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       1. Locate current documented responsibilities and roles wrt SSR

       2. Agree that we have correct and current set
           a. Inter team
           b. ICANN staff
           c. Understand transparency and access to docs
           d. Do we need to sign NDA etc to get access?

       3. High-pass analysis
           a. Key responsibilities
           b. Level of atomicity

       4. Capture advice/request offered to ICANN from other constituencies
           a. ccNSO/GAC communiqués

       5. Capture ICANN-led initiatives that may fall outside of current scope
           a. Letters
           b. SSAC/RSAC requests, projects etc.

       6. Gap Analysis of mandate to requests
           a. In scope
           b. Out of scope

       7. Locate and Understand IANA contract
           a. Break it down into key features
           b. Where are risks

       8. Constituency matrix taking into account relationship etc
           a. How relationship works
           b. RSAC, SSAC

       9. Specific Relationship with RSAC
           a. Governance
           b. Efficacy

       10. Specific relationship with SSAC
            a. tasks as for RSAC

       11. Specific relationship to GAC
     a. Tasks as for RSAC
12. Specific relationship to RIRs
     a. Tasks as for RSAC

13. Analysis of PDP and effect on sec/stab

14. Loop back to matrix and commence analysis of:
     a. How effective is each subtask
     b. Are there areas for concern
     c. Any significant successes – what’s working

15. Document observations
     a. First pass analysis at gaps
     b. Consider remarks

16. Key Individual remarks and comments
     a. Decide list of key people:
     b. Consider list of key questions (std vs directed questions)
     c. Eg Steve Crocker
     d. Vint Cerf
     e. Paul Twomey etc

17. Analysis of True operational responsibilities vs implied

18. What is role of NRO
19. Is US DOC/NTIA control a threat?
Output   Method   Subtasks   Size
Who   Date to complete

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