California Mesothelioma Lawyers Describe Asbestos Lawsuits (DOC) by anamaulida


									Our California mesothelioma lawyers can initially consider a potential
mesothelioma lawsuit on the basis of the diagnosis alone, just because
mesothelioma is a rare disease occurring almost never in the absence of
asbestos exposure. Our mesothelioma attorneys can be almost certain that
in any particular individual case we will be able to identify the source
of the asbestos exposure, which will often have taken place 20 to 50
years prior to the date of diagnosis. Mesothelioma can result from direct
exposure to asbestos or indirect exposure. Direct exposure is most
commonly the result of working in professions in which asbestos was used,
trades such as were employed in shipyards, and generally, pipe fitters,
insulators, plasterers, electricians, bricklayers, carpenters, steel
workers, mine workers, auto mechanics, the U.S. military, or at factories
or in other industries, professions and trades in which asbestos was
used. Direct exposure sometimes also has occurred as the result of
asbestos in heating systems in work places, in homes, apartment
buildings, and even in schools. Indirect exposure to asbestos has
commonly been found to occur, for example, in family members of those who
worked in these industries, who came into contact with asbestos fibers
from clothing worn by the worker.Confirming the diagnosis, and then
identifying the source of the asbestos exposure are the first steps our
mesothelioma lawyers undertake, followed by an exhaustive preparation of
the damage evidence. recognizing that mesothelioma is a fatal disease,
the statistical mean average being that the patient is likely to pass
away within 2 years of the date of diagnosis, although the measurement of
life expectancy in the individual case may differ, and our mesothelioma
lawyers commonly rely on the prognoses of the client's treating
physicians. The damages include "general damages," the client's loss of
life expectancy, the loss of all that the client would have enjoyed had
his life not been cut short, his emotional distress, pain and suffering.
Our mesothelioma lawyers also work up the client's "special economic
damages," including medical and hospital and related medical expense,
past and future for the duration of the client's life expectancy; as well
the loss of earnings the client would have received over the course of
his natural work life expectancy if he had not been stricken with the
disease. For a more complete discussion of the measure of damages, and
our California mesothelioma lawyers methods of preparing the damage
evidence, including the array of experts required to properly prepare the
damage evidence, you may consider our Catastrophic Injury Attorneys web
page. Our California mesothelioma lawyers also represent the families of
those who have passed away as the result of asbestos related
mesothelioma. Again the diagnosis almost always assures that our
mesothelioma attorneys will be able to identify the means of asbestos
exposure, and then the damages in a mesothelioma wrongful death case
include the family members' losses of love and affection and society and
protection and emotional support, as well as economic support that they
would have received from their loved one had he or she not succumbed to
this asbestos related disease.Our California lawyers will consider
representing mesothelioma clients in Northern and Southern California, in
Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County and San Jose, from
Sacramento to San Diego, and we will consider representing those who have
been diagnosed with the disease throughout the country with the aid of
local attorneys in which cases we would generally appear as the primary
trial attorneys pro hac vice.

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