         interests and strengthening the bonds
                                                         of partnership and friendship between
                                                         our countries . Mr . Ambassador, it gives
                                                         me great pleasure to welcome you to
                                                         Washington, D .C . v
Ambassador Bento Ribeiro and spouse, Mrs . Maria Odete
Ribeiro accompanied by White House Protocol Official .                                                Ambassador Bento Ribeiro and members of his family

                                                              Angola USA                              before departure to the White House .

the key to harnessing this wealth and
securing a bright, prosperous future for                    New Ambassador wants to consolidate relations
all Angolans .
During her first trip to Africa as Secretary
of State, Hillary Clinton made an
                                                            B   ento Ribeiro, the new Ambassador of Angola to the United States was
                                                                sworn in by President, José Eduardo dos Santos, on June 19, 2011 .
                                                            Speaking at the time to the national press, the diplomat said in Luanda
historic visit to Angola . Since then, the
                                                            that will do everything for the consolidation of relations between the two
United States and Angola have signed
                                                            countries .
a Memorandum of Understanding
                                                            He recalled that the United States of America “is the most important
that formally established a Strategic
                                                            Angola economic partner” and given the position that this country plays in
Partnership Dialogue based on the
                                                            today’s world, “it is evident that we must have a very special and privileged
principles of respect, equality, and
                                                            relationship .”
mutual benefit . I was pleased to hear
                                                            He pointed out as a priority the strengthening of ties at diplomatic and
that an official U .S . energy delegation
                                                            political levels, as well as as consolidating existing in the economic sphere . v
was warmly received in Luanda in
August, and that they had positive,
substantive meetings and conversations
with your government . I look forward
to further progress as we continue to
advance our dialogue .
The United States also looks forward
to increased trade and investment with
Angola . Private U .S . companies are
investing heavily in Angola, which is
now our third largest trading partner in
sub‑Saharan Africa . Our nations continue
to make progress on our bilateral Trade
and Investment Framework Agreement .
We hope to expand our economic
engagment beyond your country’s robust
petroleum sector .
Despite the extraordinary progress
made within Angola and in our bilateral
relationship, much remains to be done .
We look forward to working with Angola
as it continues to advance along the path

32 >   Imbondeiro     > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                                    Diplomatic Activity

                                   66ª Annual UN Session
World leaders converged to the United Nations in New York last September for the
annual session of the General Assembly. 193 member nations, and the southern Sudan
newly inaugurated last July, 121 Heads of State and Government participated
at the six‑day event.

T   he assembly began with two
    days of events for the first time
high‑level meeting on the diseases
                                                                                                                        pulpit . He addressed the regional
                                                                                                                        turmoil of the Middle East, as well as
                                                                                                                        their usual posts pro‑Palestinian and
that cumulatively kill three in five                                                                                    anti‑Israeli .
people worldwide . It focused on
                                                                                                                        Another major event was marked by
combating cardiovascular diseases,
                                                                                                                        the pursuit of Palestinian peacemaking .
cancer, chronic lung diseases and
diabetes . The UN Secretary General                                                                                     Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Ban Ki‑moon predisposed to “broker                                                                                      spoke after and proceeded to deliver a
an international commitment that puts                                                                                   letter for the application of his country to
non‑communicable diseases on the                                                                                        the UN Secretary‑General .
                                                           was followed by US President Barack
agenda of development .”                                   Obama, who made his third appearance                         The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
The National Transitional Council of                       at the annual UN meeting . Stood out                         Netanyahu also presented his speech .
Libya, recently recognized by the UN as                    among the speakers at the first day                          However, a pro‑Palestinian protest
the legitimate authority in the country,                   were the President of France Nicolas                         occurred outside the UN headquarters on
was present in New York and represented                    Sarkozy, President of Russia Dimitri                         the same day .
by his chairman, Mustafa Jalil .                           Medvedev and President Hamid Karzai                          Several ministerial meetings and
The speeches and debates began with                        of Afghanistan .                                             conferences took place outside of the
the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff .                  A controversial figure of the event                          General Assembly, focusing on themes
It was the first time that a female leader                 in past years, the Iranian President                         such as Somalia, counterterrorism,
was the first speaker of the debate . She                  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in the                               nuclear safety and Afghanistan . v

    Minister of Foreign Affairs led the Angolan
    delegation at the United Nations General Assembly
                                                           Mr. President,                                             I also want to express our gratitude to your
                                                           Secretary‑General,                                         predecessor, Ambassador Joseph Deiss, for
                                                           Distinguished Delegates,                                   the competent and impartial manner in
                                                           Ladies and Gentlemen,                                      which he conducted the proceedings of the
                                                                                                                      65th session .
                                                           I would like to take this opportunity to
                                                           congratulate Your Excellency for your                      May I also congratulate the
                                                           election to preside over the work of this                  Secretary‑General for his re‑election
                                                           66th Session of UN General Assembly                        and assure him of the support of my
                                                           and to assure you of the support and                       Government for the success of his much
                                                           cooperation of the Angolan delegation for                  complex and demanding mission in
    Georges Rebelo Chicoti, Minister of External Affairs
    intervening at UN .                                    the success of the work of this session .                  the service of peace and cooperation
                                                           Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro, Ambassador of Angola to the USA .

                                                                                                                                       Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 33
Diplomatic Activity

66ª Annual UN Session                                                                              (cont.)
   among nations, a cornerstone of the              The diagnosis of the present international       harmony, and are the main guarantee of
   mandate embodied in the Charter of our           situation made by the majority of the            effective conflict prevention .
   Organization .                                   speakers who preceded me and that we
                                                                                                     There are other elements I would like
                                                    share constitutes a call to our collective
   We congratulate the Republic of South                                                             to mention that are an important cause
                                                    responsibility .
   Sudan for its admission as a member                                                               of the spread of conflicts: I am referring
   of the United Nations . We wish South            A particularly disturbing factor is the          to external interference, done in gross
   Sudan a future of peace and prosperity           current economic and financial crisis            violation of international law, and which
   and guarantee the availability of the            that has affected virtually every country        most of the time obstructs efforts at
   Government of Angola to cooperate with           in the world and spilled more heavily            mediation and peaceful resolution, and
                                                    in developing countries, with serious            prevents solutions to these conflicts .
   this new State’s effort to consolidate its
   independence and its socio‑economic              consequences for political stability and
                                                                                                     Angola paid a very high price as a result
                                                    social cohesion in these countries .
   development .                                                                                     of such interference that for too long a
                                                    Therefore, it is urgent to find solutions        time fed a fratricidal conflict that Angolans
   We are also pleased with the creation of
                                                    to these problems, which will require the        finally settled and wisely overcame with
   UN‑Women, and we are certain that it will
                                                    strengthening of international cooperation       magnanimity, fairness and inclusion under
   give further impetus to the promotion
                                                    on a basis of greater justice and equality .     of the auspices of the leadership of H .E .
   and empowerment of women and the
                                                    Moreover, it is urgent to take measures          José Eduardo dos Santos . The role of
   achievement of their legitimate rights .
                                                    aimed at deepening economic reforms              Angola and its contribution to internal
   Mr. President,                                   within States that promote economic              and regional peace should be seen in the
                                                    growth and social development .                  broader context of conflict resolution by
   This session of the General Assembly takes
                                                                                                     allowing the implementation of Security
   place at a particularly complex moment in        Heavily affected by this international
                                                                                                     Council emblematic resolution 435 of
   the international arena, characterized by        economic and financial crisis, Angola has
                                                                                                     1978, which led to the independence of
   so many crises that I believe it not be an       adopted a set of measures to mitigate its
                                                                                                     Namibia and created the conditions for
   exaggeration to say that they challenge          most adverse effects, and without prejudice
                                                                                                     a peaceful coexistence in a region that
   the very foundations of our international        to the maintenance of macroeconomic
                                                                                                     endured extreme hostility and constituted a
   organization .                                   balances, has focused considerable
                                                                                                     permanent threat to world peace .
                                                    resources in the fight against poverty and
   Thus, if I list them, though not exhaustively,                                                    Instilled with a spirit of fraternity, the
                                                    social development .
   I can cite the current economic and                                                               government of Angola has spared no
   financial crisis, which triggered the most       Mr. President,
                                                                                                     efforts to pursue its policy of effective
   serious social crisis witnessed by our           The Theme of this General Assembly session       reconciliation, which has allowed the
   generation; a dangerous environmental            – “The role of mediation in peaceful conflict    inclusion of all its children previously in
   crisis of unpredictable consequences             resolution” ‑ reveals the deep concern of        conflict . That was a true investment in
   for the future of humanity and that will         the international community with the need        peace, a decisive factor in the process of
   be irreversible unless the international         for an integrated approach in resolving          post‑conflict reconstruction .
   community as a whole applies immediate           conflicts that affect international society .
   and courageous measures; a general                                                                Angola has served as a reference point
   escalation of violence and the outbreak          That is what makes it necessary to               for the resolution of some conflicts on the
   of conflict, which combined with the             implement mediation efforts after conflicts      African continent, and has spared no effort
   environmental crisis, has caused the most        have started . Conflict prevention should be     in sharing its experience with other peoples
                                                    the key element in the management of any         and countries .
   serious humanitarian crisis that humanity
                                                    areas of tension .
   has witnessed since the end the 2nd World                                                         Also in the context of conflict resolution,
   War . In conclusion, we live in a dangerous      Respect for fundamental rights and               it is important to strengthen the role of
   situation where a combination of factors         freedoms, the rule of law, and good              multilateralism following the logic of a
   endangers the stability, peace and security      governance bodies are basic needs for            new thought of responsibility and shared
   in the world .                                   any human society to live in peace and           benefits, based on the recognition of

34 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                Diplomatic Activity

the legitimate interests of all parties, on      constituted an important breakthrough in          Angola remains concerned by the weak
consultation and dialogue and in the             the process—one which Angola welcomes .           progress in addressing the problem
search for workable solutions to issues of                                                         of Western Sahara, which remains an
                                                 The Brotherly country of Guinea‑Bissau, our
international peace and security .                                                                 important issue on the international
                                                 partner in the Community of Portuguese
                                                                                                   agenda . We call on the warring parties to
It is thus inevitable to refer to the            Speaking Countries, has been the subject
                                                                                                   resume negotiations under the auspices of
instruments of cooperation between the           of special attention from Angola . As part
                                                                                                   the United Nations and the African Union,
Security Council and the African Union,          of the CPLP, Angola and other member
                                                                                                   so that the people of Western Sahara can
and to the role of the United Nations and        states have strived to establish a strategic
                                                                                                   exercise their right to self‑determination .
the regional institutions in preventing          partnership with ECOWAS, under the
and resolving conflicts, and it is of crucial    coordination of the United Nations, aiming        The situation in the Middle East, particularly
importance to strengthen the action of           to bring political stability to the country       in the Palestinian territories, is one of
regional organizations in the management         so that it can carry out major structural         the most serious problems facing the
of stressful situations that may constitute      reforms, in particular the reform of the          international community . Angola sees with
threats to peace and security .                  defense and security sector . We welcome          great concern the escalation of the conflict
                                                 the positive developments that the country        and the lack of progress towards a solution
In this connection, the Security Council
                                                 now lives, and encourage the authorities          of the Palestinian question, and, in line with
has the primary role in the prevention
                                                 of Guinea‑Bissau to pursue vigorously the         the general position of the international
and resolution of conflicts, and in the
                                                 process of stabilizing the country .              community regarding the conflict,
maintenance of peace in accordance
                                                                                                   advocates the creation of an independent
with the powers conferred upon it by the         The drought in the Horn of Africa is a
                                                                                                   Palestinian State, living side by side with
Charter of the United Nations .                  reason of deep concern to my country
                                                                                                   the State of Israel, in peace and security,
                                                 and the entire international community .
The central theme of our debate also                                                               within secure internationally recognized
                                                 In Somalia, the consequences of drought
calls for the need to reform the Security                                                          borders .
                                                 are felt even more due to the prevalence
Council, and to the imperative of a fair
                                                 of armed conflict, which worsens its              Mr. President,
representation of all regions and the
                                                 humanitarian crisis, shocks the universal
expansion of its permanent members,                                                                This 66th session of UN General Assembly,
                                                 conscience and calls for a redoubled effort
thus adapting the Security Council to the                                                          in similarity to what happened in previous
                                                 by the international community . Angola
contemporary reality .                           joins the international humanitarian              sessions, will address the embargo imposed
                                                 assistance efforts and the search for political   on Cuba, which violates the rules of free
Mr. President,
                                                 solutions to end the armed conflict, and to       trade . In spite of the timid steps taken to
At the regional level and in the                 open new prospects for a better future for        normalize the situation, Angola reiterates
implementation of a policy of peaceful           the Somali people .                               its position of principle by reaffirming the
cooperation, Angola is a member of SADC,                                                           need to end the economic, financial and
ECCAS (Economic Community of Central             Concerning the situation in Libya, the            commercial embargo against Cuba .
African Countries), the Commission of the        Angolan government hopes that the Libyan
                                                 people can find stability in the very short       Mr. President,
Gulf of Guinea and the CPLP (Community
                                                 term, which can only be achieved through          Angola has been giving its contribution
of Portuguese Language Countries), which
                                                 the free exercise of their democratic             in finding solutions to the most pressing
with several partners, has acted on the
                                                 rights; in this context, Angola urges the         problems, and within the broader
basis of preventive diplomacy and the
                                                 National Transitional Council to promote          international community, we have sought
search for peaceful solutions to the different
                                                 genuine national reconciliation and to            to cooperate with all countries based on
crises that have arisen .                        form an inclusive government, as those are        mutual interest, and on upholding the
Regarding the constitutional crisis in           prerequisites for Libya to regain its rightful
                                                                                                   highest ideals of peace and cooperation for
Madagascar, SADC (Southern Africa                place in the African and International arena .
                                                                                                   development .
Development Community) has mediated              However, we should make use of lessons
                                                                                                   We will continue this path, convinced
the recent signing by all parties involved       learned with a view to a more effective
                                                                                                   that the defense and promotion of these
of the roadmap for the implementation of         cooperation between external partners and
                                                                                                   principles contribute to the development
the reconciliation process, which should         the African Union in seeking joint solutions
                                                                                                   and advancement of all peoples .
lead to elections and the restoration            based on international law and mutual
of constitutional normality, and has             respect .                                         Thank you . v

                                                                                                                    Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 35
National Reconstruction

                                   New Kilamba Kiaxi City
                                   will have 20.000 homes until 2012
                                   Located about 20 km from downtown Luanda to the countryside,
                                   the city of New Kilamba Kiaxi continues to increase.

  This project involves:                                      Started selling apartments at Kilamba City
  • 5200 hectares of intervention .
  • 80 .000 dwellings .
                                                            T   he first three thousand and 180
                                                                apartments at the Kilamba City,
                                                            in Luanda, were offered for sale, last
                                                            October, after completion of the
  • 429 kms of streets .                                    enrollment phase of the interested
  • Social facilities to the scale                          parties, which began in August
                                                            this year .
    of the enterprise .
                                                            According to a statement from Sonip ‑
                                                            Sonangol Real Estate and Properties, the
The first phase of this project was                         company that managing the property for
inaugurated by the President of the                         further details, candidates should contact
Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos last                      the ranks of Delta Real Estate, which
July 2011 in Luanda.                                        is responsible for the marketing of the
                                                            villas, located at Rua Raínha Ginga No . 6
                                                            ‑ Mutamba, and Kilamba city .
                                                            Are three thousand and 180
                                                            apartments, types T3, T3B, T3C, all
                                                            with three bedrooms, and T5, with five
                                                            bedrooms .
                                                            The Sonip informed that are also for
                                                                                                          of roads, is a link of transition to the
                                                            sale 35 .000 .536 new apartments under
                                                                                                          new metropolis of Luanda, which will be
                                                            construction, at centrality of Kilamba
                                                                                                          located along the river Kwanza  .
                                                            (16,822), Cacuaco / Dande (10,002),
                                                            Zango (2464), Kilometer 44 (2,248) and        The project is scheduled for completion
President of the Republic innaugurated the first phase of
the new centrality of Kilamba
                                                            Capari township (4,000 ) .                    in October 2012 . Until then, the
                                                                                                          contractor must deliver over 595
                                                            The communiqué added that no new
                                                                                                          buildings, which account for 16,822
                                                            application is required for the additional
                                                                                                          apartments T3 A, B, C and T5 . The
                                                            supply of 35 . 000 .536 apartments, so
                                                                                                          houses T3 A and B are 110 square
                                                            those interested will have the option to
                                                                                                          meters, T3 and T5 C have 120 150
                                                            choose in which location they want to
                                                                                                          square meters . v
                                                            buy their home .
                                                            The pricing of housing, according to the
                                                            note, is the final price that each customer
                                                            must pay, including fees and taxes .
                                                            he new city of Kilamba, whose overall
                                                            project includes 710 buildings, 24
                                                            kindergartens, eight primary schools
                                                            and nine secondary and 50 kilometers

36 >   Imbondeiro      > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                            National Reconstruction

The train back to referee
The Benguela railway back to work after 18 years

                                                A Train of Hope!
                                              Thousands of people greeted the
                                              train, a giant, majestic, half across
                                              town, whistling, as if to announce a
                                              new era, a new life .
                                              And Huambo corresponded with nods
   History                                    and smiles . The dances also were
                                              not lacking, which was nonetheless
   CFB: 1,301 km of line with more
                                              remarkable when one realizes that the
        than 100 years of history                                                                         of men were made metal‑mechanical
                                              train reached the city shortly after six
   The Benguela Railway is the only           o’clock in the morning .                                    technicians . All the town grew, the
   rail link from Central Africa to the                                                                   industry grew, tons of food were
   Atlantic . Its construction, originating                                                               transported, especially cereals . And
   from a Law of August 1899, which                                                                       the news and the sea breeze arrived
   entered into force March 1, 1903                                                                       at Luau; there where tons and tons of
   has been completed on February                                                                         ore, and also wax and honey .
   2, 1929 . The June 10, 1931 reached
   the port of Lobito the first shipment
   of copper from Katanga .                   ‑ Waited a long time ‑ An expression
                                              that was very audible . Children and
                                              adults responded and must disclose in
 T    he Angolan Transport Minister
      Augusto da Silva Tomás, considered
 “historic” the inauguration of the
                                              their faces the undoing of a knot that
                                              choked their breath, as if they had
 Benguela railway, (CFB), after 18 years      recovered identity . And Huambo is
 of interruption, with rehabilitation of      only Huambo with the train .
 infrastructure estimated at around 1 .4
                                              Thousands of stories of love resulted
 billion euros, speaking at the opening                                                                   The President of the Republic of Angola, José Eduardo
                                              from the existence of the train,
 ceremony of the CFB, which marked                                                                        dos Santos, accompanied by the First Lady, Ana Paula dos
                                              thousands of courses have been                              Santos and the Governor of Huambo Province, Faustino
 the entry into operation of section                                                                      Muteka, was greeted by the traditional dance group
 Benguela‑Huambo in 1343 of 350 miles         studied as a friend taking the train                        and the local population, at the airport Albano Machado,
 long, encompassing, and Benguela,            for short distances, and thousands                          30 August 2011 .

 Huambo, Bié and Moxico, to the border                                                                    The train was once the largest
 with Zambia .                                                                                            employer in Huambo, also the largest
 The rehabilitation of Benguela Raiways                                                                   contributor .The train is in memory of
 involved the total renovation and                                                                        the people of Huambo as a source of
 modernization of the road, rehabilitation                                                                smiles and happiness .
 of bridges, building stations, new
 communications systems, the renovation                                                                   Thousands still remember the trips
 of rolling stock, including locomotives,                                                                 in recoveros, camacove, or suitcase .
 carriages and wagons, and new                                                                            From the slower to the faster and
                                              Front view of the train that connects the Huambo Province   more comfortable . They all make the
 workshops for new vocational training        to Benguela, inaugurated by the President of Angola José
 centers .                                    Eduardo dos Santos, August 30, 2011 .                       big screen for the endless parade of

                                                                                                                           Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 37
National Reconstruction

The train back to referee                                                                                       (cont.)
                                                         This time the approach was not to
                                                         sell strawberries, mangoes, loengos,
                                                         or oranges . It was to see firsthand
                                                         the new cars and ask what it will be
                                                         the cost to move to the coast or east
                                                         when extended the alignment of the
                                                         cars . Nothing, for now there is no
                                                         price, this is a special train . It is the
                                                         reopening of the Benguela Railway at
                                                         the highlands .
Front view of the Railway Station at Huambo Province,
inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Angola   The train, arriving at the central
José Eduardo dos Santos on August 30 .
                                                         station in Huambo city brought
landscapes and beauty of extension,                      the President, sign of the great
which after all is the image of                          importance of the achievement . The
Angola .                                                 people applauded . It was the return of                But the unrestrained joy had more
                                                         a part of their pride, their soul .                    reasons: the return of the train also
More and cheaper products will arrive
                                                                                                                marks an important moment in the
at Huambo . It’s what people expect to
                                                                                                                national reconciliation . Joy was for
rebuild houses and factories, to put
                                                                                                                silence the pain of memories of times
the machines to work .
                                                                                                                of anger and hatred . Many died in
Along the way, in each locality,                                                                                the line; many have died trying to
the people went out and ran, as if                                                                              keep it . The CFB, the route, was the
escorting this convoy again, which has                                                                          center of disputes that were recorded
the colors of the flag of the Republic                                                                          in the marks still visible along the
of Angola .                                              Minister of Transportation, Augusto da Silva Tomás .   route .

38 >   Imbondeiro     > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                           History ‑ Memories

“The influence of Angola in the U.S. culture”
By: Laurinda Santos

For any Angolan citizen who comes to this part of the world (USA), hear that there are
institutions with the name of our country may at a first glance be a source of great amazement!

B    ut thinking a little and back in time,
     many, many years ago at the time
of slavery, immediately says, is possible,
                                                 of Luanda, with the African American
                                                 ladies I met .The English seemed a sort of
                                                 Creole mixed to Kimbundo .
                                                                                                They were part of a large system
                                                                                                established by the Portuguese in
                                                                                                Africa to capture and deliver slaves to
indeed, because of the many slaves                                                              the Spanish colonies of Central and
departed to various parts of the world                                                          South America in the Caribbean, the
from our continent . And then when                                                              ships, after attacks perpetrated by the
investigating, talking to people, some of                                                       Portuguese slaves were brought to
whom know nothing about Africa, you                                                             Virginia and then sold .
realize that the link exists and that we
dates back many centuries ago .                  The clothes some older women were
Immediately meets the eye and beeing             using made me immediately remember
so far, when in a CNN news service or            our country, despite not having anything
other famous TV/radio channels, we hear          to do, especially the architectural
the name “Angola” . And the desire to            structure of the village . I talked to
                                                                                                                                   Photo: Queen NGinga
learn more grows within us .                     some people who only knew they are                                                Mbandi –Angola
                                                 descendants of Africa, but are not quite                                          Jamestown museum
                                                 sure of the origin of their ancestors .
                                                                                                The status of these African servants
                                                 Then I felt that I should say something        or slaves in Virginia is unknown; its
                                                 about our country, Angola, a name              mission was to work in tobacco fields,
                                                 overstated in the small town .                 side by side with the English . After the
                                                 But I did not stop there, in this society of   war, in 1622, the British fought against
                                                 a great cultural diversity, in a developing    the Powhatan Indians; however, British
One of the trips I made as part of my            with world where everything revolves           officials were less willing to immigrate to
work took me to a small town that                every day at an impressive rate, and woe       Virginia .
reminded me Lubango (my home town);
                                                 to anyone who does not keep pace .             In the 1630s the Dutch took control of
my destination was Scranton, the home
of Jo Biden, the U .S . vice‑president . I was   When I visited the Jamestown museum,           the African slave trade of Portugal, who
in the state of Pensylvannia, about two          in the State of Virginia, a stop for many      kept it for many years . The Dutch built
and a half hours drive from Washington,          tourists, I came across a picture of our       and fortified trading posts or assumed
and it was a surprise for me when I came         Queen N’Ginga . Then I was told that the       that the Portuguese had established
across a road sign to mark the name of           first slaves arrived from Africa to America,   along the coast of West Africa, for trade
a village “MUANGOLA”, at the Luzerne             settled in Virginia and were from Angola,      in gold and ivory .
County in Pennsylvania .                         having embarked on the island of               The museum’s permanent gallery is a
I was very excited, but my destination           Luanda .                                       special guide that highlights the culture
was the small town of Scranton and                                                              of the first Africans known in Virginia,
had to arrive on time . I retained the
                                                                 From Africa                    was actually from the kingdom of
information, until I returned without                            to Virginia                    Ndongo in Angola .
being on a mission and then established                                                         The dramatic multimedia gallery, “From
                                                                  Reading about
contacts with the inhabitants, amaizing!                                                        Africa to Virginia” from the stories
                                                                  Jamestown Settlement
The smell of green, it was spring, a             (Jamestown colonization) I learned             about encounters between Africans and
beautiful lake and a waterfall, in the air       more about the first Africans who              Europeans; the impact on African culture
something that was familiar, a perfect           arrived at Virginia at the 17th century,       to the development of the transatlantic
symbiosis of Bessanganas from the island         from the regions of Congo and Angola .         slave trade . >>>

                                                                                                              Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 39
History ‑ Memories

>>> In areas outdoor living history           I thought and tried to find some analogy       weekends, complete with rodeos and
museum, I learned a little about the          with our cultural events, but honestly         everything!
technology used by Africans in Angola         nothing came to my mind . What does our
                                                                                                                   T‑shirts like the one
and their skills in fishing and metallurgy,   history in this regard? Nothing I couldn’t
                                                                                                                   on the photo, are used
which Angolan slaves brought to Virginia      find  . . . every morning of December 26th
                                                                                                                   by prisoners during
in the 17th century .                         to January 1st of each year in these
                                                                                                                   rodeos, as shown in
                                              parts, even today some African American
For a best finding the best advice is a                                                                            the photo below, which
                                              families, strictly adhere to the ritual, one
good search of the online resources of                                                       are active, displaying them, some
                                              of them light the candles, which represent
the Jamestown‑Yorktown Foundation .                                                          striped, finally  . . . the event is known as
                                              the seven principles of Kwanzaa . The
                                                                                             “the most violent show South of the
                                              tradition, whose name means “first fruits”
                                                                                             Country” .
                                              in Swahili, attempts to revive more
                                              than 40 years the feeling of the black
                                              community in the United States around
                                              their roots and culture of Africa .
In my reading, eager to learn and know        Continuing, I will name string Angola,
more about it, I found an annual cultural     which was often mentioned by the press
activity celebrated by African Americans      for two weekends due to the floods at
here in the U .S ., called Kwanzaa, (with     the Mississippi River, State of Louisiana .
one more a at the end of the word), but
then I thought about the longest river of                                                    Of course the rodeo is the main
our country and our national currency .                                                      attraction in a way that distracts the
                                                                                             angry animals (seven segments in the
And what is it? Kwanzaa (Quanser) is
                                                                                             show) and there are many assistants with
a holiday celebrated by many African
                                                                                             their cowboy hats .
Americans . The festival is held from
December 26th to January 1st . It was                                                        For those visiting the place for the first
started in 1966 by Dr . Maulana Karenga,                                                     time, the scene looks like a normal
Professor of California State University,     I asked myself why the name of my              Monday, with some hawkers set up their
Long Beach, State of California and           country, Angola, for a chain? It was not       stalls and the smell of fried  . . . will be
activist .                                    hard to see because everything is related      spreading .
                                              and dates are from the time of slavery .
                         The family                                                          They say here, that what made the
                         celebration                            The name of what is          difference in the behavior of criminals,
                         is Christmas                           now one of the high          due to the current prison director, who
                         (celebration of                        security prisons in          taught moral, gave dignity, respect,
                         the birth of Jesus                     the United States due        bringing the opportunity for everyone to
Christ), and the most famous New Year’s                         to the fact that the         consider human beings again .
Eve, but for thousands of black families      slave plantations of the time came from
in the United States, the most anticipated    Angola .                                       Anyway  . . . it was worth because it always
day is December 26, when take the dust                                                       increases the knowledge and better
                                              “Although a sad past memory, visit the         understanding of the history .
of a great chandelier and put three green
                                              monument, leads us to understand the
candles to the left, three red and one        suffering of many Angolans, who passed         Interesting! In the constant search
black to the right in the center .            very painful experiences, which is evident     of their identity, today many African
                                              through the traces left .”                     Americans here in the U .S ., already have
                                                                                             the possibility to do DNA testing to
                                              In this place live all kinds of criminals,
                                                                                             determine its true origin (for example
                                              and once, the story goes that neither the
                                                                                             trace the roots to find their origins),
                                              missionaries wanted to visit it because
                                                                                             which makes any human being . . . feel he
                                              it was one of the worst and most brutal
                                                                                             is “somebody”!!! v
                                              prisons in these parts, at the time of
                                              slavery .                                      Memories
                                              Today, here outside, looks like a              Washington, D.C.
                                              beautiful park, ideal for walks on             June 2, 2011

40 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011

Miss Universe 2011 is ANGOLAN!
                                            One of the promises of Leila Lopes Vieira as Miss
                                            Universe is to raise up the name and image of Angola
                                            in all places, “I intend to show all the good that our
                                            country has.”

                                              Miss Angola 2011                               Miss Universe 2011

 Leila Lopes
 Full Name: Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira
 Birth Date: February 26, 1986
 (25 years)                                                                                The September 12, 2011, Leila was named
 Place of Birth: Benguela, Angola                                                          Miss Universe 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil,
 Nacionality: angolana                                                                     receiving the crown and the band of
 Height: 1,79 m                                                                            Mexican Ximena Navarrete, winner of Miss
 Hair Color: Black                                                                         Universe 2010 .
 Eye Color: Dark brown                                                                     “Leila Lope’s victory belongs to all
                                                                                           Angolan women” ‑ Ana Paula dos Santos
 Main titles: Miss Angola 2011
              Miss Universe 2011                                                           The First Lady of Angola and godmother of
                                                                                           the Miss Angola Committee, Ana Paula dos
                                            Leila Lopes, competed as one of 21 finalists
                                                                                           Santos, welcomed Leila Lopes by the title
L   eila Lopes, Angolan 25 years old was
    crowned Miss Universe 2011, last
September a ceremony held in São Paulo,
                                            in the beauty contest in Angola where she
                                            won the award for Miss Photogenic title
                                            and Miss Angola 2011, in December 18,
                                                                                           of Miss Universe 2011 and said the victory
                                                                                           is for all Angolan women .
Brazil .                                    2010 .                                         “Leila is our Queen and all Angolan women
Born in Benguela province, Leila is a                                                      are feeling as Miss Universe . It’s a great
student of Business Management in                                                          honor being in a competition with eighty
England . Only black among the finalists,                                                  women from eighty countries with different
Leila drew attention for being the only                                                    manners, habits and religions and we,
hair caught during the ceremony and also                                                   Angola, won the Miss Universe crown,
for her simplicity .                                                                       “said Ana Paula dos Santos” to the Angolan
                                                                                           press .
Miss Universe 2011 edition of the 60th
anniversary year of the Miss Universe                                                      The First Lady hopes the award will serve
pageant was held on September 12, 2011                                                     to enhance Angolan women . Ana Paula dos
at Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil .                                                   Santos praised the Miss Angola .
Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010 in                                                    “The contest is to take seriously . Dream is
Mexico, crowned her successor Leila Lopes                                                  possible . “Leila got it”, added Ana Paula dos
from Angola .                               An elegant profile .                           Santos .

                                                                                                          Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 41

Miss Universe 2011 is ANGOLAN! (cont.)
                                                       At the time she expressed satisfaction on
                                                       her election and thanked the sponsors
                                                       who made possible the social work
                                                       developed in the country while Miss
                                                       Angola, which somehow contributed to
                                                       her victory .
                                                       Followed the march by several arteries of
                                                       the city limiting access to traffic to some
                                                       avenues that culminated at the Convention
                                                       Talatona Center

The Return                                                                       (Photo: REUTERS / Paulo Whitaker)

of the Miss
to the Country
It was 03:00 a .m ., Thursday, October 27,
2011, when Leila Miss Universe landed at
International Airport “4 de Fevereiro” to
fulfill a three‑day visit as part of a program
organized by the Committees Miss Angola
and Miss Universe respectively .
Luanda, Angola’s capital city stopped
to see the Miss, Leila Lopes . The Official
program of the reception began at 09am,
with the delivery of gifts in the VIP lounge
of the airport in Luanda, and presentation
of messages from committees Miss
Angola and Miss Universe, civil society,
national spontaneous movement and the
Government of Luanda .
At 10:00 a .m ., the Miss left the airport
for the deserved tribute of the people .
Contagious smile, sweet and self‑confident,
characteristics that raise her, spread to the
crowd that waved and sang welcome to
the Miss .

President José Eduardo dos Santos accompanied by the
First Lady, Ana Paula dos Santos .                     Leila Lopes, elegant in evening dress . (Photo: Fabio Setimio / Fotoarena)

42 >   Imbondeiro    > Fall-Winter 2011

                                             Leila Vieira Lopes took the opportunity
                                             to thank all the affection of the Angolan
                                             people .
                                             “The Angolan people doesn’t stop
                                             surprising me . I was not expecting this
                                             warm reception . I am proud of all . I will
                                             take these memories with me” .
                                             Miss Universe skoke of her experience
                                             at the competition, where she had to
                                             compete with other 89 candidates,              The program ended with a farewell
                                             recognizing the value of each of them  .       dinner in a restaurant at the island of
                                             “All fighting for the same purpose, but we     Luanda, attended by several guests,
                                             made the most of it, “she said .               brightened with a gala performance of
                                                                                            singers Celso Mambo and Gourgel Kizu .
President of the Republic
                                                                                            Leila, is living temporarly in New York,
at the Gala                                                                                 United States during her tenure as Miss
During the event at the Clube das                                                           Universe 2011, being one of the prizes of
Palmeiras, in her honor, Miss Universe                                                      the contest in which she was elected . v
offered to the President of the Republic,
José Eduardo dos Santos, a crystal piece .
The dinner was attended by members of
Government, MPs, and guests .

                                             LUANDA VIBRATED!
                                             Fans, friends and family at the various
                                             routes in the city’s first contact with Miss
                                             Universe 2011, after a deserved victory .
                                             The Angolan beauty paraded through
                                             the streets on the top of an allegorical
                                             car for satisfaction of the population .
                                             Visibly moved by the warm reception,
                                             Leila nodded and thanked the reception
                                             in every avenue .
At the ceremony, Leila Lopes, recognized
                                             Speaking to the press, the Miss was keen
the President of the Republic efforts for
                                             to stress that “she did not expect such
the development of the country and
                                             reception .” The Angolan people continues
appreciation of Angolan woman .
                                             to surprise me, “and added that in Brazil,
Promoted by Miss Angola committee,           USA / New York, Indonesia and Singapore,
Ana Paula dos Santos, during the gala,       countries she visited as Miss Universe was
                                             very well received” but nothing compared
                                             to the reception in Angola, her birthplace .
                                             It was a pleasant surprise .”
                                             The official program of the Miss Universe
                                             2011 also included a guided tour to
                                             Hospital Esperança in the premises of
                                             hostital Américo Boavida, whose purpose
                                             wass the care of people with AIDS and
                                             to the facilities of the Angolan Public
                                             Television (TPA) .

                                                                                                         Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 43

Miss Universe 2011 is ANGOLAN! (cont.)                                             Died André
   OMA prepared reception for Miss Universe 2011                                   An Angolan music icon
                                                                                   support of the arts!
   “Women in Luanda, on behalf of          when they appear, brighten and
   all female Cabinda to Cunene,           increase the pride of all Angolans
   attended the reception of Miss          and OMA and all the women of
   Universe 2011,” said Alice Dombolo,     the country will give every support
   deputy secretary general of the         to Leila Lopes in her program to
   Organization of Angolan Women           fight poverty and HIV in the African
   (OMA) .                                 continent”, said in September .
                                                                                   André Mingas, architect training, stood out more
   For her, Angola has a great joy to      On the other hand, the National         as a musician  .
   snatch the world title of beauty,       Assembly deputy, Ana Maria
   thanks to the efforts of Miss Angola
   Committee . “These good things
                                           de Oliveira, was pleased by the
                                           election of Miss Universe 2011
                                                                                   H     is first album, “Coisas da Vida” was
                                                                                         launched 30 years ago, and continues to
                                                                                   be one of the references of the Angolan music,
                                           young Leila Lopes, highlighting         mixing local rhythms with jazz and rock .
                                           the fact that she represented with      The musician and composer André Mingas
                                           dignity, intelligence and beauty, the   died in São Paulo, Brazil, due to a prolonged
                                           Angolan woman .                         illness .
                                                                                   The former Minister of Culture of Angola was
                                           According to the deputy, Angolan        61 years old .
                                           women represented in parliament,        It was one of the artists of the golden
                                           have addressed the framework of         generation ofmusic in our country, along
                                           this class in decision‑making, its      with Teta Lágrimas, FilipeMukenga or
                                           growth, its training and monitoring     Waldemar Bastos .
                                           the performance of gender .             He devoted most of his life to politics, having
                                                                                   been deputy minister of Culture of Angola .He
                                           This election, she said, is one more    was also advisor of President of the Republic
                                           reason to continue working for the      of Angola for local and regional matters .
                                           advancement of women .                  When at the Angolan Ministryof Culture,
                                                                                   he created the Society of Angolan authors,
                                                                                   named Sadia, whichstill exists today .
                                                                                   “Esperança, Mufere e Tchipalepa” are titlesof
   UN Goodwill Ambassador                                                          some of his most famous songs, which were
                                                                                   immortalized by the voice of his brother Rui
   During the press conference she         Secretariat of the UN Convention        Mingas .
   addressed the issue of the invitation   to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)       André Mingas had been appointed Angolan
   by the UN to be this year a goodwill    and the Miss Universe Committee,        Consulin São Paulo, where he lived until his
   ambassador for the arid regions of      predicts that Leila Lopes will          death .
   the United Nations Convention to        develop programs that contribute to     He was part of the process of the 50
   Combat Desertification .                the awareness of the international      involved in the struggle for Angola’s
                                                                                   independence, having been arrested by PIDE
   “I liked the proposal, I felt much      community towards a greater
                                                                                   in March 28, 1959 . It is recalled that André
   honored but nothing is definitive,      understanding of the problem            Rodrigues Mingas Júnior “André Mingas”,
   because at this time I am a             and development of policies for         was an architect by profession, graduated at
   member of the Miss Universe             sustainable land management . Since     Agostinho Neto University and the Technical
   Committee and I need their              the prevention and regression of        University of Lisbon . He wasMaster of
   approval,” she said .                                                           Architecture housing and exercised university
                                           desertification and mitigating the
                                                                                   teaching in Portugal .
   The invitation made during a            effects of drought are crucial to the
                                                                                   He was the person, whom the Chief of the
   meeting between the Permanent           reduction of drought and improving      Executive, 5 years ago, entrusted the mission
   Mission of Angola to the United         environmental sustainability in arid    to rethink the design and modernization of
   Nations in New York, the Executive      regions .                               Luanda, the capital to make the city capital
                                                                                   the country a more contemporary city . v

44 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                  Press Archive

   Promoting the Image of the Country
                                             ANGOLA highlighted
                                             in the American press
                                             agreement with the U .S . daily
                                             newspaper, USA TODAY, recognized as
                                             leader in the production of reports on
                                             the state of the economy of various

                     A     16 pages
                      with a report on
                                             countries and regions worldwide,
                                             disseminating credible and updated
                                             information for a sophisticated
                      Angola, entitled
                                             American audience, including the
                      “Angola Unlimetd
                                             administration, congress, senate,
Potential Bountiful Resources” was
                                             academics, non‑governmental
published on February 28, 2011, at the
                                             organizations and Think Thanks, as
edition of the American daily newspaper
                                             well as the society in general, with            REPUBLIC OF ANGOLA
                                             the aim of improving knowledge and
The report, produced by a team of the        understanding of the world .                    COUNTRY PROFILE
communication agency United World‑usa                                                        • Full name:
                                             The daily newspaper USA Today,
in collaboration with the press office of                                                      Republic of Angola
                                             published by the Gannett Company
the Embassy of Angola to the United
                                             competes with The Wall Street Journal           • Population:
States of America, had as main objective
                                             to have the largest circulation of any            18 .5 million (source: UN, 2009)
to promote a positive image of the
                                             other newspaper at the United States            • Capital: Luanda
Republic of Angola in U .S . society .
                                             of America, which once had in 2003 .
About the New Angola in peacetime,           With a circulation of 1 .8 million copies       • Area: 1 .25m km2 (481,354 sq . miles)
the challenges of the Angolan                since March 2010, the journal continues         • Major languages: Portuguese
government for the prosperity of             to be the most widely print newspaper             (official), Kimbundu, Umbundu,
the country towards a sustainable            circulating in the United States, now             Kikongo, Cokwe, Fiot, Nganguela
development, the state of relations          distributed in all fifty States, Canada,        • Religion: Christian
between the two states, the supplement       Puerto Rico, Guam and the United
referred the growth of the Angolan                                                           • Life expectancy: 47 years of age
                                             Kingdom . The newspaper has its
economy, showing what a post‑conflict                                                          (men) 49 years (women)
                                             headquarters in Tysons Corner, without            (source: Reuters)
country can achieved with the                legal personality in Fairfax County,
commitment of its Government and the         Virginia .                                      • Currency:
personal commitment of all citizens .                                                          1 kwanza = 100 lwei
                                             The USA TODAY is sold at news stands,
The U .S . society has improved its                                                          • Main exports: Oil, diamonds,
                                             occasion and grossery stores, gas                 minerals, fish and wood
understanding of some of the projects
                                             stations, priced at $ 1 .25 dollars, however,
being implemented in our country,                                                            • GDP per capita: $ 8 .200 (2010 est .) .
                                             its distribution is free at hotels and
particularly in agriculture, construction,
                                             airports for their clients .                    • Internet domain: ao
transportation, housing, oil and mines as
well as others .                             The report may be accessed through the          • International Code: +244
                                             Internet link:
The United World is an international
media agency, which has an exclusive         www.unitedworld‑
                                                                                                         Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 45
Press Archive

Knowledge                                                      UN Day celebrated at
an important
step in life!                                                  ONENESS‑FAMILY
                                                               SCHOOL in Maryland
                                                               This event is part of the initial vision of Andrew Kutt,
                                                               for the school. In 1988 the great desire of Andrew Kutt,
                                                               founder of the school, became a reality. Celebrate the
                                                               potential unity and harmony among all nations.
                                                                                                                    Diplomatic Corps with students and
                                                                                                                    their families, where each one had the
                                                                                                                    opportunity to share information from
                                                                                                                    their country and visitors enjoy the
                                                                                                                    projects made by students in various
Fidel Casimiro, an Angolan diplomat, graduated at the U .S .                                                        levels of education .
Atlantic International University ‑ AIU .
                                                                                                                    Children dressed in African clothes,

D      iplomat in mission at the Embassy                                                                            toasted the guests with several songs,
       of Angola in Ghana, our happy                           Flags of the countries present hosted by diplomats   some of them in Swaili, Zulu and
                                                               invited to the event .                               Yoruba, was reciting poems, and the
colleague, passed through Washington,

                                                                                                                    school band played African rhythms .
D .C . on his way for his graduation and                           his event is part of the initial vision
the conversation rolled .                                          of Andrew Kutt, for the school .
                                                               In 1988 the great desire of Andrew
The main topic of his PHD thesis in                            Kutt, founder of the school, became
International Relations specializing in                        a reality . Celebrate the potential unity
                                                               and harmony among all nations .
diplomacy, was “The Foreign Angolan
                                                               The intention was to sow the vision
Policy and its influence on socio‑                             in the hearts of children attending
economic development in the 21st                               the school and also extend it to the
century .” Casimiro Castro, was a graduate                     world family, joining representatives
of the Atlantic International University,                      of the Diplomatic Corps in the U .S .
located in Honolulu, state of Hawai,                           (Ambassadors or their representatives),              The Embassy of Angola to the US attended
                                                               students and their families .                        the ceremony .
United States of America .
                                                               The seed of unity and global peace                   Oddly enough, this year, and the fact
“It was not easy to reconcile my                               was launched and every year the                      that the Angolan candidate had won
professional activities with the studies,                      school ONENESS‑FAMILY celebrates                     the Miss Universe 2011, students paying
but I am sure that all my effort is an                         this activity, cultivating the spirit of             close attention to the flag of Angola,
asset to our country”, said .” v                               the need for unity, harmony and peace                wanted to know a little bit of everything
                                                               among peoples around the world                       about our country (where is located
                                                               despite their differences, with the                  on the African continent, how the
                                                               hope that the students (primary and                  Angolan people live, which is the official
                                                               secondary) can grow and disseminate                  language, the name of the President of
                                                               the message worldwide .                              the country, its natural beauty, how are
                                                               The ONENESS‑FAMILY SCHOOL is a                       the Angolan children? . . .)
                                                               private school, whose curriculum includes            It was a very interesting morning and
                                                               the teaching learning of different subjects,         a great opportunity to speak of our
                                                               including the disciplines of Geography               country in the U .S . Children assimilate
                                                               and History, the study of other continents           very fast and we are certain that what
                                                               such as Africa, as well as other languages           they learned will reach their parents/
                                                               than English (French, Italian, Spanish,              guardians, older siblings, friends,
                                                               German and Chinese) .                                neighbors,  . . .
                                                               It was indeed a day of interaction                   A commendable initiative
Graduation moments .                                           between the representatives of the U .S .            to cherish! v

46 >   Imbondeiro      > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                        Press Archive

U.S. Partners bade farewell
to outgoing Ambassador of Angola
The Chamber of Commerce US‑Angola and the american oil companies, Chevron and
ExxonMobil, with the sponsorship of several American institutions such as the Africa Society,
Constituency for Africa and Think Thanks, organized the evening of August 10, 2011 in one of
the most prestigious hotels in Washington, D.C. a farewell ceremony to honor the outgoing
Ambassador of Angola to the United States, Josefina Pitra Diakite.

A    ttending the event were
     representatives of the Bureau of
Africa of the Department of State,
                                                                                                 the relationship between the two
                                                                                                 countries, especially the establishment
                                                                                                 of the strategic partnership dialogue
members of Congress, the Diplomatic                                                              between Angola and the United States,
Corps accredited in the U .S . as well                                                           which provides a broad framework
as friends, family, diplomats and                                                                for both Governments to engage and
representatives of the Angolan                                                                   discuss ways to improve cooperation
community resident in the United States                                                          in specific areas already well defined,
of America .                                                                                     some of which are energy, agriculture,
On the occasion, Josefina Pitra Diakite,   Josefina Pitra Diakite, former Ambassador of Angola   transport, health and education, aimed at
                                           to the USA .                                          diversifying beyond oil .
presented her thanks to the organizers
of the event, extending them to Susan      human rights, Jeannine Scott, President
                                                                                                 Present also was Francisco da Cruz,
Page, Deputy Assistant Secretary           of the Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                 Executive Director of the Angola‑USA
of State Hillary Clinton, as well as       US‑Angola, Mamadou Mbey
                                                                                                 Chamber of Commerce that in his
all employees of the Africa Bureau,        representative of Chevron and
                                                                                                 speech mentioned the support
at the State Department for all the        representatives of Boeing . Both parties
                                                                                                 provided to private sector development
support provided during her mission,       referred to the personal commitment
                                                                                                 in Angola, congratulated the outgoing
predicting that the same host and          of the Angolan diplomat despite the
                                                                                                 Ambassador and wished success in her
collaboration were provided to her         various challenges during the course
                                                                                                 new mission in South Africa, due to
successor .                                of her duties, contributing for the
                                                                                                 the role that Angola plays in the SADC
                                           achievement of a new era of the
“I take this opportunity to extend                                                               region .
                                           bilateral cooperation between Angola
my gratitude to Secretary of State         and the USA .                                         The agenda of the farewell ceremonies
Hillary Clinton for her leadership,                                                              for the outgoing Ambassador, included
professionalism and personal               In her speech of thanks, Josefina Pitra
                                                                                                 on August 13, 2011, an event held
commitment to strengthening relations      Diakite, also stressed that the instruments
                                                                                                 at the city of Philadelphia, State of
between our two countries,” said the       have become the cornerstones of
                                                                                                 Pensylvannia, the jurisdiction of the
Angolan diplomat at the time .                                                                   State of New York, local where lives the
On the other hand, Susan Page,                                                                   greatest number of Angolan citizens .
praised the role played by Josefina                                                              Recall that under a Presidential
Pitra Diakite, who “contributed greatly,                                                         order Josefina Pitra Diakite was
as representative of the Angolan                                                                 exonerated for the post of Ambassador
Government for the strengthening of
                                                                                                 Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of
bilateral relations between Angola and
                                                                                                 Angola in the U .S . and, simultaneously,
the United States”, said .
                                                                                                 named to ocupy the same position
Among the key note speakers were,                                                                in the Republic of South Africa . The
the Congressman Donald Payne, a                                                                  Angolan diplomat former presented her
senior member of the sub‑committee of      Francisco da Cruz, Executive Director of Angola‑USA
                                                                                                 credentials to U .S . President George
international affairs, global health and   Chamber of Commerce .                                 W . Bush on June 20, 2001 . v

                                                                                                               Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 47
Press Archive

                           Angola participated at the 2011
                           U.S. – Africa Business Summit
Minister of Geology, Mines and Industry led the Angolan delegation to the Summit

T   he Angolan minister of Geology,
    Mines and Industry, Joaquim
Duarte da Costa David, participated in
Washington, D .C ., on October 5‑7, 2011
at the Business Summit between the U .S .
and Africa .
The event which takes place every two
years is organized by the American
institution, the Corporate Council on
Africa (CCA) and has as its primary
objective the strengthening of trade
relations between Africa and the United
States of America .                            The vast and very interesting agenda
                                               consisted of approximately thirty (30)
                                               sessions covering a range of sectors,
                                               products and services, with a total of
                                               more than one thousand five hundred
                                               (1,500) people .
                                               The various sessions and workshops
                                               in which representatives of
                                               governments and business as much

                                                                                                   Minister Joaquim David led the Angolan delegation .
This year’s summit offered a unique                                                                The Angolan Ambassador to the US, Alberto do Carmo
                                                                                                   Bento Ribeiro participated at the event .
opportunity for the participants, twenty
(20) African countries, along with                                                                 as African‑Americans to discuss issues
representatives of the U .S . government                                                           related to energy, industry, commerce,
related to energy and mining sector,                                                               finance infrastructure for the continent’s
including manufacturers, suppliers in the                                                          development, health, business
U .S . that are interested in doing business                                                       opportunities, trade and investment in
in the continent, establishing a more                                                              both directions, also including, transport,
efficient network of contacts .                Joaquim Duarte da Costa David, Angolan Minister .   storage, distribution networks, training

48 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011
                                                                                                                                                        Press Archive

and the importance of the chain from                         been working to get more updated
the private sector .                                         information that will allow us to know
                                                             the real mining situation in the country
The Angolan minister of Geology,
                                                             and how to attract a larger number of
Mines and Industry, accompanied by
                                                             potential investors . Our country has
the Ambassador Extraordinary and
                                                             recently passed a new Basic Law for
Plenipotentiary of Angola to the USA,
                                                             Private Investment and we think it will
Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro, was the
                                                             help to increase the responsibility and
key note speaker at the workshop on
                                                             interest of several investors,” he said .
“Opportunities and risks in the mining
industry in Africa” .
                                                                                                                             Mamadou M’Beye, Executive President of US‑Angola
                                                                                                                             Chamber of Commerce and Chevron representative .

                                                                                                                             sides discussed the possibilities of
                                                                                                                             cooperation between the two countries,
                                                                                                                             aiming at diversification, including
                                                                                                                             more efficiently the mining sector in
                                                                                                                             the context of the strategic partnership
                                                                                                                             between Angola and the U .S .
                                                             Angolan diplomats in Washington, D .C ., attended the
                                                             event . Maria Luísa Abrantes, ANIP CEO (right in the photo) .

Minister Joaquim David at the venue next to Maria da         The workshop was moderated by
Cruz, Executive Director of the U .S . ‑ Angola Chamber of
Commerce .                                                   Ambassador Frances Cook, Senior
                                                             Independent Director of Lonrho .
“It’s common knowledge that Africa is a
                                                             Among the speakers also highlighted
continent blessed with a great geological                    Princeton Lyman, Special Envoy to
potential . The history of mineral exports                   Sudan from the US State Department,
is well known and opportunities in the                       Joe Mathews, Head of Government
continent are very high and risks low                        and Community Relations of the
as shown by the evidence, despite the                        mining operations of ArcelorMittal,
conflicts due to the current crisis that                     Paulo de Sá, Unit Manager of Oil and
reduces demand for some minerals .                           Gas from the World Bank and Maurice
                                                                                                                             Minister Joaquim David and Maurice Templesman,
                                                                                                                             President of Lazare Kaplan International, Inc .
We live in a world where many difficult                      Templesman, Chairman of U .S . Lazare
conflicts, reduce their demand, especially                   Kaplan International, Inc .                                     In Washington, the Angolan leader
in countries of the continent,” said the                                                                                     was greeted by a welcome dinner
Angolan official .                                           Aside from the work of the CCA
                                                                                                                             offered by the Chamber of Commerce
                                                             Summit, the Angolan Minister of
                                                                                                                             US‑Angola, attended by their
                                                             Geology, Mines and Industry, met
                                                                                                                             members, board members, members
                                                             with Maurice Templesman, Chairman
                                                                                                                             of the Angolan community living
                                                             of U .S . Lazare Kaplan International,
                                                                                                                             in the USA, representatives of Oil
                                                             Inc .; participated at the meeting
                                                                                                                             Company Chevron and Lazare Kaplan
                                                             Witney Schneidman, President of the
                                                             Company Schneider & Associates . Both                           International Inc ., sponsors of the
                                                                                                                             event as well as Angolan diplomats .
                                                                                                                             During the same, the Angolan Minister
                                                                                                                             updated those present on progress
                                                                                                                             and strategies driving the industry,
Adão Pinto, General Consul of Angola in New York .                                                                           as well as on the future of bilateral
                                                                                                                             cooperation with the U .S .
In the particular case of Angola,
Joaquim Duarte da Costa David,                                                                                               The Angolan delegation to the Summit
emphasized the potential of our country                                                                                      of the CCA also included, Adão Pinto,
to increase the creation of more jobs                                                                                        General Consul of Angola in New York,
and promote the transfer of values,                                                                                          Maria Luísa Abrantes, ANIP CEO and the
which represents a major challenge .                         Jeannine B . Scott, President of the US‑Angola Chamber of
                                                                                                                             Angolan Trade Representative to the USA
“In these nine years of peace, we have                       Commerce .                                                      recently named, Beatriz Costa . v

                                                                                                                                               Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 49
Press Archive

Angolan woman entrepreneur
honored in Washington, D.C.
T   he U .S . Department of State,
    through its program “Global Women
in Management”, paid tribute in
                                                                                                      With a very intensive schedule, the
                                                                                                      participants had, for fifteen days, the
                                                                                                      opportunity to share their experience
Washington, D .C . last June, to women                                                                and see the experience of American
entrepreneurs from various countries that                                                             women . The agenda consisted of several
have been highlighted in their work as                                                                visits to different enterprises, especially in
entrepreneurs .                                                                                       the State of Virginia . v
Angola was represented at the event
by Paulina Lassalete Gonçalves, a
young woman entrepreneur, member
of the national Association of Women
Entrepreneurs, which represents the         Paulina Lassalette da Cunha Gonçalves, an Angolan woman
                                            entrepreneur honored in Washington, D .C .
Lunda‑Norte province within the
Government of Luanda .                      capacity building activities that are part
Born in Lubango, southern Huíla             of her work, share your experience with
province, Paulina Gonçalves, aims to        other women for the sake of Angolan
expand her activities to more provinces     entrepreneurship among the Angolan                        Angolan business woman next to Delfina Nascimento,
of the country and as a trainer in          women .                                                   diplomat at the Embassy of Angola to the USA .

    Angolan Community Celebrated our “Dipanda” in Washington, D.C.                                    COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION KUDISSANGA • Washington, D.C.

    T   he “Mwangolé Night”, organized
        by the Angolan community,
    residing in the metropolitan area
                                                  Press Statement
                                                Hillary Rodham Clinton                                civil war . Today, our two countries
    of Washington D.C., to celebrate the        Secretary of State                                    are strengthening this progress as
    36th Anniversary of the National            Washington, D.C.                                      strategic partners on the basis of
    Independence, on November 10,               November 10, 2011                                     mutual respect and interest .
    2011, joined students, friends of
    Angola, Angolan dipomatas that              On behalf of President Obama and                      We wish to continue working with
                                                the American people, I am honored                     you even more, as you strengthen
    animated the party together, in a
                                                to address the best wishes to the                     democratic governance, improve
    good way of our mother land!
                                                people of Angola for the passage                      the rule of law and promote more
    For free, who attended the activity,        of the 36th anniversary of its                        opportunities for all Angolans .
    had the opportunity to socialize            independence, which is celebrated
    and spend good moments, as if at                                                                  As you celebrate this special day
                                                on November 11 .
    home, animated by Angolan DJs                                                                     with family and loved ones, know
    youth living in these parts.                During my trip to Angola two years                    that the United States of America
                                                ago, I had personally witnessed the                   is a partner and friend . We are
    The activity took place at the              remarkable recovery and economic                      committed to this relationship
    Shadow Room, 2131 K Street,                 progress that your country has                        and a brighter future for all
    NW Washington, D.C.                         experienced since the end of the                      Angolans . v

50 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011

                                                                                             Afrobasket     2011 •

Angola did well and Scored! We Won!
Angola is the new African champion’s women basketball, after on 1st
of October this year, having won the Senegalese team by 62‑54 in the final of
Afrobasket 2011 in Mali.
Angola won Afrobasket                                The prize was fruit of hard work
female and were crowned
African champions                                                                                      biggest challenge of the team, and
                                                                                                       fortunately we won before Senegal .”
                                                                                                       After Angola be in two semi‑finals,
                                                                                                       said Anibal Moreira, “meant a lot for
                                                                                                       the selection and after the game
                                                                                                       against Mali, where we won, then
                                                                                                       gave us the assurance that we
                                                                                                       would do everything to win this
                                                                                                       championship,” he said  .
                                                                                                       According to the coach, the
                                                                                                       championship was a very special
                                                      Angolans celebrate winning the first time, the   flavor, “because I felt honored to get

A     ngola got the first week of October
      2011, its first continental female title,
                                                      continental title in women’s basketball .        this done, and especially by beating
                                                                                                       Senegal in the final, and winning this
when won Senegal by 62‑54 in the final
of Afrobasket‑2011, played at Bamako,
                                                     T   he head coach of the national
                                                         women’s basketball team, Aníbal
                                                     Moreira, reaffirmed in Luanda that
                                                                                                       great prize is very good .”
                                                                                                       “This is to say that may be surprising
Mali’s capital .                                     the success of victory and won of the             to some people, but for us (coaching
The Angolan team outperformed                        trophy Afrobasket‑2011, in Mali, “is              staff ) do not . Although many people
Senegal, champion who defended the                   the result of hard work that the set              do not count on our success, this
                                                     made for a long time .”                           has always been our major project to
title they got in 2009 in Antananarivo,
                                                     The coach presented his position                  bring a title to Angola, “reaffirmed the
against Mali, and the current selection                                                                coach Aníbal Moreira . v
with the most wins in female Afrobasket .            when speaking to the press at the
                                                     International Airport 4 de Fevereiro,
At the pavilion 26 of March in Bamako,               time after landing the team, adding
the national team, under the guidance                that “the selection was displeased
of Coach Aníbal Moreira, better and the              by the fact that won second at the
range was already winning by 32‑26 .                 Pana‑African Games .”
With this result Angola guarantees its               Therefore, the coach said, “we
presence at 2012 Olympic Games in                    had the Afrobasket‑2011 as the                    Coach Aníbal Moreira .

London, while Senegal will compete to
access liguilha competition .
With five bronze medals won, this is the          President congratulated the national women’s Basquetball Team

first time the national team achieves the                                        he President          “The accomplishment achieved is a
first place in the race .                                                        of Angola José        result of collective action and spirit
Interestingly, Angola finishes the race                                      Eduardo dos Santos,       of conquest of the Angolan people .
with the same opponents that began:                                          congratulated the         I congratulate all members of the
Senegal . In the first game of Group                                         national women’s          Angolan Basketball Federation (FAB),
B Angola lost with the Senegalese, a              President of the Republic, basketball Angola’s       its staff, for this unique action, which
result that did not repeat during the             José Eduardo dos Santos .  unique and historical     honors and dignifies the Angolan
competition . After that the national team        achievement of Afrobasket in Mali, after             nation, “stated José Eduardo dos
only learned to win . v                           victory in the final with Senegal .                  Santos . v

                                                                                                                           Fall-Winter 2011 >   Imbondeiro   > 51

                                 • Afrobasket 2011
    Nacissela is the MVP of Afrobasket

                                                                                            N    acissela Maurício is the captain
                                                                                                 of the national senior women’s
                                                                                            basketball . Among females, she had the
                                                                                            responsibility of bringing the set to win .
                                                                                            She worked in this direction, not only for
                                                                                            the title achieved, but also because she was
                                                                                            considered the best player in the 22th African
                                                                                            Basketball Championship Senior Women
                                                                                            (Afrobasket2011), that recently ocurred in
                                                                                            Bamako, Mali .
                                                                                            Nacissela also includes the group of the five
                                                                                            ideal players in Africa together with Sónia . In
                                                                                            1999, with Catarina Camufal and Nguendula
                                                                                            Filipe, Nacissela Maurício won the African
                                                                                            Cup of junior female . An example to be
                                                                                            followed by “girls” that are starting playing
                                                                                            basketball and who aspire to reach the finest
                                                                                            suit of sport . v

WNBA Selection matures in London for the game‑2012
Ministry of Youth and Sports combines sport and learning ... towards progress!
Protocol with the American                                                                           secretary general of the MPLA,
                                                                                                     Roberto de Almeida and Dino Matross,
League!                                                                                              respectively .

T   he Minister of Youth and Sports of
    Angola, Gonçalves Muandumba,
said in Luanda that the national senior
                                                                                                     The Angolan government thus assumes
                                                                                                     that will continue to support the
                                                                                                     women’s basketball and do everything so
women’s champion Afrobasket ‑ title won                                                              that the champion has a good selection
in Mali for the first time ‑ will prepare the                                                        for the Olympic Games preparation . v
Olympic Games 2012 London (England)
in the United States, Professional women        National Team Captain Maurice Nacissela .
league (WNBA) .
                                                performance, while decent
Without specifying dates, Gonçalves             representatives of the African
Muandumba revealed to be expected               continent, is one of the challenges
to sign a protocol between the Angolan          in the coming days”, he stressed that
government and the WNBA, a league more          government ‑ committed to join the
competitive in the world with a view to         sport to learn towards progress ‑
furthering the games with local teams .         during the tribute, a ceremony that
                                                also had the presence of several
The possibility of internships in various
                                                personalities, including Minister for
training centers of WNBA will also be
                                                Family and Women’s Promotion,
part of the Agreement:
                                                Genoveva Lino, the deputy minister
“The preparation for the Olympic                of Youth and Sports, Albino da
Games is an imperative to improve               Conceição, the vice‑president and

52 >   Imbondeiro   > Fall-Winter 2011

                                                                            Afrobasket       2011 •
                                                                                        ULA offers scholarships
Angola won Senegal in the city of Bamako                                                and internships to African
                                                                                        champions for technical
T   he head of the Angolan
    delegation to the 22nd African
Cup of Nations, held at the Republic
of Mali, Maria Barbosa “Manu”, was
considered the Angolan woman
warrior and a fighter, which made
possible to win the Afrobasket‑2011,
Saturday, October 1, 2011 in the city
of Bamako .
According to former basketball
player and responsible for women’s
basketball, the Angolan Football                                                        Buggy red, black and yellow .
Federation (FAB), “all Angolan
women are guerrilla fighters, and
went to the championship, with the
                                                                                        A     tribute Gala to the African champions
                                                                                              basquetebol2011 was conducted by
                                                                                        the University Lusíada of Angola, under the
aim to win and this was achieved,”
                                                                                        chairmanship of the Rector Rui Mingas, in
reaffirmed .
                                                                                        front of other officials . The Rector, at the
Maria Barbosa, speaking on behalf                                                       time, offered scholarships to athletes and
of women basketball players, told                                                       a trip to the technical team to Portugal,
Angop: “It was not easy to get the                                                      where they would intern for 20 days at the
first place, but with much struggle                                                     Sport Lisboa e Benfica .
and strength of all the Angolan                                                         “It is with great emotion that I get in this
people, in particular, we reached the       Angola with various bonds, which            house to know these fabulous women that
podium .” Source of great pride!            raises self‑esteem of all Angolan           my country has not only in basketball, as
According to the speaker, “to conquer       people .                                    well as in other areas . But right now we are
the African Cup is a feeling of great       For her, “is a victory that came to raise   here to greet a large done,” said the Rector .
prestige, because we won a team well        the name of the country, particularly       Rui Mingas offered a scholarship to each
known at the world as Senegal, which        in Africa, so the number of tourists        athlete, considering that they must expand
usually goes to the Olympics and was        will increase in Angola which is a          their knowledge and intellectual training .
not easy” .                                 pride for all Angolans .”
                                                                                        On behalf of the selection, the athlete
“Coincidentally, she said, in the African   In turn, the athlete Nadir Manuel,          Catherine Camufal thanked the Board
Games, we also went to the finals           African champions, said “it was such        of the University, calling their colleagues
with them (the Senegalese) but the          a moment, an inexplicable feeling”          to make optimum use of the training
Afrobasket‑2001 is more important, so       because for the first time we won the       opportunity that was given . v
that when we won Senegal in the final       gold medal and the first tournament
at Bamako” satisfaction was higher in       of the Africa Nations .
relation to duty .
                                            The player who confirmed it was
At the time, Miss Luanda‑2011,              not easy to prove, as well as get
Manuela Agostinho, who was also             the trophy, called the other female
at the airport to receive the African       athletes in the world to continue
champions, stressed that the victory        to train hard to fight without
of the women’s team showed, once            giving up in order to achieve more
again, “the strong country that is          successes . v

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Know Angola

Kalandula Water Falls,
a delight Paradise!
Malanje Province is located in the northern highlands of Angola and its capital city is Malanje.

I s limited to the northern by province
  of Uíge and the Democratic Republic of
Congo, south by the Province of Bié, west by
                                                                                                      The abundance of rainfall makes the region a
                                                                                                      predominantly agricultural area .
                                                                                                      The province has diamonds, uranium,
the provinces of Kwanza Norte and Kwanza
                                                                                                      limestone and phosphate, in addition to
Sul and east by the provinces of Lunda Norte
                                                                                                      other wood resources . In industry stand out
and Lunda Sul .
                                                                                                      building materials, food, wine and tobacco .
The province is divided into three geo‑
economic zones: the plateau Malanje, Lower
Zone and Kassanje Luanda . It has a great         Map of the province of Malanje .
variety of tourism resources, among which
are: Kangandala National Park, the Natural        the river, saw local residents and asked what
Reserve of Luanda, the Giant Sable Antelope,      was the name of the river and the residents
the Kalandula Water Falls, the Pedras Negras      (who did not understand the Portuguese
of Pungo‑Ndongo, the Quick Kwanza, and the        language at the time) said “Ma‑Lanji Ngana”
dam of Kapanda .                                  (Are stones, Sir) .
Malanje has elevation ranging between             2nd version:                                        Women farmers .
500 and 1500 meters . Rainfall levels varies
                                                  A Portuguese expedition led by Rodrigues            The vegetation consists of forests, grasslands
between 1000 and 1750 mm, while the
                                                  Graça (1843), reached the banks of the river        and mixed forest‑savanna and savanna‑
annual average temperatures vary between
                                                  Kadianga and found three local women and            balcedo .
20 and 24 ° C . The climate is humid . The
                                                  asked them what the locals were doing and
vegetation of the province consists of open
woodlands, savannas, forest‑savanna mosaic
                                                  they responded: “We are grinding cassava .”         Education
                                                  The Europeans delighted with the number of
and balcedo‑savanna mosaic .                                                                          It has a medical school (the first in the
                                                  women and men asked about the region, so
                                                                                                      province located in the capital), which
With an area of 97,602 km , has an estimated
                                                  they responded in Kimbundu, “Mala Hanji,”
                                                                                                      emerged as an extension of the University
population of 900,000 inhabitants . Included in   which means: “There are also men .”
                                                                                                      of Lueje, which headquarters is in Dundo .
the municipalities of the Province of Malanje,
                                                  3rd version:                                        Malanje also has a Medium Agrarian Institute,
are Millet, Marimba, Cunda days Baze,
                                                                                                      called IMAM (Medium Agrarian Institute
Caombo, Kalandula, Cacuso, Kiwaba Ngozi,          The Portuguese sent envoys to chiefs
                                                                                                      of Malanje), located at the commune of
Mucari, Quela, Cambundi‑Catembo, Quirima,         (Mwen’exi) sites in order to prevent the use
                                                                                                      Quéssua .
and Cangandala and Luquembo .                     of force to occupy the region . When one
                                                  of the emissaries should give the message           The “Malanjinhos” designation given to the
The word Malanje comes from the old context
                                                  to the local chief, he replied: “Malaga?”, in       natives, belong to the Group Mbundu . The
Kimbundu which means “stones” (MA‑Lanji) .
                                                  Portuguese: “Are they crazy?”                       mother tongue is Kimbundu; the ethnicity
Versions about the origin                                                                             was the most intense that had contacts
of the name Malanje:                              Economy                                             with the European world . Also in the
                                                  From the economic point of view, the most           seventeenth century, was the first Africans
Version 1:                                                                                            to be subject to an European nation .
                                                  developed area in which the farm is located
Before the Portuguese colonization, the river     around the city of Malanje, among other             Perhaps for that reason, have also been
was known as River Malanje Kadianga or            products are grown cotton, sugarcane, maize,        the most acculturated of all other Angolan
Carianga for the Portuguese . Upon arrival to     cassava, peanuts, sweet potatoes , bananas,         ethno‑linguistic groups . Estimates that the
the region of Malanje, the Portuguese crossed     beans, rice, corn, eucalyptus, pine, tobacco . It   Mbundu are the second largest demographic
a river, as there were no bridges at that time,   also makes a slight production of beef, milk        group and in 1960 were around one million
they were crossed over rocks . After crossing     and dairy products .                                inhabitants . v

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                                                                                                                                  Know Angola

    Nature favors!                                                                                   Bet on Tourism

    The magnificent                                Cuaba Nzogo e Malanje, south by the               T    The promotion of tourism in the province
                                                                                                          and especially in Kalandula, city that
                                                                                                     lies 72 kilometers north of Malanje, and
                                                   municipality of Cacuso and west by the
    Kalandula Water Falls ‑                        municipalities of Samba Caju and Ambaca .
                                                                                                     falls as a backdrop, has been the subject of
                                                                                                     several events organized by the provincial
    municipality of Kalandula                      Administratively has five communes,               government .

    T   hey are located in Lucala, the most        Headquarters, Kota, Kinji, Kangol and             Boa Ventura Cardoso, the provincial
        important tributary of the River           Kuala‑Kateco .                                    governor, has called on businessmen
    Kwanza . Are about 80 km from the city         Besides the famous Kalandula Falls there          in the tourism sector to accelerate the
                                                                                                     process of building more touristic resorts
    of Malanje, the provincial capital and         are others such as Musseleji, Mactao‑
                                                                                                     to attract tourists who visit the site and
    420 km from Luanda, the capital of the         Luando and Mbango‑Nzenza .                        has highlighted the benefits of economic
    country . With a length of 410 meters and      Just watching!                                    development for the sector, whereas
    a height of 105, are the second largest in                                                       the same contributes to the national
                                                   Formed by a sequence of several falls
    Africa . And one of the largest volume of                                                        reconstruction process underway in the
                                                   ranging: one of higher altitude and
    water in the continent .                                                                         country .
                                                   other smaller are leading invariant set
                                                   falls together . The falls create a tangle of     This should be followed by more
                                                                                                     entrepreneurs . Entrepreneurs are required
                                                   water with formation of estalatites net,
                                                                                                     to invest more in the city, being a popular
                                                   creating a scene indescribably lovely             tourist destination for its natural beauty,
                                                   and awful creating a lovely scene!                such as falls from Kalandula, Musseleje and
                                                   Such is the noise caused by water hitting         other attractions .
                                                   the rocks, as well as the formation of
                                                   several hazy mists giving the viewer an
                                                   overview of various rainbows . v

    Kalandula is a village at a municipality
    in the province of Malanje who had the
    status of a Town on 2 September 1929 .
    Kalandula has 70 .000 and 37 square
    kilometers and a population estimated at                                                         Hotel Yonaka . Kalandula municipality .
    72 .000 and 400 inhabitants . It is bordered
    to the north by the municipalities of                                                            The municipality of Kalandula in Malanje
                                                   Rainbow in Kalandula .                            province, has a 4‑star hotel called “Hotel
    Alto Kauale e Massango, at east, by the        Spectacular work of nature placed in Kalandula,
    municipalities of Marimba, Caombo,             Malanje province .
                                                                                                     Yonaka”, assigned to the business group
                                                                                                     Miamop . The project involves four executive
                                                                                                     suites, four presidential and a pool .

Malanje – More natural beauties and touristic places
                                                   years that rise high above the savannah that
                                                   surrounds them . They form a set of rocks
                                                   characterized by mysterious figures of objects
                                                   and animals, and overlapping each other .
                                                   According to tradition, the footprints carved
                                                   in the rock are from Ms . Ana de Sousa or
                                                   Queen Nzinga Mbandi Ngola .
                                                   This is another natural spectacle that packs
                                                   any visitor! ! v

Black Stones of Pungo Andongo .
                                                                                                     The food varies from national to international .
                                                                                                     The hotel unit, the first in the city, provides
T   he Pedras Negras of Pungo Andongo are
    located in the municipality of Kacuso,
about 116 km from the city of Malanje and
                                                                                                     Internet services and gym, which are the
                                                                                                     center of attraction falls Kalandula, the
                                                                                                     main tourist spot in the region . The hotel,
are a major tourist attraction in Angola .                                                           whose construction works years ago, is
The Stones of Pungo Ndongo are some                                                                  responsibility of the contractor Imbondex,
strange rock formations from millions of           Sunset in Malanje .                               budgeted at five billion dollars . v

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    Embassy, Mission at the UN,
   General Consulates and Offices
        Republic of Angola
     United States of America

Embassy of Angola to the USA                       General Consulate of Angola in Houston            Houston ‑ Texas 77056
Washington, D.C.                                   3040 Post Oak Blvd . Suite 780                    Ph.: 281‑920‑7600 ‑ Fax: 281‑920‑7635
2100‑2108 16th St . NW, Washington, D .C . 20009   Houston‑Texas 77056                               Website: www .sonangol .co .ao
Ph.: 202‑785‑1156 ‑ Fax: 202‑822‑9049              Ph.: 713‑212‑3840 ‑ Fax: 713‑212‑3841             Email: inso@sonangol‑usa .com
Website: www .angola .org                          Website: www .angolaconsulate‑tx .org
                                                   Email: info@angola consulate‑tx .org              Chamber of Commerce USA/Angola
Mission of Angola to the United Nations                                                              1100 17th St . N .W . Suite 1100‑A
820 Second Ave ., 12th floor                       National Agency of Private                        Washington, D .C . 20036
New York, NY 10017                                 Investment ‑ ANIP                                 Ph.: 202‑223‑0540
Ph.: 212‑861‑5656 ‑ Fax: 212‑861‑9295              1420 K St . NW Suite 600                          Website: www .us‑angola .org
Website: www .un .int/wcm/content/site/angola      Washington, D .C . 20005                          Email: mdacruz@us‑angola .org
                                                   Ph.: 202‑962‑0380 ‑ Fax: 202‑962‑0381
General Consulate of Angola in New York            Website: www .iie‑angola‑us .org
866 United Nations Plaza, East 48th St             Email: milinvest@starpower .net
5th Floor, New York, NY 10017
Ph.: 212‑223‑3588 ‑ Fax: 212‑980‑9606              Commercial Representation
                                                   1317 F St NW Suite 450 Washington, D .C . 20004
                                                   Ph.: 202‑783‑4740 ‑ Fax: 202‑783‑4743
                                                   Website: www .angolatradeusa .org
                                                   Email: angolatrade@usa .com

                                                   SONANGOL Representation
                                                   1177 Enclave Parkway 2nd Floor

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