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Mesothelioma attorney South Dakota


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									Finding a mesothelioma attorney in South Dakota, due to the small size of
the state, might seem like an insurmountable task. South Dakota has one
of the lowest population densities in the U.S., with fewer than 800,000
people living in an area over 77,000 square miles. Despite the size,
however, it is possible to find a mesothelioma attorney in South
Dakota.Asbestos deposits in South DakotaIronically, just miles south of
Mount Rushmore, for which South Dakota has become famous, three asbestos
deposits, all of which are naturally occuring, are found. One of the
deposits lies near Jewell Cave National Monument. The other hold the
asbestos that consists of fibrous amphiboles, deadly fibers that burrow
through lung tissues from the inside out when inhaled. North of the
Jewell Cave National Monument asbestos deposits are more serpentine
deposits. A source of chrysotile asbestos, serpentine amounts to nearly
all asbestos used in the U.S.Death rates from asbestos poisoningLikely
due to the fact of the relatively small population of South Dakota, the
death rate from asbestos disease is low. Between 1979 and 1999, only 63
victims of asbestos-related illness. Seven of these victims ended up
suffering from mesothelioma.Although the diagnosis of mesothelioma is
usually associated with that of a fatal illness, asbestos poisoning,
which is the culprit for mesothelioma, and pleural mesothelioma, is
curable, if diagnosed and treated in the early stages. Malignant
mesothelioma, however, is difficult to diagnois. By the time the symptoms
of mesothelioma are seen, the damage has already been done.Asbestos
poisoningDue to the fact that South Dakota is overwhelmingly rural,
asbestos poisoning, typically, is related to mechanical repair shops, or
older buildings with asbestos-containing materials. Also, asbestos has
been used in many industries in which there is fire danger. Fires have
always been a hazard of running internal combustion engines, so asbestos
components have generally been installed in many vehicles due to the
friction in auto parts such as clutches and brakes.Often, asbestos
poisoning can result from deteriorating machinery. As the machinery gets
older, the insulation within it, which sometimes contains asbestos
fibers, releases into the air. As a result, machinery workers, most
commonly those who worked on maintaining heavy machinery up until the
early 1980's, sometimes get asbestos poisoning due to the year's of
working near equipment that contains asbestos.Mesothelioma AttorneyFor
someone considering filing a lawsuit in South Dakota, the statute of
limitations for personal injury law in South Dakota is three years with a
discovery rule that states that this amount of time begins when the
problem (in this case the mesothelioma) either was discovered or should
have been discovered. It is important that a person diagnosed with an
asbestos disease or cancer contact a mesothelioma lawyer as soon as
possible. Wrongful death cases follow the same statute of limitations and
discovery rule, and there is no specific statute about
asbestos.Recommended mesothelioma attorneyVanderhyde and Associates is
helping mesothelioma victims in South Dakota. If you or a loved one has
been exposed to asbestos and are suffering from mesothelioma, lung
cancer, or some other asbestos related disease, we can help. According to
the Environmental Working Group, between 61 to 100 people in South Dakota
have died as a result of asbestos exposure. The corporations that are
responsible for exposing their workers to hazardous asbestos must be held
accountable.Get the facts about asbestos today by calling our Toll Free
Hotline - 1-866-777-2557. We offer free, no obligation consultations. If
we take your case, there are no legal fees unless you receive
compensation. You may have a valid claim, but you must act quickly before
any statute of limitations runs out.

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