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Dr. Simon Young - Caribbean Development Bank


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									                    Dr. Simon Young
                    Dr. Simon Young has a background in Earth Sciences and has extensive
                    experience in natural hazards mapping, risk assessment, disaster
                    management and climate change adaptation. For the past 10 years he has
                    worked as a consultant to numerous public and private sector
                    organisations in the Caribbean and beyond, providing a broad range of
                    disaster and climate risk management services.

                     Since 2006, that work has been undertaken as head of the team at
Caribbean Risk Managers Ltd. CaribRM is Facility Supervisor (operational and risk managers) of
the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility, and Technical Operations Manager of MiCRO,
an innovative catastrophe risk transfer vehicle serving the microfinance sector in Haiti.

CaribRM is particularly focussed on developing innovative risk management solutions as tools
for climate change adaptation, including input to economic assessments of climate change
impacts in the public sector, climate risk audits in the private sector, and development and
implementation of index-based risk transfer products.

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